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COMMERCIAL REPORT. COLONIAL PRODUCE.–Sugars.-The market still continues dull, and prices have declined still farther since our last. On Friday a public sale of 355 hhds. 20 barrels Muscovades were brought forward ; the middling and good qualities went off with inuch briskness; low browns sold heavily at a farther reduction ; middling Tortola sold freely at 65s. to 68s., Trinidad 66s. to 68s., good St Lucia 64s. to 60s. The refined market has also become heavy, and purchases can be made lower in that and in foreign and East India sugars. Molasses are in brisk demand at 32s. Cotton. – There has been lately an extensive demand for Pernambuco cotton and Bengals for exportation. For the lat. ter 6d. would readily be given for fair shipping quality, but the holders decline selling. There are, in consequence, no parcels in the market. The purchases since Tuesday last consist of 1400 Pernambuco, 19 d. to 20d. in bond ; 80 bags bowed Georgia, 12}d. to 13d. ; 22 Demerara, 15d. ; 150 good fair Surats, 8fd. ; 70 good fair Bengals, 6fd., very good 6 d. ; and a few Orleans, duty paid, were taken at 12d. Coffee. The market of Britain, not withstanding a recent improvement in the prices at Antwerp and in Holland, remains in a depressed state, and the prices are in a great degree nominal. Rum.- This article is also heavy in the market, and the prices, in consequence, nominal. Spices.-Yesterday an extensive sale took place at the East India House, as follows:Pepper.--2100 Company's black sold at 7įd., 3900 ditto bought in ; 300 bags, privilege, light, 6ļd., heavy 7a. and 7 d. ; white 10d. and 104d. Salt petre.-1000 tons Company's, 32s. to 32s. 6d. ; 104 ditto, licensed, 33s. to 40s. 6d. About 400 tons, Company's, bought in. Cinnamon.-First quality, 750 bales 10s. 1d. to 10s. 3.., 100 bales bought in; second quality, 84 bales,'9s. 1d., 433 bought in ; uncleared of former sales, 7s. 3d. to 8s. ; third quality, 221 bales, 7s. 7d. to 75. 8d., and one lot at 7s. Id. Ordinary bastard Cinnamon 45. to 4s. 6d., 38 chests broken ; of first quality, os. 7d. Cloves.450 bales of fair quality from 3s. Id. to 3s. 3d. Mace.- First quality, 25 casks, 8s. 1d., 38 bought in ; second quality, 44s. at 7s. 1d. Nutmegs. Il casks garbled, 5s. 2d. to 5s. 4d. ; 470 ungarbled, 4s. 41. to 4s. 5d., 13 bought in ; 3 worineaten, 3s. 9d. to 3s. 10d. Cassia.-About 450 chests inferior, L. 6, los. to L. 7; middling, L. 9, 5s. ; bastard, 45s. to 60s. Sago.—Pale red, 20s. to 23s. ; good browı), 25s. to 30s. ; fine brown, 39s. to 41s. 6d. About one-fourth sold. Ginger._Ordinary and middling quality, 19s. to 23s., about one-third sold. Arrow root bought in 18. tid. The whole went off heartily, except nutmegs. Tobacco.—The deliveries of tobacco fronı the warehouses during the last month have been considerable; 1322 hhds. for exportation, 455 hhds. for home consumption. The stock is in consequence decreasing, and no prospect of further supplies for some time. The demand for tobacco, however, contipues limited, and several parcels are offering at very low rates.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE. The prices of foreign Tollow have been stated at a small reduction, and the demand is still limited. Letters from Petersburgh yesterday state the prices there as unvaried, the exchange standing at 11 d.- Little business has been doing in Flar or Hemp, and the prices remain unvaried. Brandy has obtained a small advance in price, on account of unfavourable reports from the French vineyards, which have been injured by the frosts.-Geneva continues to decline.—May 11.

Course of Exchange, London, May 11.- Amsterdam, l1 : 8. Ditto, at sight, 11 : 5. Rotterdam, 11 : 9. Antwerp, l1 : 10. Han burgh, 34 : 8. Altona, 34 : 9. Paris, 3 days sight, 24 : 30. Bourdeaux, 21 : CO. Frankfort on the Maine, 112. Madrid, 38. Cadiz, 384. Gibraltar, 34. Leghorn, 51. Genoa, 47. Lisbon. 564. Oporto, 57. Rin Janeiro, 601. Dublin, 14. Cork, 14 per cent.

Prices of Bullion per oz. Foreign gold in coin L.4:0:6. Silver in bars standard L.0: 5: 5.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey 20s.--Cork or Dublin 15s. II.--Belfast 20s.-Hamburgh 20s. to 25s.- Madeira 20s. to 255.- Jamaica 30s.Greenland out and home 314g. Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from April 21 to May 12, 1819.

april 21. April 28. May 5. May 12.

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LOxdox. TEA, Bohea, per lb.

@ 2 2 3 4 Congou,

3 1 3 4 Souchong,

4 3 4 6 SUGAR, Musc. cwt. B. P. Dry Brown, 745.

64 70 56

67 64 67 Mid. Good, & Fine Mid. 80 90 71 90 68 87 69 76 Fine and very fine, 92 96 | 91 94

88 93 80 84 Brazil, Brown,

30 40 38 White,

42 50

53 Refined, Double Loaves, 150 160

1 3 (ib.) 1 4 Powder ditto, 118 124

96 115 Single ditto,

116 121 114 116 118 122 96 112 Small Lumps,

108 115 100 110 118 121 102 112 Large ditto,

104 110 104 106 106 114 | 97 100 Crushed Lumps,

66 60

62 68 MOLASSES, British,

36 6
33 34 34

32 COFFEE, Jamaica,

Ord. good, and fine ord. 102 118 100 116 105 114 110
Fine and very fine,

135 Dutch, Triage & very ord. 90


75 105 Ord. good, & fine ord. 102 120 100 118 108 116 St Domingo, . 140

96 100 PIMENTO (in Bond), Ib. 9


8 SPIRITS Jam. Rum 160.P. 3 10 4 0 39 3 10 39 4 3 3 3 Brandy, gal. 5 6 5 9

4 0 5 6 Geneva, 3 4 3 6

3 0 32 Aqua,

7 2 7 4 WINES, Clar. Ist Gr. hhd. 60 64

35 065 0 Portugal Red, pipe, 48 54

54 0 0 0 Spanish White, butt. . 34 55

30 ( 65 Teneriffe, pipe,

30 35 Madeira, 60 70

50 Logwood, Jamaica, ton,

* £9
7 0 7 7 6 6

7 15 Honduras,

9 10

7 10 7 15 6 10 6 15 8 0 8 5 Campeachy,

8 10

8 0
FUSTIC, Jamaica,
10 11

7 10 8 0 11 0 12 0 Cuba, 12 14

110 0 10 5 INDIGO, Caraccas fine, lb. 9s 6d 11 6 8 6 96 8 0 8 9 10 TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot, 2 4 2 6

2 6 2 8 Ditto Oak,

5 6 Honduras Mahogany,

14 1 8 0 10 8 1 2 1 6 1 5 TAR, American, brl.

12 6 16 6 | 19 6 Archangel, 21 23

16 6 17 6 | 16 0 Tallow, Rus. Yel. Candle, | 68 70 69

72 63 Home melted, cwt.

70 72 HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton, 51 52 50 52

50 Petersburgh Clean, 45 47 49 50 47 48 Flax, Riga Th. & Dr. Ra. 74

80 Dutch, 60 130

70 Irish,

55 60
Mars, Archangel,
78 85

BRISTLES, Peters. Firsts, 15 ( 16 0
ASHES, Petersburgh Pearl, | 40 42
Montreal ditto,* cwt. 55 57

55 48

52 Pot,



42 OIL, Whale, tun,


36 36

34 Cod, 87 (p.brl)


. OBACCO, Virg. fine, lb. . 9 9 10

104 0


7 8

055 COTTONS, Bowed Georgia,

10 12 011 1 1 11 Sea Island, fine,

2 2 8 2 3 2 6 1 9 2 Demerara and Berbice,

1 6 1 25 1 61 4 Pernambucco,

741 8 1 411 61 1 7 Maranham,

6 133 44 15

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ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTS, announced in April 1819,

extracted from the London Gazette.




Abram, R. Liverpool, merchant

Isaac, J. Fareham, currier Aslatt, A. White Lion, London, victualler Jones, R. Cheapside, London, woollen-draper Atherston, J. Warrington, Lancaster, cabinet Jackson, M. Bolton, Lancaster, cotton-manufac

maker Acland, T. sen. Greenwich, butcher

Kilby, J. York, common brewer Bendalí, G, H. Bristol, corn-factor

Laing, c. Garford Street, London, shop-chandler Brammer, C. Handsworth, York, mercer

Lloyd, J. Carnarvon, shopkeeper Burcher, T. Mitchell Dean, Gloucester, timber Lavell, J. Lambeth, Surry, grocer dealer

Lough, R. London, brass and ircn-founder Bentley,

S. Horton, York, worsted-manufacturer Levett, W. Shadwell, Middlesex, grocer Booth, T. and A. Nottingham, tallow.chandlers Lewis, w., and J. A. Henderson, London, wineBrasishaw, J. Soho, London, tailor

merchants Buchanan, D., S. M. Smith, and F. Ashley, Li Milnes, R. Mirfield, York, coal-merchant verpool, merchants

Martin, J. St Philip and Jacob, Gloucester, drug. Bartlet, J. Frome Selwood, Somerset, clothier gist Bensley, C. Strand, Gloucester, mercer

Messent, P. Quaker Street, London, silk-weaver Bentley, S. Bradford, York, worsted-manufac Moon, J. Acres Barn, Manchester, cotton-merturer

chant Buckley, H. Saddleworth, York, innkeeper Morton, R. M. Shepton Mallet, Somerset, grocer Cope, R. St Martin, Worcester, victualler

Messiter, R. Bristol, cloth and wool-dealer Collinson, E, Crooked Lane, London, oil-mer Marks, J. New Road, Middlesex, chinaman chant

Nightingale, J., and T. Byrue, George Street, Campbell, J. White Lion Court, London, mer. London, tailors chant

Nayler, B. Fishlake, York, tanner
Cooke, W. "Birmingham, merchant

Owen, J., and 11. D. London, merchants
Carr, C. Bridge Street, Westininster, jeweller Pritchard, J. Bristol, grocer
Clancy, W. Cornhill, London, provision-mer Pearson, J. Leicester, commission-agent

Perkins, J. B. Carpenter's Hall, London, iron Cooper, J. Rotherham, York, slate-merchant

monger Cruse, T. Chatham, brewer

Penfold, J. Watling Street, London, warehouseDavies, G. Tenby, Pembroke, merchant Dolphin, E. Cheadle, Stafford, plumber and gla. Palmer, J. Wellingborough, London, wine and zier

spirit-merchant Douchatt, S. Liverpool, merchant

Peers, R. Warrington, Lancaster, grocer Dixon, J. Wellington, Salop, mercer

Pierce, R. Exeter, stone-mason Daniel, H. Warren Street, Middlesex, coachmaker

Palmer, W. Bridgewater, Somerset, maltster Dunderdale, H. London, and W. T. Dunderdale, Pickbourn, J. North Street, London, drug-grind.

Manchester, merchants
Deakin, T., and T. Dyer, Birmingham, dealers Pearse, J. Plymouth Dock, saddler
Dixon, J. Ivebridge, Devon, merchant

Panton, s. Milton near Sittingbourne, Kent, mil Elmer, G. Mistley, Essex, merchant

ler Ellerby, T. Poole, linen-draper

Peake, S. Pendleton, Lancaster, wine-merchant Edwards, W. Manchester, manufacturer

Rothwell, J. Arnold, Nottingham, hosier Fletcher, R. Blackburn, Lancaster, manufacturer Robinson, T., and T. H., and R. Hancock, Man Forbes, B. Bristol, draper

chester, cotton-merchants Fariner, W. Walsall, Stafford, innholder

Radford, E. Strand, London tailo Fletcher, B. Burnley, Lancaster, plumber Richardson, S, Nicholas Lane, London, mer French, J. jun. Bristol, elothier

chant Folder, J. Towerhill, London, merchant

Splatt, W. Dawlish, Devon, house-builder Fisher, W. Lambeth, master-mariner

Samuels, E.J. Middlesex, lapidary Glover, E. jun. and E. Gluver, Warrington, Lan Slade, J. Frome Selwood, clothier caster, brewers

Self, R. H. Whitecross Street, London, grocery Gunting, J. Pimlico, Middlesex, picture dealer Smith, T, York, butter and bacon-factor Gray, J. Drury Lane, Middlesex, commission Sunmers. W. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, baker agent

Saxby, J. R. Hawkhursi, Kent, hop-merchant Gilpin, w. Villier Street, London, army-clothier Swainston, J. Kendal, morocco-leather-manufac. Guinpetz, A. Lombard Street, London, merchant Galliinore, W. Norbury, Derby, tenner

Smith, B. Birmingham, steel toy-maker Gowland, M. J. Whitby, porter-merchant

Turner, W. Llangollen, Denbigh, and A. Comber, Gritfiths, M. I. and R. Bristol, builders

Manchester, cotton-spinners Hurrell, S. Minories, London, corn-dealer Turk, T. Newgate Market, London, butcher Hoyland, J. Knottingley, York, grocer

Taylor, T. Bristol, tobacco and snuff-seller Heal, w. Bradford, Wilts, innkeeper

Tupman, J. Bloomsbury, Middlesex, watchmaker Hull, C. Moreyers' Street, London, ribbon-manu Thomson, $. Red Cross Street, Middlesex, calen facturer

derer Holbrook, G. Fleetmarket, London, poulterer Travers, J. Lambeth, coal-merchant Harris, R. Spittalfields, London, stationer

Thornley, S., and J. Beckton, Manchester, manuHunter, J., and J. Orr, Bucklersbury, London,

facturers merchants

Whitton, J. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant Harris, H. Bradford, Wilts, baker

Wood, T. Nottingham, grocer Hepke, T., and H.O. Von Post, London, mer Watt, J. Preston,

linendraper chants

Wilson, T. Middlesex, carpenter Holroyde, J. Halifax, York, factor

Williams, E. Birmingham, victualler Hancock, W. Bury St Edmund's, London, cabinet. Wharton, w. and J. Leominster, common carriers maker

Wathen, C. Cumberwell, London, merchant Hawkins, S. Milton, Portsca, dealer

Wroath, D. Truro, smith and ironmonger Howard, R. jun. Woolwich, brewer

Wainewright, W. Liverpool, merchant Jones, C. E. Kentish Town, Middlesex, tanner Watt, J.J. Ratcliffe Highway, Middlesex, surgeon Jarinan, W. jun. Middlesex, paperhanger

Wood, E. Bolton, Lancaster, brazier Jordan, R., and J. Smith, Stratford, and J, Young, P. jun, and R. Anderson, Wappivg, sail

Litchfield, Leadenhall Street, London, coach makers proprietors




April 1819, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Mitchell, Robert and 'Hugh, Fisherrow, wood

merchants Arnott, George, Leith, merchant

Montgomery, George, Edinburgh, confectioner Bennet, William, Banff, merchant

and grocer Boyd, John, jun. Leith, corn-merchant

Patison and Connell, Edinburgh, merchants Brown, Daniel, Glasgow, merchant and spirit Reith, James and Co. Dundee, merchants dealer

Rodger, Thomas, Glasgow, merchant Cathie, George, Musselburgh, merchant

Scott, James and Co. Glasgow, merchants Dobson, Jaines, Glasgow, drysalter, merchant and Steel, J. Glasgow, manufacturer dyer

Stewart, John, Aberdeen, merchant and general Dull, Robert, Irvine, weaver and manufacturer agent Dunlop, Robert, Irvine, manufacturer and ship- Sutherland, Thomas, Edinburgh, haberdasher Elder, Alexander, and Co. Kirkaldy, merchants

DIVIDENDS. Fernie, John, jun. Leith, merchant

Drummond, James, Candy, cattle-dealer; by R. Fyfe, C. and Co. Aberdeen, merchants

Forbes, writer in Kinross, 26th May. Geddes, Andrew, Achley, near Dornoch, straw Dunmore, Robert, Glasgow, merchant; by A. plait manufacturer

Wallace, merchant there, 14th May. Hervey, R. and A., and Co. Glasgow, merchants Galbraith, William and Co. Greenock, merchants; and agents

by D Mactavish, W. S. Edinburgh, 15th May: Hill, James, Lochside, near Montrose, merchant Ker and Penman, Mennockbridge, wrights and and seedsman

joiners ; by J. Hunter, farmer in Cranchill, Huslop, James, Edinburgh, spirit-dealer

25th May. Hood, John and Co. Glasgow, merchants and Laing, J. Edinburgh, broker; by Robinson and agents

Paterson, W. S. 31st May. Hutton, John, Water of Leith, near Edinburgh, Leslie, J. and A. Peterhead, merchants; by W. chemist

Gamack, writer there, 12th May. Jamieson, David, and Co. Leith, merchants O'Hara, Henry, late tacksman of Ravelston quarJohnston, John, Newabbey, stewartry of Kirkcud ries; by P. Macdowall, accountant in Edin bright, manufacturer

burgh, ?1st May. Muovillan, R. Maybole, grocer

Ritchie, Thomas, Glenahurich, cattle-dealer; by Macnaughton, Peter'; and Mungo Cochrane, Glas W. Mackenzie, tacksman of Corrie, near Dry. gow, cominission agents

men, 18th May.



March 14. At Findrack, Mrs Fraser of Findrack, a son.

15. Mrs Macintosh, of Nairn Grove, Nairn, a son.

20. At Ardniel, Mrs G. Caldwell, a daughter.

26. At Hanover, the Duchess of Cambridge, a son.

27. At Hanover, the Duchess of Cla. rence, a daughter, who lived only a few hours.

31). In Rutland Square, Dublin, the Duchess of Leinster, a son and heir.

April 2. The lady of Sir George Sitwell of Renishaw, Bart. a daughter.

8. At lluntington, Mrs Campbell, a

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7. At Tain, the lady of Captain Grant, 78th Highland regiment, a daughter.

At Herbertsluire, the lady of Captain John Steadman Christie, a daughter.

9. At Highgate, the lady of Captain Lanslow, late of the Bengal army, a daughter, her fourth child.—The eldest is a na. tive of Africa, the second of Asia, the third of America ; and all born within the last four years and a half.

10. At Millfield Hill, Northumberland, Mrs Grey, a son.

At Everton Hill, the lady of Colonel Douglas, late 97th regiment, a son.

19. Mrs Hamilton, St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh, a daughter.

21. At No. 47, North Hanover Street, Glasgow, the wife of Robert Ferguson, porter, two sons and a daughter.

22. At Caverhill, the lady of James Burnett, Esq. younger of Barns, a still-born child.

At Nisbet Mill, Mrs Scott, a son. 23. At Melville Street, London, the lady of Berkeley Buckingham Smyth Stafford of Mayne, Esq. a son and heir.

The lady of Captain Clerk, Adjutant of the Forfar militia, a daughter.

24. At Towntield, near Arbroath, the lady of James Thomson, Esq. Paymaster, Forfar militia, a son.

- The lady of Dr James Hare of Handywood, a daughter.

At Nottingham Place, London, Vise countess Newpoit, a son and heir.

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25. In Abercrombie Place, Edinburgh, John Muckersy, of West Calder, to Jean, the lady of Henry Petre, Esq. a daughter, eldest daughter of the late Professor Cook, which survived only a few minutes. of St Andrew's.

26. At Langley, Derbyshire, the lady of 15. At Moffat, the Rev. P. Proudfoot, Godfrey Meynell, Esq. a son.

minister of Arrochar, to Miss Jane Hyslop, At Dumbuck, Dumbartonshire, the Moffat. lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Geils, a son. 16. At Edinburgh, Hugh Hope, Esq. - At Norwood, Mrs James Inglis, a in the Civil Service of the Hon. East India

Company, to Miss Isabella Gray Mackay, May 2. At Edinburgh, Mrs Campbell, daughter of the late Æneas Mackay, Esq. of Dalserf, a son.

of Scotston. Lately, At Harleyford Place, London, 19. At Old Aberdeen, Dr James Brown, the lady of James Cowan, Esq. a daughter. physician, Aberdeen, to Margaret, daugh

The wife of a labouring man, named ter of John Paton, Esq. of Grandhome. Joseph Richardson, of Cooksey, near 20. At West Barns Mains, near Dunbar, Broomsgrove, Warwickshire, was deliver Mr James Scarrot, of Edinburgh, to Mared of four children'at one birth, all girls. garet, youngest daughter of Thomas MitThey are likely to live, and the mother chell, Esq. of Rosebank. is going on well. The poor man's wages At Stirling, the Rev. Benjamin Bai. are 20s. per week, and he has three chil. ley, to Hamilton, only daughter of the dren in addition to the above.

Right Rev. Bishop Gleig.

At Edinburgh, Ebenezer Black, Esq. surgeon,

to Miss Christiana Coventry

Grieve, daughter of the late James Grieve, Aug. 24. 1818. At Calcutta, J. Camp. Esq. merchant, Haddington. bell, Esq. Civil service, to Miss M. F.

At Glasgow, Dr John Robertson, to Douglas.

Miss M‘Nair, daughter of the late Andrew March 27. 1819. At Cheltenham, Cap Macnair, Esq. tain T. A. Cowper, of the Bombay engi 23. At Westham, Essex, Henry Cheape, neers, to Charlotte, second daughter of Da- Esq. eldest son of John Cheape, Esq. of vid Maitland, Esq.

Rossie, in the county of Fife, to Margaret, 30. in London, Alexander Maclean, second daughter of John Carstairs, Esq. Esq. of Orange Hill, Clarendon, Jamaica, of Stratford Green, Essex. to Miss Baigrie, eldest daughter of Mac 25. At Humble, Hants, the Hon. Frekenzie Baigrie, Esq. of the county of Edin. derick Lumley, second brother of the Earl burgh.

of Scarborough, to Jane, second daughter of April 1. At Forfar, Mr William Bal. the late Admiral Bradley. four, merchant in Glasgow, to Susannah 26. At Edinburgh, Alexander Hunter, Lyon, daughter of Captain James Nash, Esq. writer to the signet, to Maria, third Forfar.

daughter of Alexander Maclean of Coll, 3. At London, the Right Hon. Lady Esq. Frances Anne Vane, to Lord Stewart, se At Edinburgh, Duncan Ballantine, cond son of the Marquis of Londonderry. Esq. merchant in Leith, to Eliza, daugh.

7. At Inverness, Lieutenant-Colonel Ko ter of Mr Charles Robertson, Gayfield bert Ross, of his Majesty's 4th Royal Irish Square. regiment of dragoon guards, to Miss Caro. At Edinburgh, William Johnston, line H. M‘Bean, only child of the late Esq. of Lathrisk and Bavelaw, to Miss Æneas M'Bear, Esq. of Tomatin, and ise · Jean Douglas, youngest daughter of Mr land of St Thomas.

Sholto Douglas. 8. At Edinburgh, Patrick Robertson, At London, Captain J. Ogilvie, of Esq. advocate, to Mary, daughter of the the Hon. East India Company's service, to Rev. Dr Thomas Ross, minister of Kilma. Helen, second daughter of Mr William nivaig.

Allan, merchant in Edinburgh. 10. At Guernsey, John Buchan Syd 27. At London, Alex. Grant, Esq. of surff, Esq. of Ruchlaw, to Margaret, Clapham, Surrey, and Adam Street, Adeldaughter of Thomas Olivier, Esq. of the phi, to Helen, youngest daughter of the island of Alderney.

late Rev. William Thorold, of Wielsby 12. At Dublin, the Hon. and Rev. Ed. House, Lincolnshire. ward Wingfield, second son of the late 30. At Edinburgh, Robert Honeyman, Lord Viscount Powerscourt, to Louisa Esq. merchant, Grangemouth, to Chirsty, Joan, daughter of the late Hon. George youngest daughter of David Findlay, Esq. Jocelyn, and niece to the karl of Roden. 146, Prince's Street.

13. At Dumfries, the Rev. John John. Lately, At Bombay, Colonel Baker, ston Carruthers, to Miss Eliza Edgar Commissary-General, to Matilda, youngest Sloan, daughter of Thomas Sloan, Esq. daughter of T. Norris, Esq. late of Lower Liverpool.

Berkeley Street, London. 14. At the Manse of Kilmany, the Rev. At Calcutta, James Dewar, Esq. of the

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