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averred in the condescendence, and on the dee waterside, and from Dundee to Perth, point of the usage of electing non-resident and after travelling in a stage-coach from persons into the magistracy. The revised Perth to Queensferry, had again taken a condescendence and answers to be lodged chaise from Queensferry to Edinburgh. It by the first sederunt day in January. appeared to his Lordship to be the duty of

Burgh of Inverness. On the same day, Magistrates to be most careful to inquire the Court of Session pronounced judgment into the character of the persons to whom in the petition and complaint, at the in. they gave licences; and if any innkeeper stance of James Lyon against the Magi- was found guilty of improper conduct in strates of Inverness, -reducing and setting either harbouring or assisting suspicious per. aside the election of Magistrates at Michaels sons to transport themselves from one part mass 1817, and finding the respondents of the country to another, the licence of such (the Magistrates) liable in the whole ex. innkeeper ought not to be renewed. pences of the suit.

On a subsequent peti. Yesterday, John Liddle, hackney coachtion of the Magistrates, the Court appoint- man, was found guilty of culpable homi. ed them, with the exception of three indi- cide, by having, on the 13th November viduals, whose illegal election to office was last, in a careless and culpable manner, in the cause of the litigation, to be interim driving his coach from the Nether Bow inmanagers of the burgh, until a new magi. to St. Mary's Wynd, thrown down Mar. stracy shall be elected by warrant from the garet Barric, in said wynd, and continued Prince Regent. In the meantime, two pe to drive his coach after she was thrown titions have bien forwarded from Inverness, down, so that she received certain wounds one from the burgesses, praying for a poll. which occasioned her death. He was senelection, and the other from the late magi. tenced to eighteen months' imprisonment strates, praying that they may be authorized in Bridewell, to be kept at hard labour, to meet and elect a new council and magi- and afterwards to find security for five stracy.

years for his good behaviour, under a pe23.-Yesterday London was involved in nalty of I.. 40. a thick fog, which extended some distance This day, James Ross, accused of stealinto the vicinity, where it was equally in- ing a quantity of silver plate from a gentense as in the city. Several of the mail tleman's house in York Place, Edinburgh, coaches, particularly on the western road, was found guilty on his own confession, after making their way with great danger and sentenced to seven years' transportaand difficulty out of town, were obliged to tion. stop and await a change of atmosphere. The Court then proceeded to the trial of Several of them halted at Kensington and John Morrizon, accused of stealing trom a Hammersmith ; fortunately, however, they chest belonging to largaret Waters, ser. were not delayed many hours, as about vant to Mr Charles Oman, vintner, West eleven o'clock the fog dispersed, and it be- Register Street, on the 18th July last, a came a fine clear night. This morning black morroco pocket-book, containing six was also ushered in with a fog, but not so L. I noles, two guinea notes of different dense as that of yesterday. Between eleven banks, half-a-guinea, a gold ring, a depoand twelve o'clock it had nearly disappear, sit receipt for L. 67 sterling, on Sir Wil. ed.

liam Forbes, James Hunter, and Co. and High Court of Justiciary.-On the various other articles. He was found 14th, Archibald Scott was sentenced to guilty, and sentenced to transportation for fourteen years transportation, for stealing, fourteen years. from the house of John Nicol, labourer, in 30. Glasgow --The Lords Commission. Livingston's Yards, Edinburgh, a red ers of his Majesty's Treasury have, by war. leathern pocket-book, and several bank rants, just received, approved of warehouses notes, the property of Elizabeth Downie. and vaults situated at the Broomiclaw and

On the 21st, two little boys, John Gunn Port Dundas for the reception, under and John Chisholm, were sentenced to four- vond, of the under-mentioned goods im. ieen years' transportation, for picking the ported into Glasgow. Their Lordships pocket of James Thomson, gardener at have also granted the privilege of permitDuddingstone, on the High Street of Edin- ting these articles to be removed from oburgh, upon the 13th August last, and ther bonding perts to Glasgow, and from taking his pocket-book, containing bank. Glasgow to other bonding ports, viz.. notes to the amount of L. 66, 10s, a banker's receipt for L. 100, and other papers.

Wine imported from the West Indies. In pronouncing sentence, the Lord Justice Coffee, cotton wool, pimento, ) ImportClerk adverted to the very remarkable cir

cocoa, ginger, sugar, indi. (ed from cumstance of these two boys, the one four

go, rum, molasses, maho- the liest teen, and the other only eleven years of gany,

Indies. age, having been supplied, by different Rice, wine, brandy, ) Not imported from innkeepers, with post chaises, in which geneva, and other the West or East they had travelled from Kinghorn to Dun spirits,


Brimstone, staves, cork, tal

Not imported

of Mr John Charles, candlemaker, on the low, bempundressed, tar,

from the East

25th October last. The unfortunate cul. iron in bars, timber, kelp,

or West In- prit was brought from the Lock-up-house tow, mahogany, turpen-dies.

to the place of execution about twenty tine, pitch, wood, rosin,

minutes before three o'clock, attended Indian deer skins, half dressed Not im- Mr Tait, of the College Church, and Me

by two of the Magistrates, the Reverend or shaved, other skins and furs, not tanned or dressed, from the officers, and the public executioner. Af:

ported Porteous, chaplain of the jail, several city spermaceti oil, head matter,

East or train oil, and all other fish oil, West In- the clergynen, Johnston mounted the plat

ter spending some time in prayer with blubber, and whale fins, of British fishing,


forin with firmness, looked boldly around

him, and having assisted the hangman Almonds, linen, plain, of all sorts, in adjusting the rope, &c. gave the fatal cotton wool, raisins, of all sorts,

signal. From some mismanagement in figs, dyewoods, pimento, oils,

the construction of the apparatus, the of all sorts, currants.

most shocking consequences ensued.--Of 31. Erceution and Riot at Edinburgh. these an account is contained in the able Yesterday a most painful occurrence took communication of one of our corresponplace at the execution of Robert Johnston, dents, (see page 49,) to which we refer, condemned to suffer death for the robbery

Jan, 11, 1819. Revenue.-An Abstract of the net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, exclusive of the Arrears of War Duty on Malt and Property, in the years and Quarters ended 5th January 1818 and 1819 respectively.

[blocks in formation]


CHARLES WATT, of Ratcliff Highway, Mid more easily applying the drag to a carriage wheel. dlesex, Surgeon, for gilding and preparing quills November 12. and pens by manual labour and chemical opera WILLIAM STYLES, of Islington, Middletions, so as to render them more durable and use sex, carpenter, for eertain improvements in maful. Dated October 31, 1818.

chinery for sifting cinders, and discharging the NICHOLAS DESPORGES, of Bucklersbury, cinders so sifted into a convenient receptacle, London, merchant, for certain improvements in which machinery is applicable to other useful propelling boats and other vessels. October 31. purposes. November 12.

JOHN BOGAERTS, of ir-strect, Piccadilly, ELISHA HAYDEN COLLIER, late of Bos. Middlesex, Gentleman, for a method or methods ton, Ameriea, but now of Charter-House Square, for raising anni lowering water on canal locks. London, Gentleman, for an improvement in fire Communicated to him by a person residing & arms of various descriptions; which improvement broad. November 10.

is also applicable to eannon. November 24. EDWARD WOOLLEY, of Bilston, Stafford JAMES FRASER, of Long Acre, St Martin in shire, for an improvement in the machinery for the Fields, Middlesex, coppersmith and engineer, making wood screw forgings. November 10. for new and original junction of tunnels in a

JAMES INGLEDEW, of Little College-street, steam-boiler; elso new fiues in the said steamWestminster, Middlesex, licensed victualler, for boiler, or the furnace connected with its erection; the means of effecting a saving in the consump the said steam-boiler to be for the purposes of tion of the ordinary articles of fuel, by the appli- lessening the consumption of fuel, the appearance cation of certain well known materials hitherto of smoke and the trouble of attendance. Novemunused for that purpose. November 10.

ber 12. MOSES POOLE, of Livcoln's Inn, Middlesex, RICHARD WRIGHT, of Token House-yard, Gentleman, for the application of known mastics London, for certain improvements in the conor cements to various purposes, such as modelling struction of steam-engines, and the subsequent statues, making slabs, rajsing or impressing fi use of steam. November 14. gures, or other ornamental appearances; also the HENRY MATTHEWS, of Gretton-place East, covering of houses, and in any other manner in Bethnal Green, Middlesex, Gentleman, for certain which mastic or cement inay or can be applied. improvements applicable to wheeled carriages, or Communicated to hiin by a person residing a vehicles of ditferent descriptions, calculated to renbroad November 10,

der them morc safe and commodious. NovemJOHN GRAFTON, late of London, and now ber 19. of Edinburgh, engineer, for a process or method GEORGE CLYMER, late of Philadelphia, of making carboretted hydrogen gas, for the pur America, but now of Comhill, London, merpose of illumination. November 10.

chant, for certain improvements on ships' pumps. JAMES HADDEN Junior, of Aberdeen, Scot November 21. land, woollen-manufacturer, for an improvement JOHN CHANCELLOR, of Saville-street, Dubin preparing, roving, and spinning of wool. No lin, watchmaker, for an improvement for turning vember 12.

the leaves of musie books in a simple and effecGEORGE JAMES CLARK, of Bath, Somner tive manner, with or without pedal work attached. Betshire, working cutler, for an apparatus for the November 21.


24.-The Associate congregation in Kirrymuir I. CIVIL.

gåve a harmonious call to the Rev. William RaDec. 7, 1818.-Joseph Whatley, Esq. to be a

inage, late of Sanda, in Orkney, to be their mi

nister. groom of his Majesty's Bedchamber. The dignity of Baronet conferred on the follow

25.-Rev, R. Loxley to the Rectory of Lla

Warn. ing gentlemen, and their heirs male :Sir Edward Hamilton, of Trebinshun House,

Jan. ., 1819.-- Rev. W. B. Wroth, M.A. to the in the county of Brecon, Knight Commander of

Vicarage of Tottenhoe, Bedfordshire. the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath,

Rev. John Davison to the Rectory of Washingand Captain in the Royal Navy.

ton, in the Diocese of Durhamn. Ross Mahon, of Castlebir, in the county of Gal

Rev. Jolin Risley to hold the Rectory of Thorn

ton, with that of Ashton, Northamptonshire. way, Esq. Hugh Innes, of Lochalsh, in the county of

Rev. Edmund Spettigne to the Rectory of Mi

chaelstow, Cornwall. Ross, and of Coxton, in the county of Moray, Esg.


9 L. Gds, Cornet and Sub-Lieut. A. M'Innes, to be Dec. 4, 1818.- Mr Thomas Wright, preacher of


24th Nov. 1818. the gospel, ordained ininister of the church and

F. Chatfield to be Comet and Sub- Lieut, parish of Borthwick, by the Presbytery of Dalkeith.

vice M'Innes

do, 7.-Rev. E. Powys, jun. to the Rectory of Buck 2 Dr. Capt. G. James to be Major by purch. nall and Bagnall, Staffordshire.

vice Elphinstone

31 Dec. Rev, Benalict Chapman, M.A. to the Rectory

Lieut. c. James to be Capt. by purch. of Ashden, Esses.

viee James

do. Rev. Wm. Giningham, M.A. to the Rectory of

Comet T. Walker to be Lieut. by purch Bratton Fleming, Devon.

vice James

do. Rev. W. L. Baker, M.A. to the Rectory of

G. H. Lindsey to be Corvet by purch. Hargrave, Northamptonshire.

vice Walker

do. Rev. Frederick Ricketts, M.A. to the Rectory 4 Lient. F. D. raly to be Adjutant, vice of Shaston, St James,

Chantry, res. Adjutant only 19th Nov. 16.-Rev. G. Glover to the Rectory of Billing

11 Capt. w. Blundell, fm. 22 Dr. to be Capt. ford, Norfolk.

vice Shreiber, ret, on h. p. 22 Dr. Rev. J. Brewster to the Vicarage of Greatham,

26th Nov. Durham.

11 Cornet W. Clarke to be Lieut. by purch. Rev. J. T. Horton to the Vicarage of Orms.

vice James, ret.

Ith do. kirk, Lancashire.

Lieut. Charles Wetherall, from 92 Dr. to Rev. P. Hudson to the Rectories of Almerton,

be Lieut.

11th do. with Runton near the Sea annexed, and Zell

F. Blundell, from 22 be brigg, with Melton, in Nortolk.

Lieut. vice Schrieber, ret. on h. p. 22 23.-The Associate congregation of Lochwin


25th do. noch brought out a call for Mr Alexander Waugh

G. Williamson, from h. p. 12 Dr. to be their minister.

to be Lieut.

26th do.

Lieut. C. J. J. Arbuthnot, from 1 F. G. 82 Lieut, R. Elliott to be Adjutant, vice do.

3d Dee.

Holdsworth, res. Adjutant only.
Hon. H. D. Shore to be Cornet by pureh.

19th Nov. vice Edgell, ret.

10th do,

Richard Collis to be Ensign vice M Ma13 Bt. Lt. CI. S. Boyse, to be Lt. Col. vice

hon, dead

26th do Colonel Doherty, ret.

8th do,

85 Gent. t'adet W. Kerr to be Ensign, by Capt. J. Doherty to be Major, vice Boyse

purch. vice Fox, W. I. Rang. do.

19th do. Lieut. C. R. Bowers to be Capt. Fice Do 92 Lieut. N. Wilson, from 58 F. to be Lieut. herty


vice M‘Donnell, ret. on h. p. 58 F. T. B. Tristram from 22 Dr. to be

10th Dee. Lieut.

26th Nov.

H. W. S. Ştewart to be Ensigu, by purch. Cornet W. A. Brown to be Lieut. by

vice Macpherson prom.

23 Oct. purch. viee Nisbett

9th Dec. 94

Lieut. P. Pratt to be Capt. by purch, wice W.T. Cockburne, to be Lieut. by

Kingdom, ret.

26th Nov. purch. vice Bowers

10th do.

Ensign T. R, Timbrell to be Lieut. by Lieut. R. Coote to be Capt. by purch.

purch. vice Pratt

do. viæ Lloyd, ret.

26th Nov.

J. A. Kingdom to be Ensign, by purch. Cornet F. Nisbett to be Lieut. by pureh.

vice Timbrell

do. vice Coote

do. 96 Lieut. S. Biddulph to be Capt. by purch. T. Hunter to be Lieut, by purch.

vice Nash, ret.

3d Dec. vice Cruicksharks, ret. 27th do.

Ensign A, S. H. Mountain to be Lieut. G. H. Earl of Belfast to be Comet, by

by purch. vice Biddulph

do. pureh. vice Nisbett


J. Riddell to be Ensign, by purch, vice 20 Lieut, R. Nishett, fm. 13 Dr. to be Capt.


do. by purch. vice Synge, 25 Dr. 19th do. 99

Capt. E. T. Poe, from Rific Brig. to be T. Irwin to be Capt. by pureh. vice

Major, by purch. vice Martin, ret. Joerres, ret. 3d Dec.

1st Nov. Cornet R. Douglass to be Lieut. by purch. Rifle Brig. Lieut. A. Stewart to be Capt, by purch. vice Irwin

vice Poe

3a Dee. Gent. Cadet Charles Wilson to be cornet

IW. I. R. Capt. C. L. Appclius, from 4W. I. R. by pureh, vice Dudley, 11 Dr.

to be Capt. vice Thornhill, ret. on h. 19th Nov. p. 4 W. 1. R.

19th Nov. 1 F. Gds. G. W. Eyres to be Ensign and Lieut. 2

A. Grant, from African Corps, vice Cradock

3d Dec.

to be Capt. vice Lt. Col. Evans, ret. F. Capt. G. Ramsay, from W, I. Rang. to

on h. p. African Corps.

de be Capt. vice Kirwan, b. p. W. I. Rang.

Gent. Cadet W. Spence to be Ensign, 26th Nov. vice Robinson, res.

10th Dec. Lieut. W. H. Mutton, from 85 F. to be 3

W. Frederick to be Ensign, by purch. Lieut. vice Richardson, ret. on h. p. 85

vice Marshall, ret.

19th do, 3 Ensign F. A. Robinson, from 4 W. I. R.

Mfcdical Staff
to be Ensign, vice Making, ret. h. p. 1
W. I. R.

3d Dec. Bt. Dep. Inspec. A. L. Emerson, M.D, from h. p. 2d Lieut. A. J. Pietet, from Rifle Brig, to be Physician to the Forces

to be Ensign, vice Pickering, ret. h. p. Dep. Purveyor J. Croft, from h. p. to be Dep.
Rifle Brig
2d do. Purveyor to the Forces

23 Oct. 9 Lieutenant G. Stirling to 'be Capt. by' Dep. Tusp.J. Robb, M. D). to be Insp. of Hosp, by purch, vice Light ret. 3d do. Brevet, .o the Forces

26th Nov. Ensign T. Scott to be Lieut. by purch. Physician T. Gor:lon, M. D, to be Dep. Inspector vice Stirling

do. of Hospitals, by Brevet, to the Forces do. C. H. Mills, from York Rang, to Staff Surg. T. Inglis to be Dep. Insp. of Hosp. by be Ensign, vice Elves, ret, an . p. Brevet, to the forces

do. York Rang.

10th do. Lt. Col. J, P. Hunt, from h. p. 60 F. to

Exchanges. be LL Col. vice Cayler, dead 19th Nov. Lieut J. Jones, from 5l F, to be Lieut. Brev. Lt. Col. Macdonald, from 99 F, with Brer.

vice Walsha ret. on b. p.51 F. 26th do. Lt. Col. Blainey, h. P. Malta Regt. Captain Ri. Power, froni 38 F. to be Capt.

Proctor, from 82 F. with Major sice Lewis, ret. on h. p. 38 f. 27th do. Robinson, h. D.GE. 91

C. Campbell, froin 60 F. to be Brev. Major Morris, from 55 F. with Capt. Her. Capt vice Bt, Major M'Haffie, ret, on bert, 1. p. 25 F. h. p. 60 F.

26th do.

Capt. Broughton, from 9 F. with Capt. St Clair, 'w, Brownson, from 71 F. to be Capt. vice Tripp, h. p, 74 F. 25thfdo. Bateman, from 5 F. with Capt. Bent, h. p.

C. Chambers, from 1 F. G. to be Spearman, from 5 f. with Captain Johnson, Capt, vice Bt. Major Baillie, dism.

26th do. Maclonald, from 92 F. with Capt. Donald. Lieut. G. F. Paschall, from 61 F. to be son, h. p. 44 F. Lieut. vice Hamilton, h. p. 61 F.

White, from Ceylon Regt. with Brey. Ma

225th do. jor Bayley, h. p. 3 Ceylon Regt. W. Watson to be Capt. by purch,

Burn, from 3 Dr, rec. ditli with Capt. Goff, vice Bt. Major Muir, ret, 26th Nov. Ensign R. Butterfield to b Lieut. by

Brookes, 39 F. rec. diff. with Captain Wilpurch. vice Watson

do, hams, h. p. 100 F.
Bt. Major P. O. Shaughnessy, from Lieut, Bullock, from 13 Dr, with Licut. Chainbre,

to be Capt. vice Hardwicke, ret. on h. p. h. p. 23 Dr.
2 F.

do. Watkins, from 9 F. with Lieut. M'Dermott,
Capt. J. Bishop, from 95 F. to be Bt. Lt.
Col. vice Gordon, ret. on h. p. 95 F. Niackay, from 91 F. with Lieut. Spottiswood,


p. Lieut. J. Nunn, from 58 F. to be Lieut.

rice Heatley, ret, on h, p. 58 F. od Dec. tan, h. p. 6 W. I. R. 54

-J. Pillon, from h. p. to be Paymas Hilliard, from 5 F. rec. diff. with Lieut, Armter, vice Irwin, ret. on n. p. 26th Nov. strong, h. Po

R. Myddleton, from 90 F. to be Bennett, from 5 F. rec. diff. with Licut. Pol Capt, by purch. vice Warren ret.

lock, h. p. 43 F.

19th do. Allan, from 21 F. rec. dift. with Lieut. Paym. J. Kerr, from h. p. 5 Ceylon Reg George, h. p. 7 F.

to be Paym, sice Lediard, res. 3d Dec. Webb, trom 36 F. rec. diff. with Lieut, Ensign J. Townsend, froin 96 F. to be, Tompkins. h. p. Ensign, vice Wright, ret, on h. p. 96 F. Mason, froin 82 F. with Lieut, Harman

26th Nov,


h. p.

h. p.

. Brooke, from 5 F. rec. dift. with Lieut. Car

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Lieut. Bowlby, from 4 F. with Lieut. Clarke, Comet Edgell, 11 Dr. h. p.

Ensign Robinson,

2 W. I. R. Haggup, from 7 F. rec. diff, with Lieut.

Marshall, 3 do. Stuart,

h. p.
Rawlins, from 13 F. rec. diff. with Lieut

Appointments Cancelled.
Meredith, h. p.
Toovey, from 20 F. with Lieut. Oakley, h. p.

Lieut. Edgell, 11 Dr.
Knight, from 44 F. rec. dift. with Lieut.

Assist. Surg. M'Grigor, 13 Dr. Short. h. p. 28 F.

Assist. Surg. Hart, K. p. 22 Dr. Cornet Lord G. Bentinck, from 10 Dr. with Lieut.

Dismisscd. Lord J. Bentinck, 1 F.G.

Schneider, from 6 Dr. with Ensign Pickford, Dep. Commis. Gen. Rawlings. 92 F.

Reinstated. Ensign Meyrick, from 4 F. with Ensign Shipton,

Quarter Master Howman, 60 F. Surgeon Job, from 5 Dr. Gds. with Surgeon LQgan, 13 Dr.

Buton from 4 F. with Surgeon M‘Dermott,
h. p. 60 F.

Colonel Braddyill, 3 Lancaster Mil.
Lieut.-Colonel Duke, 3 Gar. Bn. Dep. Adjt. Gen.
Nova Seotia

4th Dec. Resignations and Retirements.

Major Caulfield, h. p. 32 F. Major Muir, 41 F.

Capt. Kearney, 22 Dr.

26th April Martin, 99 F.

Watson, 22 P.

19th Aug. Capt. Lloyd, 18 Dr.

Lieut. Robinson, 43 F.

6th Dec Joerres, 20 Dr.

Powell, h. p. 90 F.

15th do. Light, 9 p.

Ensign M'Mahon, 82 F. Warren, 56 F.

Jenks, 1 W. I. R.

5d Nov. Kingdom, 94 F.

Quartermaster Helm, h. p. Roxburgh F. 4th Nov. Lieut. James, 11 Dr.

Staff.-G. Young, Dep. Assist. Com. Gen. at NoCruickshanks, 18 Dr.

va Scotia,

h. p.




Superannuated Commanders. W. B. Dashwood

Charles Woodger Martin White

Harry Dawe John Cookesley

Wm. Mules James Murray

Owen Williams Chas. G. R. Philott

Lieutenants. George M. Jones

Thomas Boteler Wm. Wolrige

James L. Parkin James K. White

Francis Witham John Ross

Chas. Fleetwood James Stirling

H. V. Huntley Amos F. Westropp

John Carpac George Brine

Leon C. Rooke Right Hon. Lord John Hay

Hon. Cha. Legge Const. R. Moorsom

Marcus Worsley
Hon. Geo. John Perceval

Frank Ramsden

Edward H. Thorpe
Wm. D. Evance

John L. Clayton Sam. Sparshott

W. B. Greene Rich. Grant

Geo. Young Rob. Bruce

Sam. Kreeshawe Alex. Borthwick

John M. Laws Wm. Richardson

John Watt Wm. Grint

Henry H. Johnstone Wm. Jard. Puchhas

Right Hon. George Viscount Manderille Robert Boyle Michael Stackpoole

Surgeons. Francis Brace

John Runciman Hon. Geo. Barrington

Wm. Anderson

Appointments. Rear-Admiral-Sir Thomas F. Freemantle, to be Commander in Chief in the Mediterranean.-flag

Lieutenant, John Branford. Rear-Admiral-Edward Griffith, to be Commander in Chief at Halifax.-Flag-Lieutenant, Edward A. Haughton. Names. Ships. Names.



W. B. Dashwood
Chas. Simeon
Wm. Popham
W.J. Mingay
W. N. Glassock
Hon, V. Gardner
C, B. Strong
Arthur Fanshawe
B. M. Kelly
A. P. Hollis
W. D. Evance
S. C. Rowley


Hon. Fred. Noel
Sir T. M. Hardy
Hon J. Gordon
F. L. Maitland
Tho. W. Carter
Tho. G, Caulfield
Barnard Yeoman
Geo. W. Willis

R. Weatherley
IR. S. Gibson
Hon. F. Spencer

Spey Mall
Tamat 1617
Vengeur ).)
Wasp 14 21
Windsor Castle


Abundance as Alban w (Albion 11

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