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Water-Tube Steam Boiler

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Centennial Exposition Medal awarded this Boiler for Highest

Economy and Efficiency on Test.

The following are a few of the parties having these Boilers in use in large lots:

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Singer Manufacturing Company, New York, 19 orders, 3441 H. P. Harrison, Havemeyer & Co., Philadelphia, 6 orders, 3790 Decastro & Donner Sugar Refining Co., Brooklyn, 6 orders, 2980 Matthiessen & Weichers, Jersey City, 4 orders,

3500 Brooklyn Sugar Refining Company, Brooklyn, 2 orders, 1500 Milwaukee Steam Supply Company,

500 M. Grambrill & Co., Cotton Mills, Wilmington, Del., 500 Boston Sugar Refinery, Boston, Mass.,

1000 Raritan Woolen Mills, Raritan, N. J., 4 orders,

1426 The Jessup & Moore Paper Co., Wilmington, Del., 3 orders 1350 American Grape. Sugar Company, Buffalo, N. Y., 4 orders, 4600 Erie Elevator', Jersey City, 1 order,

500 Standard Oil Refinery, New York, 2 orders,

600 North Bend Plantation, Louisiana, 2 orders,

400 South Bend Iron Works, South Bend, Ind., 2 orders,

450 Edison Electric Light Company, New York, 3 orders, 300 U. S. Electric Light Company, New York, 3 orders,


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And hundreds of others in all kinds of business from 50 to 1000 H. P. each.

Illustrated Circulars and other information desired furnished promptly.

The Babcock & Wilcox Co.

48 S. Canal St., Chicago.

32 N. 5th St., Philad'a, 30 CORTLANDT ST., NEW YORK. jane '81 ly

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Particular attention is called to the "AUTOMATIC” and “LOCOMOTIVE DRIVER BRAKES," now being tested and adopted by the prominent lines.

With the “Driver Brake" the engineer can handle an ordinary freight train better than with brakemen. The saving in car wheels and wages will therefore be apparent. On shifting or yard engines it is invaluable.

The "Automatic" has proved itself to be the most efficient train and safety brake known. Its application is instantaneous; it can be operated from any car in the train, if desired, and should the train separate, or hose or pipe fail, it applies automatically. A guarantee is given customers against loss from patent suits on the apparatus sold them.

Full Information Furnished on Application. Feb '8lly

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