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Civil Service, to Emily, youngest daughter nant-General Charles Morgan, in his 77th of the late Colonel Samuel Dyer, many year. years Quarter Master General in the Hon. 21. At Forthside, Mrs Mary Wallace, East India Company's service.

spouse to Robert Ogilvie, Esq. At London, David Latimer St Clair, At Glasgow, Mr James Wilson, acE q. Captain in the royal navy, to Eliza countant. beth Isabella, youngest daughter of the At Hawick, Mr Thomas Miller, late John Farhill, Esq.

writer. At Rochester, Lieutenant-Colonel C. W. 22. At Ladykirk manse, the Rev. George Pasley, of the royal engineers, to Martha Todd. Matilda, second daughter of the late How. Mary, infant daughter of Sir G. S. ard Roberts, Esq.

Mackenzie of Coul, Bart. At Fulham, the Earl of Dundonald, 23. At Dumfries, Janet Kirkpatrick, father of Lord Cochrane, to Anne Maria, wife of the Rey. Dr Scot, minister of St eldest daughter of Francis Flowden, Esq. Michael's Church, Dumfries.

24. At Paris, in the 50th year of her

age, Elizabeth, Countess of Lucan, young. Ang. 21. 1818. At Brijectullao, in the est daughter of the late Henry Earl of East Indies, Captain J. Ramsay, 21st na Fauconberg. tive infantry, late Barrackmaster of Fort 25. At Dumfries, Mrs Wilhelmina Har. William.

ley, relict of the late James Dalzell of Oct. 28. At Calcutta, Capt. R. Bowden, Locharthur. of the Caledonian Indiaman of Greenock.

At London, the Right Hon. Lady Niv. In the Nagpour country, East In- Elizabeth Drummond, widow of Harry dies, of a fever, whilst serving with his Drummond, Esq. and aunt to the Marquis regiment, (6th native cavalry,) Mr Edward of Northampton. Bannerman, fourth son of the late Sir - At No. 3, Castle Street, Miss Mar. Alexander Bannerman, of Aberdeen. garet Renny, daughter of Mr George Ren

4. At Chuppavah camp, in the Nagpore ny, Falkirk. country, Lieutenant William Napier Kel 26. At Aberdeen, James Farquhar, surlet, of the native cavalry, second son of geon, R. N. William A. Kellett, Esq. Cork.

27. At Annfield, near Glasgow, in the Dec. 17. At Monte Video, Mr James 71st year of her age, Mrs Margaret CuthBlack, merchant there, son of the late Mr bertson, wife of James Sword, Esq. of George Black, Sorbie, Wigtonshire. Annfield.

Jun. 13. 1819. At Grange Estate, Ja. At Carmyle House, Mrs Jean Mac. maica, John Wood, eldest son of the Rev. kenzie, relict of the late Jonathan Andere Charles Wood, minister at Weston. son, Esq. merchant in Glasgow. - 15. At Tobago, Ensign Simon M'In. At Edinburgh, Julia, the infant tosh, eldest son of Mr MʻIntosh, late 3d daughter of Dr Alex. Hamilton, St James's royal veteran battalion.

Square. 29. At Kingston, Jamaica, William 28. At his house in New Street, in the Caldwell, Esq. one of the Representatives 85th year of his age, Mr James Lea, denin Assembly for the parish of St Dorothy, tist. and an Alderman of that city and parish. - At Port-Glasgow, in the 81st year of

March 13. At Falside, Mr William his age, David Beatton, Esq. late tanner Gosman, late farmer in Pitkierie, aged there. Having no family, Mr Beatton 76, who sustained a fair and unblemished and his wife, in the year 1805, executed a character.-He was 70 years on that farm, joint will, bequeathing, after the payment and his ancestors for two centuries.

of some small legacies, their whole proper. 20. At Jersey, Sir John Dumaresq, ty for the erection and endowment of a Knight, late Chief Magistrate of the is- charity school in Port-Glasgow. Mrs land.

Beatton died some years ago, and her hus. At her house, 2, Crichton Street, Mrs band, in conformity to their agreement, eSmith.

rected, in 1815, a school, to be conducted - At his seat, Earl Stoke Park, in the on the Lancasterian plan, and vested its county of Wilts, at the advanced age of management in a committee, consisting 86, Joshua Smith, Esq. late member for of nine of the inhabitants, parish Minister, Devises, which borough he represented 30 Magistrate, and Town Clerk, ex officiis. years.

By this well directed act of individual ge- At Campbellfield, Mr John Grahame, nerosity, upwards of 100 poor children ene merchant, Glasgow.

joy the important advantages of being Lo John Story, Esq. former. taught reading, writing, arithmetic, and ly Lieutenant-Colonel in the 21st regiment the principles of Christianity.. of toot.

In her 93d year, Mrs Blair of Gar21. In Portland Place, London, Lieute. roch, relict of David Blair, Esq. late Pro

vost of Dumfries, and Collector of the Cus- ston, infant daughter of John Campbell, toms.

Esq. of Achalader. 29. At Cleuchbrae, parish of Terregles, 2. At Stirling, Mrs Grant, widow of where he had gone for the recovery of his Alex. Grant, Esq. W. S. health, Robert Bevin, of the Customs, At Lisbon, Major Angus Macdonald, Leith, in the 22d year of his age, eldest in the Portuguese and British service. He son of the late Captain-Adjutant Henry was a native of the north of Scotland, from Bevin, of the Dumfries militia.

a respectable family, and had served his At London, in the 66th year of her country in several perilous engagements in age, Ann, Dowager Marchioness Towns- foreign countries. hend, of Rainham Hall, in the county of 3. At Edinburgh, Margaret Penelope Norfolk.

Robertson, infant daughter of William At the manse of Pathstruiehill, the Robertson, Esq. Great King Street. Rev. John M.Ara, in the 70th year of his - At Alyth, James Sandy, the celebraage, and 35th of his ministry ; during ted Alyth mechanic. The originality of which time he was never prevented by genius and eccentricity of character which sickness, even for a single Sabbath, from distinguished this remarkable person were, attending the duties attached to his sacred perhaps, never surpassed. Deprived at an office.

early age of the use of his legs, he contri30. Mrs Stein of Hattonburn.

ved, by dint of ingenuity, not only to pass At London, Sir Walter Farquhar, his time agreeably, but to render hinself Bart. in his 81st year.

a useful member of society. He soon dis31. At Lochgilphead, Mr Dugald Blair, played a taste for mechanical pursuits, and inerchant, aged 89 years.

contrived as a work shop for his operations At St Andrew's, Mrs Isabella Mas. a sort of circular bed, the sides of which son, widow of David Fraser, Esq.

being raised about 18 inches above the At Green, near London, Lieutenant- clothes, were employed as a platform for Colonel John West, late of the 3d royal turning lathes, table-vices, and cases for veteran battalion.

tools of all kinds. His genius for practical At Dundee, Miss Violet Ogilvy, mechanics was universal. He was skilled youngest daughter of the late Sir John in all sorts of turning; and constructed seOgilvy, Bart. of Invercarity.

veral very curious lathes, as well as clocks - At North Berwick, the Dowager Lady and musical instruments of every descripHamilton Dalrymple.

tion, no less admired for the sweetness of April 1. At Newton-upon-Ayr, Mrs their tone than the elegance of their execuDuncan, wife of Mr Daniel Duncan, and tion. He excelled, too, in the construction daughter of the late John Reid, Esq. of of optical instruments; and made some reDuncanziemuir and Cronberry.

flecting telescopes, the speculæ of which were At Aberdeen, Alex. Baillie Innes, not inferior to those finished by the most eldest son of James Innes, Esq. late Agent eminent London artists. He suggested for the Bank of Scotland, Tain.

some important improvements in the ma. At London, aged 76, universally re- chinery for spinning fax, and we believe spected and esteemed, Mrs Martha Hud- he was the first who made the wooden jointdleston Calder, widow of the late Rev. Dr ed snuff-boxes, generally called LaurenceJohn Calder.

kirk boxes, some of which, fabricated by At the manse of Nigg, Mrs Marjory this self-taught artist, were purchased, and Cruden, sister of the Rev. Dr David Cru.

sent as presents to the Royal Family. To den, aged 80.

his other endowments, he added an accurate In the 87th year of his age, Mr Jo. knowledge of drawing and engraving, and seph Allan, schoolmaster at Skene; hav- in both these arts produced specimens of ing taught there, with repute, for these 62 the highest excellence. For upwards of 50 years.

years he quitted his bed only three times, At Paris, Lord Dormer.

and on these occasions his house was either 2. At her house in George's Square, inundated with water or threatened with Miss Anne Wauchope, eldest daughter of danger from fire. His curiosity, which was the late James Wauchope of Edmonstone, unbounded, prompted him to hatch differ, Esq.

ent kinds of birds' eggs by the natural At Standon, Herts, Richard Goff, warmth of his body, and he aiterwards rearaged 113. He has left a wise in her 47th ed the motley broods with all the tenderness year, and three chlidren, the eldest of of a parent ; so that, on visiting him, it was whom is but 17, and the youngest two no unusual thing to see various singing years and a half old! Goff was a native of birds, to which he may be said to have gi. Ireland.

His hair and beard were very ven birth, perched on his head, and warbwhite, which gave him a patriarchal ap- ling the artificial notes he had taught pearance, and he appeared sensible to the them. Naturally possessed of a good conlast.

stitution, and an active, cheerful turn of At Edinburgh, Anna Louisa Living, mind, his house was the general coffeeroom

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of the village, where the affairs both of 8. At Easter Balgarvie, near Cupar Fife, church and state were discussed with the aged 73, Mr John Lawrie, farmer there. utmost freedom. In consequence of long 9. At Heligoland, Major Cumming, of confinement, sickly cast, but it was remarkably expres At London, John Weir, Esq. late Di. sive, and would have afforded a fine subject rector-General of the Army Medical De. for the pencil of Wilkie, particularly when -partment. he was surrounded by his country friends. - At Greenhill, near Crieff, Miss DrumThis singular man had acquired, by his in- mond of Kelty. genuity and industry, an honourable inde 10. At Cortachy Castle, in the 86th year pendence, and died possessed of considerable of his age, the Right Honourable Walter property. In short, his history holds out

Earl of Airly. this very instructive lesson, that no difficulties At Lanwisk Villa, Brecknock, James are too great to be overcome by industry Hotchkis, Esq. only son of the deceased and perseverance, and that genius, though Capt. David Hotchkis, of the Royal Navy. it should sometimes miss the distinction it At Viewfield, Mr Fraser of Leaddeserves, will seldom fail, unless by its own clunie. fault, to secure competency and respectabi. At his house in Maitland Street, Dr lity. He was married only about three Peter Wright. weeks before his death.

11. At Edinburgh, Miss Ann Lundin, At Edinburgh, Joseph Hume, Esq. daughter of the late Andrew Lundin, Esq. advocate.

of Strathairly. - At Aberdeen, Major Gordon, of the At Tain, Thomas Suter, Sheriff-clerk late 8th West India regiment.

of Ross, aged 61 years. - At Glasgow, Margaret, eldest daugh 12. At Stranraer, William Ross, Esq. ter of David Blair, Esq.

Collector of Customs. Mr Ross was the

in minister of that parish.

ton; and poor, to he gave em 7. At Glasgow, Mr Gavin Williamson, ployment, will long revere his memory, in the 83d year of his age.

and regret his loss. At Edinburgh, Alexander Robert Pe. 16. At Portobello, in the C2d year of terkin of Grange and Grieveshop, eldest age, and 40th of his ministry, the Rev. Thus son of the late James "Peterkin, Esq. of mas Thomson, minister of the Relief church, Grange.

James's Place, Edinburgh. During the - Lieutenant Charles James Griffin, long period of his ministry, and in the aged thirty-five, Commander of his Majes. places where he successively exercised it, ty's cutter Swan, was drowned off Bridling. he was uniformly distinguished by the prug ton, Yorkshire. This melancholy accident dence and consistency of character which occurred by his too great anxiety to get on became a minister of the gospel. His pub, board his cutter in a lieavy gale, when the lic teaching was marked by good sense, boat was dashed against the pier, which and was a faithful and impressive exposie caused the untimely end of the clerk and tion of 's the doctrine which is according two seamen, with their Commander ; four to godliness." Possessed of a lively femper other seamen happily escaped by clinging and a cheerful disposition, he was al trays to the piles of the pier, until boats from pleasant and happy in the company of bis the shore came to their assistance. Thus friends, but his cheerfulness never betraya perished, in the prime of life, on his native ed him into any levity or frivolity incon? shore, froin an anxious and zealous perfor- sistent with his Christian 'or ministerial mance of his duty, a gallant and enterpri- profession. In domestic life he was pettising officer, who, during 22 years, had been liarly amiable and affectionate, and those in continual service, and had escaped all who had the happiness of enjoying his inthe dangers of protracted war, and of every timate friendship will not soon forget the variety of climate. By his strict attention delight he took in the sòciety of his family, to his duty, and rigid, yet mild performance or the meekness and resignation with which of it, he had secured the high approbation he bore some of the most painful domestic of his superior, and warm esteem of his afflictions. He will long be remembered brother officers, who will unite with a large as a warm and sincere friend, an affectioncircle of private friends in deploring his ate

husband, and a kind and indulgent fa, premature and melancholy fate.

ther; and, in the hearts of a sorrowing and 8. At Carnwath house, Norman, young. grateful congregation, he has left a record est son of Norman Lockhart, Esq. of his fidelity and usefulness as a Christian

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Don, wipastor, which will not easily perish. dow of the Fran Scott, Esq.

George Ramsay and Co. Printers, Edinburgh.






The Scots pagazine,

JUNE 1819.

CONTENTS. Remarks on the Memoir of the Life of some physical means from its Basis, Mrs Brunton

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pushed up a Declivity......541 Letters from London, by an Islander...-491 The Dreamer

543 Answer to the preceding Letters, writ.

Alloa Speeches

545 ten from Skye... una

„495 Remarks on Tales of My Landlord, On the Temperature of the Ground ....499 Third Marinow..547 Scottish Zoology. No. III.........504

LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC Zoology. (A non-descript Animal) -...508

INTELLIGENCE. Biographical Sketch of the Life of Au

gustus von Kotzebuemme ..509 College Museum.-New Fund for the Gottingen during the Summer of 1818, Establishment of Prize Medals in (Concluded)aw.cocom


Scotland.-Comparison of the Skull The Vale of Clyde

522 of an ancient Greek and of a Botecu. Lady Mary o' Craignethan common...525 do Cannibal, &c. &c. mainan mo. 555 Manuscript Notes from an interleaved Works preparing for Publication ....557 Book of Travels

529 Monthly List of New Publications 558 Further Remarks on some recent Publications on the present Epidemic

MONTHLY REGISTER. Fever ...532 Foreign Intelligencecanaan

562 Curious Account of the Feelings of a Parliamentary Intelligence

-564 Person who recovered from a Stroke British Chronicle mwona

1567 of Lightning, detailed in a Letter to Public Amusements, &c.

-571 the late Professor Russelmonomo....536 Appointments and 575 On the declining Popularity of the Bri Meteorological Table

577 tish Essayists Agricultural Reportnamnamonoman Some Account of a part of a Dike in Commercial Report.ansanm

,579 Glenlyon, Perthshire, removed by Births, Marriages, -582

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We regret

NOTICE. 19We have received a temperate and sensible reply to a few strietures which appeared some time ago in this Magazine on the late volume of Dr Chalmers's Sermons.

if it should be the case, that we have inadvertently admitted any thing into our sistent with the purity of divine truth. But we see no good to be gained from prolonging the controversy, especially as the answer to whatever may be aroneous in the remarks in question, (if there is any material error in them,) may in substance be found in the innumerable publications which support the same views with Dr Chalmers, atid more particularly in his own eloquent and argumentative writings 2025197

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