The Mechanics' Magazine, Band 63

Robertson, Brooman, and Company, 1855

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Seite 274 - The squares of the periods of revolution of any two planets are proportional to the cubes of their mean distances from the sun.
Seite 540 - A TREATISE ON CONIC SECTIONS, containing an Account of some of the most Important Modern Algebraic and Geometric Methods.
Seite 28 - If we neglect this subject, we cannot expect to do so with impunity; nor ought we to be surprised if, ere many years are over, a hot season give us sad proof of the folly of our carelessness.
Seite 69 - Lancaster, spinner and doubler, for certain improvements in machinery or apparatus for spinning and doubling cotton, and other fibrous substances October 9.
Seite 469 - Well, we must take things as they are, and make the best of them. So Frank and I walked on through the pleasant fields in the darkening twilight, and I for one enjoyed...
Seite 137 - Lancaster, cotton-spinner, for certain improvements in machinery or apparatus for preparing cotton and other fibrous substances for spinning.
Seite 263 - Improvements in machinery or apparatus for preparing cotton and other fibrous substances, for spinning yarns or threads, and for finishing or polishing such yarns or threads.
Seite 298 - ... coating of bitumen, and exposed to the full rays of the sun for a period longer or shorter according to the intensity of the light, and a faint impression on the bitumen is thus obtained. 3. The stone is now placed in a bath of sulphuric ether, which almost instantaneously dissolves the bitumen which has not been acted upon by light, leaving a delicate picture on the stone, composed of bitumen on which the light has fallen. 4. The stone, after being carefully washed, may be at once placed in...
Seite 444 - According to one of the most extensive galvanising establishments of Paris, the metal works as well as silver. It may be whitened easily by dipping the piece in a concentrated solution of soda or potash, and passing it then into nitric acid. This acid acts differently according as it is itself pure or mixed with chlorhydric acid, and according as the aluminium is pure or not. Aluminium is most easily soldered when alloys are used containing aluminium. The alloys most convenient are those with silver,...
Seite 320 - ... He regarded it as an established fact that the nautical and engineering difficulties which at first existed had been already overcome, and that the experience gained in submerging the shorter lengths had enabled the projectors to provide for all contingencies affecting the greater.

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