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curity of the Established Church. By the Campbell, or the Scottish Probationer Rev. William Phelaw, Fellow of Trinity a novel. 3 vols. L. 1, 19. boards. College.

The Edinburgh Monthly Review, No. Letter to the Editor from Dr William I. 2s. 6s. Fergusson.

The Edinburgh Almanack, or Universal

Scots and Imperial Register for 1819. 59. The Value of a Good Name among A Treatise on Spinning Machinery ; il. Men, with necessary limitations to the de- lustrated with Plans of Different Machines sire of it; a Sermon, delivered in St made use of in that art. By Andrew Gray, George's Church, Glasgow, on Sunday, author of the Ploughwright's Assistant, November 29, 1818, the first day of Pub- and Experienced Millwright 10s. 6d. lic Mourning for her late Majesty Queen boards. Charlotte, by the Rev. William Muir, A Series of Engravings, representing LLD. minister of St George's Church. the Bones of the Human Skeleton, with the Is 6d.

Skeletons of some of the Lower Animals. Miscellaneous Poems, extracted from By Edward Mitchell, Engraver, Edinburgh. the Records of the Circulation Club at The Explanatory References by John BarEdinburgh. By A. Duncan, Sen. M. D. clay, M. D. Lecturer on Anatomy, Fel8vo. 2s. 6d. .

low of the Royal College of Physicians, The Encyclopædia Edinensis. By James and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Millar, M. D. Part V. of Vol. II. &c. &c. Part I. price, imperial quarto,

The Genius of Poetry ; a poem in two one guinea, or royal quarto, 16s. books. By James Bowick. 8vo. 3s. 6d. Minutes of Meetings of Proprietors of

Emily, with other Poems. By Thomas Shares in the Glasgow, Paisley, and Ard. Brown, M.D. Professor of Moral Phi. rossan Canal; and Memorial and Opi. losophy in the University of Edinburgh. nions of Counsel, with Excerpts from Mi, 2d edition, 7s.

nutes of the Committee of Management Letter to the Magistrates of Edinburgh respecting Borrowed Money. Selected by on the Execution of Robert Johnston. By a Committee, and published at the request an Eye Witness. 6d.

of the Proprietors. 8vo. 5s. An Address to the Inhabitants on the Elegant Selections in Verse; from the outrages committed on the 30th December, works of Scott, Byron, Southey, and other and the Statement in various publications, popular poets, chiefly of the present as regarding the conduct of the Civil Pow age. By David Grant. 12mo. Is. 6d. E. By Amicus Veritatis.

bound." Letter to the Citizens of Edinburgh, in Supplement to the Fourth and Fifth which the Cruel and Malicious Aspersions Editions of the Encyclopædia Britannica, of an " Eye Witness” are answered, and Edited by Macvey Napier, Esq. Vol. III. the conduct of the Magistrates is placed in Part II. Illustrated with Engravings. its true light. By Civis.

4to. L. 1, 5s. A Letter to the Right Honourable the Visit to Edinburgh ; containing a DeLord Advocate, on the Execution of Robert scription of the Principal Curiosities and Johnston. December 30, 1818. Is. 6d. Public Buildings in the Scottish Metropo

Tko Essays, one upon Single Vision lis. 18mo. 2s. Ed. neatly half-bound, with two Eyes, the other upon Dew; a embellished with a picturesque View of the Letter to the Right Hon. Lloyd Lord Ken. City. Fon; and an account of a female of the An Arranged Selection of Hymns for White Race of Mankind, part of whose Divine Worship By Christopher Ander. skin resembles that of a Negro ; with some son, Edinburgh. Observations on the Causes of the Differ. A Sermon on the Death of her late Man ences in Colour and Form between the jesty Queen Charlotte. By the Rev. Wil. White and Negro Races of Men. By the liam Taylor, jun. D. D. Minister of St Late W. C. Wells, M.D. F.R.S.L. and E. Enoch's Parish, Glasgow. Is. 6d. with a Memoir of his Life, written by Elements of Hebrew Grammar: to himself. One volume 8vo. 128.

which is prefixed, a Dissertation on the The Autumnal Excursion, or Sketches two modes of Reading, with or without in Teviotdale; with other Poems. By Points. By Charles Wilson, D. D. late Thomas Pringle. fc. 8vo. 6s.

Professor of Church History in the Uni. Theological Tracts. By the late John versity of St Andrews. 10$. 6d. Bowdler junior, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Views in Edinburgh and its Vicinity; Barrister at Lav. 58. 6d.

or, a Complete Picture of the Metropolis of A Letter to W. R. K. Douglas, Esq. Scotland ; being a Graphic and Historical M. P. on the Expediency of the Bill Description of the City of Edinburgh, brought by him into Parliament for the comprising a Series of Views of its most Protection and Encouragement of Banks interesting remains of Antiquity, Public for Savings in Scotland, occasioned by a Buildings, and Picturesque Scenery. Nos Report of the Edinburgh Society for the I. and II. 2s. 6d. each, large paper, 4% Suppression of Beggars. By the Rev. H. each. Duncan, Ruthwell. 2s.



Previous to this change, the French five · FRANCE.-The Legislative Assemblies per cents. had been done so low as 56 ; but were opened on the 10th December, by a the promulgation of the King's decree, tospeech from the King, in which lic congra- gether with the determination of the ti. tulated them on the liberation of the French nance minister, to bring to immediate sale territory from foreign troops ; on the pro- the Royai Forests, the proceeds of which spect of continued peace, which is afforded would purchase 10 or 12 millions of renttr, by the situation of Europe ; and, the pub- had the effect to raise the funds to 67; and lic revenue being now greater than the ex. a further advance was expected. pence-on the certainty that a limit is now SPAIN.--The Extraordinary Gazette of fixed to the debt, and that henceforth it Madrid, of the 27th December, announces must daily be growing less, which will the death of the Queen of that country at lead to the happy result of a diminution of 20 minutos past nine o'clock the preceding the public burdens. He proposed, now night. Her Majesty was suddenly scizce that France is liberated from the presence with the pains of labour while conversing of foreign troops, to have the ceremony of with some of her attendants, and died in a solemn coronation, and to swear fidelity 22 minutes after. By desire of the King, to the institutions of the charter. His the Caesarian operation was performied, Majesty was received with general accla- but the child, a female, expired in a mations of " Vive le Roi."

few minutes.-Maria Isabella Frances, The Moniteur of the 30th contains an born at Lisbon, on the 19th May, ordinance of the King appointing a new was the daughter of the Prince of Bra. ministry as follows:

zil, by Charlotte Joachima of Bourbon, M. Le Marquis Dessolles, Peer of Intanta of Spain, the sister of Ferdinand France, Minister of Foreign Affairs; and, VII. The marriage was rendered valid in place of the Duke of Richelieu, Presi- by a papal dispensation : thus she was both dent of the Council of Ministers.

the niece and reife of his Catholic Majesty. M. de Serre, Keeper of the Seals, Mini It appears from all the private letters, ster of Justice.

that the despotic monarchy of Spain fast M. de Cazes, Minister of the Interior ; approaches to its merited destiny. Armed the Ministry of Police being suppressed. bands of insurgents traverse the kingdom,

Baron Portal, Minister of Marine. and levy contributions on the villages. They Baron Louis, Minister of the Finances. chiefly consist of soldiers, who, wearied of

Count Gouvion St Cyr, it is presumed, the service of their country, have deserted, continues Minister of War. His resigna- and whose numbers are daily increased, by tion not having been accepted, it was un- fugitives from the troops assembled at necessary to insert his name in the Ordon. Caciz for the American expedition ; the nance, as a member of the new Cabinet. whole of whom, it is said, are in a state

This change, it would appear, had be- little short of mutiny. Every thing seenis come necessary, in consequence of a differs to announce an inevitable catastrophe, ence of opinion which had for some time provoked and accelerated by a bigotry, existed among the members of the Cabinet tyranny, and misrulc, which has nearly, if on the subject of the election law. The not already, reached the limit of human members who have been returned under endurance. In the - carly part of last the present law, consist chiefly of persons month, it was confidently rumoured att who had been at one time unfriendly to over Europe, that a revolution had actual. the Bourbons; and the Duke of Riche. ly broken out. This, it appears, was prelieu, M. Laine, and others, wished some mature; but almost every letter from this modification of the law, in order to suit it ill-fated country corroborates the fact, that more to the interest of the Ultra Royalists; it is ripe for such a crisis. while M. de Cazes was determined to sup- GERMANY.—The Grand Duke of Ba. port it agreeably to the wishes of the na. den died on the 8th instant; an event lion. This difference of opinion produced very possibly of some importance to the the resignation of the Duke of Richelieu settlement of the question for a long tine and his friends ; and the result has been past at issue between that Court and Mu. the formation of the above named ministry, nich ; since the dispute will now be stripwhich is considered a triumph for the ped of whatever difficulty and delicacy friends of the constitutional charter, might have been attached to it, by consi

derations of personal feeling towards a liv. is as follows:-“ All within the Indus is ing sovereign.

now attached to Great Britain. Security SWEDEN.-The latest enumeration that and comfort are established, where nothing has been made of the population of Swe. but terror and misery before existed. Mul. den, counting from the year 1813 to the titudes of people have, even in this short pear 1818, offers a result that would ap- interval, come from the hills and fastness. pear almost incredible, if it were not drawn es, in which they had sought refuge for from authentic documents published on years, and have re-occupied their ancient de this subject. According to these, the po- serted villages. The ploughshare is again, pulation of Sweden has diminished, in the in every quarter, turning up a soil which space of five years, by 58,204 souls, viz. had for many seasons never been stirred, 38,227 males, and 19,977 females. except by the hoofs of predatory cavalry."

The Bombay papers, of the 15th Au. ASIA.

gust last, contain some particulars respect. East INDIES.Two important doeu, ing the Ex-rajah of Nagpore, who, it apments have, since our last publication, pears, after his escape, was enabled to colbeen received from this quarter. The first lect a large body of malcontents, who is the Address of congratulation presented flocked to him from all quarters, and we by the British inhabitants of Calcutta to the regret to add, that in an engagement with Governor-General, the Marquis of Hastings, a part of his followers, by Captain Sparkes, co his return to the Presidency. It takes at the head of 100 men, the whole of the

able and comprehensive view of the latter were destroyed. Captain Sparkes contest which has lately, and we trust for had been unfortunately led to believe, that ges to come, settled the destinies of In- only a few plunderers were to be attacked, d. It enters into the difficulties which instead of which there were 3000 of the vere to be encountered, and bestows due enemy. When his gallant little troop was ursie on the union of vigilance, foresight, reduced to only 25, and Captain S. himfirmness, and ability, by which they have self wounded in two places, he wished to been surmounted. 6 Throughout the most surrender, but his flag of truce was reject. trying cireuinstances," says the Address, ed, and it was feared he and all the party Sit has been your Lordship's peculiar praise perished. to have resisted every temptation of ambi. Accounts from Ceylon state that the hos. tips, and every suggestion of policy, that tile efforts of the insurgents in that island was otherwise than consonant with the strict were relaxed. The whole tract of counest principles of public faith. You justly con- try from the S. E. extremity of Saffragam, sidered that no aggrandizement of power or to the N. E. border of the Seven Korles, teritory could be cheaply purchased by a sa. embracing about one-half in cxtent, and crifice of character.” The other document much more in value, of the Kandyan terbears a character of still greater interest. ritories, continued perfectly quiet; and It is the Reply given by the Marquis of other parts of the island from which acHastings to this Address; which contains counts have been received, were also in a a post able, clear, and detailed exposition state of tranquillity. of the causes of the late contest; of the intrigues and want of faith of the different

AMERICA. posers who have fallen victims to their UNITED STATES. The Congress, asend treachery; of the means adapted to sembled on the 17th November, when the aunteract their secret and open hostility; proceedings were opened with the custo

the effects of those means; and of the mary message from the President. This beneficial results which have crowned the document embraces, as usual, both the fo. triumphs of our arms, and the moderation reign and domestic relations of the United et our policy. Of the glorious and happy States, and in the commercial prosperity, results, the Noble Marquis justly observes, abundant harvest, and improving revenue that -- undoubtedly our sway has been ex- of America, the President finds ample to. tended. The Indus is now, in effect, our pics for congratulation. froatier; and, on the conditions of the ar- With respect to Britain, it is stated, ragement," says he, “ I thank Heaven it that, as the commercial connection which is to. What is there between Calcutta and regulates the trade of both countries would that boundary? Nothing but states bound expire in July next, the American miniby the sense of common interest with you, ster was instructed to propose a new treaty @ a comparatively small proportion of ill. to the British Governinent, which should disposed population, rendered incapable of not only embrace this, but all the other Fearing a standard against us. The Mah. unsettled differences between the two nama pover is wholly and irretrievably tions, namely, the questions relative to imbroken." This view of the question is pressment, the fisheries, the boundaries, mbsequently enforced by arguments the &e. This proposal, we are informed, was mest forcible, just, and irrefragable, and received in the most amicable manner, and the sublime and heart.cheering conclusion it was hoped that something permanent and definitive would be arranged on all The annual Treasury report had been these points. We cannot sufficiently re- presented to Congress, of which the fol. joice to see the two governments of Ameri- lowing is an abstract, with the principal ca and Britain actuated by so wise and items calculated in pounds Sterling.. conciliatory a spirit towards each other.

With regard to Spain, the grounds upon The net revenue of the United States, for which the President justifies the transac. the year 1816, amounted to L 8,207,304 tions which have taken place in the Florin Ditto Ditto Ditto for 1817, das are, that these countries afforded a re to . . 6,487,298 fuge to the hostile Indians, who from thence The estimated receipts for issued forth to ravage and destroy the ris 1818 to - - ... 6,378,107 ing settlements on the American frontier. The estimated expenditure He still states, however, that the posts for ditto

** 5,902,950 seized by the American troops will be given leaving a surplus of L.475,037 up when an adequate force appears to take for the year 1818. possession of them.

The public debt, which was
He next adverts to the execution of contracted before 1812, a. .
Messrs Arbuthnot and Ambrister, en mounted to

7,163,052 which transaction he delivers no opinion Ditto ditto after 1812, to 13,316,189 whatever, stating merely that he has or

dered all the documents relating to it to Total public debt of the United - be laid before Congress for their considera : States . - L.22,479,241 tion.

With regard to South America, it is ob- CARACCAS.-By accounts from St vious that there is no prospect of a speedy Thomas's, it appears that Lord Cochrane terinination of the war in that quarter. arrived at Margaretta in the beginning of

The remainder of the speech is occupied November, with a squadron of five ships, with matters relating entirely to the inter and had taken the command of the Vene. nal condition of the United States, the zuelian fleet, in room of Admiral Brion, transactions with the Indians, the progress who had proceeded to head-quarters in of the fortifications, and the increase of the dudgeon, to inquire by what authority he navy. A new State, namely, that of the had been superseded by the English admiIllinois, has been added to the union. ral.



case, the fact of uttering the notes was 14. Forgery of Bank Notes...In our clearly proved; but the jury were not sa. in late numbers we have had occasion to re- tisfied with the grounds on which the Bank

mark the progressive increase of crimes of inspector declared them to be forged, and this description, and the consequently in therefore brought in a verdict of acquittal. creasing cases of prosecution and capital These verdicts, which were hailed with saconviction. The subject has for some time tisfaction in every part of the united king. - greatly agitated the public mind; but some dom, induced several other prisoners accircumstances have recently occurred which cused of the same crime, and who had seem, for the present, to have given a check previously, at the instigation of the Bank to these prosecutions. In the beginning of solicitor, pleaded guilty to the minor of. this month, two individuals were brought fence, namely, having the forged notes in to trial at the Old Bailey, for the crime of their possession to withdraw their plea. passing forged notes, knowing them to be and stand the hazard of a capital convic50; and in both cases the juries acquitted tion. Their trials proceeded this day ; but the prisoners. In the first case, the evi. the Bank, in compliance with the public dence of guilt rested entirely with a person voice, declined prosecuting on the capital who was proved to be a dealer in forgery charge, that of uttering, and they were all convictions; a person bired to detect for found guilty of the minor offence, which geries, and afterwards to appear in evidence subjects them to transportation. against the persons detected, and who upon Penal Laws.-- In consequence of the convict'on receives a reward for his trouble. foregoing proceedings, and the disgusting This person had a decided interest in give frequency of trials and executions for this ing positive evidence, because his pay dee and various other crimes, the common pended upon hanging his man; and the council of London held a meeting on the jury very properly declared that they could both instant, when a petition praying Par.

not believe one word which he would swear liament to institute an- inquiry into the - to, and acquitted the prisoner. In the other propriety of revising the aiminal code of

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the country, was read and agreed to. The Twenty and thirty

1453 resolutions of the meeting on which this pe. Thirty and forty .

1884 tition was founded, ascribe the rapid in. Porty and fifty

2040 crease of crimes of late years to the undue Fifty and sixty

ury and sixty


1864 severity and inequality of our penal laws, Sixty and seventy

1585 which rendered a strict execution of them Seventy and eighty .

1271 impolitic; and therefore tempted to the Eighty and ninety

175 commission of crimes, the perpetrators Ninety and a hundred conceiving, that although convicted, they A hundred had still ten chances to one of escape from A hundred and one • execution. One of the resolutions contains A hundred and two .. the following statements, taken from re. A hundred and eight turns made to the House of Commons: Decreased in the burials this year, 263 That there were committed for trial in

Naval Monument. The Committee for the years 1812......1668 1 1815......2005

erecting a monument in Edinburgh to the 1813......1707 1816... ..2226

late Viscount Melville, with the money rub. 1814......1646 1817......2686

scribed for that purpose, by the naval and

marine services of the country, bave reThe capital convictions for Middlesex

solved to adopt the celebrated pillar of Trawere, in the years

jan, one of the most approved relics of an1812...... 132 1815...... 139

tiquity, (or a pillar modelled upon it,) and 1813...... 138 1816...... 227

to surmount it with a colossal status of the 1814...... 158 i 1817...... 208

late Lord Melville. St Andrew's Square There were executed in Middlesex, in having been suggested as a very eligible the years

and appropriate site for such a chaste and 1812...... 19 1815...... 11 simple structure, application is, we under1813...... 17 1816...... 29 stand, about to be male to the proprietors 1814......

1817...... 16 for permission to rear this pillar in the cenThere were confined in Newonte only. of tre of that elegant square, to which, as hoys of 17 years and under, in the years

well as to the metropous in general, it can1813 123 1 1816. 917 not fail to prove highly ornamental. 1817 ..............359

Corporation of Blummer men and Town.

Council of Edinburgh.The hammermen There were committed for trial, in the havine

re having, at a recent meeting of their incorpodifferent jails of England and Wales, in the ration, passed certain resolutions protesting

against the right of the Town-Council of 1806......4605 1814......6390

E unburgh to borrow money for the public 1806......6576 1815......7818

service, but in compliance with the terms of 1813......7164 1816......9091

an old act of the Scots Parliament, appoint1817............13,932

el a deputation of their members to pro16. London Bills of Mortality..A ge- ceed along with a notary public to the beral bill of all the baptisms and burials Council Chamber, to read the protest in from the 16th December 1817, to the 15th due form. At a meeting of the council on December 1818.

the 16th, this detennination was notified by Christened in the 97 parishes within the the Lord Provost, when it was resolved by Falls 1048; buried 1204.

a majority of 23 to 2 not to receive the deChristened in the 17 parishes without the putation. Mr Ritchie, the notary public, malls, 5317; buried 4078.

then read the protest in the lobby of the Christened in the 23 out-parishes in Council Chamber, and afterwards ai the Middlesex and Surrey, 13,410; buried, Cross, amidst a vast concourse of spectators, 10,099.

who assembled to witness this unusual proChristened in the 10 parishes in city and ceeding. liberties of Westminster, 4458; buried, Edinburgh Election of Magistrates..

On the 18th, the reclaiming petition for Christened.-Males . 12,530 the Magistrates of this city, with the anFemales

11,703 swers thereto for Deacon Lawrie and others,

-- together with the condescendence by che In all . 24,233 petitioners, as to the usage in the election

of a Trades Coun illor to be a Deacon of Buried.Males

9882 his incorporation for the following year, Pemales

9822 and answers for the respondents, were ad.

vised. After a few remarks by the Lord In all

19,704 Justice Clerk, and some observations from Whereof have died:

both sides of the bar, it was ordered that Ender two years of age . .

5381 the condescendence and answers be revised Between two and five

.. 4815 and interchanged by the parties, for the Five and ten

808 purpose of preparing an issue to be tried Ten and twenty - - - 703 by the Jury Court, both as to the practice


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