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Printed for Walker and Edwards;
C. and J. Rivington; J. Nunn; F. Cadell and Da-

vies : Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown;
J. Richardson; Law and Whittaker; Newman
and Co.; Lackington and Co.; Black, Parbury,
and Allen; J. Black and Son; Sherwood, Neely,
and Jones; R. Scholey; Baldwin, Cradock, and
Joy; Gale and Fenner; J. Robinson; and B.






THEY order, said I, this matter better in

FranceYou have been in France? said my gentleman, turning quick upon me with the most civil triumph in the world. Strangel quoth 1, debating the matter with myself, that one and twenty miles sailing, for 'tis absolutely no further from Dover to Calais, should give a man these rights--I'll look into them : so giving up the argument--I went straight to my lodgings, put up half a dozen shirts and a black pair of silk breeches“ the coat I have on," said I, looking at the sleeve, “ will do”—took a place in the Dover stage ; and the packet sailing at nine the next morn. ing-by three I had got sat down to my dinner apon a fricaseed chicken, so incontestibly in France, that had I died that night of an indigestion, the whole world could not have suspended the effects of the droits d'aubaineta-my shirts, and black pair of silk

* All the effects of strangers (Swiss and Scots excepted) dying in France, are seized by virtue of this law, though the heir be upon the spot--the profit of hese contingencies being farmed, there is no redress.


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