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published, were received immediately from confidential friends of General Washington, or from gentlemen who in respectable official situations, were members of his family during his military command.

It has been the endeavour of the author to display the character of the man who is the subject of the work, by exhibiting in a connected view his act¡ons and his writings; and he has, as far as possible, made this exhi, bition in the person of General Washington.

He has not conceived that he was writing for men of erudition, but for the unlettered portion of the commu-' nity; and he has for their benefit more particularly studied simplicity of style. Should he be so happy as to obtain their approbation, he will receive an ample re, ward of his labour.

He entertains no expectation of acquiring literary fame by this publication, but he hopes to escape the disa grace of having written an useless book.

Worcester, Massachusetts,

October, 1807.

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