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Ben-Hur :

Sharp Eyes :
A Tale of the Christ. By LEW WAL-

A Rambler's Calandar of Fifty-two
LACE. Garfield Edition. Two Volumes.

Weeks among Insects, Birds, and Flow20 Full-page Photogravures. Over 1000

Written and Illustrated by W. Illustrations as Marginal Drawings by


mental, Gilt Top, $5.00. (In a Box.) 8vo, Printed on Fine Super-calendered Plate-paper

, bound in Silk and Gold, Harper's Young People for 1891.

, , and contained in Gladstone Box. Price,

Vol. XII. With about 800 Illustrations $7.00.

and 860 pages. 4to, Cloth, Ornamental, Art and Criticism.

Monographs and Studies. By Theo- Men of Iron.
Dore Child. Illustrated. Large 8vo, By HOWARD PYLE. Illustrated by the
Cloth, Ornamental, Uncut edges and Author. 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $2.00.
gilt top, $6.00.

Spanish- America.
The Boy Travellers.

The Spanish-American Republics. By
The Boy Travellers in Northern Eu-

THEODORE Child. Illustrated. Large rope. Adventures of Two Youths in a 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, Uncut edges Journey through Holland, Germany,

and Gilt Top, $3.50.
Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, with Miss Edwards's Egypt.
Visits to Heligoland and the Land of
the Midnight Sun. By THOMAS W.

Pharaohs, Fellahs, and Explorers. By
Knox. Profusely Illustrated. Square

AMELIA B. EDWARDS. Profusely IllusSvo, Cloth, Ornamental, $3.00.

trated. Svo, Cloth, Ornamental, Uncut

edges and Gilt Top, $4.00.
The Warwickshire Avon.

Peter Ibbetson.
Notes by A. T. QUILLER-Couch. Illus-

With an Introduction by his cousin,
trations by ALFRED PARSONS. Crown
8vo, Half Leather, Ornamental, Gilt

(“ Madge Plunket "). Top, $2.00. (In a Box.)

Edited and Illustrated by GEORGE DU

MAURIER. Post Svo, Cloth, OrnamenOur Amateur Circus ;

tal. (Just ready'.)
Or, a New York Season. Twenty Col. Some Charming Essays.
ored Plates by H. W. McVICKAR. With

From the Easy Clair. By GEORGE
Explanatory Legends. Oblong quarto,

WILLIAM CURTIS. With Portrait. bound in Silk, $5.00.

As We Were Saying. By CHARLES A Moderni Aladdin ;

DUDLEY WARNER. With Portrait and Or, the Wonderful Adventures of Oli

Illustrations. ver Munier.

An Extravaganza. By Criticism and Fiction. By WILLIAM HOWARD PYLE. Illustrated by the Dean HOWELLS. With Portrait. Author. Post Svo, Cloth, Ornamental, Three volumes, 16mo, Cloth, Orna$1.25.

mental, $1.00 per volume.


Lady *


IT The above works are for sale by all booksellers, or will be sent by HARPER & BROTHERS, postage prepaid, to any part of the United States, Canada, or Mexico, on receift of the price.

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ARPER'S MAGAZINE, while ever true to its type. — the original type of the popular illus

trated monthly, – is conducted upon no stereotyped plan; its mould is broken every month, so that each Number is the NEW monthly magazine promised on its title-page.

While Harper's MAGAZINE will not fail to satisfy the desire of its readers for the best results of European literary and artistic culture, it will maintain its preeminently American character. As a striking;y appropriate celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Discovery of America, the pub lishers have made special arrangements for a more thorough exposition than has hitherto been made of the Recent Unprecedented Development of our Country, and especially of the Great West.

Particular attention will also be given to Dramatic Episodes in American History, to such characters and incidents as make the Romance of our Past. Such subjects as seem to invite imaginative treatment, in the form of fiction, but with thorough fidelity to actual truth, will be so presented. The Witchcraft Delusion in New England will thus furnish materials for both a play and a short story by MARY E. WILKINS. Cert. in features of French Canadian Life, fifty years ago, will form the basis of a series of original habitant sketches, in true dialect, by Mr. William McLENNAN, the new star in the Canadian literary galaxy: Other characters and events - notably those in the Field of Adventure -- will be set forth in their naked historic verity, and all will be effectively illustrated. Not the least important of these sketches will be two papers by Mr. JULIAN RALPII, depicting the romance of the Old Hudson's Bay Fur Company, illustrated by Mr. FREDERIC REMINGTON.

In view of the near possibility of a General European War, and of ihe certainty that the Danubian provinces will be the field of the next conflict, the publishers have provided for a series of illustrated articles which will be a popular exposition of both the Upper and the Lower Danube. These papers, the result of a special expedition undertaken for this purpose, will be contributed by Mr. POULTNEY BIGELOW and Mr. FRANK D. MILLET. The illustrations will be furnished by Mr. MILLET and Mr. ALFRED PARSONS.

Articles on the German, Austro-Hungarian and Italian Armies, contributed by officers eminent in each service, will appear in the forthcoming volume, with illustrations by T. DE THULSTRUP. These will complete the series, of which there have already appeared in the MAGAZINE articles on the United States, English, Russian, and French armies.

Upon the completion of this series Mr. THEODORE Child will enter upon a graphic exposition of the Paris of To-day, giving two papers on Literary Paris, illustrated by portraits, followed by two papers on Life in Paris, beautifully illustrated by RENOUARD and LEPÈRE.

In an early number will be begun a new novel by Mr. Howells, "A World of Chance," a story characteristically American and abounding in humorous and original situations. Especial prominence will be given to short stories, which will be contributed by THOMAS BAILEY ALDRICH; Con. STANCE FENIMORE WOOLSON; A. CONAN DOYLE, author of "Micah Clarke ; " RICHARD HARDING Davis; MARGARET DELAND), author of “ John Ward, Preacher ;” THOMAS A. JANVIER ; Mary E. WILKINS ; RUTH MCENERY STUART, and other popular writers.

Among the prominent literary features of the year will be new and interesting Personal Reminiscences of Nathaniel Hawthorne, contributed by Horatio BRIDGE, U. S. N., his college classmate and life-long friend; and an interesting Personal Memoir of the Brownings, by ANNE THACKERAY RITCHIE, simnilar in quality and scope to this author's previous articles on Tennyson and Ruskin.



'HE Thirteenth Volume of HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE, which begins with the number for

November 3d, promises to surpass the world-wide reputation for general excellence gained by its predecessors. No expense is spared to make this Prince of Weekly Periodicals for Young People attractive, and no effort is neglected that will tend to make it the best of its kind in the world.

The serial fiction of the new volume will begin with “ Diego Pinzon,” by John R. CORYFLL a sixteen-part story of the first voyage of Columbus and the discovery of America. It will be profusely illustrated by W. L. SHEPPARD. In February will begin the third of the famous “ Mates " series, by Kirk MUNROE. We have had “ Dorymates ” and “ "Campmates Now comes “Canoemates, a story of adventure on sea and land, amid Indians and wild heasts, with the Great Reef and the Everglades of Florida for a background. It will be illustrated by W. A. ROGERS, himself a skillful canoeman and camper. The year's trio of long serials will be completed by one upon which one of the most popular American authors of the day is at present engaged. Beside these there will be stories of three or four parts by W. D. HOWELLS, E. H. House, MARY S. McCOBB, ELLA RODMAN CHURCH, ANGELINE TEAL, and others.

Among the short-story writers from whom frequent contributions may be expected are THOMAS NELSON PAGE, Capt. Charles KING, H. H. BOYESEN, MARY E. WILKINS, Lucy C. LILLIE, SOPHIE SWETT, and a host of others equally well known.

A variety of articles on Seasonable Sports will be contributed by experts, while games of all kinds, including those especially devised for amusement on long winter evenings, and Puzzles, will form attractive features.

ARPER'S WEEKLY for the coming year will contain more attractive features, more and finer other periodical of this country.

One set of papers alone will present 500 illustrations by the best artists in Europe. This is a series of articles on The Great Capitals of the World. Twenty-five cities will be described, and each city will be treated by a writer especially selected for his titness for the subject assigned him. Among them will be François COPPÉE, Sir CHARLES DILKE, PIERRE LOTI, MADAME ADAM, and Señor CASTELAR.

The Columbian Exposition, through its growth to its completion, will be illustrated fully by an artist whose studio will be located in Chicago as long as the fair lasts, and its features will be de. scribed by a special correspondent in that city. No fuller or more graphic illustrations and descriptions of this greatest of pictorial interests of the West, and the whole country, will be found in any other publication.

The Army and Navy, for which united services HARPER'S WEEKLY is recognized as what may be called the official pictorial organ, will be illustrated and described as fully as in the past. Public events at home and in Europe, disasters by fire and food, and all incidents of general interest will be adequately treated by pen and pencil as promptly as they become public.

Portraits for which the Weekly is justly celebrated, together with biographical sketches, will be given of men and women of note as they arise into prominence or upon the occasion of their death.

The department of Amateur Sport will continue under the editorship of CASPAR W. WHITNEY.

The short stories, which are a feature of the WEEKLY, are writien by such well-known authors as RUDYARD KIPLING, W. CLARK RUSSELL, A. CONAN DOYLE, GEORGE A. HIBBARD, John KENDRICK BANGS, JEROME K. JEROME, WALTER BESANT, and HENRY JAMES.

The illustrations will be furnished by such distinguished artists as CHARLES S. REINHART, T. DE THULSTRUP, FREDERIC REMINGTON, W. T. SMEDLEY, W. A. Rogers, R. F. ZOGBAUM, R. CATON WOODVILLE, CHARLES GRAHAM, and others.

Among the especial attractions of Harper's WEEKLY are the editorials by George WILLIAM Curtis, whose writings have always urged the purest politics and highest public service.



ARPER'S BAZAR is the leading journal in America for women. With Volume Twenty-five

it reaches its Quarter-Centennial. Harper's BAZAR, in its weekly issues, informs its readers of current fashions in New York, Paris, and Berlin. Its artists in Paris and New York furnish lavish illustrations, and its Pattern-Sheet Supplement is indispensable alike to the professional modiste and to the woman who is her own dressmaker. The noteworthy designs made for HARPER'S BAZAR, from Worth models, by SANDOZ, are a feature which is unrivaled in style and artistic representation. In its department of New York Fashions the most particular attention is given to the description of the reigning modes, and persons remote from the great shopping centres are enabled to order goods and arrange appropriate toilets for every occasion by following the lucid directions of its Fashion Editor.

The Serials for 1892 will be written by WALTER BESANT and WILLIAM BLACK. MARY E. WILKINS, ANNA FULLER, KATE UPSON CLARK, MARION HARLAND, ROSE HAWTHORNE LA THROP, LOUISE STOCKTON, OCTAVE THANET, HARRIET PRESCOTT SPOFFORD, BESSIE CHANDLER PARKER, and many others will furnish a feast of short stories. Mrs. OLIPHANT will contribute characteristic sketches; and “ The Magic Ink,” by WILLIAM BLACK, will run through several numbers.

T. W. HIGGINSON will continue to discuss, in “ Women and Men,” themes of unfailing interest; MARION HARLAND will write a series of Timely Talks, entitled “Day In and Day Out;


Dr. MARY T. BisSELL will write on “The Physical Nurture of Children." CHRISTINE TERHUNE HERRICK will give a series of great value to mothers entitled “The Sick Child.” Mrs. C. A. CREEVEY will write of Ferns and Orchids in “Botany as a Recreation.”

Useful receipts in great variety, with all needed details as to service, will assist the housekeeper in preparing her breakfasts and dinners.

Questions of etiquette and ceremony will be decided by competent authorities in the department of Answers to Correspondents.

The last page has a national reputation as a compedium of wit and humor, enlisting among its illustrators McVICKAR, HYDE, STERNER, FROST, SMEDLEY, and other eminent artists.

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per Year, $4 00 per Year, 4 00 HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE, per Year, 2 00 Postage Free to all Subscribers in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. Booksellers and Postmasters usually receive subscriptions. Subscriptions sent direct to the publishers should be accompanied by Postoffice Money Order or Draft. When no time is specified, subscriptions will begin with

the current Number.

Will present a remarkably attractive program in 1892. There will be four serial novels: "The Naulahka, A Tale of West and East,” by Rudyard Kipling, written in

collaboration with a young American author, Wolcott Balestier,— the story of two Americans at the court of an Indian maharajah (it begins in November); “Characteristics," by Dr. S. Weir Mitchell, author of “In War 'Time,” etc.—a story of human characteristics by a well-trained observer (it begir.s in December); “The Chosen Valley," a novel of the Great West, by Mary Hallock Foote, and a novel of New York life by the author of “The Anglomaniacs."

Thomas Bailey Aldrich will contribute a group of short stories complete in single numbers (the first is in December), and Frank R. Stockton and other prominent writers will fur

nish short stories through the year. RUDYARD KIPLING

THE CENTURY will also print A New Life of Columbus, by the distinguished Spanish statesman and writer, Emilio Castelar, to be richly illustrated; important illustrated papers on The World's Fair; articles on the American Indian, The Indian's Side,- written from his standpoint, by Miss Alice M. Fletcher, of the U. S. Interior Department, and the Peabody Museum ; a number of papers on Art Subjects, with Cole's engravings of Old Masters; a series of important essays on Poetry by Edmund Clarence Stedman; one on American Speech by Edward Eggleston; articles by Gounod, and other famous French Musicians on their life and work; illustrated papers on “The Jews in New York,” with other articles on phases of New York life; papers by the well-known war-correspondent, Archibald Forbes, a series of amusing sketches by Edgar W. Nye ("Bill Nye"), which

DR. WEIR MITCHELL he calls his “Autobiographies,” the first one of which, “The Autobiography of a Justice of the Peace,” is in November; a most important series discussing the relations of the farmer to the Government-what the Government is already doing to aid the farmer, and what more it should do, if anything; valuable papers on “The Government of Cities." etc., etc.

TWO MAGNIFICENT ISSUES Are the November and December numbers (November begins the new volume). In the former are first chapters of Rudyard Kipling's new novel, etc., etc. December will

be a superb Christmas number, full of engravings and interTHOMAS BAILEY ALDRICH

esting reading, with a cover printed in gold. Do not miss these issues. A year's subscription costs $4.00. Subscriptions are taken by newsdealers and booksellers generally, by postmasters, and by the publishers. Remit by post-office or express order, bank check, draft, or in registered letter.

THE CENTURY CO., 33 East 17th St., New York.


Can you afford to be without it?
The continued reading of the best literature by growing boys and girls
nay not save them from future harm, and may not give them a love for
that which is good and worth thinking of, but it will do as much toward
it as any one thing. And of all the current literature of that kind now
before the public certainly ST. NICHOLAS MAGAZINE stands at the very
head. It costs $3.00 a year,--and it would be hard to find
a way to spend $3.00 to greater advantage if there are
children in your home. Everything in it is illustrated.

ST. NICHOLAS is a Christinas present that comes twelve
times a year. The proprietors of one of the largest manu-
facturing establishments in Massachusetts have for many
years sent ST. NICHOLAS to the children of their operatives, which, in this case, means nearly all the
children in a large town. We understand that the results have been most gratisying. Is th re any.
thing in this for you? ST. NICHOLAS costs $3.00 a year, 25 cents a number. All hook-sellers, netus-
dealers, and postmasters take subscriptions, or remittance may be made (by check, draft, money or express
order, or registered letter) to the publishers, The Century Co., 33 East 17th St., New York. Begin
subscriptions with November December is the Christmas number.



Christmas Books.

The Century Dictionary.

Sport with Gun and Rod. Now entirely completed and the last volume

(New Edition.) just issued. The most magnificent gift of the

Large 8vo, nearly 900 pages, magnificently year. Get it nowv while it

illustrated. “ The finest book of sports ever
is new. Send to the pub issued in America.” Price $5.00.
lishers for particulars.

The Autobiography of
Siberia and the
Exile System.

Joseph Jefferson,

8vo, 500 pages; illustrated with nearly 100 Containing his CENTURY

portraits,- a splendid portrait gallery of the articles revised and re

American stage. In rich binding, $4.00. written, with an immense amount of new and impor For Boys and Girls.

tant material, appendixes, George Kennan. etc. Richly illustrated.

Lady Jane. In two vols., $6.00 for the set.

By Mrs. C. V. JAMISON. Illustrated by The Women of the French Salons. Birch. Small 4to, 246 pages, illuminated cover, By AMELIA Gere Mason. The illustrated

$1.50. gift-book of the season; printed in two colors,

Marjorie and Her Papa. cloth, rich binding, gilt top, $6.00. In vellum By Lieut. ROBERT H. FLETCHER. A debinding, $10.00.

lightful book for little children. In boards, The Land of the Lamas.

price $1.00. By WILLIAM Woodville Rockill. The

Baby World. interesting record of a remarkable journey A new and revised edition of this standard through China, Mongolia, and Tibet. With volume for very little folks. Edited by MARY maps and illustrations, $3.50.

MAPES Dodge. $1.00.
The Squirrel Inn.

The Brownie Books.
By Frank R. STOCKTON. Illustrated by A. The famous books of pictures and poems by
B. Frost; 8vo, 222 pages, cloth. Price, $1.25. PALMER Cox,-“ The Brownies: Their Book"
A number of Mr. Stockton's other novels are ($1.50); “Another Brownie Book” ($1.50).
published by The Century Co. also.

Fifty thousand sold. Two Worlds and Other Poems. Bound Volumes of St. Nicholas.

By RICHARD WATSON Gilder. Small 8vo, The numbers of this famous magazine for 115 pages. In cloth, 75 cents; in vellum, $1.50. 1891, in two parts. Price $4.00.

Sold by all dealers, or sent, post.paid, on receipt of price, by the publishers,

THE CENTURY CO., 33 E. 17th St. N. Y.

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