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PRICES CURRENT..Jan. 9, 1819. ? , '

LEITH. Glasgow: LIVERPOOL. London. TEA, Bohea, per lb.

23 5d 2 54 Congou, Souchong,

4 3 4,8 SUGAR, Musc. cwt. B. P. Dry Brown,

75 79

76 76 77 Fine and very fine,

96 91 94 90 Brazil, Brown,

42 White,

48 6052 63 Refined, Double Loaves, 150 160

1 3 (ib.) 1 6 Powder ditto, (124 126

108 119 Single ditto,

116 122 119 124 120 124 104 118 Small Lumps,

112 116 114 116 120 126 100 104 Large ditto,

108 111 110 112 109 115 110 118 Crushed Lumps,

62 66 66 67 65 68 MOLASSES, British,

40 6 41 40

41 40

35 6 COFFEE, Jamaica,

Ord. good, and fine ord. 132 145 130 143 138 146 138
Fine and very fine,

(156 160 160 165 Dutch, Triage & very ord. 120 130

110 138 Ord. good, & fine ord. 134 147 132 145 142 148 St Domingo, 140

144 147 PIMENTO (in Bond), Ib. 94

9! 9 SPIRITS Jam. Ruin 160.P. 3s 10d 3 8 3 lo 3 8 4 0 3s 4d 58 Od Brandy, gal. 6 6 76

5 0 5 6 *5Geneva, 4s 4 3

36 38 Aqua,

7 9 8 WINÉS, Clar. Ist Gr. hhd. 60 .64

35 65 0 Portugal Red, pipe, 54

50 058 Spanish White, butt. 34 55

30 0 65 Teneriffe, pipe,

30 35 Madeira, 60 70

58 03 LOGWOOD, Jamaica, ton, £10

7 JO 7 15 8 0 8 5 £8 8 18 5 Honduras,

10 10

7 15 8 8 10 8 15 8. O 8 Campeachy,


10 0 90 9 Fustic, Jamaica,

10 15 11011 0£12 Cuba, 13

12 10 13 5 INDIGO, Caraccas fine, Ib. Is 6d 11 6 8 6 9 6

9s 8d lis od TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot, 29 3 2 6

2 5 2 6 Ditto Oak,

4 6 5 0 Honduras Mahogany,

1 1 8dl o 10 ] 8 1 2 16 Is 5d ls 6d TAR, American, brl,

16 0 16 6 | 19 6 Archangel,


19 6 21 0 23 0 TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Candle, 80

86 82

79 OWHome melted, cwt. 80 HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton, 54

50 52

51 Petersburgh Clean, b 48 49 49 50 46 47 46 10 FLÁX, Riga Th. & Dr. Ra. 83 85 Dutch, 60 140

70 Irish,

68 MATS, Archangel, 90

BRISTLES, Peters. Firsts, 15 0 16 0
Ashes, Petersburgh Pearl, 50
Montreal ditto, cwt. 60

58 60

57 62

OIL, Whale, tun,
40 41 39 40

42 | 37 Cod, 80 (p.brl.) - 401 42 40

43 TOBACCO, Virg. fine, lb. 11 12 12 13 08 0 10 ild 120 inferior,

9 10 10 11 0 5 0 5517 Cottons, Bowed Georgia,

1 5 78 ! 5 179 1 5 17 Sea Island, fine,

36 3 913 1 3 2 2 3 3 2 Demerara and Berbice,

18 2 1 1 7 1 10 1 8 2 0 Pernambucco,

20 21 1 104 1 11 312 Maranhamn,

I 105 1'11 1 7919 871 9


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extracted from the London Gazette. Anthony, J. Oley, next the Sea, Norfolk, grocer

Jackson, G. Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppy, farmer and trapar

Kirkman, J, London, brewer Arney, G. London, warehouseman

Kirk, R. Leicester, liquor.merchant Eliaks, T. London, straw-hat manufacturer Lees, L. Newton-moor, Chester, cotton-spinner Rurrowes, S. London, wine merchant

Lax, J. and T., and W. Moore, Liverpool, soup. Bull, J. Loudon, coal-Inerchant

boilers Pantock, W.J. London, auctioneer

Longstaff, C. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant Bateman, J., anul W. Culbard, London, mer Levien, S. London, exchange-broker chants

Marshall, T. Tong, York, corn-dealer Barbe, St. J. London, merchant

M‘Kay, R. Knutsforil, Chester, linen-draper Bradft, W. Preston, Lancashire, corn-mer Moore, J. Manchester, flour-dealer chant

Mill, C. London, dealer in Irish provisions Chamberlayne, W., and G. Rawlinson, Leicester,

Maclonnell, M. and J., and J. Bushel, London, hasiers

merchants Combs, G. Chichester, maltster

Morris, J. Woolwich, cordwainer Conbes, $ Chichester, brewer

Moxon, R. W. G. and J., Kingston-upon-Hull, ('hambers, R. Market Rasen, Lincoln, carrier merchants Crowne, T. Darham, Park-Farm, and J. Bar North, G. Sheffield, butcher fort, London, coal-merchants

Norton, R. jun., London, stationer Calrood, W. Bold, Lancaster, farmer

Prosser, w. Hereford, grocer Crimes, T. Chester, innkeeper

l'earson, J. Ashton-under-Lyne, corn-factor Curgeron, T. Truro, Cornwall, innkeeper Purcell, J. Lambeth, London, victualler Collens, R. Maidstone, hop-dealer

Peet, W. London, merchant Dicken, T. Stafford, cotton-spinner

Rhind, A. London, merchant Day, J. Holborn, London, goldsmith

Robotham, T. Derby, grocer Dalgairns, C. Liverpool, merchant

Ridley, T. Seatou Sluice, Northumberland, Dunn, W. Lanton, wine-merchant

brewer Enock, J, Birmingham, brush-maker

Savage, J. Birmingham, rope-maker
Eners, A. London, provision merchant

Shackleton, S, Leeds, shopkeeper
Emery, C. Kings Bronley, Stafford, dealer Sculthorpe, H. Nottinghain, linen-draper !
Groves W., and J. Dukes, Bath, grocers

Surr, J. London, apothecary
Codfrey, R. London, merchant

Scoles, C. Bensington, Oxford, baker George J., and C. B. 1.ondon, plate-workers Salt, M. Stroke-upon-Trent, Stafford, flour-dealer Gonullake, J. H. Londou, wine merchant

Stanbury, J, Barnstapie, Devon, grocer! Guantner, J. Maplejurough Green, Warwick, Simmons, W. Lowestuti, Sutfolk, merchant de tir


Syınmons, T London, brass-founder Goiton, T. London, mercer and woollen-draper Thwaites, W. G. Middlesex and Hereford, dealer Hart, J. Southampton, grocer

Townend, R. jun. London, merchant Harvey, T. Great Yamniouth, innkeeper

Tozer, R. Plyinouth Dock, stone-merchant Hin.c, M., and W. Kewley, šlanchester, auction Thomas, J. London, slate merchant eers

Taylor, T, Oxford, grocer Hopkins, W, jun. Birmingham, victualler Taylor, J. London, tobacconist Hotman, W. Totnes, Devon, ironinonger

Timothy, W. Leigh, Worcester, farmer Horrocks, S. Bolton, Lancaster, danufaeturer Tompkin, w. Nottingham, hosier Hewitt, P. Bold, Lancaster, famner

Tippet, R. Totnes, Devon, baker Hort, ..., London, merchant

Twytoru, J. Portwood, Chester, cotton-spinnes James, J, London, lace and worsted manufacturer Wabey, J. Welwyn, Hertford, mealman Jsekson, D. London, inerchant

Wright, w, and J. London, inerchants Jones, J. and J. Leominstur, Hereford, linen-dra Watson, W., and W. Eglie, London, ale and porpers

ter merchants Jenkins, T. Whitchurch, Glamorgan, timber



December 1818, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Sutherland, A. Elinburgh, merchant and grocer Bryan, J. Kilmarnock, innkeeper

Sym, J. Glasgow, grain and spirit dealer
Cochrane, Davidson, and Co. Glasgow, merchants
Edon, W. Johnstone, hardware merchant

Livingstone, A. and Co. Glasgow, merchants Cooper, D. Glasgow, haberdasher; by J. M‘Ewen,
Mackay, J. Jedburgh, innkeeper

merchant there, 4th December Maclean, M. Glasgow, surgeon, drugzist, &c. Ford, J. of Fiahaven, Montrose, merchant; by Milne, M. Stonehaven, haberdasher and merebant A. Thomson, conjunet town-clerk there, 21st Robertson, J. Glasgow, merchant

January Ross, A. Glasgow, clothier

Robertson, J. Glasgow, mason and wright; by D. Epalding, R. Edinburgh, spirit dealer

Kay, accountant there, 224 January



21. At Freeland House, the Hon. Mes Sept. 4. 1818. At the Mauritius, the Hore, a daughter. laly of Col. Dalrymple, of the 22d regi 25. At Bath, the lady of Dr Bowie, a menta daughter.

daughter. Nov. &. At Quebec, the lady of Wil In Dundas Street, Edinburgh, Mrs liam Scott, Esq. younger of Whell, a son. Stewart of Boreland, a son anel heir.

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Dec. 3. At Mormond House, Mrs Gor- and Quarter-Master, son of the late ('apt. don of Cairnbulg, a son.

J. W. Wood, commander of the Wycombe 4. The Countess of Aberdeen, a daugh. East Indiaman, to Miss Margaret Bell,

second daughter of Charles Bell, Esq. - At Largs, the Lady of David Monts Leith. gomery Craig, Esq. a son.

Nov. 17. At Barnuckitty, near Elgin, 5. The Lady of Sir Thomas Troubridge, Patrick Sellar, Esq. of Westfield, to Ann, Bart. a son.

second daughter of Thomas Craig, Esq. 7. In Frederick Street, Edinburgh, the 24. At Stockton, Henry Seckwith, Esq. lady of Lieut.-Col. Wauchope, a son. to Miss Elizabeth Cowan, daughter of

At No. 35, Albany Street, Edine Mr Cowan, late schoolmaster in Old Monk, burgh, Mrs Dr Brunton, a still-born son. land.

8. At No. 27, St Andrew's Square, E 28. At Melsetter House, Orkney, Ro. dinburgh, the Lady of Thomas Boswell, bert Heddle, Esq. late of Senegal, to Hen. Esq. of Blackadder, a daughter.

riettil, youngest daughter of Major James. 9. At Marionville, Mrs Dudgeon, a son. Moodie, of the late Rothsay and Caithness

Mrs Robinson, of Charter. Hlouse Fencibles. Square, London, a son, and her 12th child, 30. At Paisley, William Henderson, all of whom are living.

Esq. Kilmarnock, to Miss Euphemia CasIl, Mrs Leslie of Warthill, a son. ky, of Robertland, parish of Stewarion.

At Castlehill, Ireland, the Lady of Dec. 3. At Dublin, John Henry North, Major X. Gledstones, Göth regiment, a son. Esq. Barrister at Law, to Letitia Dorothy 12. At Minto, Lady Vinto, a son. Foster, youngest daughter of the late Lord

At Nottingham Place, London, the Bishop of Clogher. Jacly of Hugh Rose, Esq. a son.

At Lochcarron, John Pirie, Esq. 13. At Belvoir Castle, the Duchess of Kishorn, to Mary, daughter of Murdo Rutland, a son.

M•Lennan, Esq. Tullich, 14. In St James's Square, London, the 4. At Cotherington, Hampshire, Steuart Duchess of St Alban's, a son.

Boone Inglis, Esq. formerly of the King's At Dubton, the Lady of Major-Co. late German Legion, to Sholto Charlotte, lin C. Mackay, a son.

widow of Major-General James Pringle, 15. Mrs Duff of Muirtown, a daughter. Last india Company's service, and daugh

21. At Lennoxlove, the Right Hon. ter of the late Sir John Halkett of Pitfirran, Lady Blantyre, a son.

Bart. At Touch House, the Lady of R2, - At Edinburgh, the Rey, Jolin Glen, nald Macdonald, Esq. of Statfa, a son. minister of the Chapel of Ease, Portobello,

22. At Edinburgh, Mrs Lockhart of la Sarah Isabella Whyt, daugliter of the Castielill, a son.

late John Whyt, Esq. of Kingston, JamaiAt his house, Woodslee, Dumfriesshire, the lady of G. S. Elliot, Esq. of 7. Jolin Paterson, Esq. factor of Arran, Larristóun, a son and heir.

to Miss Paterson, Carbarns. 24. The wife of Mr Saunders, shoe At Kelso, Alexander Macdowall, Esq. maker, No. 1. Bull's Ilead Court, Snow. Stranraer, to Margaret, eldest daughter of hill, London, of twins.--She is in the 59th William Gillespie, Esq. Collector of Ex. year of her age, and had no children for 35 cise.

At Montrose, James Leighton, Esq. 26. At General Stirling's, Musselburgh, Town-clerk of Montrose, to Isabella, ses Mrs Home, a son.

cond daughter of Colin Alison, Esq. writer 29. Mrs Bell, 9, Queen Street, Edin. there. burgh, of twin daugiiters.

8. At Cheltenham, George Barclay, Esq31. At Briary Baulk, Mrs William Lep. son of Col. Barclay, his Majesty's Com. nox Cleland, a daughter.

missioner for the American boundary, to Mrs R. A. Oswald of Moore Park, a Matilla, only daughter of Anthony Audaughter.

frere, Esq. vi Hoveton Hall, Nortolk, and Jan. 1. 1819. At Woodburn, Canaan, grand-daughter of the late General Count the lady of George Ross, Esq. advocate, a Lockhart of Lee and Carnwath, daughter.

9. At Edinburgh, William Craig, Esq. Liedelij. At Hambledon House, the lady writer to the signet, to Margaret Ann, of Charles Scott Murray, Esq. a son and youugest daughter of the deceased Gillion heir.

M'Laine, Esq. of Scalasdale, Mull.

11. At Rossie, George Ballingall, Esq,

of Bainkirk, to Grace, second daughter of March 10. 1318. At Moorshedabad, East Mr David Dun, Rossię. Indics, Lane lagniac, Esq. of the Civil At her father's house, Nicolson Service, to Hiss Erskine.

Square, Edinburgh, Mr Jolin Mann, jewel, July 27. At Cawnpore, Lieutenant Hen- ler, to Miss Elizabeth, second daughter of ry John Wood, of the artillery, Adjutant Dr John Borthwick Gachrist.


years before.


14. At Braidwood, Henry P. Palmer, Strachan, of the rifle corps, son of the Rev. Es. of Grenada, Member of the Royal William Strachan of Culter. • College of Surgeons, London, to Mary, May 11. At Bombay, Major Hugh fourth daughter of George Ferme, Esq. Scott, Deputy-Adjutant General of the Braid wood.

Madras Army; and on the 20 June last, - At Alloa, Mr Everard Cruickshanks,

at Cannanore, Captain John Scott, Assistsurgeon there, to Angeline, youngest daugh- ant-Adjutant-General of the Madras Arter of Alexander Richardson, Esq. of De- my, both sons of the late Francis Scott, vonfield.

Esq. Edinburgh. 15. At Turnerfield, Glasgow, Mr Do 18. Killed in action, at the siege of nald Macleod, manufacturer, Glasgow, to Mulliagum, in Kandcish, Lieut. Thomas Jean, eldest daughter of the late Jolin Davies, late Commanding Engineer of the Macdougal, Esq. merchant, Glasgow.

army of the Dekan. in At Durofries, Walter Ferrier, Esq. 20. At the siege of Mulliagum, Captain W. S. Edinburgh, to Miss Henrietta William Kennedy, son of the late PrimGordori, only daughter of the late Thomas

rose Kennedy, Esq. of Drumellan. He Gordon, Esq. wide merchant.

fell “ while animating his men on the 16. At Edinburgh, Henry Meredyth breach.” Jervis White Jervis, Esq. eldest son of Sir June 4. At Salem, Madras Presidency, John Jervis White Jervis of Bally Ellis, after a short illness, Charles Carpenter, Esq. county of Wexford, Baronet, to líarion, commercial resident at that place. third daughter of the late William Camp Scpt. 26. At sca, on his passage from bell, Esq. of Fairfield, Ayrshire.

Savannah, where he had caught a fever, Mr 22. Af Harrow, Lauchlan MKinnon, James Forbes, merchant in New York ; Esq. younger of Letterfearn, Ross-shire, to on the 8th October, his son, William ; and Catherine, daughter of the late Duncan on the 10th October, another son, John; M*Dougall, Esq. of Ardintýrive, Argyll both having taken the intection in dutiful shire.

attendance upon their father, who was the 20. At Ford Pathheed, Capt. Ronald. youngest son of the late Dr James Forbes, 9n, Edinburgh militia, to Frances, daugh- physician in Aberdeen. ter of the late Mr James Torrance.

Nov. 14. At Aberdeen, Miss Elizabeth Lately, At London, the Pier. Johnson Ramsay, daughter of the late John Ramsay, Grant, M. A. rector of Kinbrook, to Mar. Esn. of Barra. garet, only daughter ot the late R. Sherriff, 19. At his house in Creil, suddenly, Mr Esq. of Calcutta, Bengal.

James Min, schoolmaster, aged 03, the - At Kerrsington, tiie Rev. Arch. Colin hencfit of whose superior talents has long Campbell, A. M: 01 Pontefract, Yorkshire, been experienced in Crail, where he has to Elizabeth, daughter of the late James taught the principal school for 10 years. Dalrymple, Esq. of Mayfield.

20. At Tours, in France, Elizabeth, tle - At the palace of Coriu, Lieutenant- wife of Geo. Vanburgh Brown, Esq. of Colonel Hankey, Private Serretiry to his Knockmarloch, and daughter of the late F.xcellency Sir T. Maitland, to Nirs Cat- Robert Reid Cunninghanie, Esq. of Auchterina Vaslumo, of Corfu.

inharvie, Arshire. Lieutenant Alex. Quarrier, Royal 23. At Errol manse, the Perciend Da, Scots, to Miss Ann Auriol, daughter of the vid Dow, minister of Errol. late Dr Robert Lawson, Edinburgh.

20. At Allan, Ross-shire, Charles Munro, At Sunbury, James Hoss, LL. D. to Esq. of Allan, in the 78th year of his age, Susannah, eldest daughter of the late John At Rosshill, near Queensferry, Mrs Smith, Esq.

Ross of Rosshill.

27. After a lingering illness, William DEATHS.

Wylie, Esq. of Slatefield. F. 19, 1818. On board the Thomas 28. At Ayr, Mr Henry Kirklan, mer Coutts, East Indiaman, on the passage to chant. Bombay, Crauford Swinton, son of Mr At Edinburgh, Dr William Brown, Swinton, merchant in Grangemouth. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

Mareh 28. At Calcutta, 'Thomas Abra- Edinburgh. His respectability as a proham, fsq of the Civil Service; also, Alex. fussional character and a member of society ander Gordon Caulweld, Esq. of the firm is well known. of Messts Palmer and Co. These gentle At Holm Street, Kilmarnock, Mrs men were unfortunately drowned in at Bruce, who bore a long indisposition with tempting to cross the river in a gale of cheerful and Christian patience, from the wind

16th October 1816 to the day of her deathi. 31. At Calcutta, Brigndier-Gen. Philip She was tapped 42 times, and 500 Scots D'Auvergne, of the 26th regiment of na- pints of water drawn eff, a quantity alnıost tive infantry.

incredible, in the short space of 25 months, April At Bombay, Lieut. George amounting in weight to 2000 lbs.; neverthe

less, she was able to attend divine service 5. At Tain, in the 81st year of his age, until within a few days of her death. Lieutenant Alexander Macleod, of the late

28. At her daughter's at Colin's Cottage, 6th Royal Veteran battalion. Harrowgate, Mrs Ann Dawson, aged lol. 6. At Castlewigg, in Wigtonshire, John She served the army, in the time of the re Hathorn, of Gastle wigg, Esq. bellion, with butter, eggs, and cream, when At Elwick Bank, in Orkney, Mrs encamped near Preston.

Mary Balfour, relict of George Craigie, 30. Within a few days of his lady, Ro- Esq of Saviskail. bert Lord Viscount Killmorry, aged 72. 7. At Cockermouth, in her 74th year,

Dec. l. At London, James Sutherland, Jane, wife of James Clarke Satterth waite, Esq. of the Ceylon Civil service.

Esq. At Leven Lodge, Edinburgh, Pa Mrs W. J. Dawson, spouse of Mr trick Badaway, Esq. late brewer in Leith. Giles, upholsterer, Edinburgh.

3. At Marseilles, in the 22d year of his At Kincaid Printfield, Mr John age, Thomas Buchan, Esq. younger of Auch Buchanan. macoy.

8. At Ayr, aged 40, William Hutcbi. In Wickham Street, Portsea, in the son, Esq. late of Montreal. 113th year of his age, Thomas Bolwell, a At Newton, of the typhus fever, Mr native of that town. He formerly, during David Murray, and, on the 29th ult. of many years, sold water about the streets; the same disease, his son, Mr Robert Mur. and afterwards, when the infirmities of old ray. age had incapacitated him for that employ, In Charlotte Square, Margaret, eld. he kept a small shop for the sale of wood est daughter of Henry Cockburn, Esq. and coals. His memory was good up to advocate. his last moments ; he would frequently re

At his house in Northumberland cur to the total eclipse of the sun, on the Street, Mr William Murray, accountant. 22d of April 1715, of which event he ever At Stanwix, near Carlisle, aged 83, retained a perfect recollection.

He was

Mary, the wife of Mr John Carruthers. married to one wife 80 years, who died in This woman bore ten children at four the 101st year of her age.

births, namely, four, three, two, and one. 4. At his house in Bedford Square, Lon. 13. Lord Ellenborough.The above don, John Lumsden, Esq. a member of distinguished nobleman died about seven the Court of Directors of the Honourable o'clock at night, at his house in St James's East India Company.

Square, London. At Perth, in the 84th year of his age, At his house, in Red Lion Square, Mr David Foggo, who was schoolmaster in London, after a long and painful illness, the parish of Tibbermuir upwards of 60 George Sandeman, M. D. in the 72d year years; during which time he saw four cler, of his age. gymen succeed each other as incumbents - At London, Mr Alexander Christie, of the parish,

late publisher of the Literary Journal. 5. In the 78th year of his age, Mr Har Mrs Janet Forbes, daughter of the grave, the well-known historian of Knares. Rev. William Forbes, late Episcopal miniborough, Harrowgate, and the surround ster in Musselburgh, and wite of James ing country, author of " The Yorkshire Skinner, writer in Edinburgh. Gazetteer,” 6 Anecdotes of Archery," and - At Gilead House, Liverpool, aged other literary productions ; also compiler 38, Mrs Sulomon, wife of Dr Solomon, of of 16 folio and quarto volumes of manu

that place. scripts, chiefly relative to the history of At London, Sir John Charles Hamil. Yorkshire.

ton of Dunnemnan, Ireland, Bart. - At Dungannon Park, Ireland, Lord 14. At Glasgow, the Rev. John TurnViscount Northland.

bull, in the 70th year of his age. In London, Mrs M'Nab, widow of At Aberdeen, Mrs David Menzies, Captain A. M‘Nab, of the Henry Dundas late of Concraig, in the 89th year of her age. kast Indiaman.

15. At Nusselburgh, Helen, daughter At Fort William, in the 44th year of Henry Jardine, Esq. of his age, Robert Smith, "sq. surgeon.

At Edinburgh, Captain John Cowe, - Suddenly, from a stroke of apoplexy, R. N. Mrs Crombie, daughter of the late William At Eton, aged 72, Mr Richard Ac, Carmichael, M. D. Dundee, and wife of kins, printer, who for 35 years had been Mr Alexander Crombie, dentist, Aberdeen. employed as a compositor of the Greek and

-At Dundee, aged 36, Jrs Isabella Latin books for the use of Eton School; Henderson, spouse of Dr Robert Scott, during which time he has never been known R. X.

to spend an idle day.

Geurge Ramsay and Co. Printers, Edinburgh.

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