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Ancient Monuments in Country Churches-

CABINET (continued)


I. cccclxxv. 49.

Birth), cccclxxxv. 207; (Devotedness to God's Servico),

II. cccclxxviii. 99.

cccclxxxix. 269.
III. cecclxxxviii. 248.

Canterbury, St. Martin's, ccccxciii. 305.
Authenticity of the Apocalypse vindicated (J. R. Park, M.D.), Charles I., king (Oxford Herald), cccclxxxvii. 228.
cccclxxx. 125.

Christian, the, in various Positions, No. V., the Parish Clerk
Babylon (Kitto's Cyclopædia), No. I. cccclxxxviii. 238.

and the Sexton, cccclxxxiv. 179.

Bell Rock, the, d. 409.

Churchman, the old, cccclxxvi. 70.


Cirencester, the Church of St. John, ccccxcix. 393.
Kirwan, very rev. W. B., No. II., cccclxxiv. 36.

Continental Sketches, No. III., Venice, cccclxxiii. 19.
Lonsdale, lord viscount, No. I. cccclxxxiii. 176.

Convent of St. Cyril at Kyrillof, ccccxcvi. 354.
II. ccccxxxv. 198.

Death, the Conquests of, No. I., the Royal Tomb, cccclxxxii.
Milner, rev. I., D.D., No. I. ccccxc. 269.

11. ccccxcii. 295.

No. II., The Noble's Tomb, ccccxciii, 809.
III. CCCCxcv. 340.

Dried-up-Tears, the, ccccxciii. 311.
CABINET:-Short Theological Extracts from the following English Lakes, a Month at the

No. I. Coniston Water and Windermere, cccclxxii. I.

Armytage, rev. J. N. G., M.A. (Ye are the Light of the 11. Rydalmere, cccclxxvii. 73.

World), ccccxcix. 407.

III. Grasmere, cccclxxviii. 94.

Ayre, rev. J., M.A. (Adequate Religious Instruction), IV. Ulles-water-Hawes-water, cccclxxxii. 145.
cccclxxxi, 143.

V. Helvellyn and Thirlemere, cccclxxxviii. 239.
Bateman, rev, J., M.A. (Morality of the Bible), cccclxxii. Essays on the following Subjects:-

The Stronger than the Strong Man armed (rev. W. P. M'Far.

Betts, rev. J., B.A. (Regeneration, or Spiritual Birth illus quhar, B.A.), cccclxxv. 61.

trated by that which is Natural), cccclxxviii. 102,

Hints to the Young, cccclxxvi. 71.

Burnett, bp. (Private Judgment), cccclxxx. 207.

The Love of God, cccclxxx, 122.

Cart, rev. S. (Christ Crucified), cccclxxiv. 46.

Reflections on Psalm CXXVI. (rev, R. W. Burton, M.A.),

Cecil, rev. W. (Earthly Trifles), cccclxxiv. 46.

cccclxxx. 182.

Dalton, rev. W. (Advantages of public Baptism), ccccxcvii. The Guide of Youth (rev. W. Burdett, M.A.), cccclxxvii. 218.


Melchisedec a Type of Christ (rev. W. Skene, B.A.),

Garbett, rev. J. (No Surrender of Truth-the Saviour's cccclxxxviii. 238.

Love), cccclxxv. 62.

The Fifth of November (rev. J. Emra, M.A.), ccccxcii. 291.

Hall, rer. W.J. (Leprosy), cccclxxili, 31.

A few Remarks on the nature of the Church of Christ, and

Hall, bp., ccccxcv. 351.

the Constitution of the Church of England (rev. E. G.

Hammond, Dr. (The Source of the new Creation), Marsh, M.A.), No. I. ccccxciii. 307.

cccclxxviii. 109; (The Effects of the new Creation),

No, II. ccccxcv. 339.

cccclxxxvil. 291.

Love, the fulfilling of the Law (rev. J. 8. Brond, M.A.),

Hereford, bp. of (Clearness of Scripture), ccccxcii. 303.; ccccxcvii. 363.

(The whole Counsel of God), ccccxciii. 319 ; (The Early The Christmas Festival (rev. P. H. Greenleaf), ccccxcix. 894.

Fathers), ccccxcv. 350.

Knowledge of God from Nature (Dr. J. Abercrombie), d. 414.

Herschell, R. H. (Jewish Marriages), cccclxxix. 119. Fossil Remains-
Jewell, bp. (Antichrist), cccclxxix. 110.

No. III. The Mososorus--the Megalosaurus the Hyloonau-
Knox, rev. J. 8. (Self Dependence), cccclxxvlii. 103 ;

rus—the Iguanadon, cccclxxv. 60.

(Prayer), cccclxix. 119; (Self Condemnation),

IV. The Glyptodon, cccclxxxiii. 164.

cccclxxxix. 209; (The Pulpit), ccccxcv. 851.

V. The Fossil Scorpion, cccclxxxix. 251.

Leighton, abp. (Images), cccclxxviii. 103; (The Chastenings

VI. The Megatherium, ccccxcv. 348.

of the Lord), d. 423.

Frederick William III., King of Prussia (rev. R. Eglert, D.D.,

Lincoln, bp. of (Free-will), cccclxxii. 15; (Human Merit bishop of the evangelical church, Prussia), cccclxxii. 12.
and Antinomianism), cccclxxv. 63.

French Pastors, the, cccclxxv. 54.
Lloyd, rev. T. (Internal Evidence of Christianity), French Protestant episcopal Church of London (Lit. Gazette),
cccclrzfil. 81.

cccclxxix. 111.

Marsh, rev. E. G. (The Power of Absolution), cccclxxxii. Funeral Expenses (Quarterly Review), ccccxciv. 325.


German Funeral, and the Dead Room at Munich, cecclxxvii. 78.

Ollivant, rev. Dr. (Church of England grounded on Scrip Gustavus Adolphus Society, di. 428.

ture), cccclxxiv. 40.

Hebrew and Rabbinical Literature (rev. A. McCaul, D.D.),

Pilkington, bp. (Empty Profession), cccclxxxv. 206.

ccccxci. 282.
Sankey, rev. R. (God's overruling Providence), d. 423. Henry D-, the death of, cccclxxix. 107.
Stodart, Miss (Sabbath Employments), cccclxxxix. 263. Herne Church, cccclxxii. 4.
Taylor, bp. (Hollvess a Crown of Glory), d. 423 ; (Waste), Hippicus, the Tower of, on Mount Zion (W. H. Bartlett),
cccclxxv. 63.

cccclxxiv. 33.
White, rev, H. (Justification), cccclxxxi. 143; (The new Holy Cross, Shrewsbury, the Abbey of, ccccxciv. 321.

Importance of Christian Concord (rev. G. J. Morehead, M.A.),

ccccxcix. 406.
Jarrow on the Tyne, ccccxcix. 399.
Jehoshaphat, the Valley of (Bartlett's Jerusalem), cccclxxxvi.


Jews in Poland (Kohl's Austria), cccclxxv. 51.

Kildare, the Cathedral of, cccclxxxvii. 217.

Lanark, and the Falls of the Clyde, ccccxc. 265.

Letters from the East (rev. W. D. Veitch), ccccxcviii. 379.

Lord's Prayer, new Use of the, d. 410.

Milan, the Cathedral of, ccccxcv. 337.


Affghanistan Reptiles (lieut. Greenwood), cccclxxiii. 92.

American Duellists (Godley's lectures), cccclxxv. 64.

Antioch (Dr. Keith's Israel), cccclxxxviii. 248.

Bower Bird, the, of Australia (Jesse), cccclxxii. 16.

Circumstantial Evidence, cccclxxiv. 48.

Colonial Character (Godley's lectures), cccclxxx. 136.

Copenhagen, Jews at, (Mr. J. C. Moritz), cccclxxxvii. 282.

Creek Indians, the, and ardent Spirits (Peatherstonhaugh's

America), cccclxxxvi. 216.

Dissent in the Colonies, evils of, cccclxxxviii. 248.

Dom Kirche, the, Vienna (Lit. Gazette), ccccxcii. 304.

Encouragement to Medical Practitioners and Students (W.A.

Guy, M.D.), cccclxxix. 120.

Enemies of Serpents (Dr. Trail), ccccxcvii. 876.

Evils of a superficial Education (Miss Stodart), cccclxxix. 120.

Governesses, cccclxxx. 196.

Hierarchy, the, cccclxxiv. 48.

Holy Sepulchre, the, cccclxxxvi. 216.

Horrors of War-Tartar city of Chin-Kean Foo (lieut. J.

Ouchterlony), ccccxci. 288.

Hospital of San-Lazaro, Mexico, ccccxcvi. 360.

Irregularities of Men of Genius (Dr. Huie), ccccxc. 280.

Jerusalem (rev. G. Pisk), cccclxxxi. 144.

Jerusalem, pilgrimages to (Ewald's Journal), ccccxciii. 320.

Jewish Agricultural Association, ccccxciii. 320.

Labouring classes, the, d. 424.
Lake Huron, a Bishop's Visitation to (bishop of Toronto),

cccclxxxix. 264.

Lights in the East, ccccxciv, 336.

Luther, cccclxxii. 16.

Marking of Servants, di. 430.

Married Clergy in the Twelfth Century (Mag. Brit.), cccclxxv.


Mental Exercise (Miss Mayo), ccccxcvi. 380.

Ministerial Self-devotion (rev. C. A. Thurlow), di. 426.

Miraculous Dispersion of the Jews (rev. C. Benson),

cccclxxvi. 72.

Ohio, Slave Trade on the Borders of, cccclxxxiv. 192.

Old Age of Archbishop Leighton, cccclxxxi. 144.

Pasha, the, at Busorah (Samuel's Journal), cccclxxxii.

Physical Condition of Children, ccccxciv. 336.

Potter's Field, the, cccclxxxii. 160.

Protestant Church and Society, ccccxcv. 352.

Protestant Society at Paris, ccccxciv. 336.

Public Morals, Corruption of (Literary Gazette), cccclxxii. 16.
Real Education (W. E. Gladstone, esq.), cccclxxvii. 88.
Roman Catholic Intolerance, cccclxxxvi. 216.
Sabeans, the (Samuel's Journal), cccclxxxiii. 176.
Samaria, a Visit to (bishop Alexander), cccclxxxix. 264.
Seasons, the (S.H.S.), cccclxxxiv. 192.
Shawnee Superstition, ccccxcviii. 302.
Spanish Friars-Spanish royal Chapel (Haverty's Wanderings

in Spain), cccclxxviii. 104.
Superstition of the Moorish Jews (A. Levi), d. 424.
The Well of Jacob and Tomb of Joseph (bishop Alexander),

ccccxc. 280.
Travelling in Canada, ccccxcix. 408.
Turkish Missionary, a, ccccxcv. 252,
Turkomania (Literary Gazette), cccclxxiii. 32.
Upbraidings of Conscience, the (Rambles in Northumber-

land), cccclxxvil. 88.
Ustiug Volikoi, the clergy of (Van Blastus's Russia), cccclxxxv.


Witchcraft, A.D. 1598 (Tytler's Scotland), ccccxcvii. 376.

Young of Serpents (Dr. Trail), ccccxcviii. 392.

Yucatan religious Ceremonies, ccccxcix. 403.

Morocco and Algiers, the Jews in (Jewish Intelligencer),

ccccxcyli. 372.

Mustard Tree, the (J. F. Royle, M.D.), cccclxxv. 52.

Ohio, Woods of, a Student's Sabbath in (rev. H. Caswall,

M.A.), cccclxxii. 6.

One Christmas Day, ccccxcix. 404.

On the several Serpents alleded to in the Scriptures, and the

probable Causes which led to their frequent Mention in

those inspired Writings (C. M. Burnett, esq.)-

No. I. cccclxxxv. 195.

II. ccccxc. 270.

III. ccccxciv. 826.

Oregon religious Customs, ccccxci. 288.

Passages of Scripture arranged under Heads

No. V. cccclxxxiii, 165,

VI. ccccxciv. 822.

VII. d. 411.

Philiphaugh, the Battle of, cccclxxxv. 198.

Poet Laureate, the, cccclxxvil. 76.


*Abbey ruins, the, Lincoln (Mrs. H. W. Richter), cccclxxxvi.


*Cashmere, the Pilgrims' Ascent from the Plain of (H. E.

L.), ccccxc. 279.

*Christ died for the Ungodly (F. B.), cccclxxv. 63.

*Death of St. Stephen (rev. J. S. Broad, M.A.), ccccxcix.


Despairing Sinners comforted, di. 430.
*Dying Christian, the (F. B.), cccclxxv. 64.
*Paith, d. 428.
*Pelicitous Expectation of Believers (G. R. de L.), ccccxcv.


*Fleeting Life (Mrs. H. W. Richter), ccccxcvi. 859.

*God is my Refuge (R. H. Shepherd), ccccxcv. 351.

*Holy Innocents, the (rev. F. Skurray, B.D.), cccclxxiv. 47.

*Hymn (F. B.), cccclxxiv. 47.

*Hymn for the Young (R. P.), ccccxciii. 318.

Inchcape Rock (Southey), d. 410.

Inquiry, the, cccclxxv. 63.

*La Roche (rev. H. C. Cherry, M.A.), ccccxci. 287.

• Leaguered Church, the (rev. W. M'Ilvaine), ccccxciv. 995.

*Lines (M. O. L.), cccclxxxiv. 191.

*Lines (M. C. L.), ccccxcvii. 375.

* Lines on Death, d. 414.

*Lines (E. J.), cccclxxxv. 207.
*Love of Jesus (J. W.) ccccxcvii. 376.
*May you die among your Kindred (Mrs. Abdy), ccccxciil.


*Morning Hymn (Reflector), cccclxxxiv. 191.

*My Brother, to (Reflector), cccclxxxi. 144.

*Olwen, to (M. C. L.), cccclxxiv. 47.
*Nice, in Italy, on the English Church at (H. M. L.),

ccccxcviii. 392.
*On seeing a Gleam of Sunshine on one of the Tombs in

Westminster Abbey (E. B. B.), cccclxxxix. 263.

*Pilate's Question (Richard Huie, M.D.), cccclxxiii. 31.

*Pilgrims, the (Mrs. H. W. Richter), cccclxxii. 15.

*Plant of Peace, the (E. B. B.), cccclxxxviii. 247.

*Praise (Reflector), cccclxxxvii. 232.

*Pray without ceasing (Mrs. Abdy), ccccxcii. 303.

*Psalm Lxv. 2, cccclxxiv. 47.

*Rest in Heaven (Mrs. H. W. Richter), d. 428.

*Sabbath Matin-bell, the (Mrs. Abdy), cccclxxvii. 87.
*Sleeping Infant, to a (rev. L. P. Mercier), cccclxxxvii. 281.
*Stanzas (rev. C. Rawlings, B.A.), cccclxxxii. 159.
*Stars, the (J.C. Shairp), cccclxxix. 119.
*" There never was an earthly Dream (Emma Bloodworth),

ccccxc. 279.

Thought (M. N. M.), cccclxxviii. 103.

Thought, the four Ages of (Literary Gazette), cccclxxix. 119.

*Thoughts on the Sabbath (A. C.), cccclxxxix. 191.

*True Wisdom (Mrs. H. W. Richter), cccclxxxii. 159.

*Verses (D. P.), ccccxcviii. 301.

•Village Church, the (A.), cccclxxxi. 143.

*Voice of Creation (Mrs. H. W. Richter), di. 430.

*What of the Night? (A. F. M.), ccccxciv. 35.

*Widow's Son restored, the (R. B. Exton), cccclxxii. 15.

Popery in Ceylon (rev. J. Selkirk), cccclxxx. 127.
Protestantism and Protestant Societies in France, cccclxxxi.


Those marked thus • are original,

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