Hearings Before the Committee on Naval Affairs of the House of Representatives on Estimates Submitted by the Secretary of the Navy, [December 8, 1909 to February 26] 1910

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1910 - 535 Seiten

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Seite 371 - Provided, That no part of this sum shall be applied to the repair of any wooden ship when the estimated cost of such repairs, to be appraised by a competent board of naval officers, shall exceed ten per centum of the estimated cost, appraised in like manner, of a new ship of the same size and like material...
Seite 293 - Corps, chaplains, chief boatswains, chief gunners, and chief sailmakers) and midshipmen, and commuted rations stopped on account of sick in hospital and credited to the naval hospital fund; subsistence of officers and men unavoidably detained or absent from vessels to which attached under orders (during which subsistence rations to be stopped on board ship and no credit for commutation therefor to be given...
Seite 428 - Columbia, but to remain the property of the United States, and to be accounted for in the manner now prescribed by law, the Secretary of War is hereby authorized, under such regulations as...
Seite 423 - On and after January twenty-first, nineteen hundred and ten, the organization, armament, and discipline of the organized militia in the several States and Territories and the District of Columbia shall be the same as that which is now or may hereafter be prescribed for the Regular Army of the United States, subject in time of peace to such general exceptions as may be authorized by the Secretary of War.
Seite 293 - PROVISIONS, NAVY: For provisions and commuted rations for the seamen and marines, which commuted rations may be paid to caterers of messes, in case of death or desertion, upon orders of the commanding officers...
Seite 113 - In witness whereof the said parties hereto have hereunto set their hands and seals.
Seite 365 - OF CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR. CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR OF VESSELS: For preservation and completion of vessels on the stocks and in ordinary; purchase of materials and stores of all kinds; steam steerers, pneumatic steerers, steam capstans, steam windlasses, and all other auxiliaries; labor in navy-yards and on foreign stations; purchase of machinery and tools for use in shops; carrying...
Seite 425 - Department, for the use of its militia, stores, supplies, material of war, or military publications, such as are furnished to the Army, in addition to those issued under the provisions of this act, at the price at which they are listed for issue to the Army, with the cost of transportation added, and funds received from such sales shall be credited to the...
Seite 423 - That every officer and enlisted man of the militia who shall be called forth in the manner hereinbefore prescribed, shall be mustered for service without further enlistment, and without further medical examination previous to such muster, except for those States and Territories which have not adopted the standard of medical examination prescribed for the Regular Army: Provided, howerer.
Seite 423 - That the President of the United States, in time of peace, may by order fix the minimum number of enlisted men in each company, troop, battery, signal corps, engineer corps, and hospital corps: And provided further.

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