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sold by Murdockson to these banditti. We now proceed to make a few exHe perishes soon after, and Lady tracts. The death of an old griping Staunton is converted to Catholicisin rascal, the elder laird of Dumbieaikes, and retires to a convent. Old David is well painied. He was about to disDeans is gathered to his fathers, and the tress his tenants, Deans, and the mother Butlers live beloved and die lamented. of Butler.

Such is the general outline of this On the very term-day, when their Novel; but there are subordinate cha- ejectment should have taken place, racters of considerable originality, who when all their neighbours were preparfill up the canvas, and often stand on the ed to pity, and not one to assist them, foreground. Of these the chiel are, the the minister of the parish, as well as a Laird of Dumbiedikes, a selfish Natural, doctor froin Edinburgh, received a hasty and a suitor to Jeapie Deans, tho' his summons to attend the Laird of Dummode of courtship is exceedingly cu- biedikes. Both were surprised, for his rious and taciturn. Bartholine Sad- contempt for both faculties had been dletree, the law-devoted artisan, of pretty commonly his theme over an extra whom we bave already spoken, and his bottle, that is to say, at least once every wife, Mrs. Glass, snuff-seller in London, day. The leech for the soul, and he and Scotch cousin to the Deans. The for the body, alighied in the court of Queen, Lady Suffolk, the Duke of Ar- the little old Manor-house, at almost the gyle and his family. Madge Wildfire, same time ; and when they had gazed alias Miss Murdockson, a crazy Ophe- a moment at each other in some surlia in low life, singing snatches of old prise, both in the same breath expresssongs, and conversing with fancied ed their conviction that Dumbjedikes ghosts and goblins. Ratcliffe, a police must needs be very ill indeed, since he officer, compound of thies and traitor ; summoned them both to his presence together with sundry villains, such as at once. Ere the servant could usher adorn the Beggar's Opera, and a due them to his apartment, the party was proportion of Edinburgh lawyers and augmented by a man of law, Nichil No. gossips, who are brought in more or vit, writing himself procurator before less to take a share in the business go- the Sheriff-court, for in those days there ing forward.

were no solicitors. This latter person After perusing this epitome, we ima- was first summoned to the apartment of gue our readers will coincide with our the Laird, where, after some short opinion, that the dramatis personæ are space, the soul-curer and the body-cu a little too far degraded in the scale of rer were invited to join him. humanity; and that some of the main · Dumbiedikes has been by this time incidents border too closely upon the transported into the best bed-room, used improbable of romance. Robertson's only upon occasions of death and marhair-breadth 'scapes and the subsequent riage, and called, from the former of elevation of Elfie to be a leader of these occupations, the Dead-Room. fashion at court, the perilous travels of There was in this apartment, besides Jeanie, her incarceration in a gipsy cav- the sick person himself and Mr. Novit, ern, and ber confabulation with the the son and heir of the patient, a tall Queen ; and the violent finale, are all gawky silly-looking boy, of fourteen or objectionable in this point of view : fifteen, and a housekeeper, a good buxand when events so like miracles are om figure of a woman, hetwixt forty resorted to in order to disentangle the and fifty, who had kept the keys and intricacies of plot, it is astonishing how inanaged matters at Dumnbiedikes' since it diminishes the interest we take in the the lady's death. It was to these atfate of the parties implicated. We tendants that Dumbiedikes addressed don't care for Tom Thumb's dying, or himself pretty nearly in these words ; being swallowed by a cow, when we temporal and spiritual matters, the care know there is an enchanter who can of his health and his affairs, being bring him to life again, or cause the strangely jumbled, in a head wlich was quadruped to cast him us.

never one of the clearest :

“These are sair times wi me, gentle- plaints, assured him the medical art men and neighbours ! amaist as ill as al could not prolong his lite many hours. the aughty-nine, when I was rabbled by the collegeaners. They mistook “Then damn Mass Joho and you me muckle-they ca'd me papist, but baith!” cried the furious and untractathere was dever a papist bit about me, ble patient. “Did ye come here for minister.—Jock, ye'll tak warning- naeihing but to tell me that ye canna it's a debt we maun a' pay, and there help me at the pinch ? Out wi' them, stands Nichil Novit, that will tell ye Jenny-out o'the house! and, Jock, I was never gude at paying debts in my curse, and the curse o' Cromwell my life.—Mr. Novit, ye'll no forget to gae w.'ye, if ye gie thein either fee or draw the rent that's due on the Yerl's bounuh, or sae muckle as a black pair band--if I pay debt to other folk, 1 o'cheverons.” think they suld pay it to me-that equals aquals.-Jock, when ye bae · The clergyman and dortor made a naething else to do, ye may be aye speedy retreat out of the apartment, sticking in a tree ; it will be growing, while Dumbiedikes fell into one of Jock, when ye're sleeping. My father those transports of violent and profane tauld me sae forty years sin', but I ne'er language, which had procured him the fand time to mind him.-Jock, ne'er surname of Damn-me-dikes—" Bring drink brandy in the morning, it files the me the brandy bottle, Jenny, ye b-," stamach ; gin ye take a morning's he cried, with a voice in which passion draught, let it be aqua mirabilis; Jenny contended with pain. “I can die as I there makes it weel. Doctor, my have lived, without fashing ony o'them. breath is growing as scant as a broken- But there's a fearful tbing hings about winded piper's, when he has played for my heart, and an anker of brandy four-and-twency hours at a penny wed- winna wash it away-The Deans at ding-Jenny, pit the cool aneath my Woodend! I sequestrated them in the head--but it's a' nerdless ! Mass John, dear years, and now they are to fit they'll could ye think o'rattling ower soine bit starve—and that Beersbeba, and that short prayer, it wad do me gude may auld trooper's wife and her oe, they'll be, and keep some queer thoughts out starve--they'll starve ! - Look out, o' my head.-Say something, man.” Jock; what night is't ?"

I cannot use a prayer like a rat- •Onding o' snaw, father,' answered rhyme,' answered the honest clergyman; Jock, after having opened the window,

and if you would have your soul re- and looked out with great composure. deemed like a prey from the fowler, “ They'll perish in the drifts," said Laird, you must needs shew me your the expiring sinner—" they'll perish wi state of mind.'

cauld but I'll be het enough, gin a “And shouldna ye ken that without tales be true.” my telling you ?" answered the patient. " What have I been paying stipend and “This last observation was made unteind, parsonage and vicarage for, ever der breath, and in a' tone which inade sin' the aughty-nine, an' I canna get a the very attorney shudder. He tried spell of a prayer for't, the only time I his hand at ghostly advice, probably ever asked for ane in my life ?-Gang for the first time in his life, and recomawa' wi your wbiggery, if that's a' ye mended, as an opiate for the agonized can do; auld Curate Kiltstoup wad conscience of the Laird, reparation of hae read half the prayer-book to me by the injuries he had done to these disthis time-Awa' w'ye!-Doctor, let's tressed families, which, he observed by see if ye can do opy thing better for me.” the way, the civil law called restitutio

in integrum. But Mammon was strugThe Doctor, who had received some gling with Remorse for retaining bis information in the meanwhile from the place in a bosom he had so long poshouse-keeper on the state of his com- sessed ; and he partly succeeded, as an

VOL. 4.)

Sea-Serpents !


old tyrant proves often too strong for Dinna let the warld get a grip o' ye, bis insurgeut rebels,

Jock---but keep the gear thegither! “I cappa do'i," he answered, with and whate'er ye do, dispone Beersheba a voice of despair. “ It would kill me at no rate. Let the creatures stay at a to do'-bow can ye bid me pay back moderate mailing, and hae bite and siller, when ye ken how I want it? or soup : it will maybe be the better will dispone Beersbeba, when it lies sae your father where he's gau), lad." weel into my ain plaid-ouik? Nature • Alter these contradictory instrucmade Dumbjedikes and Beersheba to tions, the Laird tent his mind so much be ae man's land-She did by *** Nic at ease that he drank three bumpers of chil, it wad kill me to part tbem." brandy continuously, and “soughed

' But ye maun die, whether or no, awa,” as Jenny expres-ed it, in an atLaird,' said Mr. Novit; and maybe tempt to sing " De'il stick the minister.") ye wad die easier—it's but trying. I'll scroll the disposition in nae time. To this specimen we need scarce

“ Dinna speak o't, Sir, or I'll fling ly add, ibat we retract every censure the sloup at your head- But Jock, lad, upon The Heart of Mid-Lothion, esa ye see bow the warld warstles with me cept when compared with the form on iny death-bed. Be kind to the poir mer productions of the same auihor. creatures the Deanses and the Butlers,


From the New Monthly Magazine, August, 1318. STR, COMETHING extraordinary is al- coast; my intention however is not to Nways making its appearance in Amer enter into any disquisition whether or ica, and accounts of the same generally no they are of the same species with appear in the English journals grossly those ofautiquity-those which destroyexaggerated. I am one of those who ed Laocoon and yet figure in sculpture, froin experience have learnt the caution that which proved the youthiui nerves necessary to be observed before placing of Hercules, or the more sagacious one implicit confidence in tbe relations of which foretold the death of Juliari, and our trans-atlantic brethren, and ain old thereby proved itself a good christian. enough to remember the sensation This I will leave to my American caused by the supernatural appearances breihren who are ucllquasfied for sue on the Apilachian mountains; the researches. I merely intend to state glory by wbich they were surrounded, that the Serpent of the Oceall, such as dispelling the darkness, as the morning they are described in the accounts from suo triumphs over the clouds of night; America, are no novel appearance, liut the vision lasted until some fanatic as- have been seen in the Nidilestone n. serted it was the “descent of the New I happened to be on board te Pbiloine, Jerusalem,” when reason prevailed, and one of his Majesty's brips of varice!! we heard of the inhabitants and them manded by Captain Guion: harina no inore.* Lately we have had “mov- joined her on the 121 of Develser, ing stones" in Carolina, but wliich ceas. 1811, at Gibraltar; Lira Cochelle ed their motion when Dr. James, of Commissary-Gencral Macdowel, aci New York, set on foot an enquiry con- Captain Hardinge of the priprers, were cerning them. What I at present wish passengers.* I incutiou them thus para to observe upon is,' the account of —

• Captain Harding, a man of considerah'e int.. "huge Sea Serpents," lately said to

took views of the city mond bitterist Art bave been seen along that wonderful

whilst the master of the lin sonurled tere binti nutely, under pretince of trappling for the oit

anchor I shouist beita lor Exoth slid • Tbose lominous appearances on the Apalachian upon Capt. Iardinge's play), as thuis niemai ra Dountains were ascribed to the particular state of marke 10 m in) **** ofibonlardant the AS the at.uosphere. Some of the American philosopher's situation oc! by the One Charlotte on t!.

en travlled fronu Phuladelphia to observe them. memorable et int after wards tiem, quace.

ticularly as they are living, and can con- abandon the vicinity of the vessel on the tradict me if I state any thing which is occasion, which confirmed me in my not correct.

opinion that, froin the size of the mouth, After relieving with a supply of pro- they were incapable or being dangerous visions the Portuguese fortress of Me. to men. We saw then every day durlillo on the coast of Barbary, and an- ing our stay, until our removal into the choring for one day before the celebrat- Mole, when they left us, or rather we ed ruins of Oran, we entered the bay of left them. An old Greek renegado Algiers, and moored the vessel about told me they were cominon in the bay, three miles to the eastward of the city, but he had never brown any of them where vessels in common do not ride,- being caught. Achnet, the adıniral's Our motive for chusing this position was pilot, then on board the filty gun ship, in order to sound the bay as secretly destroyed shortly after by Lord Exas possible. The depth of water might mouth, said they were regarded by the be nine fathoms. One of the cables was fishermen with a superstitious reverence, cut under water on the second day of who believed if they left the bay the our anchorage, I apprehend by the coral fish would also leave it. rocks, near which place the ship was. They had not, to me, that “carved" A seaman remarked to me from the appearance noticed by the Americans. poop, where he was fishing, that he be- I might have discovered that and several lieved the devil in the shape of a serpent other peculiarities of torni in the m by a had cut our cable, and was now along- more narrow scrutiny, but I imagined side as long as the ship. I immediately they were only curiosities to myself, looked over the gangway and perceived and scarce worth recording in my four of these reptilez sporting in the journal. I did howeves record them water : they appeared to me about from a practice never to omit notictag thirty feet ia length, of a dark brown whatever passed ouder my own obsescolour, with a slight silvery tinge on vation. I pointed them out to Lord the belly, and on each side of the bead: Cochrane and the other passengers, and the head was small, and in thickness of if I recollect aright, his Lordship said body the size of a stout man's thigh, they were not uncommon, or words tapering towards the tail. I observed bearing that construction. Alter this thein frequently roll over, stretched at statement, “the American serpent," full length, and when preparing to losiog its claim to novelty, is divested advance, the head was raised and the of much of its interest; as it is no more tail rolled upwards like a coach wheel wonderful that the serpent of the Mediin size nearly to the inidile of the terranean should be seen on that coast, animai's back; lowering its head, than the whale of Greenland on the which seemed to have been raised as a coast of Cornwall. vecessary action to preserve its balance I am, &c. J. M. Mutford. in folding up the tail, it darted forward Fitzroy Pace. with considerable velocity, unfurling it. P. Š. The master of an American vesself as it advanced. The sailors vainly sel arrived at Penobscot asserts bis havendeavoured to catch one of them, letc ing encountered at sea a serpent full ting down shark- books with different one hundred feet long, and in thickness baits. My opinion was, that the mouth greater than a water cask. This forof the animal, which generally appeared midable animal reared itself several feet open when the head was reared, would out of the water, took a look at the ship, not admit a bait larger than an orange, and quietly glided away. An affidavit being quite out of our ideas of propor- is said to be preparing for the master tion with respect to its body. They and crew to establish this extraordinary never came nearer to the surface than fact. This account is given in Lloyd's six feet, so we found it useless to attempt list, which alone renders it worthy of them with a harpoon. The men bathed notice. The dimensions of a water cask amongst them uumoiested, nor did they are various, barrels, butts, and pun

VOL. 4.]

On Novel- Reading


cheons, and those called gang-casks on give no credit. “Jonathan" had heard board of merchant ships commonly con- of the serpent, and determined to have tain two hundred or more gallons, and a share in the glory of fixing it as a are at least three feet in diameter; if the native of “the Columbian Ocean." latter is meant, “ astonishing” indeed National vanity is deemed preferable must be the size of this animal; if by to truth by most American seamen,and “water cask” is meant the barrel in the above may be set down as a fit comcommon use, about one foot in diameler, panion to the Scotch Mermaids which more astonishing still must it be in the were exhibited in the western isles, and former case, as the master's fears must were actually suorn to by several have magoified bis powers of vision and Scoich persons and second-sighted old in the latter it may be accounted for by women. I see no reason to alter my suffering bim to have passed a cable opinion, that the serpent of America washed off some ship's deck in a gale of and the Mediterranean are of the same wind, which I think pot improbable, species, and not uncommon, though About twelve years ago an American rarely noticed. The difference in size captain trading for furs, saw on the shores will soon be reconciled, and as America of New Zealand an animal of the serpent is the land of the marvellous they are kind which rose out of the water and entitled to sorty or fisty feet extra upon looked into his main-top ; of this fact such an occasion. I expect some other “ an affidavit was also prepared but captam, on the strength of this great never administered ;" perhaps this may discovery, will import us a parody to be the same animal, and the discoverer its honour on the famous national song, the same person. I have heard more such asextraordinary things asserted by Ameri

Hail Columbia ! favour'd strand ! can captains, whose accounts cannot be Fill'd with spakes by sea and land. too cautiously received, but to this I


Extracted from the British Critick, Inue 1818. A S public opinion is by no means order to gratify the pampered palate of H in favour of fictitious compositions, an indolent public. Labouring too with we allude to novels; it is our intention a success, which has never known a to devote a few pages of our present moment's diminution, they have, on number to an investigation of the prin- that account, brought dowd upon their cipal causes, which have led many to heads the ruthless vengeance of all the condemn every work of that nature, as other practitioners in literature. Theinjurious in its consequences, and un- ologians, historians, moralists, and poliworthy the attention of any rational losophers, are all animated with the being.

same spirit of hostility; and, however We do not pretend to enter into they dillir upon other points, are unansuch a discussion with unbiassed feel- imous in conferring the most offensive ings ; on the contrary, we are warm terms upon these light-hearted children partizans of that degraded and perse- of pleasure and inagination. Not, cuted tribe of authors, who are known however, content with directing the by the name of novellists, and think venon of their malice against the comthat no writers have contributed more posers, they must even endeavour to than they have to the amusement and Aing it upon 113, who are merely the instruction of society. Labouring in a readers of such publications. The fieid, which has been so long the com- theologian assures us, that the time mon property of every dabbler Øn let- spent in these idle pur-uits would be ters, they are making it produce, day better employed in meritating on more after day, new and succulent plants, in important and less worldly objects :

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