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The Atlantic Monthly Advertiser.


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HAND That's the natural thing to do when you need help. When your hand is extended toward us, we place in it, Free, our 200 page book. Every one is apt to be interested in the description of the means by which a friend has had his health restored.

This book is just that--500 times multiplied; all told in the very words of real and reliable folks; people with “a local habitation and a name."

One other thing; this book is not of interest to those only who feel that their case is serious; it contains the witness of many over-taxed and run-down people to the fact that Drs. Starkey & Palen's COMPOUND OXYGEN has been to them the one thing needful to put them on the right side of the line of health and happiness.

Will you hold out your hand? Help is yours for the asking. DRS. STARKEY & PALEN, No. 1529 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 120 Sutter St., San Francisco, Cal. 58 Church St., Toronto, Canada.




This preparation has for its basis a combination of all the principles of the best Cinchonas, with a rich special wine; not, like many mixtures, an ordinary compound of drugs; but a result of laborious researches, which have won for its inventor a National Prize of 16,

600 francs, and Gold Medals at the
Quina Laroche is par excellence the tonic with
which to combat STOMACH AFFECTIONS, loss of
Quina Laroche is a powerful preservative against in
termittent and continued fevers,rebellious to sul-
phate of quinine,and of exceptional value in cases
of tardy convalescence; in combination with Iron,
is especially recommended for poorness of the
blood, Chlorosis, difficulties of assimilation, debility,&o.

E. FOUGERA & CO., Agents, No. 30 North William Street, New York. 22 rue Drouot, Paris.

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Snow-Bound,” one of the best-known of Whittier's lo. poems, was written in 1866. He dedicates it “TO.

memory of the household it describes," and that house: h: tells us, was the family gathered at the Whittier homestead has won its place in literature from the exact and charming pict which it gives of the New England interior of a bygone day, occupations of a long New England winter, and in particular : beautiful descriptions of nature snow-bound.

Mr. E. H. Garrett, who so successfully illustrated the p ular edition of " The Vision

of Sir Launfal ” (which : book resembles), has il

lustrated the

prese poem. It has been,

for many years, as cial favorite with

him, and he Snow-Bound therefore done

his work amore, and

with res A WINTER IDYL which trac

tilt BY JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER those he at- With Prefatory Note, eight Photogravure Illustra. in Sir tions by Edmund H. Garrett, a Portrait

Laura of Whittier, and rubricated initials. The illustra

tions Bound from the designs ure-pieces, heads,

and landscape of Mrs. Whitman - are of full-page

16mo, $1.50

size, and have bei extremely well repro

duced in photogra ure. The beauty of this

edition, even if denuct of illustrations, would still

be great; for the prop?o tions of the page, the typogra- phy, the paper, and every de tail have been carefully studied with a view to make it not mert an illustrated volume, but a really good library edition with an a

is tractive illustrative accompaniment of designs.

The binding is designed by Mrs. Henry Whitman, and it is therr fore needless to say that it is both artistic and appropriate. For sale by all Booksellers. Sent by mail, post-paid

, a 2

receipt of price by the Publishers,

HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN AND COMPANY, 4 Park Street, Boston; 11 East Seventeenth Street, New York.


The Atlantic Monthly Advertiser.



WHITING'S STATIONERY Has attained a national reputation solely upon its merits. No other paper equals, or even approaches it.

Its excellence has been attested by the best people, and all who desire correct style and the finest material for their correspondence use “Whiting's Standard Linen Paper." Made in rough and smooth finish and in cream and azure tints.

Insist upon your stationer supplying you with it.

WHITING PAPER Co., 150 and 152 Duane Street, New York, sole manufacturers.

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No. 630., EXTENSION TOP FAMILY CARRIACE, This is one of the most desirable family carriages ever produced. It is of excellent material and workmanship throughout.

Wheels, wood hub, with steel tires. Springs, Swede steel, oil-tempered. Axles, steel, double collar ; back axle coached.
Top, fine hand-buffed leather throughout, except front side curtains, which are of best pebble rubber, cloth lined. Trim-
ming 3, English cloth or Morocco-finished leather. Both seats have high, soft spring backs, which with the cushions are
upholstered with curled hair.

To those who desire a handsome and stylish family carriage at a moderate price, we commend it as one combining all the
good points in a vehicle of the kind. It is suitable for use with either one or two horses. Weight, 525 pounds.
Mention The ATLANTIC MONTHLY, and address

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STUDEBAKER BROS. MFG. CO., Carriage Builders, Chicago, Ill.

EA TABLES will be used as long
as “teas are given. Poor tea
means poor table. Good tea,
good table. YOU have good
tea, of course. Then send
for one of our tables. Ma-
hogany and oak. A varied
stock to suit each individual
taste. $20.00 to $10.00.


91 WASHINGTON STREET, Corner Adams Square, Boston.


The Atlantic Monthly Advertiser.




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CIPHERS. A New Novel.

16mo, $1.25.
The scene of Mrs. Kirk's new book is laid in New
York, and admirers of “Margaret Kent” will wel.
come this story, which introduces the people con-
stantly to be met in this latter end of the nineteenth
century, - the journalist and man of letters who
has made a name and position for himself ; the
rising young architect; the man whose whole
thought is devoted to the details of existence, and
who declares that his mission is to teach his
country how to dine; the young girl with artistic
instincts, who longs and struggles for success as a
singer ; and, by no means least, the handsome, bril-
liant, fascinating widow; but who are the" Ciphers,"
and who the integer, we will leave the clever reader
to discover. There is not a page that one would

leave unread.
New Edition.

16mo, $1.25; paper, 50 cents.
In this we have the American novel, pure and simple. The style is fascinating. — Springfield Republican.

A Novel. 16mo, $1.25.
Will add to the author's already high reputation as a skillful novelist. — Chicago Herald.

$1.25; paper, 50 cents.
This book is most refreshing. A delicious sense of open air, of trees and flowers, pervades the book,
Saturday Review (London).
A LESSON IN LOVE. A Novel. 16mo, $1.00; pa-

per, 50 cents.
One of the really good novels of the year. — Louisville Commercial.
SONS AND DAUGHTERS. 12mo, $1.25; paper, 50

The story is most captivating. – New York Tribune.
QUEEN MONEY. A Novel. New Edition. 16mo,

$1.25; paper, 50 cents.
The master hand is there, and is felt. – Hartford Courant.
BETTER TIMES. Short Stories. 12mo, $1.50.
A DAUGHTER OF EVE. 12mo, $1.50; paper, 50 cents.
There is not a dull page in the book. · Springfield Republican.

se For sale by all Booksellers. Sent, postpaid, on receipt of price by the Publishers,

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The Atlantic Monthly Advertiser.


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The One-Hoss Shay

T was a happy idea

of the publishers to put together in one

volume three poems With its Companion Poems

which are among the How the Old Horse Won the Bet

best of Dr. Holmes's &

humorous ballads, and The Broomstick Train

a no less happy idea By Oliver Wendell Holmes

to employ Mr. Howard With 62 Illustrations by

Pyle to illustrate them. Howard Pyle

It is not necessary In leather binding from designs of

to say anything about

such well-known Mrs. Whitman

poems as “The One 16mo, $1.50

Hoss Shay” and “How the Old Horse

Won the Bet,” but a word may be said about “The Broomstick Train, or, The Return of the Witches." "The Broomstick Train" is nothing less than an electric car, and Dr. Holmes represents the Salem witches, long imprisoned in a rather disagreeable locality, as having at last escaped, and been put to practical use by running the electric train; their broomsticks being alone visible.

All the poems picture precisely that period which Mr. Pyle excels in illustrating. The designs, which ornament almost every page, are in his very best vein. They are always humorous, never farcical, and his attention to detail does not detract from the general telling effect. His country, racing, and sporting scenes in “The One-Hoss Shay" and "How the Old Horse Won the Bet," are in every way inimitable, and remind one of Mr. Randolph Caldecott in his very best moments. The "Broomstick Train” is very properly treated in a more ideal manner than are the other poems.

The book is one that we take up again and again, to enjoy ourselves, or to laugh over with others. Doctor Holmes has written a clever preface to the volume; and the binding has an old-time flavor, in accord with the poems and illustrations within it.


*.* For sale by all Booksellers. Sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of price by the Publishers, Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 4 Park St., Boston; 11 East 17th St., New York.

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