Nova Scotia Judicature Act, 1884: With Rules and Forms

W. Macnab, printer, 1884 - 400 Seiten

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Seite 181 - Any absolute assignment, by writing under the hand of the assignor (not purporting to be by way of charge only), of any debt or other legal chose in action, of which express notice in writing shall have been given to the debtor, trustee, or other person from whom the assignor would have been entitled to receive or claim such debt or chose in action...
Seite 8 - A mandamus or an injunction may be granted or a receiver appointed by an interlocutory order of the Court, in all cases in which it shall appear to the Court to be just or convenient that such order should be made...
Seite 44 - All persons may be joined as defendants against whom the right to any relief is alleged to exist, whether jointly, severally or in the alternative; and judgment may be given against such one or more of the defendants as may be found to be liable according to their respective liabilities, without any amendment.
Seite 45 - No cause or matter shall be defeated by reason of the misjoinder or nonjoinder of parties, and the court may in every cause or matter deal with the matter in controversy so far as regards the rights and interests of the parties actually before it.
Seite 6 - Court, as might properly have been granted against such person if he had been made a defendant to a cause duly instituted by the same defendant for the like purpose ; and every person served with any such notice shall thenceforth be deemed a party to such cause or matter, with the same rights in respect of his defence against such claim, as if he had been duly sued in the ordinary way by such defendant.
Seite 106 - Every affidavit shall be drawn up in the first person, and shall be divided into paragraphs, and every paragraph shall be numbered consecutively, and as nearly as may be shall be confined to a distinct portion of the subject.
Seite 45 - Where there are numerous persons having the same interest in one cause or matter, one or more of such persons may sue or be sued, or may be authorised by the Court or a Judge to defend in such cause or matter, on behalf or for the benefit of all persons so interested.
Seite 42 - Rule 6, the plaintiff may, on affidavit made by himself, or by any other person who can swear positively to the facts, verifying the cause of action and the amount claimed (if any), and stating that in his belief there is no defence to the action...
Seite 155 - To direct the executors, administrators, or trustees to do or abstain from doing any particular act in their fiduciary capacity ; or (c) To determine any question arising in the administration of the estate or trust, including questions of construction of wills and other writings.
Seite 58 - Every pleading shall contain, and contain only, a statement in a summary form of the material facts on which the party pleading relies for his claim or defense, as the case may be, but not the evidence by which they are to be proved...

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