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The Atlantic Monthly Advertiser.




Price, $4.00.

is now a beautiful Monthly Magazine, giving 36 exquisite Art Supplements in color, suitable for the use of art students or for framing, together with handsome sketches in sepia and designs in black and white for interior decoration - walls, ceilings, screens, over mantels, curtains, table services, vases, candlesticks, and all

objects used in the home. All designs are accompa-
nied by specific directions showing how they can be
carried out. Biographical notes on artists, accompa-
nied by portraits and examples of recent paintings, is
a most interesting feature, and together with art gos-
sip, thoughtful papers on art subjects, queries and
answers, foreign art correspondence, artistic novelties,
and notes on the decorative side of social life, make
up a most fascinating and instructive collection of
information about art and cognate subjects.

Beginning with July, 1891, THE ART INTERCHANGE

was converted into a beautiful monthly magazine, and JACQUES' COTTAGE. in order to intro

Size 17% x 115 inches.
One of the three colored plates to be duce it to the pub-

given with the November, 1891, No. lic in its new form
we make the following generous offer, viz. : The
last six months of THE ART INTERCHANGE as
a fortnightly (January to June, 1891), giving

15 colored plates and 13 copies
of a beautiful art paper for $1.00
(regular price $2.50), and the first
six months of TAE ART INTER-
CHANGE as a monthly magazine.
(July to December, 1891), for
$2.00, making a total of $3.00 for
this year's numbers, together with Copyright, 1891, by The Art Interchange Co.
33 colored supplements (regular

One of the three colored studies to be given with price $ This offer will not

the Christmas, 1891, No.
be repeated after this year, as beginning with July, 1891, the subscrip-
tion rates on THE ART INTERCHANGE will be strictly maintained at

$4.00. The colored studies include: -

FLOWERS – Primroses, Pink Roses, Yellow Chrysan-
Size 29 x 8 inches. themums, Forsythia Panel, Daisies in Blue Teapot, Japan-
One of the three col- ese Quince, Red and Yellow and Pink Chrysanthemums.
ored plates given
with the Septem-

LANDSCAPE - Spring Morning. Afterglow, Apple Blostember, 1891, No. som Time, Woodland Brook, Jacques's Cottage. MARINES- Moonlight on the Snow, Lake View, Waves and Surf.

MISCELLANY — Deer's Head, Little Mischief, Kitten Family, Algerian Porter, Good Morning, Arab, Violets and Gold (applied), French Peasant, Bon-Bon Box, “ King,” Ma Belle, by Rosina Emmett Sherwood, Fern Leaf (applied decoration), Forget Me Not, "Little Pilgrim."

Send $3.00 and get this magnificent offer, or send 25 cents for our sample issue containing three colored studies, violet and gold (applied decoration), a strong figure by Walter Saterlee, and large daisy study. CATALOGUE OF ART PICTURES FREE.

Ask your newsdealer to show you the latest copy of THE ART INTERCHANGE.
THE ART INTERCHANGE CO., 37 & 39 West 22d St., New York,

Mention December, 1891, ATLANTIC MONTHLY.



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The Atlantic Monthly Advertiser.


" Snow-Bound,” one of the best-known of Whittier's longer
poems, was written in 1866. "He dedicates it “To the

memory of the household it describes,” and that household, h: tells us, was the family gathered at the Whittier homestead. It has won its place in literature from the exact and charming picture which it gives of the New England interior of a bygone day, the occupations of a long New England winter, and in particular the beautiful descriptions of nature snow-bound.

Mr. E. H. Garrett, who so successfully illustrated the popular edition of “ The Vision

of Sir Launfal” (which this book resembles), has il

lustrated the present poem. It has been,

for many years, a special favorite with

him, and he has Snow-Bound therefore done

his work con amore, and

with results A WINTER IDYL which

are as at. trac


which he at With Prefatory Note, eight Photogravure Illustra tained in Sir tions by Edmund H. Garrett, a Portrait

Laun fal. of Whittier, and rubricated initials. The illustra

tions - figBound from the designs ure-pieces, heads,

and landscapes of Mrs. Whitman - are of full-page

16mo, $1.50

size, and have been extremely well repro

duced in photogravure. The beauty of this

edition, even if denuded of illustrations, would still

be great; for the proportions of the page, the typogra



detail have been carefully studied with a view to make it not merely an illustrated volume, but a really good library edition with an attractive illustrative accompaniment of designs.

The binding is designed by Mrs. Henry Whitman, and it is therefore needless to say that it is both artistic and appropriate. e

For sale by all Booksellers. Sent by mail, post-paid, on

receipt of price by the Publishers, HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN AND COMPANY, 4 Park Street, Boston; 11 East Seventeenth Street, New York.

phy, the

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The Atlantic Monthly Advertiser.





By Max O’RELL, Author of “ Jonathan and His Continent,” “ John Bull, Jr.," etc.

With over 130 illustrations by E. W. KEMBLE. I vol., octavo, extra cloth, gilt top, $2.00.

Max O‘Rell's marvelous versatility is the best guarantee that he does not repeat himself in these reminiscences. While every page glows with the humor of ihe same swift and graceful pen, the book is as fresh and brimming with interest as though its genial author had never before written a line about America. Mr. Kemble has caught the spirit of the text with rare fidelity, and gives us over 130 illustrations done in his inimitable style. PARIS OF TO-DAY,


By STANLEY J. WEYMAN, author of “The Danish, by Miss OLGA FLINCH. Profusely

House of the Wolf," etc. I vol., 8vo, extra illustrated. I vol., 8vo, $3.00.

cloth, ink and gold dies, inlaid, $1.50. Holiday Edition. Elegantly bound in white cloth,

This is the initial volume of “Cassell's New SERIES OF extra, full gilt, gilt edges, $3.50.

INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT Novels,” by leading English “An unusually handsome book.” - New York Sun. and Continental writers. Works by prominent American " The best book on this brilliant, gorgeous, gay, and

authors will occasionally be added, and the series will prewicked capital.” -- Detroit Journal.

sent a wide range of literary attractions. THOUGHTS AND FANCIES. By Mary D. BRINE. Being Poems and Pictures

QUEEN SUMMER; of Life and Nature, with numerous illustra. Or, The Tourney of the Lily and the Rose. tions. I vol., octavo, full gilt, etc., $1.50. Penned and portrayed by WALTER CRANE. TWILIGHT DREAMS.

Containing forty pages of designs printed in

colors. I vol., $2.50. Being Poems and Pictures of Life and Nature.

Very fully illustrated. Extra cloth, full gilt,
etc., $1.50.


By HELEN MATHER. Profusely illustrated with By JULES VERNE, author of “Cæsar Cascabel," full-page pictures and illustrations running Michael Strogoff, the Courier of the Czar," through the text. I vol., 12mo, $2.00.

Translated from the French by A. Esto-
Illustrated by L. BENET. Small oc-

A SWEET GIRL GRADUATE. tavo, extra cloth, $2.50. A New and Valuable Book of Reference. By L. T. MEADE, author of " Wilton Chase,”

" Polly, a New-Fashioned Girl," etc., etc. A DICTIONARY OF THOUGHTS.

etc. CLET

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vol., 12mo, extra, cloth, with illustrations, $1.50. Being a Cyclopedia of Laconic Quotations from

the best authors, both ancient and modern. By TRYON EDWARDS, D. 1. Alphabetically THE CHILDREN OF WILTON CHASE. arranged by subjects. 1 vol., 8vo, pp. xii-644, By L. T. MEADE, author of “ A World of Girls,” extra cloth, $5.00.

• The Palace Beautiful,” “ Polly, a New-FashIt is believed that no work has hitherto appeared which

ioned Girl," etc. equals the present volume, in scope and value, as a treasury

I vol., 12mo, extra cloth, with of the best thoughts of the world's greatest authors.

illustrations, $1.50.

THE MAGAZINE OF ART For 1891, being Vol. XI. of the New Enlarged Series, contains about 500 beautiful illustrations,

including litho and tint plates and photogravures, the American Art Notes for the year, and many special papers devoted to the progress of American art and industries. Extra cloth, beveled boards,

full gilt, $5.00; full morocco, $10.00. The New Volume of the Magazine of Art commences with the December issue. Price, $3.50 per

year; 35 cents per number. SUBSCRIBE NOW. Presenting as it does the fullest and richest attractions of text and of illustration, the Magazine of Art is justly recognized as the leading journal of its class, It appears sufficient, therefore, only to give assurance that this unique reputation will be amply sustained in every department of the new volume. Prospectus sent free to any address on application.

COMPLETE DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE now ready and sent free upon application.


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2 vols.


EDITED BY JOHN T. MORSE, JR. John Quincy Adams. John Marshall.

By John T. Morse, Jr., author of "A Life By Allan B. Magruder.

of Alexander Hamilton,” etc. Alexander Hamilton.

Samuel Adams.

By Prof. James K. Hosmer, author of By Henry Cabot Lodge, author of “The

“ Young Sir Henry Vane," etc. English Colonies in America,” etc. Folin C. Calhoun.

Thomas Hart Benton. By Dr. H. Von Holst, author of the “Con By Theodore Roosevelt, author of - The

stitutional History of the United States." Winning of the West," etc. Andrew Jackson.

Henry Clay.
By Prof. William G. Sumner, author of

By Carl Schurz.
History of American Currency,” etc.
John Randolph.

Patrick Henry.

By Moses Coit Tyler, author of " History By Henry Adams, author of “ New England Federalism," etc.

of American Literature," etc. James Monroe.

Gouverneur Morris. By D. C. Gilman, President of Johns Hop

By Theodore Roosevelt. kins University, Baltimore.

Martin Van Buren.
Thomas Jefferson.

By Edward M. Shepard.
By John T. Morse, Jr.
Daniel Webster.

George Washington.

By Henry Cabot Lodge. 2 vols.
By Henry Cabot Lodge.
Albert Gallatin.

Benjamin Franklin.
By John Austin Stevens, recently editor of

By John T. Morse, Jr. the Magazine of American History." John Jay. James Madison.

By George Pellew, author of “ Woman By Sydney Howard Gay, author (wich Wil and the Commonwealth," etc. liam Cullen Bryant) of " A Popular His Lewis Cass. tory of the United States."

By Andrew C. McLaughlin, Assistant ProJohn Adams.

fessor of History in Michigan University. By John T. Morse, Jr.

Other volumes to be announced hereafter.
Each volume, uniform, 16mo, gilt top, $1.25; half morocco, $2.50.

For sale by all Booksellers. Sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of price by the Publishers, HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & COMPANY,

4 Park St., Boston; 11 East 17th St., New York.

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The Atlantic Monthly Advertiser.



90909 Professor Charles Eliot CHARLES ELIOT NORTON'S Norton has long been Complete Translation of known as a student of

Dante, and the anTHE DIVINE COMEDY OF

nouncement that he DANTE ALIGHIERI.

has made the first comVolume 1. Hell (Now Ready). plete English translaII. Purgatory (Nearly Ready). tion of the Divine ComIII. Paradise (In Press).

edy in prose is of more With Notes. In three volumes, 12mo, than ordinary importgilt top, $1.25 each; the set, $3.75.

ance ; for Professor 860607060600000000000001606008 Norton is recognized in America and in Europe as not only one of the best Dante scholars, but as one of the few masters of English prose.

In the Introduction to his Work, Professor Norton says that he has tried to be as literal in his translation as was consistent with good English, and to render Dante's own words in words as nearly corresponding to them as the differences in the languages would permit. The difficulties in the translation and in the Italian he has endeavored to explain in brief foot-notes. He closes his introduction by speaking of the double, or triple, meaning running through the poem, — first, the narrative of the poet's spiritual journey, which appears at first sight; and the stream of allegory, not less consistent and hardly less continuous, that runs within and beneath.

The great merit of the work, apart from its admirable execution, is the right and consistent view which Professor Norton takes of the significance of the poem itself to the modern reader, and of the only way in which it can be properly presented to him.

The first volume of the Divine Comedy, Hell, is now ready. The second and third parts Purgatory and Paradise — will follow in quick succession. These volumes are of 12mo form, printed on good paper, with clear, handsome type, and although severely plain are admirable library editions. For sale by all Booksellers. Sent on receipt of price by the Publishers, HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & COMPANY,


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