The North-west Passage: Capt


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Seite 36 - Seeing a person coming very fast towards them, they supposed he was chased by a bear, or had seen a bear. Walked towards him. On getting within a hundred yards they could see from his proportions that he was not one of them.
Seite 36 - He at length found that this solitary stranger was a true Englishman — an angel of light. He says : ' He soon was seen from the ship ; they had only one hatchway open, and the crew were fairly jammed there, in their endeavor to get up.
Seite 18 - Polar ice (setting a knot per hour to the eastward before a fresh westerly wind), which at 9 PM placed us in a very critical position, by a large floe striking the piece we were fast to, and causing it to oscillate so considerably, that a tongue which happened to be under our bottom, lifted the vessel six feet ; but, by great attention to the anchors and warps, we succeeded in holding on during the conflict, which was continued several minutes, terminating by the floe being rent in pieces, and our...
Seite 19 - The vessel, which had been thrown over 15 degrees, and risen 1 foot 8 inches, now righted and settled in the water; the only damage sustained was several sheets of copper ripped off and rolled up like a sheet of paper, but not a fastening had given way, nor does any leakage indicate the slightest defect. By midnight the ice was stationary and everything quiet, which continued until the 10th of September; indeed from the temperature having fallen 16 degrees, with all the appearance of the setting...
Seite 19 - ... masses, I sent John Kerr (gunner's mate), under very difficult circumstances, to endeavour to reach it and effect its destruction by blasting. He could not, however, find a sufficient space of water to sink the charge, but remarking a large cavity upon the sea face of the floe, he fixed it there, which so far succeeded that it slightly fractured it in three places, which at the moment was scarcely observable from the heavy pressure it was sustaining. By this time the vessel was within a few feet...
Seite 32 - Atlantic voyage ; could neither of these be accomplished, we must of necessity remain until the following season at that settlement. Should any of Her Majesty's ships be sent for our relief, and we have quitted Port Leopold, a notice containing information of our route will be left at the door of the house...
Seite 29 - I could not hut feel deeply impressed, as I contemplated the gay and plenteous sight, with the many and great mercies which a kind and beneficent Providence had extended towards us, to whom alone is due the heartfelt praises and thanksgivings of all for the great blessings we have hitherto experienced in positions the most desolate which can be conceived.
Seite 18 - At 8 pm were near two other islands, the ice resting upon the westernmost, upon which the pressure must have been excessive, as large masses were forced nearly over its summit, which was upwards of forty feet.
Seite 9 - Land, which services have been performed under circumstances over which we could exercise but little control, our only credit consisting in seizing the advantages that an Invisible Power scattered along our road, through fields of ice, where all human exertion would have been equally unavailing as the feebleness of a child to advance us one yard. The winter — that dreary period of the voyage which I had looked forward to with much apprehension — passed mildly away, there being very little snow...

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