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A DIMINUTION of temperature to the amount of nearly 10 degrees on the daily average, took place at the commencement of December, but the weather in general continued open, with occasionally heavy showers till about the 10th. Between that and the 16th, the frost was severe, and to all appearance set in for what is in Scotland called a storm. It passed away, however, without rain, and by the 19th, the mean temperature had considerably increased. After the 26th every night was frosty, but during the day the thermometer generally rose above 40. The barometer during the frost was always high and steady after a sudden rise at the commencement of the frost. In the indications of the hygrometer there was nothing remarkable. The mean temperature of the whole month is about 8. degrees lower than November, and upwards of 4 degrees higher than December last year. We shall take an early opportunity of submitting to our readers a summary of our meteorological observations for the whole year. The mean temperature will be found to be somewhat higher than that of 1817, but by no means so high as the extraordinary heat of the summer months would have led us to expect.

METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, Extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay, four miles east from

Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.

' DECEMBER 1818.

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Mean of greatest daily heat,

43.1 Maximun,

19th day 50.0 . . . . cold, 33.8 Minimum,

27th, . .. temperature, 10 A. M. . . 39.0 Lowest maximum,


. 54.0 . . 10 P. M. 38.2 Highest minimum,

. of daily extremes, .

38.5 Highest 10 A. M.
. 10 A. M. apd 10 P. M.
38.6 Lowest ditto,


50.0 .. 4 daily observations,

38.5 Highest 10 P. M.


48.0 Whole range of Thermometer, ... 289.0 Lowest ditto,

98.0 Mean daily ditto, .

Greatest range in 24 hours, 27th,

20.0 temperature of spring water.'.

Least ditto, . .


3.0 BAROMETER. Inches,

BAROMETER. Inches. Mean of 10 A, M. (ternp. of mer. 45) 29.667 Highest 10 A. M.


30.523 .. . 10 P. M. (temp. of mer, 45) 29.859 | Lowest ditto,

. . ytli.

29.175 ... both, (temp. of mer. 45)

29.863 Highest 10 P. M.


30.495 Whole range of Barometer,

6.964 Lowest ditto,


29.120 Meán daily ditto, . . . 224 Greatest range in 24 hours, 2d,

.540 Lcast ditto,

15th, HYGROMETER (LESLIE'S). Degrees. Mean of 10 A. M. .


Degrees. . . . 10 P. M.

7.3 Highest 20 A. M.
6.7. Lowest ditto,

30th Rain in Inches,

"1.804 Highest 10 P. M.

10th, Evaporation in dit • 790 Lowest ditta,

20th, U! 40.0 Fair days 22 ; rainy days 9; wind, west of meridian, 25, east of meridian,

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At last we have something like winter, the snow now slightly covering the ground for the first time this season. Within this fortnight there have been high winds from the west, with a good deal of rain ; but only slight frosts, hardly sufficient to check the progress of vegetation, and seldom or never so strong as to stop the plough. Fodder mix now be resorted to, which has hitherto been so well saved, owing to the mildness of the winter, that there is little reason to fear any scarcity. In the south the farmers begin to complain of white turnips falling off; in some places they have run up to seed ; and, in others, the quality has been injured by the uncommon size of the roots; but the Spedes, the culture of which is extending every year, will, in many situations, advan. tageously supply their place. Very little fluctuation has occurred in either the corn or meat markets since our last; the former were dull and somewhat lower till the end of December, but seem now to be rather reviving.

We have been favoured with some striking instances of the progress of vegetation at a period when, in this clinate, the earth is, in ordinary seasons, bound up with frost e deluged with rain, which it may be curious to refer to hereafter. They are the obserFations of an experienced horticulturist in the county of Perth. In November, says our Correspondent, the buds of many forest trees began to swell, and those of the hazel were in some instances expanded. Garden strawberries were in full flower ; the berries of the arbutus completely ripe. In the flower border, the leaves ot tulips appeared above ground; the Gladiolus communis was four inches long ; sweat peas

was four inches long : sweat peas and migpiopette were in flower: the Cynaglossum omphalodes, a spring flower, in full blow; and the spring crocus was beginning to appear. In December, tulips were five inches in height; the towers of margolds and ten-week stocks as fresh and vigorous as in August; some dishes ot' ripe and well favoured strawberries were pulled from the arbutus aboui the end of the month.

The agricultural petition, if we may believe the accounts of its promoters, is meeting ith a very favourable reception among the farmers in the south. It has not yet found 03 way to Scotland, where, as far as we can learn, there is no general disposition to move Yestion which will not probably produce any thing but irritation and obloquy.

January 16H4. VOL. IV.


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COLONIAL PRODUCE.--Sugars.--Throughout the month, the demand for Musco, vades has been limited ; and towards the close of last week, gave way considerably : holders, however, will submit to po depression of prices. The stock of B. P. Sugar is now, in the London market, 8700 casks less than last year's at this time; the present prices rate 6d. per cwt, higher per average in the Gazette. The inquiries for reined have increased considerably, in anticipation of the spring shipments. In Foreign little business has been done. Cotton.--The prices of Cotton, particularly East India, whicha had been nominal for some weeks, have experienced a considerable depression. Other descriptions continue steady, with a moderate demand for export and home trade. Coco-The demand continues steady. The stock in the London market is now 4500 toos, being 214 less than at this time last year; present prices, 50s. per cwt. higher. Re-The market has been exceedingly heavy during the month ; and prices are entirely nominal. Tobucco.--The prices of this article are also nominal, there being no business doing. Ous.-The demand for Greenland has subsided ; and prices have ex. perienced a small reduction. Seed oils, and Spermaccti, are also to be purchased a shade lower. In other kinds no variation.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE.---Tullire still continues to fall in price, from 80s. the currency at our last publication, it had fallen so low as 7ls. ; but has since obtained 73s. at which price holders remain firm. Hemp and Flac are still heavy, and little business doing.-- January 12.

Brilish Manufactures. We continue to receive gratifying accounts of the increase of the Glasgow Cotton Trade. In 1816, the total number of packages of cotton wool im. ported into that port was 41,918. In 1817 it was 50,170; and in 1818 it appears to have been no less than 62,145. There is, of course, a large stock of the article in hand, but the consumption has in the meanwhile mcreased. In 1817, by the great start which Fas given to manufacturing industry, the consumption amounted to the large quantity of 46,507 packages. In 1818 it has even gone beyond that amount, and reaches to 47,232—a consumption, we apprehend, perfectly unparalleled. Among the imports, one class particularly deserves remark : we mean those from the East Indies. In 1816 there were none ; in 1817 there were 3382 packages; and in 1818 there were 6122, so rapidly has this new trade advanced.

Be a statement published, of the increasing trade of the port of Leith, it appears, that EFTTT branch of navigation at that port has been improved during the year 1818, as compared with 1817. The increase of the foreign trade was 157 vessels inwards, and 84 cutwards; that of the coasting trade was 239 vessels inwards, and 276 outwards.

With these testimonies of the improving wealth of our northern part of the island, all the accounts which we receive from the southern agree. The iron works in particular, which two years ago were in so lamentable a state of distress, are now so well employed, that they cannot execute their orders. January 16.

Course of Exchange, London, Jan. 12.--Amsterdam, 11:6. Ditto at sight, 11 : 3. Rotterdam, 11 : 7. Antwerp, 11 : 9. Hamburgh, 33 : 9. Altona, 33:10. Paris, 3 days sight, 23 : 50. Bourdeaux, 23 ; 80. Frankfort on the Maine, 140. Madrid, 39%. Cadiz, 401. Gibraltar, 34. Leghorn, 514. Genoa, 471. Lisbon, 58, Rio Janeiro, 65. Dublin, 98 per cent. Cork, 98 per cent.

Prices of Bullion per 02.- Portugal Gold in coin, L. 4: 3. Foreign Gold in bais, L. 4: 3. New Doubloons, L:4:1:6. New dollars, L.0: 5:5.5 Silver in bars, Standard, L.0: 5:5).

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey 258.--Cork or Dublin 25s. --Belfast 25$. 303.-Hamburgh 30s.--Madeira 20s. 255.-Jamaica 3gs. Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from December 16, 1818, to January 13, 1819.

Dec. 16th. Dec. 23d. Dec. 30th. Jan. 6th. | Jan. 13th

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