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"tague le Voy, John Levett, David Levy, boat was struck by a sea, and upset. A

Joseph Josephs, Samuel Jacobs, Michaelsloop passing at the time sooni picked them Levys, Sampson Samuels, Henry Weiller, up, but Mr Brude was unfortunately gone; Henry Lees Joseph-Leigh, and Wilian with the seaman, the means resorted to for Talbot, were tried in the Court of King's restoring suspended animation succeeded. Bench, Londons on an indictment for a Explosion.On Saturday the 15th incorespiracy, which charged thens with hav- stant, a tremendous explosion took place in ing set up some of them, who were beg. one of Messrs Grueber and Harvey's gungars, literally beggars, for merchants, for powder mills on Hounslow Heath. The opulent merchants, in order that, by their two men at work were literally brown to means, they might + fraudulently obtain The injury done to these 'extenlarge quantities of goods. The record stat- sive premises is very considerable ; the reed, that the value of the goods so obtained port was heard at Twickenham, Richmond, amounted to L.50,000. After a long trial, and neighbouring villages ; several win. the Jury returned a verdict of Guilty against dows of the houses in the neighbourhood Jobu Kinnear, Lewis Levy, and Moze!y were broken. Woolf. Montague le Voy was acquitted. 24. Royal Birth.—This morning, at a

The verdict was received with shouts and quarter past four o'clock, the Duchess of clapping of hands by a very crowded au Kent was happily delivered of a Princess dience, On Friday the 14th instant, they His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, were brought up for judgment; and, fter his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, his counsel had been heard, and affidavits put Grace the Duke of Wellington, Master in, in mitigation of punishment, Mr Jus. General of the Ordnance, the Marquis of tice Bayley pronounced the following sen Lansdowne, the Earl Bathurst, one of bis tences upon the prisoners :-John Kinnear Majessy's Principal Secretaries of State, the to be imprisoned two years in Ilchester Bishop of London, the Chancellor of thie gapl ; Lewis Levy to be imprisoned two Exchequer, and the Right Hon. George years in Gloucester gaol, and to pay a fine Canning, First Commissioner for the AF. of L.5000; Moses Woolfe to be imprison. fairs of India, were in attendance. Her ed two years in the house of correction Royal Highness is, God be praised, as well of Cold Bath-fields, and to pay a fine of as can be expected, and the young Princess L. 10,000.

is in perfect health.- London Gazette... - Secular Employments of the Clergy.-In National Monument for Scotland.LA the First Division of the Court of Session, numerous and respectable meeting of no. a few days ago, in an action against a cler. blemen and gentleinen connected with Scot. gyman, who conducted a newspaper in a land, who have taken an interest in the provincial town, at the instance of the fore measure for erecting a national monument man of the printing office, for a communi. in that part of the kingdom, to conmemocation of profits, the Lord President ex rate the glorious events of the late wit, pressed his marked disapprobation of the took place in the Free Masons* Taverni, on clergyman's conduct in occupying himself Saturday, to hold their first festival in Lon. in affairs unconnected with the proper du- don. At six o'clock the Duke of Athol ties of his sacred office, and his Lordship took the chair, accompanied by the Eatis directed the Procurator for the Church to of Glasgow and Northesk ; Lords Sal. take the matter into consideration.

toun, Belhaven, Forbes, &c. ; Sirs John Respite. On Friday last, Provost Mo- Sinclair, Macgregor Murray; Marjoribanks, rison received a respite, during the Prince Sir Williain Nicholson, &c. The subscripRegent's picasure, for James Frazer, the tions for this popular measure are proceedunfortunate young man now under sen- ing in all quarters with great zeal and alatence of death in the tolbooth of Perth. crity, and there is now every prospect of its

22. Melancholy Catastrophe. Yesterday being speedily commenced. morning, the wind blowing strong from the Scottish Regalia.The Crown Room in east, with a licavy sea, the General Fergu- the Castle was opened on Wednesday last. son Kirkaldy pinnace went out of Leith the 26th instant, for the purpose of exhiharbour for the purpose of crossing, but biting the Regalia of Scotland to the pub. had pot proceeded beyond the buoys oppo. lic; and has, with - that view, been fitted site the harbour, when she was struck by a up with a splendour and elegance becoming wave, and upset. The crew, four in num- the repository of the very valuable and inber, all married men, with families, were teresting jewels it contains. Tickets of ad. unhappily drowned in sight of hundreds of mission, at 1s. each, are issued, but the spectators, who could render them no as- number is limited to 150 each day, and, as sistance. The same morning, Mr Bruce might have been expected, the demand for of the naval yard, Leith, a most amiable them far exceeded the nuniber specified. and highly respected gentleman, left that On Tuesday, his Grace the Duke of Gor. place in a small boat, accompanied by a don, on passing through Edinburgh on his seajan, to proceed to Kennet, near Alloa, way to London, went to the Castle to exiwhich they had almost reached, when their mine the Regaiia, and took with him ME

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Register.-British Chronicle...

4:5:9 I 'urt yo'y W669 Sanderson, lapidary, in order to explain to disapprobation of a selection of additional his Grace particularly the several gems elders entirelyi out of the congregation of with which the crown, sceptre, and sword the East Church of Stirling, to the exehu. are adorned.

sion of that of the West Charch, and ap. - Execution. Yesterday, John M‘Niel, point the kirk session of Stirling torthwith alias Boag, was executed at Ayr. He, to make such an election l'and ordination of along with a younger brother, was convict- elders as shall equalise the number of di. ed of breaking into several houses in Ayr- ders connected with euch of the respective shire, and stealing various articles, and congregations. At the same time the Ge. both were condemned. The younger bro neral Assembly earnestly recommend to ther received a respite during his Majesty's the magistrates and town-council of Stirpleasure. M‘Niel was a native of Glas- ling, and all concerned, to consider'whether gow. He behaved, since he received sen measures ought not to be adopted for protence, with great propriety ; and, on the curing a division of the town and parish of scaffold, he, for a few minutes, addressed Stirling into two separate parishes, each of the multitude, in an audible and undaunt- which may be provided with a separate ed manner.

kirk session. After some discussion this 31. General Assembly. On the 20th in. motion was carried, and recorded on the stant the General Assembly of the Church judgment of the Assembly. On the 37th, of Scotland met at Edinburgh, and this a case concerning the integrity of the clerday finished their sederunt. The Right gy of Scotland occupied the attention of Hon. the Earl of Morton was his Majes- the Assembly. This case relates to a de. uy's Commissioner to the Assembly; and cision of the Presbytery of Strathbogie, in

Dr Duncan Macfarlane, minister of Dry. regard to the Reverend Mr Anderson, mimen, was appointed moderator. With one nister of Bellio, and factor for the Duke of

or two exceptions, the cases which came Gordon on his estates in that quarter. The before the Assembly possessed little general Presbytery had found that the secular eminterest. On the 26th, the Assembly took ployment of factor was inconsie tent with into consideration an overture from the the duties of a minister of the Church of Presbytery of Hamilton regarding family Scotland, and enjoined the Presbyteries worship ; and after hearing several mem within their bounds to take measures for bers on the subject, the Assembly agreed the removal of such abuses, and for preto approve of the spirit of the overture, venting their recurrence. This decision and, deeply impressed with the obligation had been affirmed by the syood of Moray of family worship, they earnestly recom on the 27th April, and against the latter mended to all the ministers of this church judgment the Reverend Mr Anderson to employ every method within their pow. brought an appeal before the General Aser, which, from the state and circumstances sembly. The Assembly, wore much per. of their parishes, shall appear to them fit- plexed between what they saw to be duc sed to preserve and extend the practice of to the clerical character, and to those ht:this important duty. The Assembly after- man interests to which the clergy are alive wards had before them a petition from Dr as well as the laity. . All agreed in highly Alexander Small and Mr John Dempster, disapproving of a clergyınan's engaging in members of the Presbytery of Stirling, such secular occupations as interfere with dissenters and complainers against a sen- the properdischarge of the pastoral functions tence of that Presbytery, dated 27th April and duties; but all seemed impressed with last, respecting the eleetion of elders in the the difficulty of drawing the line between town and parish of Stirling ; and also a those occupations which are harmless, 'nni petition of William Galbraith, writer in those which are necessarily distracting and Stirling, Captain George Kippen, royal na. improper. In this case Mr Anderson apvy, residing there, and Thomas Anderson, peared for himself, and Patrick RobertHesher there, appellants, against the said son, Esq. as liis counsel--for the Synol, sentence. Parties being called, Dr Small Mr Robertson, minister of Kingussié, and and Mr Dempster appeared for themselves; Mr M.Kay, minister of Rafford_and for Francis Jeffrey and Henry Cockburn, the Presbytery, Mr Cruickshanks and Me Esqrs. advocates, as counsel for the appel. Simmie; and these parties being heurd, a lants; and for the Presbytery, Dr Knox motion was made to sustain the appeal, and Mr. Andrew Milne, members of that and reverse the sentence of the Synod, on Presbytery. After some reasoning, a mo- account of irregularity of procedure in not tion was made and seconded, to dismiss the giving decision upon the special case uncomplaint and appeal, and approve of the der review; but as it appeared in course conduct of the Presbytery ; but at the of the proceedings in this case, that Mr An same time supersede the interlocutory judg. derson had acknowledged being engaged ment of the Presbytery appealed from, in in secular pursuits, inconsistent with the order to the Assembly pronouncing a final full discharge of his clerical duties, that judgment in the whole case; and the As- tho Assembly enjoin him to cease lienee. sembly do accordingly express their high forth from such pursuits. Another motion

was made, that the Assembly sustain the ed for many months. The Court examinappeal, and reverse the sentencess of the ed Dr Spens, Mr Porteous, (the chaplain,) Synod and Presbytery, in respect of certain and Mr Sibbald, the governor of Edinburgh irregularities of procedure, at same time gaol. These gentlemen thought the prideclaring it impossible that they should soner a silly weak-minded man. 'The not highly disapprove of the ministers of this Lord Justice Clerk put several questions to church engaging in such secular pursuits as the prisoner, some of which he answered in may be inconsistent with the discharge of an awkward stupid manner.— Their Lord. their spiritual functions, and recommende ships found that the prisoner was not at ing to the Presbytery of Strathbogie to see present a fit object for trial, and ordered that these pastoral duties be fully perform- that he should be sent back to prison for ed in the parish of Bellie, and in all other some time longer, when the Court would parishes within their bounds. Upon hear. again take his case into consideration. ing parties, it was agreed, without a vote, Yesterday, John Buchanan, fesher in to adopt the second motion as the sense of Glasgow, was put to the bar, accused of the Assembly. On the subject of a monu the murder of Agnes Duff, alias Ann Duff, mental church, the Assembly this day a. alius Jean M‘Kenzie, in the house of Janet greed unanimously to the following mo Mills, in the Bridgegate Street, Glasgow, tion :--Considering that, at a sumerous on the 13th day of October 1818, by in meeting of noblemen and gentlemen in this flicting several severe blows on her heat city, in the month of February last, it had and different parts of her body, and stabbeen proposed, and unanimously agreed bing her in the breast or elsewherc with to, that a general subscription should be fork, or other sharp instrument, and kick: opened for erecting a monumental editice, ing her severely on the belly. The Socomprehending a church, destined for the licitor-General moved the Court to desert purpose of Divine worship, in commemo the diet against the prisoner pro loco et ration of the unparalleled victories with tempore. Mr Jeftrey, counsel for the priwhich the Great Disposer of events had soner, contended, that the public prosecubeen pleased to crown the British arms by tor was bound to explain to the Court the sea and land, in the late glorious and e reason for deserting the diet against the ventful war, in which the valour of Scotch- prisoner pro loco et tempore, as oppression men was so conspicuously displayed in might in this way be committed; and he every quarter of the globe. And considere also craved the Court to recommend to the ing that this measure appears to the Gene. public prosecutor to pay, the prisoner the ral Assembly to be a most suitable and ap- pences he had been put to in bringing seven propriate expression of national gratitude witnesses from Glasgow, in the full expecto the Lord of Hosts, and, under him, to tation that bis trial was to go on this day. our brethren in arus, wlio had been the The Solicitor-General contended that he instruments in his hand of our national de was not bound to assign his reasons for deliverance from impending dangers of in- serting the diet, and as to oppressing the calculable extent. The General Assembly prisoner, he had no such intention, and earnestly recommend to all the parish mi. would even consent that he should be adnisters of this church, to give their coun mitted to bail. Upon these grounds, the tenerce and aid to the measure, by pro- Cout deserted the diet pro loco et tempore, moting subscriptions and contributions for and he was recommitted on a new warits accomplishment, within their respective rant; but the Court refused to issue any parishes ; and the General Assembly ap- recommendation as to expences. point and ordain that this opinion of the Weavers of Cartisli.—We regret to Assembly be printed, and copies thereof learn that great distress prevails among the transmitied, without delay, to every parish manufacturing classes in England from minister of the Church of Scotland.

the want of employment. At Carlisle this

distress is felt with particular severity, and 8. High Court of Justiciary. - The the workmen have published an appeal to Court met on Monday the 31st ult. to take their fellow citizens, setting forth all their into consideration the case of John M Fare hardships, and have petitioned the legisla. lane, from Perth. This man has been ture that they may be sent out to Canada. brought before the Circuit Court at Perth, This petition is now under consideration of on the 27th of April last, accused of sheep- his Majesty's ministers; and, in the mean. stealing. His trial did not take place, as time, the weavers have struck work, and he bore very evident marks of insanity to the number of about 3000 have bound Lord Gillies certified the case to the High themselves by an oath that they will not Court here, in order to give time to ascer return to their looms until their demand tain from evidence whether the prisoner of a rise of wages shall be agreed to by was a proper object to be brought to a cri. their former employers, and that they will minal trial. When brought to the bar his never, on any account,for upon any terms, appearance was frightful, his countenance work for the firm of Messrs Dixon. Their was vocant and unmcaning, and his beard beliaviour, however, has been hitherto of uncommon size, not having been shay. peaceable and orderly.





Cantons with splendid success, hag retired King's Theatre.-Tuesday the 25th May to a castle on Mount St Gothard, with his presented to a London audience, for the daughter, Urilda. The mountain maiden first time, Mozart's Zauber Flöte, one of has a lover ; but " the course of true love his most celebrated compositions. The never did run smooth," and Adelmar is style in which it is got up exceeds that of the single object of her father's persecution. any spectacle yet exhibited at the King's Urilda pines, and perseveres in her obeTheatre. The principal singers acquitted dience: she is saved from imminent danger themselves with their usual skill, and receive among the precipices by Adelmar, and this cd even more than their usual share of ap new bond of gratitude only makes her feel plause, particularly Miss Corri, wlio exe the closer pressure of affection and misery. cuted with peculiar felicity an air of the She is loved by a deformed vassal of her most singular construction and difficulty.- father, whom he keeps in perpetual awe by Lit. Gaz.

his participation in some mysterious reDrury Lane.-The Jew of Lübeck, or membrance. But Berthold's rank prethe Heart of a Fathci. A new melo-drama cludes hope, and his love turns into bitter: of the old stamp, was preduced, or repro. ness. Wallenberg, the tyrannical governor duced, for aught we know, these family of the canton for Austria, is her next solithings being so like each other, at this citor, and her refusal of his alliance in. theatre, on Tuesday 11th May. It will, flames him into direct malignity. Fredolfo we presume, languish through its appor- is charged by Berthold with the murder of tioned period ; and, at the end of a few re Wallenberg's father. The Switzer is seizpresentations, the bills will kindly console ed, Crilda follows him to his dungeon ; the us for its vanishing, with the comfortable cell is forced by Adelmar, at the head of assurance, that its “ next performance will the peasants. After long trials of courage be duly announced.”

and affection, Adelmar and Urilda dic beThe Carib Chief.--On Thursday the side each other, at the moment that Wal33th, the Carib Chief, a tragedy, from the lenberg is killed by Fredolfo. The principen of Mr Horace Twiss, was brought out pal part was played by Young, with all the at this theatre. Deficient in the essential spirit and intelligence of that eminent perqualities of that species of production whose former. Kemble was the lover, and was title it assumes, the Carib Chief is, never pathetic and impressive in a higher degree theless, a well constructed, well written, than the author seemed to have contem. and effective drama. There is neither the plated. Macready's character was obviousdignity of sentiment, the high soul of ly intended for his peculiar display, and he poesy, the elevation of character, nor the obtained and deserved great applause. Miss grandeur of plot, which belong to tragedy, O'Neill's Urilda was one of her ablest exboth by rule and custom ;--the fable, the hibitions ; and the scene in which she lis. incidents, the dramatis personæ, the lan tens to her father's confession of his crime, guage, the feelings, are essentially melo with her habitual reverence contending a. dramatic, and the author, whose talent de- gainst her sudden horror, and her femimands our warmest applause, has not en nine spirit dissolved at once by sorrow and deavoured to raise them one line above by love, was a noble evidence of power in their natural level.Lil. Guz.

the actress and the author. Considerable Corent Garden. Fredolfo.--.Mr Matu. repugnance was obviously felt to the catasrin ha: aiready obtained the rank of a po- trophe, and the fall of Adelinar was decidpular writer, though of a peculiar school. edly unsuitable. But the play bas matevír Maturin's prose and poetry are roman. rials of such deep and solid interest, that a .tic; he turns instinctively from the picture slight change in the close would probably of common lite to the deeper design, which place it in a high rank on the modern stage. tinds its impressiveness in its remoteness, its -Lit. Gaz. wildness, and its gloom. He is the poet of A spirited and picturesque melo-drame, excessive sensibility and extravagant ambi- called Szvedish Putriotisın, was produced tion, of fearful remorse, and undying re on Wednesday the 19th. The principal venge. Ris prose is hut his poetry dit. character of the story is a Colonel Albert, t'ustd, and the popularity of his plays and a Swede, the head of the Gothland Insurnovels is the natural tribute to his success rection, for the exiled King Gustavus. He in exhibiting the resources of a rich and is hunted through the country after the de. accomplished mind. llis present play has feat of his party, and through a variety of the merits and detects of his style. Pre- adventures, till he is safcd by the troops of dolto, the hero of the piece, is a Swiss pa. the victorious Gustavus. It was extremely triot, who, after serving in the wars of the well reccived. Bishop's music had a large



share in its popularity ; but Terry's acting catched him firmly by the wrist. In this was the merveille of the melo-drame.-Lit. position against the ropes, they struggled Guz.

for the fall, when Spring succeeded in Cozening, or Half an hour in France," throwing Carter by main strength. (Apa dramatic interlude, was produced here plause.) on Saturday the 22d May. It is framed ex 3. Carter was again busy with his left pressly for the purpose of exhibiting the hand, but Spring outscienced him, and in versatility and mimetic powers of Mr Yates. a close against the ropes Carter was down. We had previously heard of his ability in 4. Carter put in a left handed body blow, this line, both in private and on the Edin- which Spring returned.' Carter rallied and burgh stage, and were prepared for a suc. retreated to the ropes, whither Spring man. cessful effort. It, however, exceeded our fully followed him, and hit away, although expectations, and at once placed the actor on without much effect, right and left. A a pedestal to which neither his Iago nor Fal- close in which, after Carter's back had been staff raised him. This is his forte let him well scraped against the ropes, he was cultivate the comic muse. Some of his thrown ; as he fell Spring hit him in the imitations of celebrated performers savour- ribs. (Bravo, Spring.) ed a little of caricature, but his copy of 5. A lively rally in which some trifling Mathews was a fac-simile. The whole es- blows were exchanged. A close against tablishes him a favourite, and is a truly the ropes. Carter down, and Spring fell laughable treat.--Lit. Gaz.

over him on his head

6. Carter made play, but kept "a la We take blame to ourselves for not ha- distance.” Spring followed hiin up, and ving hitherto put on record in our pages, hit at his nob. Carter closed, and the hug. some account of an Amusement (if it may ging system was renewed, in which the ropes be so termed) which, if we may judge from acted the part of nutmeg-grater to Carter's the number of spectators it attracts, posses. back. Carter fibbed a little, but was a. ses more interest on the other side of the gain down and undermost. Tweed than any thing else which goes by 7. Spring hit right and left at Carter's that name. The science of milling, indeed, frontispiece. Carter returned heavily with is but in its infancy in Scotland ; but as his left, and in another close at the ropes Tom Cribb, Carter, and others, visited our Carter fell. capital some years ago, and as Cooper 8. Spring made play, and vigorously had an academy here, we may hope that, at pursued his man to the ropes. A smart no distant time, Scotland will be able to rally and a close, in which Carter was produce a champion, who shall support by thrownout of the ring. (Well done, Spring.) his fists the ancient martial fame of his 9. A lively rally and a close, in which countrymen.

the wrestling system was renewed. Carter The battle we commence with is that was much galled on his back, and was between Carter and Spring, fought on the thrown with a lump on his head. (Brato, 4th of May last on Crawley Downs. The Spring-2 to 1 on Spring.) number of spectators exceeded 10,000. 10. Spring in high spirits, but cautious Previously, on the same day, a fight took and steady. Carter made a lunge with his place between Randall and Martin ; but left hand, but Spring got away by activity. as the account of the second one contains A close. Both across the ropes. Carter more of the peculiarly expressive terms tried hard for the fall : both fell, Carter used by the Fancy, we have preferred undermost. inserting it, that the admirers of the art in 11. Spring set to work in earnest, and this country may be at no loss to express hit Carter on the mug, right, and left, but themselves in the proper phraseology.

not with much force. In a close and hug, Round 1. The attitude of Spring was very Carter was again down. imposing. He stood up to his man coolly 12. A lively rally: Carter vas again at and firmly. Carter seemed rather in a the


and in a close endeavoured to fib; jesting humour, and smiled significantly, but Spring seemed to be aware of his tac. as much as to say, “I'll take the pride out tics, and held him securely by the wrist. of you." Carter first broke ground, but Carter thrown over the ropes

. ( Applause.) was scientifically stopped by Spring. (Ap 13. Spring hit out, and Carter returned plause.) Sparring for some minutes. Spring on the face. A smart rally, in which Carstopped one of Carter's left handers, and ter put in some good body blows. A close, returned on his nob. (Cries of Well done in which both fell. Advantage mutual. Spring.) A close against the ropes, in 14. Hitherto the cork liad not been drawn, which, after a vigorous struggle, both were and neither of the men seemed to be pu. down.

nished, except Carter, whose back began 2. Spring again stopped one of Carter's to look lacerated. Spring in high spirits hits, but received slightly on the mouth went in, and Carter at once closed. Spring's from the other hand. A close, in which head got under Carter's arm, but before he Carter endeavoured to fib, but Spring could fib with effect, Spring threw him eff

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