He Provides the Shoes

Xulon Press, 2008 - 236 Seiten
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He Provides the Shoes Walking with God through Breast Cancer "If God sends us stony paths, He provides strong shoes." -Corrie ten Boom "I have breast cancer " Those terrifying words will reverberate within the minds of one in every eight women. Karen Holmes, a breast cancer survivor and mother of three children, understands the complexities surrounding this silent and often fatal disease. She knows what it is like to hear her six-year-old daughter ask heartrending questions such as, "What will happen if you die, Mommy?" This book, at times written in a journal format, reveals the depths of Karen's heart and soul as she describes in daily personal entries the many obstacles she encounters while undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation in her battle against breast cancer. Her hope is that this book will enable all readers, but especially cancer survivors and their families, to better understand the common experiences surrounding breast cancer and to find daily strength in God's Word while enduring difficult, seemingly impossible circumstances. As you read this book, let Karen Holmes share with you her poignant experiences, helpful insights, and scripture verses that spoke so deeply to her spirit and empowered her to put her complete faith in God no matter what she was facing. It is her prayer that you will find the inner strength you need in order to travel along life's challenging road with joy. Karen L. Holmes holds both a Bachelor of Science degree (1984) and a Master of Science degree (1996) in Nursing from Pennsylvania State University. Her work experience includes sixteen years of adult Neurosurgical nursing and the clinical instruction of nursing students. She speaks in local churches about breast cancer awareness, cancer prevention, and especially about her own personal journey through breast cancer. She resides in Greencastle, Pennsylvania, with her husband and three children.

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