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by main strength. (Well done, Spring ; 28. A rally which, as usual, ended with a summer's a coming.)

close. Carter down and Spring over him. 15. Carter got away from a projected 29. Spring recovering, went in boldly. tickler from Spring's left band, and return Carter on the retreat. Spring hit him right ed a slight blow. Again a close at the and left on the mouth, which immediately ropes, and after a struggle both men be entered into partnership with his nozzle in came disengaged. A desperate rally fol. the red wine trade, their stocks being now lowed : Spring boldly dashed forward and equal. În a close both down. hit right and left. Carter was awake, and 30. Spring made some good stops, as gave him a left handed body blow. Spring did Carter. In a close Carter was down. fell from a slip. Carter had the best of Both piping. this round.

31. Cribb now observing that Carter 16. Spring's science again saved him did not look the blows in the face, advised from an impressive salute. A smart rally Spring to hit under. Spring attended to his and a close. Spring fibbed and hit Carter tutor, and did some execution. Carter a podger on the nozzle, upon which the was busy in return, but in a close he was, claret became perceptible. (Huzza; Spring as usual, undermost. for ever.)

32. Spring made a good hit with his 17. Carter, thick in the wind, sparred right, which Carter returned with his left. for time. He hit Spring a blow with his A rally ensued, in which Spring shewed no right, which Spring returned. In a close disposition to finch. Another close upon Spring was undermost.

the ropes : both men hung over like sand 18. Both distressed in the bellows. Car. bags on a donkey. Spring uppermost. The ter opened his gob like a dying oyster. seconds interfered and litted them off. Spring threw in a heavy body blow, which 33. Spring distressed, went down with a Carter returned. A close, and another blow on his head. rasping bout at the ropes, in which the 34. Spring, evidently weak, threw away bark was very freely removed from Carter's some good blows. In a close Carter sliptrunk. Both down, Carter under.

ped down. 19. Again sparring for wind, Spring a 35. Carter threw in a severe hit on little distressed. In a rally Carter seemed Spring's left eye. Spring hit out with rather modest, and got away from Spring; desperation several times and fell. (Even but in a close which followed Spring was betting on Spring.) thrown.

36. Carter put in a blow, but Spring 20. Spring still cool and determined, hit stood up to him manfully, and returned Carter several body blows, but they did not the favour, but with little force. In a seem to tell. Carter hit right and left and close Carter was thrown over the ropes. closed. Both down, Carter under.

37. Carter threw in a left handed touch 21. Spring hit astray. Carter closed.

on Spring's breast. Spring, in endeavour. A fall, to their mutual disadvantage. ing to return, fell weak. (Carter for choice.)

22. An exchange of heavy hits on the 38. Carter's age seemed to give him the body. Spring misjudged his distance, and supremacy, although the worst fighter, and went down in striking,

fears began to be entertained by Spring's 23. Spring came to the scratch piping, t'riends for the result of the battle. On but stood up manfully. Carter seemed coming to the scratch, they both sparred fresher, and smiled. Spring, in making a for wind. Spring improved, and hit Carter right handed hit, again slipped down. down with a tremendous blow in the nioutlı.

24. Interchanged hits and closed. Car. (Cheers for Spring. Jack's alive again ter always making for the ropes. A des- who's hfraid 2 go it, my dandy.) perate effort took place for the fall. 39. Carter look a little misty. Не, , length Spring got his right leg between however, hit out with his left. Spring Carter's logs, and threw him a heavy fall. stopped the blow, and threw in a teazer (Bravo.)

with his left. In a close Carter fell. 25. Carter threw in a left hander. 40. Carter hit Spring in the mazzard Spring returned right and left, but not right and left. Spring, in making a rewith sufficient force to make an impression. turn, over-reached himself, and went down. In a close against the ropes Carter down. 41. Carter, still confident, hit out ; but

26. A spirited rally, and some good in. Spring niet him with science, and threw in fighting A close, in which one of the a tremendous blow on his left kidney. In ropes of the ring broke, and both went a close both down, Carter under. down, Carter under.

42. A spirited rally. Spring hit right 27. Carter looked fresh, while Spring and left several times. Carter retreated, seemed much distressed; but Cribb, his Spring closed, and, after a struggle for the second, cheered him up. Carter put in a fall, in which Carter's back renewed iis luft lauded hit, and Spring nobbed him in acquaintance with the ropes, Carter was return right and left. In a close Carter

down. (Go it, Spring; touch him in the was thrown


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upon him.

43. Exchanged hits right and left. Car. Spring weakly. Spring, with a bold exer. ter's eyes now looked puffy. In a close tion, got free, and, as Carter was hanging both fell.

on the ropes, his face downwards, after a 44. Carter put in a terrific facer with his moment's hesitation, as if to see whether it left hand. Spring returned with his right was fair, gave him a terrific blow on the on the body. A rally followed, in which old spot in the left side.. both were severely punished.

62. Carter struck down,' and quite at 15. Carter put in a left landed hit, which Spring returned with his right on the side. 63. A scrambling round, in which both In a tustle for the fall, both were downl. went down.

46. Carter stopped a well intentioned 64. Carter hit slightly on Spring's nob. visit to his grinders. In a close against Spring returned with a violent blow on the ropes, Spring hit Carter a tremendous Carter's body, which knocked him down. (A blow on his side, which, from repeated tips guinea to a shilling on Spring.) of the same kind, appeared to be much in 65. Spring, quite fresh again, hit Carter famed. Carter went down.

right and left, who made but a feeble re47. Spring again in search of wind. turn. Carter down, and Spring heavily Carter hit well out with his left on his bodly. Spring ineffectually endeavoured to 66. Exchanged hits. Carter again down. return, and closed. In the fall Spring was 67. Carter retreated to the ropes, to esc under.

cape Spring's attack, and to seek support. 48. After a smart rally, in which Spring A close, in which Spring fibbed Carter seevinced unabated spirit, a close took place, verely on the left side ; both down, Carter and Carter was again punished against the under. ropes.

68. Carter seemed to recover a little : 149. Spring ran in with spirit; Carter he hit short and went down for vind. avoided him, and almost turned tail. Spring 69. Spring followed his man once more followed him up, and in a close both down, to the ropes, and stopped a well intended Carter under.

facer from Carter ; he then made a short 50. Spring put in a blow with his left feint with his right, and with the same hand, hand on Carter's face. A rally followed, as quick as lighting, put in a dreadful blow and Carter fell over the ropes.

on Carter's now distorted features. In a 5). Carter hit right and left ; and right wrestle for the fall, both down, Carter only told. Spring hit abroad, and was under. thrown.

70. Spring came up with renovated vi: 52. Some good in-fighting Carter slip. gour, the prospect of victory seemed to ped down in avoiding a blow. (Well have restored all his strength. Carter came donc Spring.)

up but slowly, and in the rally which tola 53. Spring put in a blow, and got away. lowed, in which he was thrown by a leftA close, and both down in a scramble. handed hit on his head, he went down to

54. Interchange of hits and a close. rise no more " in battle array." His head Carter thrown a heavy fall : his back dread. was completely abroad. His seconds enfully excoriated against the ropes.

deavoured to revive him, and to put his 55. Carter seemed sinking, and Spring's vertebræ in working order; but he seemspirits recovered. (Cribb told him to go in ed to be perfectly satisfied, and resigned his and finish his antagonist at once.) Carter hard-earned laurels to the youthful candi. went down to avoid punishment. (3 to 1 date, whose manly and fearless conduct un Spring.)

throughout the fight, independent of his 56. Spring set to again with infinite consummate skill, fully entitled him to the spirit, and seemed determined to finish prize. The success of Spring was hailed Carter in a few rounds. Carter showed the with the loudest plaudits. He left the ring white feather, and was again down to 4 without losing a drop of blood. The bai. void tickling.

tle lasted an hour and three quarters. 57. A desperate rally, and a close. Carter down.

Nothing has occurred at the Theatre 58. Similar to the last.

here since last month, requiring parti59. A spirited rally, in which Spring cular rotice, except that on the last four seemed to have got fresh wind. Carter nights of the season the public were surwent down with a slight blow, evidently a prised by the wonderful performances of ruse de guerre to get wind.

Miss Clara Fisher, a child of only seven CO. This was almost the best round years of age. The Theatre closed on. fought. Carter seemed resolved to make Saturday the 12th with a bumper house a desperate effort to regain his chance. for the benefit of the little wonder. The Several hits were exchanged, but neither House opens again on the 2 lst for the Sun). struck with force. In a close Carter down. mer, with Mrs Alsop, from the Theatre:

61. A rally and a close. Carter fibbed Royad, Drury-Lane.


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1. CIVIL. May 21.-Charles Maxwell, Esq. to be Gurernor of the Island of St Christopher.

Sir Samuel Ford Whittingham, Knight, to be Governor of the Island of Dorninica.

25.-Charles Warren, Esq. to be the Prince of Wales's Attorney-General.

31.-Mr W. É, L. Jaineson to be Hanoverian Consul at Cork.

Mr J, Willcock to be Hanoverian Consul at Scilly.

Mr Christopher Trewhella, jun, to be Hanoverian Consul at St Ives.

Mr George Irwin to be Hanoverian Consul at Shorehain.

June l. Lieut.-General the Hon, Sir William Lumley, K.C. B. to be Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Bermudas or Somers Islands.

[blocks in formation]




Lieut. J. Moore to be Capt. by purch, vice

Lieut. Col. Chillers, hu F. 15th Apr. Cornet R. Hollingworth to be Lieut. by purch, vice Moore

do. T. 0. Partridge to be Cornet by purch. viee Hollingworth

do, 12 Gent. Carlet R. Harrington to be Cornet by purch.

6th May 18 Assist. Surg. J. Quincey, from h. p. to be Assist. Surg. vice Pulsford, deal

15th do. 3 F.G. Qua. Mast. Serj. William Thompson to

be Qua, Mast. vice Steel, dead 6th do. 1F. Lieut. M. M'Dermott, from h, p. 36 F. to

be Paym. vice Hodgson, dead 9th Apr. 9 Ensign S. Hart to be Lieut. vice V Der mott, dead

6th May Gent. Cadet C. Brownrigg to be Ensign, vice Hart

do. 19 od Lieut. J. Wardell, from 2 Ceylon R. to be Licut. vice Ilatherly, dead

1st Aug. 1818, 1 J. H. Lewis to be Ensign, vice Barnés 75 F.

15th April 1819. Ensign Everard to be Lieut. vice Maling, dead

10th Sept. 1818. A. Dirom to be Ensign, vice Hawkins, East India Comp. Serviee

15th do. D. Campbell to be Ensign, vice Everard

16th do. 23

Lieut. W. Anderson from h. p. 31 F. to be Paym. vice Smith, disini-sed

13th May 1819. 28 Surg. S. C. Rae, from 55 F. to be Surg.

vice Byrtt, h. p. il F. 29th Apr. Lieut. Wm. Atkinson, from h. p. to be Adlj. and Lieul, sice Stephenson, dead

25th July 1818. 31

- P.J. Ryan to be Capt. vice Guinming, dead

29th Apr, 1819. Ensiga W. A. Hardcastle to be Lieut. vice Ryan

do, Gent. Cadet H. Calvert to be Ensign, vice Hardcastle

do. 45

Lieut. T. Parr to be Capt. vice Giver,

Ensign F. Ebhart to be Lieut, vice Parr
A. A. Dalzell to be Ensign, vice Ebhart

do, 47 Ensign T. Luttrell to be Lieut. vice Ken. dal, dead

w9th May 1817. 53 Lieut. C. Williams to be Capt. vice Parker, dead

25th Aug. 1818. 55 Surg. E. O'Reilly, M. D. from h. p. 71 F. to be Surg. vice Roe, 28 F,

29th April 1819. 60 Brevet Lt. Col. M. Childers, from 11 Dị.

to be Major by purch. vice Bouverie,

15th do. 72 T. A. Blair to be Ensign, vice Aitkin, dead

6th May 73

Ensign M. Lidwell to be Lieut. vice Hels ridge, ret.

7th Aug 1818. J. Barnes, from 19 F. to be Lieut. vice Holmes, dead

7th Oct, -- C Irwin, from 83 F. to be Lieut. vice Lidwell, dead

9th do. Gent. Caet J Roskrow to be Ensign, vice

Lidwell, prom. 15th Apr. 1819. Ensign L. Brown to be Lieut. vide Smith, deau

4th Aug. 1818. R. G. Geddes to be Ensign, vier Bowl

lõtn Apr. 1819 B. Young to be Ensign, vice Irwin, 7.3 .

tudo. A. Tyndall to be Ensign, vice Mitbb, dead

15th de 87 Ensign E. Cox to be Lieut, vive ('ophtan, dealt

1 Oct. 1811, J. Hassard to be tieut. vice Higginson, dead Serj. Majer J. Shipp, from 14 ur. to be

Ensigu, vice Cox 1th May 1$15. Gent. Cadet W. Gossip to be Ensigir, rice Carroll, proin.

29th Apr. 1619.

TI. ECCLESIASTICAL. May 3. The Prince Regent has been pleased to order a Conge d'Elire to pass the Great Seal, empowering the Archdeacon and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Llandair to elect the Rev. Wil liam Van Mildert, Doctor in Divinity, and Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Oxford. Bishop of the said See.

6. The Rev. Mi Boyde, formerly minister of the Caledonian Chapel, London, was admitted to the charge of the parish of Auchinleck, vacant by the translation of the Rev, Mr Lindsay tu Ochil.

10. The Reformed Presbyterian Congregation of Stranraer gave an unanimous call to Mr Wil liam Symington, preacher of the Gospe). The Rev. Joha Jeffrey of Duinfries preachel and presidod.

12 Calls were presented to Peter Macindoe, A. M. preacher, froin the Refornece Presbyterian Congregations in Loanhcad, Epleham, (hinna side, and Kelso, the last of which he accepte i.

13. The Rev. John Frazer, lately of the Scots Church, Monkwearmout, Sunderland, was ailznitted assistant and successor to the Rev. Dr Mailer of Old Cumnock, and 2008t cordially res ceived by a numerous congregation.

Mr Ebenezer Brailshaw Wallace, preacher of the Gospel, has been presentel to the church and parish of Bar, vacant by the death of the late Rev. Mr Stephen Young,

June 3. The Original Burgher Associate Congregation of Kirkintilloch gave Mr Jolin Flussell, preacher, an unanimous call to be their preacher.

5. The Right Hon. the Earl of Moray has prosented the Rev. Duncan Grant, A.M. minister of the Gaelie chapel, Aberdeen, to the church and parish of Alves, presbytery of Elgin, vacant by the death of the Rey, Walter Stewart.


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Brevet Capt. J. Fraser, 1 Ceylon Regt. to be Ma.

jor in the Army 31st Oct. 1818. 2 D. G. F. W. C. Smith (late Page of Honour to

the Prince Regent) to be Cornet, vice Broderick, dead

22d Apr. 1819. is di Cornet H. F. Fineh to be Lieut. by purch.

viee Cathcart, W. 1. Rang. Gent. Cadet J. S. Brymer to be Cornet by purch. vice Finch

do. !!! RH. Symons to be Comet by purch. vice Blaquiere, 18 Dr.

13th do 4 Dr. Capt'n. Kerr, from h. p. 14 F. to be l'ag master, vice Patrickson, h. p.

17th March

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6th May

16th u.

Rifle Br. Ist Licut, T. F. Uniacke to be Adj. vice Lieut. M'Cullock, from 31 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Middleton, res. Adj. only

6th May

Taylor, h. p. 37 F. 2 W.I. R. Capt. W. Appleton, from African C. to Turnstall, from 36 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. be Capt. více Walton, ret. on h. p.

Lewis, h. p. 25th Apr.

Nunn, from 46 F. rec. diff, with Lieut,, R. Y R. Serj. --Surman, from 10 Dr. to be Stuart, 86 F.

Ensign, vice M'Intosh, dead 29th do. Birkett, from 65 F. with Lieut. Madden, R. W.I.R. Lieut, Hon. G. Cathcart, from 6 D. h. p. 89 F. Gds. to be Capt. vice Angelo, ret.

Lee, from 87 F. with Lieut. Jones, 4 Dr. 24th Dec, 1818.

Aldrich, from Rifle Brig. ree. diff. with York Ch. Ensign G. Laze to be Lieut. vice Max Lieut. Uniacke, h. p. well, dead 29th Apr. 1819.

Brauns, from Staff Corps, with Lieut. Troop Serj. Maj. J. Rind, from 9 Dr.

Frazer, h. p. to be Ensign, vice M'Carthy. do.

Flawley, from 1 Dr. G. rec. dift. with Lieut. 1 Cey. R. Brevet Major P. Delatre to be Maj. vice Dickens, h. p. 14 F.

Coxon, dead 28th Sept. 1818. Clavering, from 14 Dr. with Lieut, Orms1st Lieut. P. Secluno to be Capt. vice by, h. p. 3 Dr. G. Delatre


Crawford, from 43 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. 20 Lieut. J. Foster, from 2 Ceylon R. Matthews, h. p. to be Ist Lieut, viee Layton, dead

Ross, from 1 Dr. with Lieut, Green, h. p.

14th do. Cavalry Staff Corps M. Conradi to be Ist Lieut. Comet Sir J. Radcliffe, from 6 Dr. with Comet vice Secluno

28th do. Richardson, h. p. 23 Dr. R. Basset to be 2d Lieut. vice Green, Ives, from 18 Dr. with Ensign Seton, 32 F. dead

14th April 1819. 2d Lieut, Baillie, from 23 F. with Ensign MatP. Reyne to be 2d Liout. více Conradi thews, h. p. 11 F.

15th do. Ensign Connolly, from 37 F. rec. diff. with Ensign Ensign J. Basset, from 1 W. I. R. to be Gosselin, h. p. 60 F. 2d Lieut, vice R. Basset, cancelled

Williams, from 3 T. rec. dift. with Ensign

14th do, J. Cameron, jun. h. p. 92 F. 2 2d Lieut. W. Stewart to be Ist Lieut.

M'Lachlan, from 37 F. rec. diff. with Envice Tranchell, dead 18th Sept. 1818. sign Ferrier, h. p. 56 F. G. Fretz to be 28 Lieut, vice Wardell,

Anderson, from 57 F. rec. dift. with En19 F.

14th Feb. 1814. sign Bainbrigge, h. p. 2 Gar. Bn.
R. Price to be 2d Lieut, vice Barbier, Ensign & Adjut. Myers, from 60 k. with Ensig

15th Apr, 1819. & Adjut. Adams, h. p.
Lieut. C. F. Button to be Adj. vice
Boyton, res. Adj. only

Resignations and Retirements.

26th Sept. 1818. Roy. Art. Capt. F. A. S. Knox, from h. p. to be

Lt.-Col. Bouverie, 60 F.

1 May 1819.
Ist Lieut. H. L. Sweeting to be 2d Capt.

Capt. Angelo, Roy, West India Rang,

Lieut, Heselridge, 73 €.

da. R. L. Garstin, from h. p. to be Ist Lieut.


Appointments Cancelled.
20 Licut. H. Chamberlain, from h.
to be 2d Lieut.

do. Cornet Clyde, 24 Dr.
--- R. C. Smyth, from h. p. to 20 Lieut. Rich. Basset, 1 Ceylon Regt.
he 2d Lieut.

do. Hos. Staff: Deputy Inspector J. R. Hume, M. D.

to be Inspector of Hospitals
3d Dec. 1818. Col. the D. of Buccleugh, Dumfries Militia

20th April 1819.
Lt. Col. D. J. Cameron, late 1 R. Vet. Bn.

April do Breret Lt. Col. Irby, from 2 Life G. with Major

Lawson, R. Art.

3d des Vyse, 1 W, I. R.

Major Campbell, R. Art.

7th May Major Ross, from 21 F. with Major Leahy, h. p. Capt. Given, 15 F.

16th Apa F.

Campbell, 67 F. Lawrence, from 15 Dr. with Major Pater Gethin (killed in action with the Caffresy ? son, 22d Dr.


3d Feb. Brevet Major Hamerton, from 7 F. rec, diff, with Enraght, R. York Ran.

10th do. Capt. Disney, h, p. 67 F.

Magius, h. p. K. G. L.

234 March Moray, from 13 Dr. with Capt. Lieut. Tomlinson, 17 Dr. 25th Sept. 181 Browne, 19 Dr.

M.Dermott, do.

6th do Wood, from 4 F. with Capt. De

Lidwell, 73 F. Montmorency, h. p. 21 F.

George, R. West Ind. Rang. Capt. Smith, from 94 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Hunt, late 2 R. Vet. Bn. 6th May 1819. Brown, h. p. 34 F.

Fair, h. p. 81 F.

31st March Daly, from 31 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Price, Blackburn, Dumfries Militia 11. p. 53 F.

31st Oct. 18 Considine, from 13 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt.

Cornets, 2d Lieuts. and Ensigns Brunton, h. p. 60 F.

Broderick, 2 Dr. G.

4th April 1819 Fead, from 3 F. G. rec. diff. with Capt. Dig- Arrow, 67 F.

21st Nov. 1818 by, h. p. 25 F.

Aitken (drowned) 72 F.

27th Jan. 1813. Tupman, from ? Ceylor Regt. with Brev. Drayton, R. W. Í. Ra.

20 March Lt. Col. Hamilton, h. p. 1 W.I.R.

M'konachie, do.

Sch den Harvey, froin Coluri, G, rec. dift. with Capt. T. B. Cooper, R. Art.

21st Feb Armytage, h. p.

Town, h. p. 21 F.

2th Aug. 1878. Lieut. Jones, froin 94 F. with Lieut. Lee, 87 F. Beran, Dumfries Militia 99th March 1879.

Harvey, from Coldst. G. rec. diff. with Adj. Lieut. Warde, 65 P.
Lieut, Hall, h. p.

Quart. Mast, Stcel, 3 F. G.
J. Brownlow, froin 7 T. roc. dift. with Assist. Surg. Pulsford, 18 Dr.
Lieut. Sweeting, h. p.

rom 15 F Tec
ift. with licut.

Sams, Assist. Couunis. Gen, at Tobago
Bonnor, h. p. 3 F. G,

list Fed: 187

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Rept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Callonhill. N.B.--The Observations are made twice every day, namely, at eight o'clock in the morning, and eight o'clock in the evening. The morning observations in the first column are made on the Register Ther





Wind. Weather.


Ther. Baro.

Attach. Wind. Weather.


May 1

S. W. Cble. hail

8 M. 47

M. 41 29.388 M. 53 s. Cold shower
E. 50 .443 E. 51 ) mod mild aftn.

M. 41

.598 M. 55 S.
E. 56
.591 E. 54) mod Fair, sunsh.

M. 40 .520 M. 56E.
VE. 51
.509 E. 56 mod

Ditto, ditto 19
M. 41 ,518 M. 58 E. Fr.sun. cold
E. 52) .552 E. 58 ) high aftn.

M 41 .530 M. 56 E.
E. 50 .616 E. 54 high

Ditto, ditto 21
M 41 .666 M. 57 US. Mild, clear
E. 51 -770 F. 58 | mod sunsh.

M. 43 .751 M. 58 Is. Mld. ra, aft.
E. 56 .751 E. 58 ) mod

.829 M. 57 s. Mild showy.
E. 51
.892 E. 58 mod

24 91

M. 45 .811M. 55 s.
E. 51

.837 E. 55 ) mod Ditto, ditto 25 10

M. 43 .727 M. 63S. W.
E. 60 .683 E. 57) mod

Ditto, ditto 26 11

M. 441 .750 M. 58 Uw.
E. 58

.651 E. 66 / linod Mild, fair 27 22

M. 14 .680M. 60W.
E. 54) .673|E. 58 ) high

Ditto sunsh. 28 13{

M. 43 .579 M. 58N. W.
E. 50 .581 E. 56 high

Sunsh. cold

29 1:{

M. 41 .792 M. 58NW.
E. 51 .838 E. 58 ) high

Ditto, ditto 30
M. 40

.793 M. 58 |Cble. Mild, sunsh.
E. 521 .723E. 60 mod leold aft.

.720 M, 60S. W. Mild, showy.
E. 54.678 E. 56 } Imod

M. 13|29.586 M. 60s. W. Dull, rain at
E. 59! .433 E. 60 ) mod fight
M. 17

.330 M. 58
E. 52 .419 E. 57) high
M. 10 •407 M. 58 S. W. Fair, sunsh.
E. 50 119 E. 58 mod
M. 43 .402 M. 55Cblo, Dull, some
E. 48 .528 E. 54) mod rain
M. 41 .584 M. 50N. E. Rainy all
E, 41 .678 E. 46 high day,
M. 41 ,626 M. 48 E. Dull, some
E. 45 .724 E. 50 mod rain
M. 42 .804 M. 48N. E. Rain morn.
E. 40 .870 E. 52) mod clear day
M. 41

.889 M. 50 IN. E. Fair, dull
E. 46 .889 E. 50 brisk
M. 39

.863 M. 50 N. E. Fair, sunsh.
E. 46 .801 E. 50 brisk
M. 10

.840 M. 52N. E. Dull all day
E. 48 .885 E. 49 S brisk
M. 41 .511M. 51 l |Cble.

E. 46 .564 E. 19 Sbrisk
M. 30 .661 M. 52 N.
E. 44 .679 E. 48 mod
M. 29

.679 M. 49N. W. Fr. hail, su
E. 39 .698 E, 50 mod
M. 33 .680 M. 48
E. 40

.680E. mod cold
M, 331 .741 M. 471/s. Fair, foren.
E. 55 .741 E. 55) Imod rain afterate


Rainy very

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16{M. 45

Quantity of rain, 2.517.

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NorwiTHSTANDING the easterly winds, accompanied by showers of hail and snow, in the latter end of May, the crops in general appear to have suffered little. The succulent plants, such as clover and potatoes, have in some places, however, been consi. derably injured ; but in the orchards in the Carse of Gowrie, and on the banks of the Clyde, the fruits having been mostly set before the frosts came on, the injury to the expected crop is not so great as was contemplated. Wheat still continues to promise a luxuriant crop, and many helds are now in ear. Oats everywhere have a flattering appearance ; and barley, except on heavy soils, and sown when the ground was wet, ges nerally looks well. Beans and pease appear in very desirable condition. The weather has been favourable for turning over fallow grounds; and a great breadth of turnip has already been sown. The genial showers since the commencement of this month (and it is hoped the frosts are over for a season) will enable the hay crop to reach a fair average. Grain still continues to find a dull market. Fat cattle meet with a ready sale ; and young cattle for grass bring high prices.-- June 14.

The Cardamine pratensis and the Montia fontana, both aquatic plants, came in flower on the 15th May ; apple-trees in orchards, and the lilac in shrubberies, were in full Power by the 16th. The various leaved water crow-foot was in flower by the 17th, the lily of the valley by the 19th, the laburnum trec by the 21st; walnut and oak trees were in leaf by the 24th*; the Cerastium tomentosa and hautboy, and Chili strawberries, were in flower by the 28th ; the hawthorn came in flower on the 1st June; the Veronica beccabunga, (brooklime,) a water plant, on the 2d, the common peouy on the 6th, water-cresses and the Stellaria uliginosa by the 8th ; old ash trees were in full leat by the 9th ; and, on the 12th, the common rye-grass (Lolium perenne) began to open its flowers.

The temperature of the water in the pond where the water plants grow, on which the above observations were made, ranged between 48o and 539 Fahrenheit, from the 11the May to the 12th June.

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