The Year-book of Facts in Science and Art

Charles W. Vincent, James Mason
Lockwood & Company, 1856

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Seite 18 - Minstrel. Channing's Essays. 2 vols. Chapone's Letters on the Mind. Coleridge's Ancient Mariner, &c. *Cowper's Poems. 2 vols. Elizabeth, or the Exiles of Siberia. Falconer's Shipwreck. Fenelon's Reflections. *Gems of Anecdote. *Gems of Wit and Humour. *Gems from American Poets. *Gems from Shakspeare. *Gems of American Wit. *Gems of British Poets— 1st Ser. Chaucer to Goldsmith. 2il „ Falconer to Campbell. 3d „ Living Authors. 4th „ Sacred. *Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefleld. Goldsmith's Essays....
Seite 15 - BRANDE.-A DICTIONARY OF SCIENCE, LITERATURE, AND ART; comprising the History, Description, and Scientific Principles of every Branch of Human Knowledge; with the Derivation and Definition of all the Terms in General Use.
Seite 111 - in the union of the bones to their epiphyses. As long as the bones are not united to their epiphyses the animal grows ; as soon as the bones are united to their epiphyses the animal ceases to grow.
Seite 2 - The Beauty of the Heavens. In One Hundred and Four Coloured Plates, representing the principal Astronomical Phenomena ; and an Elementary Lecture, expressly adapted for Family Instruction and Entertainment. By CHARLES F. BLUNT. New Edition, 4to.
Seite 1 - Women mentioned in Scripture, beautifully engraved from Original Drawings, with letterpress Descriptions. Imp. 8vo. handsomely bound, 21s. ; with Plates beautifully coloured, 42s. The Women of the Bible. Eighteen Portraits (forming a Second Series of THE BIBLE GALLERY). Handsomely bound, 21s. ; coloured, 42s. The Gallery of Byron Beauties : Portraits of the Heroines of Lord Byron's Poems, from Drawings by the most eminent Artists.
Seite 7 - The Comic Alphabet. Twenty-six Humorous Designs. In case, 2s. 6d. plain ; 4s. coloured. The Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman. With Twelve Humorous Plates. Cloth, 2s. The Bachelor's Own Book : being Twenty-four Passages in the Life of Mr. Lambkin in the Pursuit of Pleasure and Amusement. 5s. sewed ; coloured, 8s.
Seite 12 - Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art ; exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements of the Year, and a Literary and Scientific Obituary. By the Editor of
Seite 8 - The Comic Latin Grammar : A New and Facetious Introduction to the Latin Tongue. Profusely illustrated with Humorous Engravings by Leech. New Edition, 5s. cloth. " Without exception the moat richly comic work we have ever seen.
Seite 3 - JOHN BURNET, FRS Landscape Painting in Oil Colours explained, in Letters on the Theory and Practice of the Art. Illustrated by 14 Plates of Examples from the several Schools. By JOHN BURNET, FRS Author of
Seite 20 - Laconics ; or, the Best Words of the Best Authors. 3 vols. cloth, published at 12s. ; reduced to 7s. 6d. Travels in SE Asia, Malaya, Burmah, and HINDUSTAN. By the Rev. H. MALCOM.

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