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John Heywood's Paragon readers

John Heywood


HEYWOOD'S (JOHN) NEW PARAGON READERS. JOHN HEYWOOD begs to call the attention of Teachers, Managers of Schools, and Members of School Boards to his New Series of ILLUSTRATED PARAGON READERS, which will be found suitable for all classes of Schools, both Public and Private. These Readers are drawn up with a view of teaching reading in a natural and therefore easy manner, and in every respect they will be found to comply with the requirements of the Education Code. I'he Editor, a gentlemen of high University bonours, has been engaged for many years in the art of teaching, at the head of a successful private school. He knows from long and pleasant experience the importance of awakening the interest of children in their work, and he has endeavoured in compiling these Readers to carry out his work purely from the children's point of view. In each standard the language, the ideas, and the subjects are carefully adapted to the capacities of those for whom the book is intended. He has been assisted by the master of one of the largest and most successful Elementary Schools in the Kingdom, and the whole has been revised by another teacher of extensive and varied experience. With such guarantees of care and adaptation, the publisher has much pleasure in placing this series of Readers before Teachers and Managers of Schools. Primer I. has been designed upon an entirely new plan, and the preface, kindly drawn up by one of the Head Inspectors of Schools, contains most valuable hints on the art of teaching reading to infants. These hints are based on the German system, and will be found most helpful in teaching what so often proves a real difficulty,- the art of clear, intelligent reading. As is generally the case, the simplest will prove the surest and most scientific method of attaining the required end. The Primer is profusely illustrated, and special attention has been paid to paper and binding. Primer II. is a continuation of Primer I., and based on the same plan. Each lesson forms a continuous narrative in the child's own vocabulary. In both Primers, revisals of words are placed as spelling lessons at the end of the books in script type. It is believed that this plan will teach spelling in an easy and efficient manner, as the children will see the words as they are written, and they may alsc be made excellent writing lessons, if the pupils are encouraged to copy them on their slates.

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The following special features are carried out throughout the Series :1. The language and subject of each lesson will be adapted to the capacities of those for whom

it is intended. 2. At the head of each lesson a few of the meanings of the chief words will be explained in

simple language, such meaning being the one applicable to the special use of the word in

the lesson. 3. Each paragraph will be numbered. 4. The most difficult words will be placed in columns at the end of each lesson, divided and

accentuated for spelling lessons. 5. Questions on the subject matter of each lesson will be given as models to the young

teacher. These questions are framed so as not to admit of a simple “yes” or "no" for 6. The poetry has been carefully selected for each book, and adapted to the requirements of

the Mundella Code. 7. In each Reader a model letter in script type, and spelling lessons suitable to the standard

are given. 8. The lessons will indicate those high moral duties which are so essential to the well-being

of a people ; such as reverence for parents, honesty, truthfulness, kindness to animals and the cultivation of habits of thrift. The great question of temperance will find an

important place. 9. The lessons on “familiar animals, plants, and substances used in ordinary life" will be

adapted to cultivate habits of exact observation, statement, and reasoning. -Code 1883. 10. Throughout the series careful attention will be given to the paper, the binding, and tha


Primer I., 32pp., cloth, 24d.

Reader II., 128pp., cloth, 8d. Primer 11., 48pp., cloth, 3d.

Reader III, 192pp., cloth, ls.
Primer, complete, 80pp., cloth, 4d.

ReaderIV., 224pp., cloth, ls. 4d
Reader I.. 96pp., cloth, 6d.

Readers IV., V. and I in active preparation.
The subject matter is interesti

ems well adapted to the capacities of the Standards for

The pages are enlivened with some wel Ichosen w


efully attended to in the matter of paper and binding.

JOHN HEYWOOD, Deansgate and RI

wij dings, London,

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