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9. In Queen Street Edinburgh, Mts 20. At Stonehouse Chapel, Plymouth, Hume, a son.

Major W. Read, permanent Assistant -Mrs Hopkirk, Northumberland Street, Quarter-Master-General, to Lydia, second Edinburgh, a son.

daughter of the late Francis Douglas, Esq. 10. Mrs Baillie of Jerviswoode, a daugha, royal navy,

21. At Dalteath, county of Derry, ThoAt London, Lady James Stuart, at mas Walker, Esq. of the Scots Greys, to daughter

Constantia Francis Anne, eldest daughter 12. At Lanark, Mrs Steele, wife of John of J. C. Beresford, Fsq. Steele, weaver, was safely delivered of three At Belton Church, in Holderness, fine boys, who, with their mother, are like Yorkshire, John Laing, M. D. surgeon in ly to do well.

Dumfries, to Miss Christina Elizabeth At Stockton on Tees, Lady Char. Gibb, both of Forfarshire. lotte Macgregor Murray, a son.

22. At Farr, Hugh Ross, Esq. of Kilra13. At Bower, Wick, Mrs Smith, a son. vock, to Miss Catharine M'Intosh, young

14. At Ruchill, the lady of H. Maclean, est daughter of J. M'Intosh, Esq. of Parr. Esq. jun. of Coll, a daughter.

29. At Kinclaven, the Rev. John Craig, At Aberdeen, the lady of Dr J. C. Kinkell, to Catherine, only daughter of the Ogilvie, a daughter.

Rev. James Pringle, Kinclaven. 17. At Stonehouse, near Plymouth, the May 3. The Earl of Buckinghamshire lady of Sir John Gordon Sinclair, a daugh- to Miss Glover of Keppel Street, Russel

Square, London. 18. Mrs Arthur Miller Rose, London, a 10. At Hampton Court, Middlesex, John

Kirkland, Esq. eldest son of John Kirk. · A: Skedbush, Mrs Crichton, a daugh- land, Esq. of Glasgow, to Augusta Eliza

beth, eldest daughter of the late Major Ge: 24. Her Royal Highness the Duchess of neral John A. Vesey. Kent, a Princess.

13. At London, the Earl Temple to 25. At Edinburgh, the lady of John' Lady Campbell, eldest daughter of the Stewart, Esq. a daughter,

Earl and Countess of Breadalbane. 97. At Broomhill House, Mrs Bruce, a At London, the Hon. Richard New daughter.

ville, son of Lord Braybrooke, to Lady Mrs Dundas, Albany Street, Edin- Jane Cornwallis, daughter of the Marquis burgh, a son.

Cornwallis, At No. 13, Dundas Street, Edin. 15. At North Cheam, Captain Bachanan, burghz Mrs A. Gillespie of Sumyside, a sod. R. N. to Matilda, second daughter of James

Lately-A¢ Edinburgh, Countess Flae Dalbiac, Esq. and grand-daughter to the hault, a daughter.

late Edward Barnard, Esq. of Froome, SoA few days since, a farmer's wife at Bal- mersetshire. lydine was delivered of five female children, 20. At Clerkseat, William Strattan, Esq. three of whom are living. Clonmel He to Mary, eldest daughter of Thomas Black, ralt. Wir

Esq. of Watridgemuir. At his house, in Upper Berkely Street, 24. At Glasgow, Mr Robert Auld, maLondon, the lady of the Hon. Warwick pufacturer, Saltcoats, to Jane Mercer, Lake, a daughter.

daughter of Mr James Findlay, accountant there.

25. At Glasgow, Mr Charles Playfair, Oct. 24, 1818. At Trinchinopoly, Captain merchant, to Miss Mary Kennedy. Edward James Foote, 7th Madras native in. Lately-Sandford Graham, Esq. M. P. fantry, and Quarter- Master of Brigade, to only son of Sir James Graham, Bart. M. P. Anne, eldest daughter of the late Peter for Carlisle, to Carolina, third daughter of Begbie, Esq. of the Stump Office, Long John Longston, Esq. of Şarsdon House,

Oxfordshire. Nov. , of the civil Service , eldest son of James rine, eldest daughter

of the Rev. Alexander

. Dewar, Esq. of Vogrie, to Miss Emily Fraser, one of the ministers of Inverness. Dyer, youngest daughter of the late Gene At London, Henry St John Georges, Esq. ral Dyer.

of the 19th lancers, to Mary Ann, eldest March 26,1819. At Biggar, John Minto, daughter of the late David Mitchell, Esq. for 53years carrier on the road between Glas "Woodbine Parish, jun. Esq. son of the gow, Biggar, and Edinburgh, to Kathe. Chairman of the Board of Excise in Scotrine Ritchie. The bridegroom was 73, the land, to Amelia, only daughter of Leonard bride 53, and the bridegroom's eldest son, Becher Morse, Esq. of Norwood. by a foriner marriage 43 years of


At Cork, Captain Thomas Hobbs, 924 April 14. At Cadiz, Mr Daniel Mac- Highlanders, to Margaret, third daughter pherson of Inverncs6 to Miss Josepha Her of Simpson Hacket, Esq. Rivers Towl mas of Cadiz.


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At Dusseldorf, Lieutenant-General Ba. branch of the Sliochd-Tigh lan-Duibh, of ron Hompesch, of the British service, to the Keppock family. I 1 the Countess Isabella of Nesselrode Free 12. At Aberdeen, in the 56th year of his hoven.'

age, Mr George Ronald, for the last twenty years landlord of the Lemon-tree Tavern.

13. At Kingsbarns, Mr William Leslie, June 1818. At sea, on his passage from farmer in Cessnock, aged 70 years. Bengal to the Cape of Good Hope, Captain At Greenend, near Edinburgh, the Donald Macleod, of the Bengal artillery Rev. John Clunie, minister of Borthwick. service, eldest son of the late Roderick 14. Lieutenant-Colonel P. Warden, of Macleod, D.D. Principal of King's Col. the Bombay Establishment. lege, Aberdeen.

15. At Aberdeen, Mrs Christian Baxter, Oct. 18. At Dinapore, East Indies, Cap- of Glassel, relict of the late William Aberá tain Peter Young, of the 12th regiment, dein, Esq. in the 81st year of her age. Bengal native infantry, and late Major of At Gladfield, Ross-shire, Hugh Ross, Brigade to the forces under Sir David Och- Esq. of Aldie and Gladfield. terlony.

17. At Forres, Mr A. M*Intosh, met. Nov. At Calcutta, Andrew Johnston chant. Henderson, in the 23d year of his age, As At Hawick, Mr F. Tudhope, earrier, sistant-Surgeon of the Marchioness of Ely aged 83. He had traveiled between HaEast Indiaman, son of the Rev. John Hen- wick and Berwick for upwards of 68 years, derson, minister of Queensferry, a young and assisted in the carriage of goods for the man of promising hopes. With good ta- army in 1745. lents, cultivated by a liberal education, he 18. At Dundee, Mrs Barbara Kirkaldy, made attainments which rendered him es. relict of the late Colonel John Crow. timable in the line of his profession, and Alexander Pitcairn, Esq. he possessed dispositions and virtues which At Edinburgh, John Bethune, Esq. highly endeared him to his acquaintances of Berbice, eldest son of the late Rev. An. and friends, who all regret his early death. gus Bethune, minister of Alness, Ross.

5. At Badulla, in Ceylon, Thomas Wyl. shire. lie, Esq. surgeon in the service of the Hon. At Barnbarrach, Mrs Euphemix East India Company at Madras.

Reid, relict of John Cutlar, Esq. of Ar 9. At Jubbulpore, East Indies, Captain grennan. Alexander Black, of the Bengal army, son 19. Thomas MouatEsq. of Garch, in of Dr Black, Kirkaldy.

Shetland. 17. At Calpee, near Cawnpore, Lieute - At Nice, of a deep decline, the 'Hon nant Hutton Watkins, Ist regiment Bengal William Brodrick.' native intantry; and on the 29th April, at In Glasgow Barracks, Mrs Mary Mountsfield Cottage, near Shrewsbury, Mrs Lowrey, wite of Captain Lowrey, 40th reElizabeth Watkins, wite of Mr Higgins of giment, in the 64th year of her age.

At Stirling, Mrs Isabella Aird, wie 25. At Calcutta, Mrs Janet Hunter, dow of the deceased Dr John Aird, phiysi. relict of the late James Scott, Esq. cian ; and on the same day, her nephew,

Dec. 7. At Kaira, in the Presidency of David Doig, only child of Dr Patrick Doig, Bombay, Caroline, wife of George William physician in Stirling. Anderson, Esq. of the East India Com. At Dingwall, Miss Margaret Macpany's civil service.

kenzie, daughter of the late William MacPeb. 23. 1819. At sea, on his passage to kenzie, Esq. of Strathgarve. the Island of Trinidad, Duncan, seventh At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Lord surviving son of James Lainont of Knock- Webb Seymour, son of his Grace Webb, dow, Esq.

late Duke of Somerset. His Lordship's March. Mr Alexander Gillies, late su remains were interred in the Chapel Royal, pervisor of Excise.

He was amanuensis Holyroodhouse. His Grace the present to Dr Adam Smith, and transcribed for Duke of Somerset was chief mourner. him his celebrated work “ The Wealth of 20. At Edinburgh, Mrs John Fergusson Nations.” For some time past he was sup- of Trochiraigue. ported by the Doctor's nephew, Lord Res

At Edinburgh, Margaret, infant ton, whó but a very short time survived daughter of Mr Ogilvie, accountant. hin.

- At the manse of Lochcarron, in his 21. At Montrose, Mr Jonathan Forbes, 66th year, and 37th of his ministry, the merchant there.

Rev. Lachlan Mackenzie, minister of Loch" April 5. At Spa, Lieutenant-Colonel D. 1. Cameron, late of the 1st royal veteran - At Aberdeen, Mrs Burnet, 'reliet of battalion.

Alexander Burnet, Esq. late a Deputy 9. At Fortwilliam, aged 82, Captain Commissary of Ordnance in the service of Angus Nlacdonald of Tulloch, the oldest the Hon. East India Company. {":

that place.


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20. Death of the Duke of Buccleuch. 23. Death of Lord Reston. At GlenAt Lisbon, his Grace Charles William doick, the Rt. Hon. David Douglas, Lord Montagu Seott Douglas, Duke of Buc. Reston, one of the Senators of the College cleuch and Queensberry, Earl of Doncaster, of Justice, and one of the Lords Commis. &c. &c. ; Knight of the most ancient or. sioners of the High Court of Justiciary. der of the Thistle, and Lord Lieutenant His Lordship, who was associated with of the counties of Mid-Lothian and Uum- Lord Gillies on the northern circuit, was fries. His Corace was eldest surviving son' to have opened the court at Perth with that of Henry, the late Duke, by Lady Eliza- judge on the Monday following, and had beth, only daughter of the last Duke of gone, for a few days previous to that event, to Montagu, and succeeded his father in 1812. visit his relation, Major Craigie of GlenHe was born on the 24th of May 1772, doick. The morning on which he died and married, on the 23d of March 1795, he joined the family at breakfast, and apthe Honourable Harriet Katherine, fourth peared then to be in his usual health and daughter of Thomas Townshend, first spirits. At 10 o'clock he retired to his Viscount Sydney, who died in child-bed own apartment, and requested that, as he in 1814. He has left issue two sons, Wal. had several important papers to examine, ter Francis, Earl of Dalkeith, born in 1806, he might not be interrupted till one o'clock, who now succeeds him, and Lord John at which time he ordered his carriage to be Montagu Scott Douglas, and five daugh. in readiness to convey him io Rossie-Priory. ters, Ladies Anne, Charlotte, Isabella, At the hour appointed one of the family Katherine, and Harriet. His Grace was went to intorm his Lordship that the cardistinguished by his public spirited exer- riage was waiting ; but, on entering his tions, and the general benevolence of his room, was no less shocked than surprised, character. His charity was munificent to find him stretched lifeless on the floor. and extensive, and his death will be gene- From the position in which the body was rally regretted. He was allied to many of discovercd, it is conjectured, that his Lord. the greatest families in England and Scot- ship, the moment he felt himself indispose land ; and was chief of the ancient surname ed, had risen froin the table, (at which he of Scott. His Grace sailed from Ports- had been looking over his papers,) to ring mouth, in the Liffey frigate. Honourable the bell for assistance ; but not being able Captain Henry Duncan, on the 6th of Fe- to reach it, had fallen forward in the atbruary, for Lisbon, in hopes that the voyage tempt, so as to strike his face against the and genial air of that climate might be corner of a chair, and occasion a slight efuseful in restoring his health.

fusion of blood from one of the temples.21. At Kinross, at the advanced age of Medical assistance was procured as speedi94 years, Mr John Millar, weaver.--He ly as possible from Perth, but the vital had eight children, 34 grandchildren, and spark had been too long gone for it to be 28 great grandchildren-of whom are in of any avail. His death seems to have life, four children, 24 grandchildren, and proceeded from the rupture of a large blood 22 great-grandchildren. At the time of his vessel, either in thc head or the chest. By death he was the oldest person in the parish, this deplorable event, his family has susand had resided in Kinross for the last 58 tained an irreparable loss, while the counyears of his life. He was born in Tullibole, try has been deprived prematurely of the the next parish to Kinross : his urbanity services of a most upright and intelligent of manners made him respected by all who judge. Seldom, indced, have so much legal knew him.

knowledge and perspicacity of judgment In Old Aberdeen, Miss Teresa Lums. been conjoined with an equal appearance den, daughter of the Rev. John Lumsden. of diffidence in the exercise of qualities so sometime Professor of Divinity in the Unie necessary to a judge, as were exemplified versity of King's College, Old Aberdeen. in the character of Lord Reston. Consci

At Muirkirk, Mr J. Kennedy, sur entious tó an extreme, he seems scarcely geon.

ever to have pronounced a decision without · At Pittenweem, Mrs Margaret Ro- being, as it were, oppressed with an overbertson, relict of George Gourlay, Esq. of whelming sense of the deep responsibility Kincraig.

attached to the sacred duties he was called 22. At Berwick, John Clunie, Esq. corn upon to discharge ;-a trait in his charac. merchant, one of the Magistrates of that ter, which, though it sometimes produced burgh.

an appearance of embarrassment in the de. 23. At Edinburgh, Miss Christian Scott, livery of his sentiments, added greatly to fourth daughter of the deceased Dr John the solidity of his opinions, and gave them Scott of Coats.

a corresponding influence with the bench, - At London, in the 8lst year of his of his private character we presume not to age, Christopher Savile, Esq. M. P. for give an opinion, farther than to state, that Oakhampton.

he exhibited in the various relations of life At Ayr, Mrs Allason, wife of Wil. an exemplary display of all the virtues, liam Allason, Esq. of Whitehill.

which, as a judge, it was his duty to en

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courage and protect. Lord Reston entered 4. At Edinburgh, Bridget Bonar, youngto the bar in 1791, was for some years est daughter of the late Rer. David Black, Sheriff of the county of Berwick, and suc- one of the ministers of this city. ceeded Lord Craig as a Judge of the Court - At the Broomielaw, Glasgow, Mr of Session in 1813, and Lord Meadowbank, William Shaw, merchant, aged 87 years. as a Lord of Justiciary, in 1816. The 5. In London, Major Scott Waring. remains of Lord Reston were on Thursday At Edinburgh, Gordon Duff Coek. the 27th interred in the tomb of the late burn, youngest son of Robert Cockburn, Dr Adam Smith, Canongate church yard, Esq. Edinburgh, to whom he was nearly rela At the manse of Newburgh, Fife, ted, in the presence of a great number of the Rev. Thomas Stewart, D. V. minister sorrowing friends and relatives.

of that parish. 24. Mr John Mitchell, printer of the At Ayr, at the house of her son, the Tyne Mercury, aged 41.

Rev. Dr Auld, Mrs Auld, senior, aged 25. In her 69tli year, Charlotte, Coun- 93. tess of Onslow,

6. At Elgin, Dr Thomas Stephen, phy. At Edinburgh, Mrs Isabella Forbes, sician, aged 75,-a man highly respected relict of the late James Gordon, Esq. of for his professional skill, humanity, beneTillynaught, Banff.

volence, and strict integrity. 26. At Fraserburgh, Mrs Shand, relict At Edinburgh, Edward Lindsay of William Shand, Esq. of Craigellie. Watt, Esq. M. D. of the island of Jamai

At London, the Right Hon. Mary, ca. Countess Dowager Poulett.

At Glasgow, Dame Elizabeth CampAt Edinburgh, Christina Margaret bell," widow of the late Sir Mumphrey youngest daughter of John Sinclair, Esq. Trafford Campbell of Asknish, Sherit-deof Covent-Garden Theatre.

pute of Argylishire. 27. At Elgin, the Rev. Walter Stuart, 7. At the Ordnance House, Weedon lately presented to the church and parish Major Alex. Campbell, commanding the of Alves.

royal artillery. At his house, Maize Hill, William At Ayr, aged 76, Mrs Simson, nearly Collins, Esq. of Frolesworth.

50 years the respectable hostess of the Black 29. At Roxburgh manse, the Rev. An. Bull Inn. drew Bell.

At Bethnall-Green, in his 71st year, - At Edinburgh, James Chalmers, Esq. Thomas Saunders, Esq. many years of the solicitor, Edinburgh.

Hon. East India Company's home ser30. At Edinburgh, Leveson Douglas vice. Stewart, Esq. R. N. third son of the Hon. 8. At Hampstead, John Torrance, Esą Admiral Keith Stewart of Glasserton, de- in the 83d year of his age. ceased.

At the marse of Culter, Eliza Howi. - At Dumfries, in the house of her son Strachan, daughter of Alex. Scrachan, sister, Mrs Bushby, Miss Graham, late of Esq. Assistant Commissary-General. Clifton, near Penrith.

At Bath, Matilda, wife of Colonel May l. At London, George Brown, Esq. Robison, 24th regiment, and niece of the late a Member of Government at Bombay. Right. Hon. Lord Colville.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Marion Gray, - At Leith, in the 86th year of his wife of Mr Gray, solicitor-at-law. age, Mr William Coke, bookseller, who

2. At Brighton, the lady of Admiral carried on business within the same preJames Douglas.

mises for the long period of 55 years, and At Paull, in Holderness, Yorkshire, was the father of the bookselling profession aged 68, Lieut. James Colquhoum, on the in Scotland. retired list of the late Royal Invalids, a 9. At Kirkcudbright, Dr Jolin Walket, native of Glasgow. He served in the A- physician there. merican war as adjutant to the 3d regi At Morebattle, the Rev. David Mo. ment of guards. In the battle of Guild- rison, in the 820 year of his age, and the ford Court-house in 1781 he received eight 45th of his ministry. wounds, by which he was rendered incapa - At Howard Place, near Edinburgh, ble of active service and was invalided in Mrs Marjory Robertson, relict of Captain consequence on the termination of hosti- Alex. Donald, late of the 41st regiment of lities.

invalids, aged 86. 3. At Dumfries, Mrs Isabella Campbell, 10. At Edinburgh, Mrs M-Farlan, widaughter of the late James Campbell, Esq. dow of Dr John M.Farlan, one of the miof Springfield, and wife of Mr Gracie, nisters of Canongate. writer, Dumfries.

At Ravelrig, Alexander Hay, Esq. of 4. At Edinburgh, Mrs Marion Craufuird, Ravelrig. wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Lauriston, of 11. At Dumfries, in the 90th year of the Hon. East India Company's service. her age, Mrs Janet Hair.

11. At Arbroath, in the 32d year of his Mrs Archibald Macdonald, London. She age, John Allan, Esq. of Lochlands., was married in London, in July 1816, to

12. At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Mar. Count Jules de Pulignac, second son to the garet, Countess of Buchan.

late Duke de Polignac, and has now died at John Naismith, Esq. of Drumloch. the early age of 21, leaving an intant son

At Inzievar, James Harrower, Esq. and daughter. : ef In zievar.

23. At Paris, Miss Margaret Grant, 14. At Anderston, in the 74th year of daughter of William Grant, Esq. of Conher

age, after a severe illness, which she galoon. bore with pious resignation and Christian 24. At his house, Charlotte Street, Edin. patience, Mrs Jean Stavert, widow of the burgh, John Ferrier, Esq. late of the islate Rev. Thomas Bell, minister of the land of Jamaica. Relif meeting-house, Lovebill.

25. At his father's house, Lidlowan, pa. 10. At Edinburgh, Jane Hamilton rish of Killern, Mr David Provąn, merCraufuird, daughter of Archibald Crau- chant, Glasgow. fuird, Esq. writer to the signet.

26. A: Leith, Mrs Elizabeth Martin, reAi Aberdeen, in the 15th year of his lict of the late Mr Adam Watson, Dunbar. age, George Gordon, youngest son of At Grange, Burntisland, aged eight George Gordon, Esq. of Auchleuchries. years, Samuelina Paterson, youngest daugh

17. At Berwick, Mirs lielen Home, re ter of the Rev. Robert Culbertson, Leith. lict of Alex. Home, Esq. late of Bassen

Ai Greencrott, near Annan, Mrs Cadean.

therine Johnston, wite of Colonel Douglas, At London, at the age of 15 months, of Greenc. ott, aged 12. Frederick, the only son and licir of the At Dalmarnock, near Glasgow, in Hon. Mr Drummond Burrell.

the 01st year'oi' liis age, the Rev. Dr James At Edinburgh, John Flint of Pol- Playfair, Principal of the United College, beth, Esq. writer in Edinburgh.

University o: Si Andrer's. 18. At Leith, Lieutenant Hill Christie, Ai Islington, the Rev. Dr Jerment, aged 78 years.

many years pastor of the Scottish Chapel 14. At Perih, Major Christopher Seton in Oxendon Street. of Baliinblae

At her seat Highfield Park, Hants, Ai Inveresk, Archibald Skirving, por. in the 8th year of her age, the Hon. Lady trait painter.

Pitt, relict of the late General the Right - At his house, St Andrew's Square, Hon. Sir William Augustus Pitt, K. b. Glasgow, after a few hours illness, Mr Ro. &c. and sister to the late Admiral the Ear! bert Lindsay, many years a partner in the Howe, and General the Viscount Howe. house of James Lindsay and Co. and of 28. At Summerfield, in the list year of several other respectable firms in Glasgow. her age, MrşJacobina Toud, wite of George

At Edinburgh, Thomas Kennedy, of Fulton. Dunure, isso.

330. At Dumfries, Mrs Glencross, claugh. - At No. 4, handwick Place, Edin ter of the late James Ferguson, Esq. of burgh, Henry Glassford, Esq. of Dougal. Caitloch, Dumfries-shire. ston.

June 6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Janat Tait, 20. At Woodcot, near Stonehaven, Mrs spouse of Mr William West, St Andrew Garden, relict of William Garden, Esq. Street. Braco Park.

Lutely, At Bath, Dr Samuel Solomon, 21. At Kennet, James Bruce, Esq. Na- of Gilead House, Liverpool. val Officer, Leith.

The Earl of Stamford and Warrington, - At Brighton, John Stirling, Esq. of Lord Lieutenant of the county of Chestur. Blackgrange, third son of the late Jolin Mr James, the British Consul General Stirling, Esq. of Kippendavie.

in the ports of the Black Sca. At the manse of Rayne, the Rev. Pa At Greenfield, near Ampthill, Bedfordtrick Davidson, D. D. upwards of 40 years shire, William Burridge, labourer, aged minister of that parish.

90 years a rare instance of pedestrian Stamp, Esq. upwards of 80 servitude; having regularly, and punctual years of age, of Queenborough, who had been to his time, for 32 years, walked from his Mayor of that borough several times. He cottage to his circle of work, in Ampthill is reported to have died worth L. 30,000, Park, averaging about seven iniles a day, but his appearance indicated cven abject nearly 70,000 miles, which is almost three poverty:

times the circuinterence of the globe. 22. At the house of Greyfriars, near El. At l'ewkesbury, in distressed circumn. gin, Mrs Munro of Newmill, aged 81. stances, Mr Thomas Morgan, long known

23. At Si Maude, near Paris, Barbara in the gaming circles at Brighton and other Countess Jules de Polignac, youngest fashionable places. Previous to his dyth, daughter of Duncan Campbell, Esq. of he requested all his gambling apparatus ta Edinburgh, and only sister of the Hon. be brought to him, and burnt in his pre


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