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sence, observing that, as they had been the at the early age of 36 years, his country is ruin of him, he would prevent them injur. deprived of a brave soldier, and society of ing any one hereafter.

six respected and amiable individuals. At Massulipatam, in the house of James Lieutenant-Colonel David Roberts, for0. Tod, Esq. Judge and Chief Magistrate merly of the life guards, but last of the there, on the 5th November 1818, Lieu. 51st regiment of infantry, in his 63d year, tenant Alexander D. Coull, of the Madras at Havre-de Grace, in Normandy, whither artillery, son of James Coull, Esq. of Ash- he had retired in the hope of recruiting his grove, in the county of Moray. This health, shattered as was his frame by a long young gentleman, cut off in his twenty-se- life of the severest military duty in various venth ycar, particularly distinguished him- parts of the world, and by the many and self at the storming of Nagpore, where he dangerous hurts he had received in actual received a gunshot wound in the neck, service. At Lugo, while under the comwhich proved the occasion of his death. mand of Sir John Moore, Colonel Roberts, He was much esteemed and beloved by his then acting as Brigade Major to General brother officers, who have erected a monu. Leith, was wounded in the right hand, ment to his memory in the chapel ground which it was found necessary to have anat Massulipatam, where his body was in- putated. On his recovery, he tred the terred with military honours.

path of glory under the Duke of Welling. At Hastings, Colonel Herries. This ton, and was present at most of the serious gentleman has commanded the light horse affairs in the Peninsula. At the battle or volunteers near forty years.

Bidassoa he was unfortunately struck in At Peckham, Mrs Blackwool, relict of the back with a musket-bullet, which, longShovel Blackwood, Esq. of Petreavie. ing beneath the shoulder-blade, remained

At St Bernard's, Jamima, fourth daugh- unextracted to the hour of his death.. ter of Mr Archd. Lundie, wiiter to the sig. At Arkleton, near Langholm, after 47

illness of three weeks, John Jardine, Esq. At London, after a long and painful ill. The partiality of surviving friends aften ness, Edith, wife of Francis Law of Lau- tempts them to exaggerate the merits of riston, Esq. in the county of Mid-Lothian. the departed, but in the present instance

At the great age of 106 years, Duncan there is no room ; Mr Jardine was a man Macrae, in Bogbain, near Inverness. His of the most amiable disposition ; faithful, brother Alexander died in the same place, sincere, and honourable in bis dealings, several years ago, at nearly the same age. disinterested in his views, and open in his

At Weymouth, aged 82, Robert Bayard, conduct; with feelings particularly alive to Esq. of Bath. He is supposed to be the the misfortunes of his fellow creatures, be last surviving officer wlio fought under the was always ready, as far as lay in his pow. command of the brave General Wolf, at cr, to alleviate the sufferings of the disthe battle of Quebec, in the year 1759, and tressed. His loss will be long and sincerewas ncar him when he fell.

ly regretted by a numerous circle of friends In the neighbourhood of Luss, Archibald and acquaintances, and will be particularly Glen, labourer, aged upwards of 90. His felt by the poor in his own immediate father, Janues Glen, commonly called the neighbourhood, in whose hearts his many “ Glasgan," and John (Bearnack) Colqu. private charities, and the exercise of cote houn, two notorious characters, belonged virtues which constitute the character of a to a party of twelve men raised by the truly good man, has served to raise and es. Laird of Luss, in aid of the persecution, tablish a fair and lasting monument to his and served under the bloody “ M·Aulay,” memory, which will never be forgotten. of Ardincaple, in that unhappy period of At Edinburgh, in the C5th year of his bigotry and oppression.

age, Dr Ingling formerly minister or' KirkAt Vienna, after a severe illness, in the mabreck. 41st year of his agc, Prince M. de Lich At St John's Lodge, Herts, General tenstein, Field Marshal and Lieutenant- Sir Cornelius Cuyler, Bart. Governor of General in the service of Austria.

Kinsale, and Colonel of the 69th regiment Cæsar Colclough Armett, Esq. Major of foot. in his Majesty's 3.5th regiment of foot, and At Holmwood, near Henley, aged 17, a Licutenant-Colonel in the army. He ac- Ensign Korr, Both toot, eldest son of Lord companied his reuiinent, in which he serv Mark Kerr. ed upwards of twenty years, to Egypt, Si. At Jamaica, Mr William Grant, third soa cily, France, and the Greek islands, where of the Rev. William Grant, Sanday, Orkney. he remained a cousiderable time, and was Lost, on bis voyage bone from Quebee, present at several engagements with that Captain Areh. Moore of Seabank, RotheLlistinguished corps. His regiment say. From some line that were washunder orders for Canada, he, with his wife ed on shore, having his name marked og and four children, embarked on board the them, it is understood his ship was wreck. packet from Bristol to Cork, which unhap- ed in the river St Lawrence, and that all pily foundered in a gale of wind, and thus, on board perished.

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a, 454

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AGENDEEN, motion of Lord Archibald are yet but in a state of infancy in Bri.

Hamilton regarding, lost in the House of tain, 289
Commons, 366

Ashantee, interesting particulars regarding
Aecident in a coal pit, near Paisley, 33 the kingdom of, 432

--, singular one, 368_Melancholy Assembly, General, proceedings of, 569
ones in the Frith of Forth, 567-8 Autumnal Excursion, the, remarks on, 319
Africa notice of Bowditch's travels in, 168 Baden, death of the Grand Duke of, 78

-His mission to Ashantee, 432-Ra. Baffin's Bay, account of Ross's voyage to,
vages of the plague in, 563-Insurrec 329
tion of the Caffres, ib.

Balsam found in Spain, singular effects of
Agency of spirits, opinion of the middling
classes of Scotland in the 17th century Bank of England, resolutions for its re-
on the, 225

sumption of payments in cash, 565, 566
Agricultural Reports, 89, 185, 279, 378, Bank notes, notice of plans for the im-
473, 577

provement of, 259
Alloa, account of the mecting of the Shake. restriction act, on the repeal of the,
speare club there, 398, 545

43_Report of Parliamentary Commit.
America, United States of, opening of Con tees on the, 461

gress, and president's speech, 79—- Review Bankrupts, lists of English and Scotch, 93,
of Warden's account of, 149- Advantages 189, 283, 302, 477, 581
tlerived from English parentage, 150— Bastile, anecdote of the, 324
Lakes and rivers, 151--Minerals, 152- Bay of Islands, account of a visit to, 309
Commerce, 153_Political situation, 155 Beil, Peter, a poem ascribed to Words-
- Population of New York, 169 Trial worth, remarks on, 425 - Another Peter
of two British subjects who were shot by Bell, 427
order of General Jackson, 173_-Treaty Belzoni, M. notice of, 452
with and Great Britain regarding boun. Berry, Captain, particulars of his late visit
daries and fisheries, 266_Obtain the to New Zealand, 304, 403
Floridas from Spain, 363_Proceedings Biographical sketch of the life of M. Von
of Congress regarding the execution of Kotzebuc, 509
Arbuthnot and Ambrister, ib.-Deci. Birds, on the singing of, 17—Its unifor-
sion at New York of a case arising out mity among the same species in the most
of the non-intercourse act, 563

distant countries, 19_-The motives which
American water-burner, notice of an in. induce them to sing, 20-No large fowl
vention so called, 35

known to sing, 21
Amusements, public ones in Britain, jour. Births, lists of, 13, 190, 204, 383, 478, 582
dal of, 370, 468, 571

and funerals, superstitious customs
Ancient and modern ladies, a song, 318 of the Scottish peasantry at, 219
Anecdote of the Bastile, 324

Bombay, temperatures there, 166-Popu-
Anecdotes of the Peninsular war, by a pria pulation of, 167

vate soldier, 344—And of the battle of Bonaparte, anecdotes of his campaign of
Waterloo, 346

1809, 429
of Bonaparte's campaign of 1809, Bowditch, Mr, review of his mission to

Ashantee, 432
Antar, a Bedoueen romance, review of, Boxing maich between Spring and Carter,

Appointments, promotions, &c. 81, 182, Boyd, Zachary, original letter of, 241'
276, 373, 471, 575

Britain, fine arts only in their infancy in,
Arbuthnot and Ambrister, two English 289%Causes of the late commercial eni-

men, tried and shot by an American ye barrassments in, 337
neral, 173— Proceedings of the Ameri. British Legislation, 180, 274
can Congress, regarding, 363

army, official returns of the strength
Arctic Highlands in Baffin's Bay, account of, 273
of the, 332

Poets, review of Campbell's Speci.
Army, British, official returns of the, 268, mens of, 248

Essayists, on the declining popula-
Arts of painting and sculpture, why they rity of the, 538

&c. 70


Brown, Dr Thomas, review of his Emily Conflagration in Switzerland, 362
and other poems, 160

Congress of Vienna, remarks on a poetical
Brunton, the late Mrs, on the character piece entitled the, 423

and writings of, 45_On her novel of Considerations on the proposed repeal on
Emmeline, 444-_Memoir of her life, the usury laws, 233-1
48) Letter of to Miss Joanna Baillie, Conspiracy, trial in London for, 367
40 Lines written by, 489--Her fatal Corporal punishment, on its use in public
forebodings of death, 490

schools, 36
Burgundy, letter-patent of the Duchess of, Court of Session, proceedings in, 81-D-
in 1445, 140

provements in the Outer House, 567..
Burns, the poet, commemoration of at Craignethan Castle, its supposed identity

Edinburgh, 261-Proposed monument with Tillitudiem in the tale of Old Ma.
to at Edinburgh, 466

tality, 138, 525
Calcutta. shipping at the port of, 468

Lady Mary o' an old balla,
Caledonian Horticultural Society, proposal 52.-Notes on, 526
of for establishing a botanical garden, Creduiity, remarkable instance of, 463

Crib, Tom, remarks on his Memorial to
Campaign of Bonaparte in 1809, anecdotes

Congress, 300
of, 420

Crimes and offences tried at the Mid Bailer.
Campbell, Thomas, review of his Speci London, 179_Increase of, 367
mens of British Poets, 248

Criminal law and punishment of death.
Carlisle, distresses of the weavers of, 570 view of the progress of opinion on the
Catholic claims rejected in House of Com 195_Parliamentary committee appoios
a majority of two, 462

ed to revise the, 268
Caucasus, account of the Scottish mission- * Curiosity, singular one at Glenlyon, Perth.
aries therc, 323

shire, 541
Churches, new, where wanted in Scotland, Cursory remarks on poets and poetry, 228

Dante, remarks on his poem Interno, 3
Ceremonial of Eastern Courts, remarks on Dead bodies, trial for the crime of raising,
the, 327

Ceylon, rebellion of the natives of, crush- Deaths, lists of, 95, 190, 285, 385, 480, 584
ed, 362

Death, progress of opinion on the punish-
Chalmers, Dr, remarks on sermons of, 242 ment of, 195
Chancery, amount of effects belonging to Discipline of a parish school in 1640, 231
suitors in, 464

Discovery, singular one, 464***
Clergy of Scotland, secular employments Dissenters, Scottish, proposed union be

of, reprobated in the Court of Session, tween the two leading parties of, 325
568_Case in the General Assembly re- Douglas, Gawin, remarks on his trazsta.
garding, 569

tion of Virgil's Æneid, 99
Climate, remarks on, 14]

Dramatists, essays on the early English,
Clyde, the Vale of, a poem, 522

127, 348, 409
Coal pit, rescue of two men who had been Dreamer, the, 543

immured in one for ten days, 33 Drowning, extraordinary escape from, 109
Cochrane, Lord, his arrival in South Ame. Dumfries, remarkable trial for 'murder

rica, 363-Takes the command of the there, 466
Chili squadron, ib.

Duncan's Letters on Savings Banks, revier!
Commercial Reports, 91, 187, 281, 380, of, 246
475, 579

Dutch herring fishery, remarks on the, 106
4 embarrassments of the coun« Dye, discovery of a new yellow one, 7%
try, observations on the, 337—How they Eastern courts, on the ceremonial of,
must be reinoved, 339

Commons, House of, appoint a committee Edinburgh, riot-at the execution of a eti.

to consider the affairs of the bank. 176 minal there, and shocking circunstances
Discussions in, on the King's establish attending it, 49 Cominemoration of
ment at Windsor, 177, 268_Finance Burns at, 269_Destructive fire at, 270
statements in, 207–Appoint a comunit On the exhibition of anrient paintings
tee to revise the criminal code, 268 in, 289_Increase of buildings in 5!
„Bills regarding the poor laws, 365-Re -Execution of George Warlen there,'
port of committee on the bank restric 463_Donations to the College Max
tion, 462-Reject Catholic claims by a

of, 555
majority of two, ib.-Reject motion for

novels, review of, 6o
doing away state lottery, ib.--Appoint Education Committee, and the Quarterly
committee to consider of Scotch burgh Review, remarks on the, 224
reform, ib.-Carry resolution in favour dio, modern, of the middling caces,
of cash payments by the bank, 507, i remarks on, 314
566-Reject motion for a comunittee on Egypt, exertiods of the Pacha to estere
the state of the nation, 566.

the commerce of, 503


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Eleonora, the Princess, daughter of King sity, 451_Turbulent spirit of the uni : I

James I. of Scotland, account of, 206 versity students in, 459-Public libraries
Embarrassments, commercial, causes of the of, 566

late, 337_How to be removed, 339 Giesecke's Greenland Museum, notice of,
Emigration to America, extent of, 465 355
Emmeline, a novel, by the late Mrs Brun- Glasgow, state of in 1692 and 1815, 14 A
ton, reinarks on, 44

Glenlyon, Perthshire, singular curiosity
England, Hazlitt's lectures on the comic there, 541

genius of, Lecture 11.12-Lecture IV. Good Hope, Cape of, insurrection of the
143Lecture V. 146

Caffres against the Government of, 563
English dramatic writers, on those who Gottingen, narrative of transactions there :

proceded Shakespeare, 127, 348, 409 during 1818, which led to the dispersion
Epidemic tever, on the prevailing, 5332 of a great part of the students, 394-
Eskimaux, discovery of a tribe of, hitherto Riotous conduct of the students, 396,

unknown, 330_ Their notions of reli. 514-Rebellious edict, and resolutions
gion, and a future state, 333_Their of the students, 518
sledges, ib

Greece, modern, progress of science and li-
Essayists, British, on their declining popu terature in, 452
larity, 538

Gurney on Prison Discipline, review of, 156
Execution of Robert Johnston at Edin. Hamilton, Lord Archibald, his motion for

burgh, 49_Of George Warden, 463 a committee on the cottish burghs car-
Of John W Niel at Ayr, 569

ried against ministers, 462
Exhibition of ancient paintings in Edin- Hastings, Marquis of, his reply to address

burgh, remarks on the, 289--Beneficial of the inhabitants of Calcutta, 79
in promoting the advancement of the Hazlitt, Mr, nis lectures on the comic gea
fine arts, 251

nius of England—3. Cowley, Buller,
Explosion of a powder mill at Hounslow, Suckling, &c, 12-Historical illustra.'

tions of Shakespeare by, 39–4. Wycher-
Faney dictating to philosophy, curious in- : ly, Corgreve, Vanbrugh, and Parquhar,!
stance of, 119

143-5. Periodical essayists, 140
Fever, the present epidemic, remarks on · Helena, St, lines on, 425, o

some recent publications on, 532 Yerculaneum, state of the manuscripts
Fine arts, why only in a state of infancy in found there, 453
Britain, 289

Herring fishery, the Dutch, remarks on,
Fire, destructive one in Edinburgh, 270 106
One at Savannah, 461-One at Chris.

-, Scottish, historical notices
tiana, in Norway, 562-Dreadful one at of the, 216
Norfolk, Virginia, 563

Historical illustrations of Shakespeare, 39
offices, duties paid to government by

view of the progress of opinion
the, 307

on the criminal law, &c. 195
Floridas, East and West, ceded by Spain

notices of the Scottish herring
to the United States, 363

fishery, 216
Forgery of bank notes, trials in London Humboldt, Count, on the laws which gn.
for, 80, 178_Address of a London jury vern the distribution of vegetables, 550
on the increase of trials for, 178

Hurricanes, ravages of one at Jamaica, 174
France, formation of a new ministry in, -Account of one at Madras, 460-and

78_Exertions of the Royalists of against at the Mauritius, 562
the measures of ministry, 301-Creation Hydrophobia, fatal effects of, 369
of new Peers to counteract their influ. Hygrometer and simpiesometer, - notice of
ence, ib. Public libraries, of, 107-Trial Mr Adie's, 259
for a conspiracy against the life of the Hygrometry, and meteorological observa-,
Duke of Wellington, 562

tions, remarks on, 10
Friendly societies, case regarding, 367 Jamaica, ravages of a hurricane there, 174
Galvanism, extraordinary experiments in, Java, temarkable mineral spring in, 353

Jerusalem, visit of the Archbishop of, to
Ganges, notice of a survey of the heads of England, 454
the, 453

Indies, East, address of the inhabitants of
General Assembly, proceedings of, 509 Calcutta to the Governor-General, and
Geography for the use of schools, review his reply, 79.-Progress of translations of
of First Book of, 251

the Scriptures in the, 166_Population
Georgia, severity of the winter thcre, 460. of Bombay, 167_Notice respecting high
Germany, assassination of M. Kotzebue hy mountains in the, 453_State of the ar-
a young student; 361-Religious and my in the, 400-Shipping of Calcutta,
political fanaticisin in, 302-Account of -468
the transactions in Gottingen during the Inferno, Dante's, remarks on, 3
summer of 1848, 304, 514 Istablish-- Inscription for a hermitage, 402_For a
inent of a new Royal Prussian Univer cave on the north coast, ib.,

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son, 336

Interesting narrative of a British soldier, Lords, House of, chimney sweepers' bill
340.–Storming of Monte Video, 343– thrown out by, 364_Reject motion in
Retreat to Corunna, 344_Walcheren favour of the Catholics, 564
expedition, 345Attack of Fuentes de Lovat, Lord, original letters of, 239

Honore, 346-Battle of Waterloo, ib. Madras, hurricane there, 460
Joe, an English story, 403

Manuscript notes, from an interleaved
Johnston, Robert, riot and shocking cir. book of travels, 529

cumstances at the execution of at Edin- Marriages, lists of, 94, 190, 284, 384, 479,
burghi, 49

Italy, literary and scientific notices con. Memoir of the late Mrs Brunton, 485
cerning, 461

Mermaid, the, a Scottish ballad, 400
Justiciary, High Court of, proceedings of Meteorological reports, 88, 184, 278, 377,

the, 82, 178_ Report of the Lord Ad 473, 577
vocate on the occurrences which took Mineral spring, remarkable one in Java,
place at the execution of Johnston, 178 353
Farther proceedings of, 179, 269, 367, Miniature volcano in the West Indies,

Circuit Courts of, proceedings at Miracle, modern, singular relation of ,
the, 466

Kean, Mr, on his performance of Othello, Missionaries of Caucasus, account of the,

King, Dr William, review of his Anec- Modern education of the middling elasses,
dotes of his own Times, 55

remarks on, 314
(nowledge, probable effects of the increase Monte Video, account of the imbabitants
of, on the condition of society, 22-Dif of, by a British soldier, 343
fusion of, detrimental to the happiness of Monument, national, proposed one for
the lower ranks of society, 121-Un Scotland, 178, 269
hinges their religious principles, 125

proposed in memory of Thom.
Kotzebue, M. Augustus de, assassinated at
Manheim, 361.--Biographical sketch of

- Sir
the life of, 509

William Wallace, 368
Ladies, young, of Scotland, bad effects of

the modern system of education on those 466
of the middling classes, 316

Mortality bill of Paris for 1817, 71
Ladies, ancient and modern ; a new song,

London, 81: 11

Mungo Park, interesting particulars re-
Lakes, letters from the, 202

garding the death of, 439
Lawrence, St, account of a wreck and es. Murder, shocking one in Renfrewshire,

cape from drowning aiuong the rapids
of, 109

remarkable trial for, at Dumfries,
Letter from Spain, 422

Letters from the Lakes, No. I. 202 Museum, London, sale of the, 4521
Letters, original, of Lord Lovat and Zach. Narrative, extraordinary one, of an escape
ary Boyd, 239

from drowning, 100% Interesting one of
Letters from London, by an Islander, 389, a soldier of the 71st regiment, 340.

491-Answer to them, written from National religion, remarks on, 154
Skye, 495

National monument, proposed one in Soot,
Leyden, Dr John, remarks on the life and land, 178, 2691
poetical remains of, 414

Natural history, poetical uses of, 113
Libraries, public ones, of Germany, 556- Naval fete, grand one in Leith roads, 369
Of France, 557

North-west passage, Captain Ross's voyage
Light, phenomenon of, 127

in search of a, 329

Opinion against its
Lightning, account of a recovery from a existence, 334
stroke of, 536

Notes, - manuscript, from an interleaved
Lines on seeing the sun set from Arthur's book of travels, 529
Seat, 165

Observations on the commercia) embarrassa
Literary and scientific intelligence, 70, 166, ments of the country, 337
259, 353, 451, 555

Oil spring discovered in America, 455
Literary curiosities, notice of, 354

Old Mortality, localities of some of the
Literature, oriental, on the neglect of, 297 scenes mentioned in the tale of, 136
Lithography, observations on, 447

Optics, notice of a new discovery in, 355
Lochlomond, on some proposed alterations Oriental literature, on the neglect of, 297

Original letters of Lord Lovat and Zach-
London, deaths in, in 1818, 81-Remarka. ary Boyd, 239 103,

ble fog in, 82-Receipts of theatres in, Othello, on the performance of, by Mr
168 Letters from, by an Islander, 389,

Kean, 209
491-Sale of the museum, 452-An Painting and sculpture, arts of, only in their
swer to the islander's letters from, 495 infancy in Britain 289



on, 241

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