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Darkness soon came on, and during quently stopping to thrash myself from this night extreme and raging thirst the cold. And altbo' nothing was more kept me awake, and pain kept me cco- probable than tbat the first savage who stantly shifting positions. Daylight at should discover me, would instantly last appeared, my powers were too fee- murder me, as an impediment to plunble to undertake a journey over the hills der, I was prepared for his knife; and to the watering-place, though I would that my apprebensions were not groundhave given my all, which was but a mig- less, the sequel too mournfully shows. erable remnant of life, for a draught of But a certain presentiment of relief still the life-giving element. I therefore re- upheld my spirits, which were never less solved upon searching among the pipes depressed than upon this occasion. I of wine, to find one which had its bung remembered that the great Director still inclining downward, that the wine had not forsaken me, since “ God is might run out, if I could hammer out ever present, ever felt, in the wide waste the hung. My bunger, however,almost as in the city full.” Every thing thereequalled my thirst. While in my way fore considered, to wait with fortitude to the wine, I espied at a short distance the will of Heaven was my ultimate deout of my course, a small keg, which termination. I was now more comfortI thought might possibly contain sal- ably situated than at any previous pemon, of which we had several hundreds riod, and I began to amuse myself by on board. I hitched towards it, but singing a few songs. I had a covering found it with one head out, and partly inside, and a keg of good wine outside. filled with sand. Nevertheless, I resol. One song, if not with energy, was sung ved to take it with me, and fill it with with great feeling, it was the wellwine. Coming to the casks, I found known and classical song of “How one that answered, I soon procured a blest a life a sailor leads,” &c. After billet of wood, struck out the bung and this, by repeated drinking, owing to my applied my mouth to the hole, drinking excessive thirst, I was thrown into a a great quantity. I afterwards rinced doze of about half an hour. I soon athe keg, and nearly filling it with wine, woke, and to beguile my feelings, began returned with it slowly to the cask. I upon a psalm tune, and sung several to set it outside and crawled in ; and be- quiet the emotions caused by hunger, gan to ruminate upon my condition. I thirst, and pain. It was now three days found it would be impossible without and nights since I had tasted food, and succour, to move much longer about, my taper of life began to glimmer in the and determined to remain at home dur- socket. How I survived these scenes of ing the remainder of the day, and if accumulated misery so long, when but sufficient strength reinained on the next, barely alive on first gaining the shore, I as my only chance of relief, to rig a scarcely can tell ; ihe retrospect even kind of signal with a pole or small spar, now astonishes me. But frail mortality of which there were many, and a piece could resist no longer. My strength of cotton stuff for a flag, that if any ves- had utterly failed. I bailed the approachsel should approach near enough, she ing night as the termination of my might observe it. My first thought of cares ; considered the mean covering endeavouring to get off the small boat, over me as my shroud, and the cask as which I saw at a great distance, and to my coffin, and waited with fortitude the rig a kind of sail, and steer for Monte hour of dissolution. But the next was Video, I now abandoned. It was a the hour of deliverance ! About four mad idea,and would have been imprac- o'clock on the afternoon of Saturday,the ticable, as the aboat's bottom, I alter- auspicious 20th of September, I was wards learnt, was stove in. I knew aroused from my reveries by the sound that the next day I should be unable to of a horse's feet. Uncertain and caremake a farther search than I had done less who appeared, whether a friend or for provisions, as the method of getting an enemy, I waited his approach with along was slow and painful, being, as I calmness, being absolutely indifferent in before observed, by hitching myself my choice “10 sleep or die." At the backward with my right hand, and fre- next moment, a horse with a rider stop

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Fracker's Narrative.


ped before the cask. I hailed in Spanish who had just left me to return with asfaintly “ Amigo,” friend. He instantly sistance. He asked me the road he took. alighted, and, struck at such a ghastly I told him, when he sprang upon his spectacle, as I then exhibited, be recoil- horse, and galloped off in the direction ed a few paces backward. Recover- the other had taken. ing soon from his dismay hy seeing my He soon after re-appeared at the cask, helpless condition, he advanced, and with some others, seemingly with a stooped to learn by what strange means resolution of putting me to instant I had outlived the general wreck. He death ; but most happily, the rewas a young man, a Creole, or half In- appearance of my deliverer with his dian,of benevolent features, and dressed father and several slaves compelled them partly in the lodian method. I told to alter their design, and they went off my tale in a few words, concluding by to plunder, abandoning their borrid purasking him the distance of a habitation, pose. My friend advised me to permit and the possibility of my reaching it, if him to dress me in some clothes from a he could bring assistance that day, and passenger's trunk, which they then broke promising that he should be rewarded open, alledging that in my present apfor his kindness.“ In a few hours,” pearance, I should be taken for a comsaid be, “ I can return with assistaoce, mon sailor,and that, clothed in a decent as the next rancho, or hut, is but little manner, I should gaio among them more than a league.” He then expres- more advantage, respect, and comfort. sed his surprise at my providential es. I accordingly suffered the painful opecape, made the sign of the cross on his ration of dressing, but my leg, being so breast, praised St. George as my special greatly swelled, prevented my getting preserver; said I was fortunate in speak- over it any thing but a pair of loose ing the language so fluently, and that I drawers. I also got on a surtout and was greatly so in being discovered by waistcoat. I was then with difficulty hiin, whose mother, he said,lived at the lifted upon the back of a horse, and my nearest cottage, whither I should be discoverer got up before me. Holding conveyed. He said if I had fallen into on to him, I had strength sufficient to the hands of the savages, they would keep myself in an upright position. I certainly bave dispatched me, for they had just been seated on the back of the were merciless and ferocious. “But, animal, when the general (Ortigues) first,” added he, “ I'll bring you some- who commanded the troops in that thing to eat, for you look ball-starved.” quarter, came up with a guard of sol

- In about an hour, he re-appeared diers and several others. bringing a warm sausage, and some We arrived, at last, pear dusk, at a mouldy bread, wrapped up in a towel. small cottage. A number of large dogs I greedily seized it, thinking I could de- gave notice of our approach, but were your it at once, but was disappointed soon silenced by my companions, who to tind I could oot swallow a mouthful, assisted me gently to dismount. I was my throat being contracted, close, and welcomed, with many blessings, by the sore. As he was planning the means old woman, carried into the house, seatof my removal, I left it wholly to his ed in a chair, and stripped of my wet care, and only requested to be convey- clothes, and put into as good a bed as ed to a place of shelter and safety. He the hut afforded. This runcho was a theo made his lasso, a line of green hide, small place of only one apartment, built with which they catch wild horses, fast like all others, of cane fastened together to the handle of the largest trunk, and with strips of green hide, plaistered with drove off. Shortly after he had gone, a mud, and a thatched roof. A fowl savage, or Guacha, of a fierce and mure was killed by the old woman, and some derous countenance rode up, alighted good broth made and given me. After from bis horse, and roughly asked who this, my leg was washed with hot vinI was. I replied,a shipwrecked seaman. egar, and my wounds dressed as well " Are you the captain ?” “No,' I anle as circumstances would admit. I conswered, I was the mate, and had pre- sidered myself as peculiarly fortunate in viously been discovered by a person, falling into the hands, and being under

the care of, one of those alleviators of writing, and a chopping block : this I calamity, those indispensable attendants placed between my legs on the bed, of the bed of sickness, where is devel- covering it with a piece of baize, and oped the most estimable and endearing commenced writing. It was a tedious traits of character, usefulness, patience, business, and I could sit up no longer and compassion,--an hospitable old than to write one live at a time. I, woman. During the night, I drank a however, finished this necessary duty, great quantity, both of wine and water, and wrote two letters, one directed to The old woman bad wrapped two junk W. P. Wbite, Esq. who was the only bottles, filled with boiling water, and person I was acquainted with in Monte placed them against my feet, at the foot Video, and another to the owners in of the bed. My feet were much swoll. Buenos Ayres. These I gave to the en and wrinkled, and almost without General, who in two days forwarded feeling. The sudden application of them to the Capital. artificial beat to the blood, though well My discoverer, Pedro, was employed intended, had a most pernicious effect, this day, with two slaves, in recovering stagnating, corrupting, and destroying its some articles and provisions from the natural temperature, and causing great beach, which, he said, was now covpain : its effects were felt for many ered with natives, breaking upen trunks, months afterwards. This night I slept chests and bales of goods, staving in but little. The rays of the sun breaking casks of wine when any wanted 10 into the room, announced the morning drink, and exbibiting a confused scene of the sabbath, and I could,in truth,bail of plunder, fighting, and wanton waste. it as a welcome and sweet day of rest. The Indians bere are generally

I now took a view of the apartment of great size, long black hair hanging and furniture. The room was partly like snakes down their shoulders, long separated by a partition of cane-poles ; bushy beards, and mustaches, a coarse inside of which, slept the old woman blanket wrapped round the middle, and and her two younger sons, upon the another, with a hole, through which floor, as there was but one bedstead, they thrust their heads, hung down their upon which I lay. Her eldest son, backs, a țurban, or handkerchief on my discoverer, lay near me wrapped up their heads, horse-skin boots, stripped in his pauncho, or blanket.* At the from the animal's leg, and worn raw into farther end of the hovel was kept con- the shape of the feet. These, with a stantly buroing, upon a table, on each sword nearly a fathom long, in an iron side of a crucifix, two candles, which is scabbard, gave them a most borrible an invariable custom when any one lies appearance. They, indeed, looked dangerously sick. A separate but for like demons. All wore large knives the kitchen was built outside. The fur- stuck in a sheath in their blanket behind, niture consisted of a few hide-bottomed which they made use of for every purchairs, some hide sacks and baskets, a pose, to kill cattle, cut up beef, eat hide sieve, and a few other articles, of meat, and stab their fellow-creatures. which hide was the principal material. The General came, in the evening, with

The next day the General again came, several soldiers, and, at our earnest rebringing with him several bottles of quest, left a guard of three for our dewire and cordial, taken from the beach, fence, who were well armed. I desired bim to inform me if it was I had, about this time, a great many possible to send a letter to Monte Vi- visitors, who all considered me highly deo. He replied that it was difficult, favoured by my patron saint, to whom as there was but little intercourse, but they attributed my“ hair-breadth that he knew of a patriot officer, who, 'scapes.” Among them were many having a passport, would in a few days old women, who came upon horseback go to the city. I therefore, next day from different parts to barter their comprocured of the old woman materials for modities. A consultation was held

- among them respecting my fever, leg, The old nan, his father, who was a and bruises : and they recommended Spaniard, lived in another but,at a relation's, tor fear of the Guacbas.

a large leaf of an herb which grows

VOL. 4.]

Fracker's Narrative.


in those countries, which, dipped in hot relieved by the arrival of two clerks, an oil and vinegar, had a wonderful and Englishman and a Spaniard, from Monte salutary effect. Although the applica- Video, in consequence of receiving my tion was acutely painful during several letter, from the house of the consignees, nights, the swelling greatly subsided, in order to effect my removal to the excepting about the knee. During this city, and endeavour to secure some part time, I could not shift positions without of the property. The latter they found great paio ; and I could instantly per- totally impossible, nothing of value beceive a change of the wind upon the ing found on the strand, every thing least motion, from electric pain. It having been carried off up country by was the work of half an hour to turn the natives. I was extremely rejoiced sometimes in bed. My appetite was at their appearance, and we concerted raging, and though I could not get so plans for my departure. They slept much as I wanted, owing to the care of one night at the hut, and next day,Sun. my attendants, I ate immense quanti- day, departed, having seen sufficient of ties, and drank all that came within my the character of the natives, and glad that reach, always keeping bottles of liquor they had escaped the knives of the under iny pillow, for iny night's supply. guuchus, and vowing they would not I kept one small boy constantly bring- venture their lives again among such a ing water, of which, during ten days, I murderous crew for the value of a ship believe I drank fifty gallons, besides and cargo. half a dozen bottles of cordial, a dozen The cannibals were daily and hourly of wine, ten gallons of the same in a growing more inexorable, and the dankeg, and several bottles of other liquors, ger every moment increased. I bad all of which Pedro had saved from the every reason to believe that on this beach. I would frequently whistle night they intended to make a desperate and sing to beguile the pain, and the attack upon the cottage, and to have old woman would ask the reason. I murdered all in their power, had oot the told her I sung to kill the pain ; but I fortunate arrival, at about sunset, of the saw she often thought from any strange long-wished-for cart, with a driver and behaviour, that my fever and anguish guide, both armed, put them in fear. had rendered me delirious. My appre- These were a valuable addition to our hension, however, of the savages, in force, and this night, during which they this weak state, and nervous debility of slept in the hut, I felt less apprehenbody and mind gave me, incessant apx- sive of danger. To death, and to daniety : expecting every night that they ger the most terrific, I had been exposed, would break in, anu knowing their mer- and bad faced them with manly fortitude. ciless ferocity. The constant barking I had escaped from wild beasts, and of the watchful dogs, giving notice of met the fury of the elements without their approach, sounded like a sum- sbrinking; but the horrid prospect of mons bell. One night when all had re- baving my flesh gashed and lacerated. tired to rest, and the guards lay snoring and my limbs cut asunder by the knives upon the floor, the dogs set up a roar- of the savages, gave me infinite anguish, ing yell, and soon after we heard the and boiling with rage and indignation, approach of footsteps, and a violent I could almost, at times, had it been in thuinping at the door. Pedro aroused my power, have seized indiscriminate the guards, and opened it, and the destruction, and, like Saison of old, guards and old woman prepared for de- have sacrificed iny life to relieve it from feoce. I saw by the moonshine, five such a state of torturing suspense,and to hideous looking fellows, armed with take revenge upon the blood-thirsty rufswords and bayonets, standing before fians. the door. A sharp parley ensued be- The tenth day came, and we were to tween them and the guard. They depart.--A great number of blankets thought proper to make a speedy re- and coverings were thrown over me aftreat, stealing, in their way, a horse ter I was in the cart.--I shook the hands from the field.

of the kind old woman and my delive On the eighth day, I was agreeably erer most heartily. A crowd of risiog

emotions almost stilled my expressions was ended. But as a faithful narrator, of gratitude and started the tears of I am constrained to give its me anchooverpowered feelings. I left them with ly sequel. After I had been in Monte servent benedictions, and we drove off Video about six weeks, I received the slowly on our way, and arrived about shockiog intelligence, that, on the night two o'clock at the gates of Monte Video. of the same day on which I left the

The novelty of the sight drew mairy cottage, the barbarous and merciless to the windows, as I lay upon my back savages attacked and entered the hut of in the cart, fairly exposed to their view the old woman, and finding no opposiand wonder. We stopped at the house tion, as the guards had gone to the of an English mercuant, the consignee, encampment, plundered the hut of all who immediately came out, and with she possessed, wounded the slaves who many friendly congratulations, assisted opposed them, and after repeatedly his slaves in carrying me up stairs, stabbiog my worthy deliverer, finished

Here I was confined for nearly twen- with cutting his throat from ear to ear! ty days, and my leg was now shrunk How just are the words of the poet, and withered to as great an extreme as “ The ways of Heaven are dark and it was swelled before. By upexampled intricate. Map puzzled in mazes and kindness I daily improved, and in three perplexed with errors, sees not with weeks was able to leave the room, and how much art the windings turn, nor sit outside the chamber upon the walk. where the regular consusion ends." One of the owners of the ship happen- I was now rapidly gaining strength ; ing at this time to be in Monte Video, my leg I could bear my weight on, and speedily came to visit me and hear the after remaining here for two months, I account of the loss of his ship. When was able to take passage for Buenos I had finished, and when he had heard Ayres, distant about a hundred and of the hospitality of the old woman at ten miles further up, and upon the the cottage, he immediately proposed a opposite side of the river. I arrived subscription among the merchants for there next day, and found a great numher recompence and relief, regardless of ber of acquaintance, who were very his own loss, though he was half owner kind and friendly. A subscription was of the ship, and that uninsured. directly handed round among the Eog

While under this hospitable roof, all lish merchants, by the goodness of the that could contribute to alleviate pain, owners, and about four hundred dollars every thing that could add to my con- were subscribed and collected for my venience and comfort, kindness, which benefit. Two bundred dollars were left not a wish ungratified, I enjoyed likewise collected for the relief of the old in its fullest extent. Though a distres. woman at the cottage, and about two sed foreigner, I was treated as a broth- hundred more previously in Monte Vier, and though a stranger, ever welcome deo, and sent down to her. to their board. For three weeks while I remained some months in Buenos on the bed of sickness, I was visited Ayres, on account of lameness, and sailevery morning by the worthy merchant, ed from thence July 12th, 1818, and who, with his own hands would dress arrived at Baltimore, on the twelfth of my wounds,thus emulating the example September. On Sunday morning, of the good Samaritan. ".

October fourth, I arrived in Boston after It would be well if here I could an absence of two years and three conclude, and if here the hapless tale months.


From the London Monthly Magazine, Sept. 1818.

brought back from Paris to the monasFATHER G., a Jesuit, expresses tery of St. Peter at Erfurt :-“ Among

himself as follows, respecting the the relics are many higbly valuable, treasures of art, &c. which have been which may be regarded as diamonds of

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