A Particular Account of the Emperor of China's Gardens Near Pekin: in a Letter from F. Attiret, a French Missionary, Now Employ'd by that Emperor to Paint the Apartments in Those Gardens, to His Friend at Paris. Translated from the French by Sir Harry Beaumont

R. Dodsley, 1752 - 50 Seiten

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Seite 9 - Valleys is diversified from all the rest, both by their manner of laying out the Ground, and in the Structure and Disposition of its Buildings. All the Risings and Hills are sprinkled with Trees ; and particularly with Flowering Trees, which are here very common.
Seite 42 - Fiflies ; in fhort, of all Forms whether regular or irregular. It is only here too, I believe, that one can fee fuch Porticos, as I am going to defcribe to you. They ferve to join fuch Parts of the Buildings in the fame Palace, as lie pretty wide from one another. Thefe are fometimes raifed on Columns only, on the Side toward the Houfe ; and have Openings, of different Shapes, through the Walls on the other Side ; and fometimes have only Columns on both...
Seite 44 - China is, who could either afford fo prodigious an Expence, or accomplifh fuch a Number of great Works in fo little Time; for all this was done in the Compafs of Twenty Years. It was the Father of the prefent Emperor who began it ; and his Son now only adds Conveniences and Ornaments to it, here and there. But there is nothing fo furprifing or incredible, in this; for befides that the Buildings are moft commonly but of one Story, they employ fuch prodigious Numbers of Workmen, that every thing is...
Seite 24 - Gates, anfwering the Four principal Points of the Compafs ; with Towers, Walls, Parapets, and Battlements. It has its Streets, Squares, Temples, Exchanges, Markets, Shops, Tribunals, Palaces, and a Port for Veflels. In one Word, every thing that is at Pekin in Large, is there reprefented in Miniature. You will certainly...
Seite 31 - ... expofed and fold here, belong chiefly to the Merchants of Pekin ; who put them into the Hands of the Eunuchs, to be fold in reality ; fo that the Bargains here are far from being all pretended ones. In particular, the Emperor himfelf always buys a great many Things ; and you may be fure they afk him enough for them.
Seite 10 - Flowers, which rise up even through the Hollows in the Rock work, as if they had been produced there naturally.
Seite 28 - You may be fupplied with whatever you want. This Man fells Furniture of all Sorts ; that, Cloaths and Ornaments for the Ladies ; a third has all Kinds of Books for the learned and curious. There are Coffee-houfes too, and Taverns of all Sorts, good and bad ; befide a Number of People that cry different Fruits about the Streets, and a great Variety of refrefhing Liquors. The Mercers, as you pafs their Shops, catch you by the Sleeve, and prefs you to buy fome of their Goods. 'Tis all a Place of Liberty...
Seite 19 - Chinefe are moft fond of a kind of Fifh, the greater Part of which are of a Colour as brilliant as Gold ; others, of a Silver Colour; and others of different Shades of red, green, blue, purple, and black; and fame, of all Sorts of Colours mixt together.
Seite 17 - Rivulets, which tend thither, ejther to difcharge their Waters into it, or to receive them from it ; all the Bridges, either at the Mouths or Ends of thefe Rivulets ; all the Pavilions and triumphal Arches that adorn any of thefe Bridges ; and all the Groves that are planted to feparate and fcreen the different Palaces, and to prevent the Inhabitants of them from being overlooked by one another.

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