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the Flemish, the French, and the Spanish to Glasgow with that celebrated actor-the Schools, are all fully represented in this management of both Theatres being in the parliament of genius-all ages, and the same hands. The plays Mr Kean appearperfections of almost every great master, ed in at Glasgow were, Othello, Brutus, have their specimens here. It would be Macbeth, Richard III. A New Way to improper to pass over the glorious works Pay Old Debts, and Douglas ; and the froin His Majesty's collection, and from Theatre, though too large to be generally that of the Prince Regent. The former filled, was crowded every night. have been little seen for many years, and The Theatre was again opened on never beyond a very limited circle. But Monday the 26th April, with Miss Kelly, the liberality of the Prince has now placed from the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane, in before every eye some of the finest Gaspar the Country Girl. This lady, though nei. Poussins in existence, besides productions ther very pretty nor very handsome, has of Titian, Claude, Rubens, Vandyke, Par. something of that frank and undisguised megiano, A del Sarto, Tintoretto, Holbein, openness in her manner, which is often and the splendid Cartoon of The Sacrifice. more attractive than a handsome exterior; The Prince Regent has also sent tine Cuyps, and in Peggy, though certainly inferior to Rembrandts, Potters, &c. &c. ; the Duke some of her predecessors in that part, gave of Wellington some excellent Flemish drolls, proofs of talent very favourable to her fuand masterpieces of Synders, together with ture fame. In some scenes, indeed, she two examples of Platza, a painter unknown was eminently successful ; but in others, to us The Earl of Carlisle is the donor of she looked more knowing than beseemed a inany most interesting pictures, the Earl country girl of an age so long gone by : of Darnley some grand Salvators ; the and her deceptions of her guardian looked Marquis of Bute of an inconiparable Hob. rather like the tricks of one practised in guile, hima, &c. ; the Right Hon. Charles Long than the unpremeditated effusions of an unof Teniers' Misers, &c.; Viscount Rane taught rustic. Some of the exclamations lagh a delicious Cuyp.-Lit. Gaz.

also struck us as being given with an em. The fifteenth annual exhibition of the phasis rather too marked. Otherwise she Sociсty of Painters in oil and water colours went through the part well. Mr Mackay -commenced at the Great Room, Spring (whose performance of Bailie Jarvie in Rob Gardens, also on Monday the 19th April. Roy has made him a favourite) was the There are 350 pieces, many of which con John Moody of the piece; but his personafer so much fame on our contemporary tion of this character, and of most others native artists, that we can look at the glo- which have been put into his hands, seem rious display of ancient art which we have to indicate that, as a general performer, he just noticed, without any other feeling than will not be very successful. He has little that it is a stimulous worthy of their geni. plasticity of feature or variety of manner; us rather than an overwhelming spectacle and, though his conception of his part be to confound their hopes.-Lit. Guze generally just, and his execution accurate,

Sir John Leicester's Gallery continues so-far as it goes, yet whether he perfomis to attract visitors in great numbers. Touchstone or Moody, Don Cæsar or Mar.

Mr Fawkes's collection of Water-colour all, the generic distinctives of Mr Mackay Drawings, Grosvenor Place, was opened to preponderate over the specific peculiarities the public on the oth of April, by the libe- of his assumed character. Mr Jones was sal issue of admission tickets. The princi- excellent in Sparkish. Of the other perfor. pal feature in this Exhibition is composed mers much cannot be said. of the drawings of Mr Turner-forty in The after-piece was the Deserter of Nanumber. The singular style and extraor. ples, in wbich Miss Kelly sustained the dinary powers of observation, selection, character of Louisa. Her performance of combination, and execution, of this painter, this part showed very considerable powers are neither subject to the ordinary rules of in the delineation of the stronger passions, and art, nor, perhaps, to be duly estimated by her acting was loudly applauded. Mr W. the superficial observer of the cornion and Murray personated Henry with much effect ; every-day appearances of nature. If this and Mr Hamerton in Skirmish proved that cxalted style has given to some of Mr Tur- he can undertake characters the most opner's more familiar scenes a character less posite with equal success. recognisable than strict imitation would The other plays in which Miss Kelly aphave imparted to them, it may well be par- peared were, The Will, The Belle's Stratadoned, for the sake of the sublime scenery gem, the Touchstone, Richand Poor, A Buld with which he has made us acquainted. Stroke for a Husband, Wild Oats, anıl The Lit. Gaz.

Honey-Moun.-The Benefits at this Thea. EDINBURGH.

tre have now commenced, and it is hoped The Theatre-Royal closed here for a that those who contribute so much to the week after the conclusion of Mr Kean's rational entertainment of the Public may engagement, for the purpose of enabling not, on this occasion, feel the want of the corps dramatique to make an excursion substantive marks of public approbatiou.



April 6.-Hardinge Gifford, Esq. to be Chief Justice, and Richard Ottley, Esq. to be Puisne Justice of Ceylon.

13.-Francis Martin, Esq. to be Windsor Herald, in room off. Townsend, Esq. deceased.

29.- Andrew Clephane, Esq. to be Sheriff-Depute of Fifeshire.

John Wood, Esq. Advocate, to be Sheriff-Depute of Peebles-shire. Members returned to serve in the present

Parliament. Borough of Orford.-Edmund Alexander Macnaughton, Esq.

Borough of Boroughbridge.- Marmaduke Lawson, Esq.

Burghs of Inverkeithing, Stirling, &c. Hon. Francis Ward Primrose.

Borough of Fowey.- Mathias Attwood, Esq. County of Banff. -Right Hon. James Earl of Fife, &c.

County of Monmouth.-Hon. Granville Charles Henry Somerset.

County of Tipperary.- Hon. Francis Aldborough Prittie.

Borough of Camelford.—John Stewart, and Lewis Allsopp, Esqrs.

Borough of Westbury,-William Leader Maberly, Esq.

ney, dead

27th pr.


1st Apr.


7 Dr. J. W. Phillipps to be Cornet by purch. vice Phillips, ret.

8th April. Lieut. T. W. Harrington to be Capt. vice Carter, dead

18th Max 7 Coret W. Potts to be Lieut. by purch. vice Cockburn, Qua.-Mast.

1st Dec, 1817. C. St J. Fancourt to be Corriet, vice Potts

8th Apr. 1819. Capt. J. F. Paterson to be Maj. by purch. vice Broome, ret.

18th Mar. Cornet R. G. Davidson to be Lieut. vice Bromwich, dead

20th Jan. 1816. Cornet J. Bolland to be Lieut. vice Tris. train, 13 Dr.

1st Sept. 1817. R. G. Davidson to be Cornet, vice Rolland

25th Dec. 1813. Cornet R. Swinhoe, from 25 Dr. to be

Cornet, vice Davidson 1st Sep. 1816. 24 Lieut. T. Macan to be Capt, vice Kear

27th April 1813. Comet W. Alexander to be Lieut. by

purch, vice Llewellyn, ret. 220 Mar. Comet H. Shepherd to be Lieut. by purch.

vice Macan 25 James Ralston to be Cornet, vice M.Dougall, prom.

14th Aug, 1817. 20 Foot Gent. t'adet D. Darroch to be Ensign,

vice Dalrymple, 10 F. 25th Mar. 1819. 27

E. R. Rundle to be Ensign by purch. vice
Cooper, ret.

Ilth do. 30 Paym. H. B. Wray, from h. p. to be Paymaster, vice Cruickshanks, dead

25th do. Lieut. H. M. Straith to be Adj. vice Ready, res.

1st pr. 1818. 35 E. Wilinot to be Ensign, vice Dewson, prom.

11th Mar. 1819. 36 Ensign E. Macpherson to be Lieut. vice

Charles, dead W.J. Cross to be Ensign, vice Macpher. son

do. 40 Ensign M. Dalrymple, from 20 F. to be Ensign, vice Miller, dead

25th Mar. 53 Lieut. W. Booth to be Adj. vice Daly, res.

16th Feb. 1818. Assist. Surg. W. Pollock to be Surg, vice Papps, dead

11th Mar. 1819. 59 Ensign C. Hogan to be Lieut. vice Holmes, dead

230 July 1818. 65

Ensign R. G. Wallace to be Lieut. vice
White dead

4th May 1816. Ensign A. G. Faden to be Lieut.

20th June 1818. R. G. Wallace to be Ensign, viec Faden, prom.

17th Dec. 1813. Ensign T. Coleman, from 65 F. to be En.

sign, vice Wallace 20th Nov. 1816, 69 Charles Stuart to be Ensign, vice Langson, prom.

1st Aug. 77 Capt. R. Place to be Major by purch. vice Westcott, ret.

11th Mar. 1819. Lieut. St J. A. Clerke to be Capt, by purch, vice Place

do, Ensign J. D. Harris to be Licut. by purch. vice Clerke

do. H. Hamilton to be Ensign, by purch. vice Harris

do. 95

Lieut. J. Pratt to be Capt. by purch. vice
Tovey, prom.

24th Jan. Ensign W. A. Cuninghame to be Lieut. by purel, vice Pratt

do. G. Edwards to be Ensign by purch. vice

Cuninghame Rifle Br. 2d Lieut. J. Hannay to be 1st Lieut. by purch. vice Brownrigg, cancelled

25th Dec. 1818. A. Dodd to be ad Lieut. by purch. vice Hannay

11th Mar. 1819. 3 W.I.R. Ensign F. Macfarlane to be Licut. vice C'uming, dead

6th Jan, York Ch. Ensign (. Jessop to be Lieut. vice MacMurrar, deal

26th Dec. 1818. Garrisons. t'olonel J. N. Smyth, h. p. 8 W. I. R.

to be Lieut. Gov. of Scilly Island, vice Vigoureux, dead

1st Apr. 1819.

II. ECCLESIASTICAL. March 12. The Associate Congregation of Stonehouse unanimously called Mr William Fraser, preacher, to be their minister.

30. The Congregation of the Scots Presbyterian Chapel in Carlisle gave an unanimous call to Mr Hunter, preacher of the Gospel, to be their pastor.

April 15. The Presbytery of St Andrew's ordained the Rev. James Brown, preacher of the Gospel, to church'and parish of Kilrenny, vacant by the death of the late Rev. Joseph Duncan.

19. An harmonious call was given by the Reforned Presbyterian Congregation of Eaglesham to Mr Peter Macindoe, preacher of the Gospel.

22. The Town Council of Glasgow presented the Rev. Thomas thalıners, D. D. of the Tron Church, to the church and parish of St. John's newly erected ;-and the Rev. Mr Marshall, to be minister of the Outer Chuch of that city, in room of Dr Balfour, deceased.

The Associate ('ongregation of Original Burgh. er Secediers, Cupar-Fife, gave an harinonious call to Mr Ebenezer Anderson, preacher, to be their pastor.

The Associate Congregation of Lesmahagow gave an unanimous call u Mr William Logan, preacher, to be their minister.

The Reformed Presbyterian Congregation of Chirnside and Kelso gave a most harinonious call to Mr l'eter Macindoe, preacher, to be their minister

May 3. The Original Burgher Seceders of Jumbernauld made choice of Mr Peter Currie to be their minister.

C. Mr William Jaffrey was ordained minister of the church and parish of Dumbarton.

Mr Robert Cameroni was ordained minister of the church and parish of Kilmalculin.

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Ist Apr.

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yens, 45 E.

Ensign J. Hamilton, h, p. 4 W. I. R. Lieut. M‘Dermott, from 8 F. rec. diff, with Lieut.

to be Town Major of Galway, více Miles, h. p. 36 F.
Pilot, dead

1st April 1819. Colthurst, from 34 F. with Lieut. AshRoy. Art. M. Gen. F, Laye. from h. p. to be Co hurst, h. p. 8 F. lonel Comm. vice Trotter, dead

Vavasour, from 64 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

7th Mar. 1819. Montagu, h. p. 58 F. Med. Staff, Assist.-Surg. Tho. Howell, from h. p. Noble, from 89 F, with Lieut. Snow, b. p. 6 Dr. to be Assist. Surg. to the Force 95 F. 25th Feb. 1619.

Smith, from Rifle Br, rec, diff. with Lieut.
J. H. Ludlow, fm. h. p. 35 Gossett, h. p.
F. to be Assist. Surg. to the Forces Chapman, from Rifle Brig. rec. diff. with


Licut. Webb, h. p.
J. W. Watson, M.D. from Cornet and Sub-Lt. Parry, from 1 Life G. rec. dift.
h. p. Staff C. of Cav. to be Assist, with Cornet Burdett, h. p. 25 Dr.
Surg. to the Forces

do. Ensign Denny, from 3 F. rec. diff. with Ensign J. Farodlen, from h. p. 70 Carmac, h.


83 F. F. to be Assist. Surg. to the Forces Macintire, from 33 F. with Ensign Lut

do, J. Dempster, from h. p. 83 Milliken, from Staff Corps, with Ensign F. to be Assist, Surg. to the Forces Robe, h. p.

do. Haydon, from 14 F. rec. diff. with Ensign W. G. Watson, M.D. from Largent, h. p. 20 F. h. p. 95 F. to be Assist. Surg. to the Fraser, from 72 F. with Ensign Ryneveld, Forces

do. Cape Corps. S. Hill, from h. p. 71 F. Schneider, from 92 F, with Ensign Manto be Assist. Surg. to the Forces

sell, h. p. 97 F.
25th Mar.

Foskey, from 2 W. I. R. with Ensign Wil.
T. Napier, from h. p. Meu liams, York Chas.
ron's Reg. to be Assist. Surg. tu the Assist. Surg. Dempster, from 93 F, with Assist.

do. Surg. Raleigh, h, p. 81 F.
A. D. Anderson, from h.
p. 49 F. to be Assist. Surg. to the Resignations and Retirements.


Major Broome, 29 Dr.

Westcott, 77 F.

Lieut. Llewellyn, 24 Dr.
Brevet Lt.-Col. Watson, from 54 F. with Brevet Cornet and Sub-Lieut. Lambton, 1 F. G.
Lt.-Col. Walker, 71 F.

Cornet T. J. Phillipps, 7 Dr.
Thomson, from 74 F. with Capt. Ensign Cooper, 27 F.
Wilson, h. p. 98 F.
Major Barrington, from 87 F. with Capt. Blair,
91 F.

Appointments Cancelled.
Capt. W. Clarke, from 1 F, with Capt. Cowell,

1st Lieut. Brownrigg, Rifle Brig. 6. p. Robertson, from 78 F. rec. diff. with Capt.

Deaths. Lardy, h. p. Meuron's Reg.

Humfrey, froin 16 F. with Capt. Edwards, , Colonel Fitzherbert, h. p. 98 F. 86 F.

Herries, Lt, Horse Vol. 30 Apr. 1815. Redding, from 59 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Lt. Col. Vigoureux, Lt. Gov. of Scilly Gordon, h. p.

West, late 3 R. Vet. Bn. 50th Mar. Anderson, from 19 F. with Capt. Cairnes,

Wardell, h. p. 66 F.

25th do. h. p. 60 F.

Major Cumining, 31 F.

9th Apr. Reeves, from 54 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Coxon, 1 Ceylon Reg. 27th Sept. 1818. Grindley, h. p. 24 F.

Capt. Jenkins, late i Vet. Ba. 9th Feb. 1819. Hook, from 71 F, with Capt. Jones, h. p.

Sherrard, h. p. 99 F. York Rang:

Lieut, Tomlinson, 25 Dr. 25th Sept. 1618. Lieut. Buss, from 9 Dr, rec. diff. with Lieut Fer

Hatherly, 19 F.

oth July guson, h. p. 8 Dr.

Charles, 36 F.

31st Jan. 1819. Fallou, from 15 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut, Kendall, 17 F.

3d Oct. 1818. Bayard, h. p. 23 Dr.

Sharpe, 65 F.

16th Sepi Beaufoy, from 27 F. with Lieut. Everet, Holines, 75 F. 67 F.

Smith, 83 F.

3d Aug. Stopford, from 33 F. rec. dift. with Licut. Layton, 1 Ceylon Reg. Kerr, h. p. 35 F.

Franchell, 2 do.

17th Sept. Mosse, from 18 F. rec. diff. with Licut. Pollington, h.


3 do. French, h. p. 94 F.

Finnan, late 6 Vet. Bn. 6th Apr. 1819. Major, from 30 F. rec. diff, with Lieut.

Cornets, 2d Lieuts. and Ensigns.
Sutherland, h. p. 58 F.

Graham, 7 Dr. G.
Ready, from 54 F. rec. diff. with Lieut, Henry Davis, 22 Dr.

26th Sept. 1818. M'Leod, h. p.

Miller, 10 F.
Denison, from 55 F. rec. dift. with Lieut. Savage, 70 f.

14th Apr. 1819. Hart, h. p. 74 F.

M'Nab, 83 F. Heatley, from 50 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Bar bier, 2 Ceylon Reg. 29th Sept. 1818. Vinicomte, h. p. 105 F.

Paymaster Barrell, 9. Dr.

30th Oct. Maclean, from 59 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Nagel, h. p. 1 Lt. Inf. K. G, L. Howard, h. p.

23d Feb. 1819. Dickson, from 67 F. rec. dift. with Lieut. Assist. Surg. Considine, h. p. 11 F. Jones, h. p.

Miscellaneous. Battersby, from 84 F. with Lieut Ottley, Ensign M‘Donell, Town Major, Prince Edward's h. p. 30 F.


30th Dec. 1818. Lord Wallscourt, from 85 F. rec. diff. with Henry Pilot, Town Major of Galway Lieut. Fox, h. p. W. I. Rang.

John Weir, late Director Gen. Army Med. Deput. Burnet, from 5 Dr. rer. dift. with Lieut,

9th Apr. 1819. M'Queen, h. p. 25 Dr

Dr Tice, Phys. to the Forces.
Dunkin, from 18 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. John Boyd, Hosp. Mate at New Brunswick
Monckton, h. p. 1 F. G.

27th Dec. 1818

Apr. 1819.


Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, nainely, at eight o'clock in the morning, and eight o'clock in the evening. The morning observations in the first column are made on the Register Ther mometer. Attach.

luch! 1819. Ther. Baro.

Wind. Weather.
1819. Ther. Baro.


Apr. 1.

showers ev.||Ap. 16{IM 3728.998 M. 17 TE.


3 M. 12


5M 31

&M 35

M. 4329.675 M. 52 S. w. Fair, sunsh.
E. 50 .714 E. 52 Sinod
M. 41

.815 M. 52Cble.
.793 E. 54 mod

Fair. sunsh.
793 M. 53 UE.
UE. 49
.793 E. 52 S mod

IM. 59

.850 M. 49W.
UE. 521
.830 E. 19 ) high

Dull, cold
.786 M. 15W. Fr.mor.wrm
UE. 43

.59 | E, 49 mod forn.dullait.

.940 M. 50 Cble. Fr.mor.milu UE. 49 .370 E. 51 Shigh day, sunsh. IM. 39

.461 M. 18 |Cble. Moru. cold, VE. 45

.631 E. 52 ) nigh day mld, sns.
IM. 42 .67 M. 53

E. 48
.795 E. 51 ) high

Mild, sunsh.
IM. 39 .752M. 52

Fair, suns.
E. 191 .515 E. 51 | high cold winds

M. 12 .105 M. 52 W. 104

Dull, cold,
E. 1928.990 E. 50 s high rn. at night
M. 37 .990 M. 50 W.

.991 E. 50 3 high night
M. 31 29.150 M. 19 IS. E.
E. 45
.233 E. 48 mod

Cold, sunsh
.17M. 43|S. E. Rainy, very
.107 E. 14 ) high cold

.10M. 15 ) Cble. Dull, with E. 421

.108 E. 17 mod showers (M. 56

.103 M. 45 Cble. E. 431

.112/E, 46 } linod Mild, sunsh.


Dull, heavy .815 E. 45 S mod rain aftern M. 39) .815 M. 47 Cble. Rain foren. 17

E. 11 .998 E. 15 ) inoxi fair aftern.

M. 371 .995 M. 47 S.W.
E. 46129.122 E. 16 uod

Dull, rainy
M. 37 .369 M. 19 Cole.
E. 16 .369 E. 48 | nod

Fair, sunsh. M. 38 .228 M. 18E. Mld mor.rn. 20

E. 44 •351 E. 45 stood and hail day

M. 33 278 M. 41 IN. E. Heavy rain, 2

E. 35 .654 8. 41 high and snow
M. 33 .705 M. 41 E. Fair, sns. an.
E. 40 .779 E. 13 | nod on hills, cold

M. 35 .707 M. 43E.

Fair, sunsk.
E. 41 .819 E. 12 mod

M. 32 .668 M. 47 E.
E. 44 .668 E. 44 urisk

Ditto, ditto
M. 55
.806 M, 45E,

Frost morn,
E. 42 .806E. 45 ) mod sunsh. cold

M. 37 .977 M. 47 UE.
E. 32 .977 E. 46) nod

Ditto, ditto
M. 45 .942 M. 171
E. 30 .809 E. 50 / mod

Ditto, ditto M. 13 .820;M. 47. W. Mild, clear, 28

E. 33 795 E. 53 ) nod sunshine
M. 15 735 M. 55

Frost mom, 99

E. 38 738 E. 52 s nod sunsh. cold
M. 48 .561 M. 53s.
|E. 36.559 E. 52 } Thigh Fair, sunshi

Quantity of rain, 3.095.

very cold


Cble. rain



13 M. 38

11 M. 391



With the exception of a few days about the middle of April, in which vegetation was checked by showers of snow and hail, and a pretty severe frost, the weather has continued favourable for all the operations of husbandry. The early sown spring crops are, in general, very forward, and wheat promises to yield a large return, though, in some places, the blade has acquired a yellowish and sickly tinge. The oats, particularly, have sprung up with a rapidity almost unprecedented. In England the pastures will be open for stock earlier than has been known, and there is a promise of a vast crop ot' grass. Lucerns, cinquefoils, and winter tares, promise a most abundant crop. The hops are said to be full of fine, strong, and healthy shoots ; and potatoe planting will be soon finished in most of the counties. Since the conclusion of the oat seed-time. the farmers have been employed in barley sowing, planting potatoes, and preparing ground for the turnip crop. The corn markets are still on the decline, and potatoes are now selling at very reduced prices. —May 13.

In the forest, the flowers appeared on larch and elm trees by the 15th March ; the Orobus vernus came in flower by the 18th ; the Draba muralis, a small native plant, by the 24th ; the dog's tooth-violet (Erythremum dens canis) on the 26th; the leaves of the larch tree were expanded by the 27th ; and the Fumaria bulbosa was in flower by the 30th. The Sanguinaria Canadensis, a native of North America, and the Hyacinthus botryoides, a native of Italy, were in flower on the 3d April; the flowers of gooseberries were open by the 4th ; the balsam poplar was in leaf by the 7th; the Ranuncu. lus gramineus, and the sloe thorn, were in flower by the 9th; the wild primrose by the 15th ; the wood anemone by the 18th ; the marsh marigold (Caltha palustris) on the 20th; the leaves of the common maple were expanded on the 21st; the Saxifraga granulata was in flower in the field, and the Saxifraga geranoides in the flower border, on the 26th ; the Polemonium repens was in flower on the 28th, and the Veronica multifida on the 30th ; the elin tree was in full leaf by the 1st May; the Hyacinthus non scriptus in the woods, and the Gentiana acaulis in the garden, were in flower by the 4th ; the flowers of the scarlet strawberry began to appear on the 6th ; the mountain ash was in keaf by the 7th, and the leaves of the beech, service, and lime trees were fully expanded by the ilth. Tulips that appeared in the winter months are now beginning to blow, ali are at least three weeks earlier than usual. --Muy 11.

CORN MARKETS.--Edinburgh.

Oatmeal. B. & P. Meal.) 1819.

Barley, Oats.

quar. ||Potat.

1819. Bolll Prices.

Bls. Peck. | Boils. Peck. s. d. s. d. s. d. 8. S. S. s. d. s. s. d. d. d. ld. d.

s, d.

d. d. \pril 21 98 28 37 6 35 21 30 38 120 23 0 19 21 61 9 10 6

79 14 15

9 April 2013 1 4 28 470127 38 54 10|| 30 35 6 19 21 6 17 20 0 9 10 6

27|| 4111 4 73 14 May 51 13232 37 6155 6 30 31 20 24 0 19 24 oll 9 10 6 May 4|| 4121 4 87 15 12 355 28 6 38 55 3|| 30 33 6 20 22 619 20 09 10 6 8

11|| 560 1 4 76 14


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Average Prices of Grain in Scotland for the Four Weeks immediately preceding

15th April 1819. Wheat 65s. 8d “Rye, 45s. 8d.-Barley, 44s. 3d. -Oats, 278. 4d.-Beans, 42. lld.-Pease, Hs. 3.

Oatmeal, per boll, 22s. 4d.-Bear or Big, 375, 8d.

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