The New Law Reports, Band 7

Department of Government Printing, 1904
"Containing cases decided in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) by the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeal." (varies).

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Seite xxv - Insurance is a contract upon speculation. The special facts, upon which the contingent chance is to * be computed, lie most commonly in the knowledge of the insured only : the underwriter trusts to his representation, and proceeds upon confidence that he does not keep back any circumstance in his knowledge, to mislead the underwriter into a belief that the circumstance does not exist, and to induce him to estimate the risk as if it did not exist.
Seite 260 - Every person who enters into a learned profession undertakes to bring to the exercise of it a reasonable degree of care and skill. He does not undertake, if he is an attorney, that at all events you shall gain your...
Seite 38 - Goods" include all chattels personal other than things in action and money. The term includes emblements, industrial growing crops, and things attached to or forming part of the land which are agreed to be severed before sale or under the contract of sale.
Seite 121 - ... directed to the judge and parties of a suit in any inferior court, commanding them to cease from the prosecution thereof, upon a suggestion that either the cause originally, or some collateral matter arising therein, does not belong to that jurisdiction...
Seite 262 - I apprehend there is no distinction whatever between the law of Scotland and the law of England. The law must be the same in all countries where law has been considered as a science. The professional adviser has never been supposed to guarantee the soundness of his advice.
Seite 320 - ... it shall be lawful for the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, by...
Seite 100 - A person who has once been tried by a Court of competent jurisdiction for an offence and convicted or acquitted of such offence shall, while such conviction or acquittal remains in force, not be liable to be tried again for the same offence...
Seite 363 - Documents are said to be in proper custody if they are in the place in which, and under the care of the person with whom, they would naturally be ; but no custody is improper if it is proved to have had a legitimate origin, or if the circumstances of the particular case are such as to render such an origin probable.
Seite 260 - I had the honor of practising at the Bar of England, if barristers had been liable to such a responsibility. Though I was tolerably cautious in giving opinions, I have no doubt that I have repeatedly given erroneous opinions ; and I think it was Mr. Justice Heath, who said that it was a very difficult thing for a gentleman at the Bar to be called upon to give his opinion, because it was calling upon him to conjecture what twelve other persons would say upon some point that had never before been determined.
Seite xxvi - The keeping back such circumstance is a fraud, and therefore the policy is void. Although the suppression should happen through mistake, without any fraudulent intention; yet still the underwriter is deceived, and the policy is void; because the risque run is really different from the risque understood and intended to be run, at the time of the agreement.

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