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Abolitionists. [See “ Dana, Rev. Daniel, D. D.“ Illinois."]

Rebuke to the, from the Quebec Gazette, 71.

Proposal to, 67.
AFRICA. ["See A. c. S.'· Liberia,' Missions,' &c.]

American Society for the promotion of education in, 196. Lettter in oppo.

sition to it, 318.
Third annual report of the Ladies' Society of Fredericksburg and Falmouth,

for promoting education in, 311.
Moral Geography of, 267.
Travellers in, 267.
South Africa, 199. The Bible in, 295. Capabilities of the Mosika Mig.
sionary Station, 247. Its destruction, 249. Government of Moselekatsi,
248. Character of the King, 213. See 219. His relation to Dingaan, 248.
The Toolahs, 249. Honesty of the People, 249. Mission to the Man-
tatees, 250. Singular custom, 251, Atiention to the Gospel, 251. Ur-

gent need of the Gospel, 251.
West Africa. Teddah's visit to Cape Palmas-Kawah's country, 240. Vil-
'lages of Giddodo, Boobly and Saurekah, 241. Kay-the town and its in-
habitants, 242, 244. Specimen of a Sermon to the People, 243. Slavery
-Cannibalism-Influence of white men, 243. Productions and animals
of the Bolobo country, 241. Dances-Drama-Need of an Itinerant Mis-

sionary, 245, 246. Schools and Teachers, 246.
Western and Central. Prospects of, 265, 252.

Acceptableness of the Arabic Scriptures to the Mandingoes, 817.
African Cruelty, 164.

Discoveries, 87.

Wars, 163.
African Repository--Notice to subscribers, 232.
Agencies, 199.
Amalgamation, 69.
AMERICAN COLONIZATION SOCIETY. [See · Andrews, Rev. C. W. Auxiliary

Socielies.' Contributions. "Gurley, Rev. R. R.' 'Huey, Daniel.' 'Li.

beria.' " Resolutions, &c.'
Its Twentieth Annual Meeting, held in the Capitol of the United States,

December 13, 1836, 25.
Twentieth Annual Report of the Managers, 1.
Resolution concerning its objects and success, 25.
Do. do.. the condition of the colonial settlements at Ll.

beria, 28.
Do. of thanks to the Ministers of the Gospel, 30.

Resolution concerning measures introductory to an application for na-

tional aid to the Society, 30.
Do. do. the establishment of the Y. M. Society for pro.

moting education in Africa, 33.
Do. do. the benefits of colonization to Africa, 33.
Do. do. the deaths of Bishop White and Robert Ralston,

two Vice Presidents of A. C. S. 33.
Do. do. the death of JAMES MADISON, 33.
Its adjourned meeting, December 14, 1836, 34.
Resolution concerning Mr. Madison's legacy, 34.

Do. do. the principles and operation of the Society, 34.

Do. ordering a committee on the subject of auxiliary relations, 34.
Resolutions concerning memorials to the State Legislatures, 34.
Its adjourned meetiny, December 15, 1836, 35.
Resolution concerning a communication to the State Legislatures, 35.

Do. ordering a committee to nominate officers, 35.
The nominating committee, 35.
Its adjourned meeling, December 16, 1836, 35.
Discussion of the plan of a report submitted by the committee on auxil-

iary relations, 35, 36.
Resolutions approving the principles of the report, and referring it back

to the committee, with instructions, 36. The report of the cominit.

tee, 73, 74.
Remarks on its application to Congress for a charter, 41. Proceedings

in the Senate on that subject, 43.
Remarks on a passage concerning it in the report of the Managers of the

Maryland State Col. Soc. 120.
Its special meeting, May 13, 1837, at Beltsville, Md. 185. Officers and

Managers, 188.
Charter granted to it, March 22, 1837, by the Legislature of Md. 185.
Notice concerning its Reports, 199.
Legacy to it, 223.
Its general prospects, 260.
Proposed donation of land to it, 304.

Notice of its proposed twerty-first annual meeting, 359.
Anderson, Mr. Addresses the Virginia Col. Soc. at its sixth annual meeting, 53.
Andrews, Rev. Charles W. Extracts from the report presented by him to the Vir.

ginia Col. Soc. at its sixth annual meeting, 48.
Anti-Slavery Society. Curions calculation concerning it, 254.
Arabs, The Mours and, 275, 276, 277, 278.
Ashanter, 273.
AUXILIARY SOCIETIES. (See A. C. S.;'Resolutions, &c.'] Views of their re.

lations to the Parent Society, 21, 22. Report on, 73. Circular to, 37.
In Connecticut. Annual meeting of the Conn. Col. Soc. 260.
In Louisiuna. The State Col. Soc. proposes to establish a colonial settica

ment in Africa, 1990, 191.
In Mississippi. Resolutions of the executive committee of the State Col.
Soc. 63, 64.

Plan of establishing a colonial settlement in Africa, 190, 191, 192.
In New Hampshire. Officers and managers of the New Hampshire Col.

Soc. 259.
In New York. Extracts from the report of the managers of the N. York
City Col. Soc. at its fifth anniversary meeting--Proceedings, 210, 216.

Officers and managers of the Keesville Col. Soc. 327.
In North Carolina. Meeting and proceedings of the State Col. Soc. April
3, 1837, 174.

Adjourned meeting, April 10. 1837. Officers, 175.
la Ohio. The Fredericksburg, Wayne County, Col. Soc. formed - Offi-

cers, 63.
The Antrim Col. Soc. forined, 138. Its officers, 143.
The Stillwater do. do. near Samos, Belmont County, 199.
The Harrison County Col. Soc. forined, 237.

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