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ficacy may be tried by those who have oc treasures in safety, he has to deplore their casion for the remedy.

irreparable loss. New Yellow Dye. A chemist in Co. Journey to St Petersburgh, by the Abbé penhagen is said to have discovered a new Georgel.-The Abbé Georgel, who was brilliant yellow dye, which possesses a great formerly grand vicar of the celebrated Car. deal of permanence. He cuts off the top dinal de Rohan, was implicated in the afof the common potatoe plant while in blos- fair of the diamond necklace. He is well som, and bruises it in order to extract the known by his Memoirs, which Bonaparte juice. Cotton, or woollen cloth, steeped in suppressed, but which have been lacely this juice for 48 hours, acquires a fine, so- published. During his emigration in Swit. lid, durable, yellow colour. If the cloth zerland, the Abbé Georgel was invited, by be now put into the blue vat, a very fine the Knights of Malta, to accompany the green colour is obtained, which is not lia- German deputation of that order to St Peble to fade. See the Journal of Toulouse, tersburgh in 1799 and 1800. This cir. called “ Ami du Roi," No. 82.

cumstance occasioned the narrative of the Sea Snake of America.-Extracted from journey, which forms a supplement to the a letter from T. Say, Esq. of Philadelphia, memoirs of the Abbé. The work contains to Dr Leach :

some interesting anecdotes respecting Paul " I have to regret that many of the I. and Rostopchin, who is not represented scientific journals of Europe have taken in a very favourable light To his influserious notice of the absurd story which has ence M. Georgel attributes the change originated to the eastward about the sea which took place in the policy of Paul serpent ; a story attributed here to a de. 1. when he made peace with Bonaparte. * fective observation, connected with an ex However, this same Rostopchin, 12 years traordinary degree of fear. You have pro- after, proved himself the most determinbably been informed that Captain Rich has ed enemy of the despot. The energy which explained the whole business; he fitted out he displayed as governor of Moscow, on an expedition purposely to take this levia- the invasion of the French, is well known. than; he was successful in fastening his Ata late sitting of the Academy of Sciences harpoon in what was acknowledged by all of Paris, three foreign correspondents were his crew to be the veritable sea serpent, elected, viz. Mr Brisbane, in Scotland, for (and which several of them had previously the division of astronomy, in place of M. scen and made oath to :) but when drawn Ferer, deceased; Mr Smith, for the divi. from the water, and full within the sphere sion of botany, in place of M. Swartz, deof their vision, it proved to their perfect ceased ; and M. Kunth, for the same diviconviction that the sea serpent, which fear sion, in place of the Baron Ficot Lapeyhad loomed to the gigantic length of 100 rouse, likewise deceased. feet, was no other than a harmless Tunny, Mr Ackermann has published a detailed (Schomber Thynnus,) nine or ten feet long. account of his valuable patent moveable Thus natural history is probably indebted axle for four-wheel carriages. Its best to Captain Rich for keeping from its pages eulogium is that given by the Commission. an acconnt of a second Kraken ; and a ers of Munich, stating, memorable instance is added to the cata 1. It is possible to turn with it in a logue of credulity already pregnant with very confined space, without danger of upwarning to naturalists."

setting. A magnificent collection of antiques, be 2. Vast space is gained for luggage. longing to M. Lidman, a native of Swe 3. The carriage may be made m'ich den, was destroyed by the late fire at Con- shorter than usual. stantinople. In 1816, this collection was 4. Owing to this circumstance, as well pe.:ked up in eleven great chests, only one as to the height of the fore-wheels, the of which, containing an Egyptian mummy, draught is greatly diminished. has been saved from the general destruc A manuscript, in the hand-writing of tion. About eight hundred volumes, be- Tasso, has been purchased in Paris for the ing a collection of several classic authors, Grand Duke of Tuscany. It consists of a. in the ancient and modern languages, to bout fifty pages, containing pieces of poegether with a considerable number of Cop- try addressed to the great lords of his time, tic and Arabian manuscripts, which M. eminent writers, cardinals, ladies, and Lidman had obtained in course of his tra friends of the illustrious poet. From the vels in the East, were likewise lost. M. number of erasures, it appears that this Lidman has now arrived at Constantinople great poet was very familiar with the “ art. from Messina ; and instead of finding his of blotting."



very nearly ready; he will then proceed MR MONTGOMERY is preparing a new with the continuation. volume for the press, under the title of The Annual Biography and Obituary Greenland, and other Poems.

for 1819, being the third volume, is in the Mr Hazlitt's Lectures on the Comic press. It will contain, among other inteGenius and Writers of Great Britain, now resting articles, memoirs of the private delivering at the Surrey Institution, will life of her late Majesty, with an historical be published in a few days.

dissertation on the family of Mecklenburgh The third volume of Archdeacon Coxe's Strelitz ; an eloge of Sir Samuel Romilly, Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough illustrated by authentic notes concerning - will appear this month.

his family; a memoir of the late Mr An account is nearly ready of a Journey Dempster, with some original letters to a from Moscow to Constantinople, in the member of his Majesty's Privy Council ; a years 1817-18, by Wm. Macmichael, life and analysis of the impeachment of M.D. F.R.S. one of Dr Radcliife's tra. Mr Hastings; biographical notices of Dr velling fellows, from the university of Ox- Burney, Sir Thomas Bernard, Sir R. Croft, ford.

Mr Rose, Dr Cogan, founder of the Royal A work of Biblical Criticism on the Humane Society, Dr Adams, Rev. W. Books of the Old Testament, and transla Beloe; with an analytical account of their tions of sacred songs, with notes critical works, &c. and explanatory. By Samuel Horsley, The Transactions of the Literary SoLL.D.F.R.S. F.A.S. late Bishop of St ciety of Bombay are nearly ready for pubAsaph, is in the press.

lication, in one volume quarto, with nu. The Annals of Coinage of the United merous engravings. Kingdom, from the earliest record to the Mr Hogg, well known by the name of present time, by the Reverend Roger the Ettrick Shepherd, has for some time Ruding, has been delayed, in consequence been employed in collecting and arranging of the accession of much additional and for the press, the Jacobite Poetical Relics valuable information ; it will, however, be of Scotland, chiefly during the struggles published in the month of February, and in 1715 and 1745. They consist, for the be comprised in five octavo volumes, and a most part, of songs, many of which are quarto of plates, bringing the engraved se admirable specimens of sarcastic wit; but ries down to the recent issue of sovereigns they partake neither of the ancient heroic and crown pieces.

ballad, nor of the pastoral style of modern The fourth volume is nearly ready for times. publication of the Personal Narratives of Mr Rogers, author of the Pleasures of M. D. Humboldt's Travels to the Equi. Memory, has just announced a poem, ennoctial Regions of the New Continent, titled Human Life, which will appear in during the years 1799 and 1804 ; translat a few days. ed by Miss Williains, at Paris.

A new edition of Mortiiner's Commer. An interesting work is preparing for the cial Dictionary is preparing for publicapress, and in great forwardness, entitled, A tion, edited by several gentlemen in differBiographical Dictionary of the Worthies of ent departments. Ireland ; to comprise succinct and impar The Rev. Harvey Marriott, rector of tial sketches of the lives anıl characters of Claverton, has in the press, a second voeminent natives of Ireland, of every rank lume of a course of Family Sermons. and station, at any time celebrated, in their Early in February will be published, a own or other countries, for their genius, Defence of the Poor Laws, with a plan for the talents, or public virtues, in the various suppression of mendicity, and the establishdepartments of arms, politics, literature, ment of universal parochial benefit socie. sciences, and arts.

ties. By Mr S. Roberts. Mr Teissier has in the press, a Narra The Elements of Natural Philosophy, tive of the Operations of the Royalist Ar illustrated throughout by experiments mies in the Interior of France, in 1816; which may be performed without regular translated from the “ Panache d'Henri apparatus, are announced by James MitIV. ou les Phalanges Royales.”

chell, M. A. Dr Edward Percival is preparing for Mr Edwards, author of the First Prin. publication a series of Practical Observa- ciples of Algebra, is printing a Treatise on tions on the Pathology, Treatment, and the Latin and Greek Prosodies. Prevention of Typhus Fever.

The same author has in the press, a The Rev. P. Bliss will complete the old Course of Lectures on Philosophy and work of the Athenc Oxonienses, by the Chemistry; and a dissertation on Maxima publication of a fourth volume, which is and Minima.


Mr Rennel, Christian Advocate in the

EDINBURGH. University of Cambridge, and Vicar of Notes on a Visit made to some of the Kersington, has in the press, Remarks on Prisons in Scotland and the North of Eng. Scepticism, especially as it is connected with land, in company with Elizabeth Fry; the subject of Organization and Life, being with some General Observations on the an answer to some recent works both of Subject of Prison Discipline. By Joseph French and English Physiologists.

John Gurney. The Entomologist's Pocket Compen A System of Mineralogy. By Robert dium ; containing, an introduction to the Jameson ; Regius Professor of Natural Knowledge of British Insects; the Appa. History, Lecturer on Mineralogy, and ratus used, and the best means of obtaining Keeper of the Museum in the University and preserving them; the Genera of Lin- of Edinburgh. A new edition. né; together with the modern Method of The Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, arranging the Classes, Crustacea, Myria. or Quarterly Register of Natural Philosopoda, Spiders, Mites, and Insects, accord. phy, Chemistry, Natural History, Practie ing to their Affinities and Structure, after cal Mechanics, and the Fine and Useful the System of Dr Leach. Also, an Ex- Arts. No. I. Price 7s. Cd. to be published planation of the Terms used in Entomolo on the 1st April. gy; a Kalendar of the Time and Situa In presenting to the public the first tions where vsually found, of nearly 3000 Journal of Science that has appeared in Species; and Instructions for collecting this part of the kingdom, the editors trust and fitting up Objects for the Microscope. that it will be found to supply a desideraIllustrated with Twelve Plates. By George tum in Scottish literature. In order to give Samouelle, Associate of the Linnæan so. a full and correct view of the progress of ciety of London.

science in every part of the world, they Criminal Jurisprudence.-At a time have established a regular correspondence when the necessity of a digested arrange with the principal seats of science on the ment of our Civil and Criminal Laws, now continent, as well as with eminent in. scattered throughout an almost endless dividuals in America and the East Indies ; number of folios, quartos, and octavos, is and from the arrangements they have made rendered apparent to the most careless, as for interchanging the original communica. well as the most critical observer, it be- tions to their own journal, for those of sicomes an object of no mean importance to milar works abroad, the authors of new in. know what other nations have done in simi- ventions and discoveries will find it their in. lar cases. It is, therefore, with peculiar terest to make them public through the satisfaction that we announce the speedy medium of this journal. The editors will appearance of a careful, literal translation receive, with gratitude, short and authentic of the Penal Code of Napoleon. The notices, relative to every branch ot know. work will be out very early in February, ledge ; but they have resolved to exclude and will be calculated equally to interest all papers of a speculative nature, that do professional and general readers.

not contain new facts, or new views, found ed upon experiment and observation.



By George Chalmers, F.R.S.S.A. in two ASTRONOMY.

vols. 4to. L.3, 135. 6d. A COMPANION to the Globes. By R. Authentic Memoirs, Biographical, Cri. T. Linington. 12mo. 4s. 6d.

tical, and Literary, of the most eminent Evening Amusements, or the Beanties Members of the Medical Profession in of the Heavens displayed, for 1819. By England. 8vo. 16s. 6d. William Frend, Esq. M.A, 3s.

The Life of the Rev. David Brainer, BIOGRAPHY.

Missionary to the Indians. By Jonathan The Life of her Most Excellent Majes. Edwards. 8vo. 12s. ty the Queen. By Dr Watkins. Part I.

BOTANY. 8vo. 6s.

The Gencra of North American Plants, The Life of Mary Queen of Scots; and a Catalogue of the year 1817. By drawn from the state papers; with six sub

Thomas Nuttall, FL.S. sidiary memoirs : 1. Of the calumnies con

DIVINITY. cerning the Scottish Queen,-2. Memoirs of Francis 11.-3. Of J.ord Darnley,-4. Historical Memoirs of English Catholics, Of James, Earl Bothwell,-5. Of the Earl and Historical Minutes respecting the Irish of Murray,--6. Of Secretary Maitland. and Scottish Catholics since the Reforma.



tion. By Charles Butler, Esq. 2 vols. Gravel. By F. Magendie, M. D. 12mo. 80. L. I, 4s.

3s. 6d. Serir ons on the Parables and Miracles of Jesus Christ. By the Rev. E. W. Gren Historical, Military, and Picturesque field. 8vo. los

Observations on Portugal; illustrated by Sermons on the Union of Truth, Rea numerous Views, and Plans of Sieges and son, and Revelation, in the Doctrine of the Battles fought during the War in the PeEstablished Church of England and Ire- ninsula. 2 vols. imperial 4to. L. 15, 158. laod. By the Hon. and Rev. Edward John

MISCELLANEOUS. Tarnour, A.M. 8vo. 125.

The Prorress of Human Life, or Shak. Sermons, selected from the most emi. speare's Seven Ages of Man; illustrated Dent Divines of the 16th, 17th, and 18th by extracts in prose and pretry, for schools centuries. By the Rev. E. A. Bray. 8vo. and families. By John Evans, AM 6s. 10s. Gd.

Civilization; or, the Indian Chief and EDUCATION.

British Pastor. 3 vols. An Introduction to the Study of German

A Letter to all the Proprietors of DruryGrammar, with practical exercises. Ву

lane Theatre, excepting Peter Moore, Esq. Peter Edmund Laurent. 58.

being a Commentary on certain parts of an Enchiridion Lyricum, or a Guide to

anonymous Pamphlet, called “ A brief Lyric Verse. Composed for the use of Review," &c. By S. J. Arnold, Esq. a schools. By the Rev. J. Hill. 38.

Proprietor. A Grammar of the finglish Language. Restriction Act, and a Plan suggested for

Dangers of an entire Repeal of the Bank By W. Cobbett. 12mo. 2s. Cd.

An Astronomical Catechism; or, Dia. obviating them. By John Wray, Esq. 8vo. logues between a Mother and her Daughs. Is. 6d. ter. 8vo. L. 1, Is.

Four numbers have appeared of a new cheap periodical work, entitled the British

Magazine, chiefly devoted to the interests An Account of the History and Present of the Society for the Promotion of PerState of Galvanism. By John Bostock, manent and Universal Peace ; the Society M.D. F.R.S. 8vo. 75.

for Diffusing Information on the subject HISTORY.

of Capital Punishment; and the Society The History of the City of Dublin, from for the improvement of Prison Discipline, the earliest Accounts to the Present Time; and for the Reformation of Juvenile Offend. containing its annals, antiquities, ecclesias- ers. tical history, and charters ; its present ex Lynn's Improved System of Telegraphic tent, public buildings, schools, institutions, Communication, adapted to General Ser. &c. By the late John Warburton, Esq; vice. 12mo. 10s. 6d. the late Rev. James Whitelaw; and the An Essay on the Nature of Heat, Light, Rev. Robert Walsh, M.R.I.A. 2 vols. and Electricity. Ry C. €. Bompass. 8vo. 40. L. 5, 5s, on large paper, L. 8, 8s. 75.

Political and Literary Anecdotes of his Regales Ceremoniæ; or an Account o own Times. By Dr Wm. King. 8vo. the Ceremonies observed at the Interment & 6.

of Queen Caroline and King George il. A Genealogical History of the English with an Account of the Processions at the Sovereigns, from William I. to George III. Accession, Marriage, and Coronation of By W. Toplis. 4to. 16s.

their Majestics George the Third and MATHEMATICS.

Queen Charlotte. 8vo. 6s. A Treatise on Spherics ; comprising the elements of spherical geometry, and of Sophia, or the Dangerous Indiscretion ; plane and spherical trigonometry, together a tale, founded on facts. 3 vols. 16s. 6d. with a series of trigonometrical tables By Edward Wortley, or the Exile of ScotD. Cresswell, M.A. 78.

land. 3 vols. 1210. 18s. The First Principles of Algebra, design The Physiognomist; a novel. By the ed for the Use of Students. By T. w. c. author of 's The Bachelor and the MarriEdwards, M. A. 8vo. 6s.

ed Man." 3 vols. 12mo. los. Od. A Key to the latest edition of Dr Hut Castles in the Air, or the Whims of my ton's Course of Mathematics. By Daniel Aunt; a novel. By the authoress of Dowling, of the Mansion-house, Highgate.“ Dunethvin, or Visit to Paris.” 3 vols. 3 vols. 8vo. L. 1, 4s.

12mo. 15s. MEDICINE.

The Bard of the West, commonly cal. Transactions of the Association of Fela led Eman Acknuck, or Ned of the Hills ; lows and Licentiates of the King's and an Irish historical romance, founded on Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland. facts of the seventh century. By Mrs 178 4d. in one thick vol. 8vo.

Peck. 3 vols. 12mo. 158. Physiological and Medical Researches on Undine ; a fairy romance, translated the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of from the Original German of Baron de la



Motte Fouque. By George Lorne, A.B. 2. Mémoires et Correspondance de Ma. 12mo. 5s. 6d.

dame D'Epinay. Principles and Passion. 2 vols. 10s. 3. Proposals for an Economical and Se

A Year and a Day. By Madame Pa cure Currency. By David Ricardo, Esq. nache, author of “ Manners.” 2 vols. --An Essay on Money. By C. R. Prin12mo. 12s.

sep, Esq. Charenton, or the Follies of the Age, a 4. Letters from the Hon. Horace WalPhilosophical Romance. By M. De Lour- pole to George Montagu, Esq. From the doueix. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

year 1736 to 1770. Frances, or the Two Mothers; a tale. 3 5. Histoire des Cortes d'Espagne. Par vols. 12mo. 15s.

M. Sempere, de l'Academie de l'Histoire Lucilla, or the Reconciliation. 2 vols. de Madrid, &c. 12mo. 10s.

6. Travels in Canada and the United

States, in 1816 and 1817. By Lieutenant The Poetical Remains of the late Dr Francis Hall.-Journal of Travels in the John Leyden, with a memoir of his life. United States of North America, and in By the Rev. James Morton. One vol. Lower Canada, performed in the year 8ov.

1817, &c. &c. By John Palmer.-A NarSpecimens of the British Poets, with rative of a Journey of Five Thousand biographical and critical notices ; to :which Miles through the Eastern and Western is prefixed, an introduction to the study of States of America ; contained in eight réEnglish poetry. By Thomas Campbell, ports, &c. With Remarks on Mr Birk. Esq. 7 vols. crown 8vo.

beck's “ Notes" and " Letters." By Henry The Dream of Youth ; a poem. 4s. 6d. Bradshaw Fearon.-Travels in the Interior

The Widow of the City of Nain ; and of America, in the years 1809, 1810, and other poems. By an Under-Graduate of 1811, &c. &c. By John Bradbury, F.L.S. the University of Cambridge. 8vo. 5s. 6d. Lond.

Night; a descriptive poem, in four 7. Rapport presenté à S. M. l'Empereur books. 8vo. 7s.6d.

Alexandre, par S. E. M. le Comte de Capo London, or the Triumph of Quackery; d'Istria, sur les Etablissemens de M. de a satirical poem. By Tim Bobbin, the Fellenberg à Hofwyl, en Octobre 1814.younger. 8vo. 3s.

Rapport sur l'Institut d'Education des Johny Newcome in the Navy, a poem Pauvres d'Hofwyl; redigé par M. A. in four cantos. By Alfred Burton. 8vo. Rengger, &c.—Lettre de M. Ch. Pictet à L. 1, Is.

ses Collaborateurs de la Bibliothéque BriThe Angler, a poem, in ten cantos, with tannique sur les Etablissemens de M. Fel. proper Instructions in the Art, Rules to lenberg, &c.-Lettre de M. Gautheron à choose Fishing-rods, Lines, Hooks, &c. M. Ch. Pictet de Genèva, sur la Fete celefc. 8vo. 10s. Od.

bré à Hofwyl le 23 Mai 1807.-Vues reTOPOGRAPHY.

latives à l'Agriculture de la Suisse, et aux A Graphic and Historical Description

Moyens de la perfectionner, par Emanuel

Fellenberg of the City of Edinburgh ; comprising a series of Views of its most interesting re

8. Plan of Parliamentary Reform, in the mains of antiquity, public buildings, and Form of a Catechism ; with reasons for picturesque scenery:

The drawings are

each article ; with an Introduction, showmade by J. and H. s. Storer, who will ing the Necessity of Radical, and the Ina. likewise engrave the plates. No. 1. con. dequacy of Moderate Reform. By Jeremy

Bentham, Esq. tains four highly finished plates. 2s.6d.'

9. Returns of Prosecutions and ConvicA Classical Tour through Italy and Si. eily, tending to illustrate some districts tions for Forging Notes of the Bank of which have not been described by Mr Eui England, from 1783 to 1818.

10. Travels from Vienna through Lowstace, in his classical tour. By Sir Richard Colt Hoare, Bart. 4to. L. 2, 2s.

er Hungary; with some Remarks on the Hakewill's Views in Italy, illustrative

State of Vienna during the Congress, in of Addison, Eustace, Forsyth, &c. No.

the year 1814. By Richard Bright, M.D. III.

11. A Complete Collection of State Trials Annals of Parisian Topography. By ther Crimes and Misdemeanours, from the

and Proceedings for High Treason and othe Rev. W. P. Greswell. 8vo. 14s. A Second Memoir on Babylon. By C.

earliest period to the year 1783 ; with

Notes and other Illustrations. J. Rich, Esq. royal 8vo. 8s.

Compiled by T. B. Howell, Esq. F.R.S. F.S.A.;

with a Continuation to the present time by EDINBURGH.

his Son, T. J. Howell, Esq. The Edinburgh Review, or Critical Jour 12. The Bible, not the Bible Society : nal, No. 61, containing,

being an Attempt to point out that Mode ! 1. The History of British India. By of Disseminating the Scriptures, which James Mill, Esq.

would most effectually conduce to the są

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