The Light Brigade in Spain: Or, The Last Fight of Sir John Moore

G. P. Putnam's sons, 1904 - 410 Seiten

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Seite 187 - I hope the people of England will be satisfied!" "I hope my country will do me justice!
Seite 187 - well as it is. I had rather it should go out of the field with "me.
Seite 8 - I can possibly avoid it, for there is none other that I like so much, and none else so much deserves it ; for we were the light regiment of the Light Division, and fired the first and last shot in almost every battle, siege, and skirmish, in which the army was engaged during the war.
Seite 161 - And if the enemy are in possession of Bembibre, which I believe, they have got a rare prize. They have taken or cut to pieces many hundred drunken British cowards — for none but unprincipled cowards would get drunk in the presence, nay in the very sight of the enemies of their country: and sooner than survive the disgrace of such infamous conduct, I hope that the first cannon-ball fired by the enemy may take me in the head...
Seite 8 - ... and I love them as I hope to do my better half, (when I come to be divided.) Wherever we were, they were ; and although the nature of our arm generally gave us more employment in the way of skirmishing, yet, whenever it came to a pinch, independent of a suitable mixture of them among us, we had only to look behind to see a line, in which we might place a degree of confidence, almost equal to our hopes in Heaven ; nor were we ever disappointed...

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