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An iron rail-way from the harbour to the stripped it of most part of the clothes, each populous and extensive manufacturing curious to secure a remembrance of this extown of Kilmarnock, which belongs to his craordinary fact. :D $1"))} $43.1 Grace, and where he has a great number 241 Exterisive Legacies. The late of coal mines

Miss Anne Lundin, daughter of the de. Shocking Accidents Mr Ronaldson, ba ceased Andrew Lundin, Esq. of Strathair: ker, Causewayside, Edinburgh, and Mr ly, who died at Edinburgh on the Ilth Aitken, farrier, code to Haddington on a inst. has bequeathed the following sums to Wager on Saturday afternoon, and when at the under-mentiqued charitable insticutions, Fisherton, on their return, the former, be- viz. :) ing in advance, and pushing his horse at Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh a great rate, came, violently against a car. Old Town Dispensary

150 riage, the pole of which struck him on the New Town ditio

160 breast and killed bim on the spot. Edinburgh Charity Work-house 150

2. Police. In the Edinburgh Police Edinburgh Lunatic Asylum 150 Court yesterday, a case of rather a ludicrous Edinburgh Society for Relief of nature came before the Magistrate. A la. Destitute Sick

200 bouring man, who lives in the Cowgate, Edinburgh Asyłam for Industrious happening to awake about four o'clock 1: Blind i

500 on Sunday morning, he was surprised Poor of her native parish of Latgo, to find that his wife was not beside hima. in Fife

500 He immediately arose, And awoke a neigh

4 . bour who lives next door to him, and to his in gostiju? J23:11 L.2800 astonishment he found that his wife was also Emigration. Within these few weeks, missing in The two husbands now pro- the Skene, Mason, with 160 ; the Perceceeded in quest of their wives, and found vali Scott, with 85: and the Mary, Mun. them in a tippling-house in the Cowgate, ro, with 32 passengers, baye sailed from where several other persons were assembledo Leith, for Halifax and Quebec. Most of One of the women immediately returned these emigrants consisted of whole families home with her husband, but the other huse from the country, many of them with band, not being of a very placable nature, small properties. The Skeno carries out one proceeded to attack his wife with both family, from the parish of West Calder, hands and tongue, when a severe scuffle consisting of a father, eight sons, a wife, took place, and the husband alleged, and, and two daughters. Six of the sons are indeed, a surgeon, certified, that he was stout young men, and they took with there very severely hurts. He now brought his property amounting to nearly 1.. 1000.action against the publican for the assault The Agincourt is now in the Roads, for but all, the persons presentdeclared that he Halifax, with about 200 passengers. A bad not struck him, and tbat if he received ship and three brigs sailed last week from any injury, he brought it on himself by his Dumfries for British America, with 581 awnviolent condnetasi The Magistrate, passengers and various kinds of goods. therefore, found the complaints Not Proul They are mostly all of the lower orders of

115 ptshir di buonn* society, either connected with agriculture, Singular Discovery Last week, while or labourers, and some of them paupers a labourer was digging peats in the mosg from the north of England, for whom the at La Mancha, parish of Newlands, once they overseers of the parish pay the passage. seat of the Earl of Dundonald, his spade The Londonderry newspapers advertise no struck against something hard, which, upon less than fifteen ships to take out passen. digging, was found to be the body of a' gers to America, whose tonnage amounts man, and identified by some old people in to eight thousand two hundred toas, and the neighbourhood to be that of a coach- the Belfast papers nearly as many more. man of the late Earl of Dundonald, grand-: By the returns of the latter port, it appears father to the present, Lotd Cochrane, who that about eleven thousand persons eniiabout 74 years ago committed suicide, by grated to America from thence last seacutting his throat, and was buried in this son. spot in a sacks - The. straw ropes which 26. The Declaration of Warden.-Mr bad fastened the sack vwere found almost Dingwall, the postmaster of Aberdeen, in fresh, although the sack was nearly all reference to the declaration of George War. consumed. The clothes on the body, den -in page 468 of this number, addressed stockings, and garters were also almost en 1: a letter on the 33d to the editors of the Eqintire, and the colour of the vest and breecha, burgh newspapers, in which he says,

6 It es fred velvet) little decayed." The ras is true; that by his (Warden's) agreement 201, also, with which he had taken away with me his salary was only L. 40 a year; his life, was found at his side. The body but he was in addition atförded, at my exitself was in such a stute of preservation pence, a furnished room, coul, and candle, that it could be lifted, ensires and carried and he also drew the perquisite arising from away for re-interment; but the neighbours the penny letters, which I never exacted

from him. His emolument from all these Killan, or Kelly, was sentenced to be sources exceeded the allowance made to executed on the 26th of May for robbery, me by Government for a clerk; and be- but has since been respited by the Prince sides, during the period of his sersice, Regent Several other convictions took which was only twenty-one months, he was place for minor offences; but the most re. short in his cash to me upwards of L. 23. markable case before the court was that of I may likewise mention, that he did not Isabella Halliday, accused of murdering perform all the duty incumbent on the si- the child of Mary Ann Wilson, who, al. tuation, as I found it necessary to employ though doubtless a participator in the crime, an assistant clerk."

had turned what is termed King's evidence. Monument to Robert Burns.-A meet. The pannel, one of the most miserable ing was held on Saturday the 24th, at the looking objects ever brought to any bar, Free Masons' Tavern, London, the Duke was aged 80 and upwards; and for the of Athol in the chair, for the purpose of last 60 years had resided in the parish of entering into a subscription for the erection Borgue, and had been a pauper during of a monument to the memory of Robert considerable part of the time. She never Burns. The chairman having shortly stat was married, but lived in a miserable coted his hearty concurrence in the object of tage with her sister, who died six years the meeting, Forbes Mitchell, Esq. read a ago. Since that time she had been taken printed document, which stated that a sub care of by Mary Ann Wilson, who was in seription had been entered-into some years the habit of going round the parish to colago by some gentlemen at Bombay, for the lect the private offerings of charity, by purpose above mentioned ; and that a com which they were partly supported. The mittee had, on application to the Lord Pro. prisoner was carried to the bar in the arms vost and Magistrates of Edinburgh, obtain- of an officer ; and when he had propped ed the grant of a piece of ground for the her up in the seat, and had raised her head purpose, eligibly situated on the side of the so as to disclose to the bench her gbastly Calton-hill, and near the splendid new ap- and shrivelled countenance, and body wasted proach to that city. Mr Mitchell then to the last degree of emaciation, an univerread over a list of the original subscribers sal exclamation of astonishment burst from in India, as well as of the more recent ones the audience, mingled, no doubt, with a sein this country, from which it apepared, cret feeling of horror, that she, who was so that a considerable sum has been alrcady near her last account, and apparently withcollected. Several resolutions were then out a mocive for her cruelty, should neverput and carried, the substance of which theless have been guilty of a deliberate and was, that committees were to be appointed horrid murder. It is impossible to dein different parts of the United Kingdom, scribe adequately the appearance of this miin the colonies and other dependencies of serable old woman, and the effect it prothe realm, for the purpose of receiving sub- duced on the minds of the court ; but, scriptions ; that advertisements were to be when the officer occasionally held up ber inserted in all the public papers for the head, the spectators were powerfully resame purpose; that a meeting for the same minded of an Egyptian mummy, which purpose as the present was to be held in some rude hand had raised from its niche, London on the 5th of June ; and that For. or one of those unbappy creatures, who, in bes Mitchell, Esq. was to be treasurer. no very remote time, were tried and tor. Justiciary Spring Circuits.- Inverness. tured for the ideal crime of witchcraft It The Court at Inverness was opened on the appeared in evidence, that the pannel was 16th, and closed on the 17th instant, by supported entirely by private charity, in a Lord Reston. No cases of particular in small hut in the parish of Borgue, and for terest came before it. In the address to years was unable to get out of bed without the Sheriffs, with which the business of the assistance. For six years past, a young Court closed, Lord Reston strongly recom. woman, named Wilson, had resorted to the merded to them to use their umost exer- hut, and had been very industrious in levy, tions to repress the two species of crimes, ing charitable contributions for her own and sheep-stealing and illicit distillation, which the old woman's support. Towards the end were the most prevalent in the northern of the year 1818, Wilson appeared to many district ; and suggested the propriety of persons to be in a state of pregnancy; but, landlords in futuie introducing a chiuse when challenged, she uniformly denied be into their leases, rendering the crime of il. ing in that situation. Observing a change licit distillation a ground of irritancy. in ber appearance, several persons asked

Dumfries Circuit. The Court was open. her what had become of her child ; to sqine ed here on the 17th by Lords Succoth and she answered it would never trouble any Pitmilly, and closed on the 20th. Two one, but did not deny having been delivermen, Peter M Finlay and W., Donald, ed. Wilson, being apprehended and carwere found guilty of housebreaking and ried to Kirkcudbright, in her examination rubbery, and sentenced to be executed at bciore the stewart-depute on 11th February Dumfries on the 19th of May ; and Arthur last, admitted that she bad brought forth a

child ;

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and declared that the pannel, on

Aberdeen Circuit.--At Aberdeen, on the hearing the child cry, asked for it, and im. 21st, one man was banished Scotland for mediately plunged the infant into a bucket sheep-stealing, one for deforcing a revenue of water that stood at the bed to catch rain officer, and a woman for sheep-stealing, were water that came in, through the insufficiency sentenced to transportation for seven years. of the roof of the hut; and she further de. Perth Circuit. The Court opened here clared, that she and the pannel afterwards on the 26th, and closed on the 25th. James burned the child to ashes; and Wilson be. Fraser, convicted of house-breaking and ing called as a witness in the trial, gave theft, was sentenced to be executed at evidence to nearly the same effect before Perth on the Ilth of June. Two men, the Court. The pannel being also carried named Ramsay, a father and son, from before the steward-substitute, declared, Forfar, were sentenced for a similar offence that she and Wilson were sleeping in one to fourteen years' transportation. John and bed ; that one night Wilson appeared very Mary Cram, from Muthill, accused of inrestless and uncasy for some time, and af. cest, were allowed, on their own petition, terwards the pannel heard a cry, and, ask to banish then selves from Scotland for life. ing Wilson what it was, Wilson answered For petty thefts, and deforcements of revea child ; that Wilson handed the infant to nue officers, a number of convictions took her, and she put it into the bucket, and place, and the culprits were imprisoned for thereafter Wilson made a fire, and burnt various periods. the child to ashes upon it. The almost u.

MAY niversal opinion of the crowded Court was, Glasgow Circuit. The criminal busi. that, from Wilson having uniformly con ness commenced here on the 27th ult. and cealed, and even denied, her situation, and ended on the 1st instant. It was the most not having made any provision for her de. laborious Circuit Court ever held in Scotlivery, she evidently had all along been de. land. In the course of it sentence was termined in the destruction of the infant; pronounced on 32 convicts, and the cases and that the pannel, if she really did put of 17 more were otherwise disposed of ; the infant into the bucket, must have act- but from the humanity of Mr Hope, the ed under the influence, or perhaps direc- Crown counsel, in restricting the libels, no tion, of Wilson, who, if inclined, could capital convictions took place. During easily have resisted the utmost exertions of the trials, "pwards of 600 witnesses for the the pannel, whose haggard shrivelled ap- Crown were in attendance. pearance, when brought into Court, and By a bill just brought into Parliament while at the bar, bespoke utter inability to for regulating the office of Lord Justiceput a spoon to her mouth, or to judge of Generai of Scotland, it is declared, upon any thing. After what had been stated, it the termination of the present existing inis almost unnecessary to say, that the jury terest in the office, the same shall be disreturned a verdict of Not proven, and, con. charged by the Lord President. It is also sequently, the pannel was acquitted. This enacted, that the Lord President shall then, miserable old woman died in Dumfries jail notwithstanding the provisions of certain on the Tuesday following, and was carried acts, have the same right and power to hold to the grave by a party of police officers. Circuit Courts, and to dispatch business

Jedburgh Circuit. --- At this Court, on the therein, as is at present competent to the 15th, William Kennedy, a travelling tinker, other Judges ; and that it shall be lawful was harged with the murder of William to the Court of Justiciary to appoint the Irvin, of the same fraternity ; but, from Lord Justice-General to gu on such Cir." the evidence adduced, the jury were not sa

cuits. tisfied of the prisoner's intention to murder, University of Edinburgh. Nothing can and brought a verdict of culpable homicide, more strikingly display the rising eminence upon which he was sentenced to 14 years of the University of Edinburgh than the transportation. Three other persons were following account of the number of stu. transported for various acts of theft, one dents who, during the present session, have for 7, and two for 14 years.

attended the different branches of instruc. Ayr Circuit. On the 22d, two brothers tion : 1909 students have entered their .named O'Neil were found guilty, on their names in the book of matriculation, and if own confession, of several acts of theft and to this we add those who have attended the housebreaking, and sentenced to be execut. Divinity Hall, including about 30 who ed at Ayr on the 28th May. The younger have not matriculated, we shall find that brother has been since respited. Adam Dick, upwards of 2150 students have been present an hostler, was tried for culpable homicide, at the College during the winter session. by driving one of his master's chaises so Such a number exceeds all parallel in the carelessly, that it came in contact with a annals of the Edinburgh University, and is cart belonging to one Hugh Taylor, by not equalled either by Oxford or Cambridge. which the cart was overturned, and the own. University Prizes. The following gener killed on the spot. The charge was tlemen have gained prizes this session in found not proven. The other cases at this the University of Edinburgh :Court were not interesting.

Tie the Hebrete Class.l. For the best


VOL. 10.

specimen of Hebrew Penmanship-Mr Wil. narkshire ; Robert Irvine, Selkirkshire liam Steven, Peebles-shire. 2. For the James Ferguson, Perthshire. best Essay- \r Robert Brydone, Edin In the Advanced Humanity Class. For burgh. 3. and 4. For general good con Latin Poems-Messrs Edmund Moffat, duct and proficiency--(junior "side) Mr Edinburgh ; David Thomas M'Cheyne, Robert Paton, Ayrshire ; (advanced side) Edinburgh; William Dunnet, Glasgow; Mr Daniel Gorrie, Perthshire.

Robert Hogg, Peebles-shire. For Latin In the Rhetoric Class.—Messrs William Essays--Messts Alexander Cumming, EdinVeitch, Roxburghshire; John Purves, burgh ; Gcorge L. Cameron, Edinburgh; Berwickshire; Robert Meiklejohn, Clack: James Charles, Edinburgh; Christopher mannanshire; Hugh Bruce, Clackmannan. Greig, Fifeshire. For English Essays. sliire ; Hugh H. Brown, Edinburghshire; Messrs Hamilton Buchanan, Peebles-shire; Hunter Gordon, Edinburghshire ; George James Colquhoun, Glasgow; John Spear, Lyon, Lanarkshire ; William Glover, Edin- Lancashire; Alexander Cameron, Edinburghshire; James Bonar, Edinburghshire; burgh. John Kerr, Peebles-shire; Joseph Thor. Calculta. The following statement of burn, Edinburghshire.

the shipping and tonnage of the Port of In the Log ic Ciass.—Messrs John Clarke, Calcutta in the river Hoogly, 1st SepEdinburgh ; Abner William Brown, Ja tember 1818, gives an interesting picture maica ; William Glover, Leith; James of the commercial enterprise of the capital Anderson, Lanarkshire : Patrick B. Hen- of British India. It shows that the late derson, Caithness; James Moir, Edin. act, permitting a direct trade between Inburgh; William Ramsay, Perthshire; dia and Malta, has begun to be acted upon. Charles A. Stewart, Ayrshire; Robert

Ships. Topnage. Grant, Vorayshire; James Scott, Roxburgh Honourable Company's ships shire; George Lyon, Lanarkshire.

for England,

3,538 In the first Mathematicalilass.-Messrs Do. for China,

2 2,525 John Lothian, Edinburgh ; James Carter, Do. for Bombay,

2 1,178 Berwickshire ; Amos Ansley, Upper Cana Free traders for Great Britain, 31 15,307 da; Alexander Gibson, Lanark; Robert Country ships for do.


500 Sbortreed, Jeburgh.

Do. for Malta,


1,563 In the Second Mathematical Cla's. Do. for China,

447 Messrs ('aleb Evans, London ; Sandford Ships and vessels employed in Arnot, Cupar of Fife ; William Murray, the country trade,

22 8,444 Selkirk.

New ships for sale,

4,876 In the Scond and Third Greek Classes. Laid up for sale and freight, 33 8,530 -For Greek Poems-Messss William Glo. American vessels,

2,503 ver, Leith ; George Mylne, Middlesex; French da.

5 1,804 William Reid, Edinburgh ; William For- Spanish do.

2 1,659 bes, Edinburgh. For Latin Poems-Messrs Dutch do.

1 282 John Dundas, Edinburgh; Hart Logan, Portuguese do.

3 1,580 Edinburgh; Samuel Hay, Edinburgh; Danish do,

1 290 James Colquhoun, Lanarkshire. For Eng. Arabian do,

1,610 lish Essays-Messrs William Pitt Duridas, Mid-Lothian ; William Menzies, La

132 56,641


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His merit consists in this brilliancy, grace,

and finish, rather than in air and dignity; King's Theatre. On Saturday 1st May, but though not so elevated, his style is as a new ballet, Adolphe et Mutilde, introdu- fascinating as that of le dieu de danse himced to our acquaintance the celebrated M. self. The story of this ballet is but poor, and Madame Duport. Duport is indeed and we expect to see the powers of the new an admirable dancer, and the frame of the Wonder more bighly evinced on better maballct, which shews him at first an unwil terials.--Lit. Gaz. ling victim to a music master and dancing Drury-Lune.- Honour, or drrivals master, had a good effect in preparing the from Colige, a new comedy, written by Mr way for the great impression his talents Cromwell, formerly a bookseller in Skinner were calculated to make. When the dis. Street, was produced at this theatre on 15th muise of pupilisni was thrown off, and the April. The plot, as stated in the daily pa. utmost exertion diplayed, rapturous bravos pers, is as follows ;-Villiers, (Mr H. Kem. succeeded to the listlessness which the begin- ble,) a young Oxoniao, is in love with his ning had not dissipated. Duport is about cousin Emmeline, (Mrs West,) the daugh. tive and half a feet in height, and slightly ter of Colonel Villiers, (Gattie,) on whom and handsomely formed; his execution the the young man is dependent, and who had, most brilliant, we think, we ever witnessed. before the period at which the play begins,

encouraged their mutual passion. But Vil. mony to his taste and judgment. The fa liers is represented to the uncle to be a se- ble of the drama departs, however, considerducer, a coward, and every thing that is ably from that of the novel; and, so wedbad, by Freeman, (Mr Penley,) a lying ded are we to the sort of historical truth of brother collegian, and Flora, (Mrs Orger,) the latter, that we cannot view the former an abandoned woman. In consequence of but as detrimental alterations. In other this the Colonel encourages Sir Jasper Jay, respects, the incidents of the original bave (Harley,) a Dandy Baronet, to pay his ad- been ably adapted to the stage. The chadresses to Emmeline. The latter believing racter or David Deans, supported by Mr the calumnies spread abroad to the preju- Terry, is an exquisite and pathetic portrait ; dice of Villiers, submits to the will of her and Macready made a great deal of the part father, and is about to be married to Sir of George Robertson, though hardly worihy Jasper, when it is proved, on the evidence of his great abilities. Liston, as Dumbieof the dying Flora, communicated by a dykes, (combining some of the fortunes of Captain O'Carolan, (Mr Johnstone,) that Reuben Butler,) excited much laughter; the dandy is the real seducer of Flora, and and Sharpitlaw and Ratcliffe were made the character of Emmeline's first lover be more than effectual, by the excellent acting ing in every respect cleared up, the original of Blanchard and Emery. The female paris purpose of the Colonel is carried into effect, were not so well cast : Miss Stephens and and the union of Villiers and Emmeline Miss Brunton had little more than voice terminates the play.

and looks to recommend their Effie and The three first acts of this comedy went Jeanie Deans; and Mrs C. Kemble was off very glibly; the dialogue, if not spark- not a Madge Wildfire agrecable to our idea ling, was lively, the interest, if not intense, of that personage. The scenery is admirawas considerable, and the characters, if not bly correct and well painted; but still we all well drawn, were at least in several in- think the vice of this theatre prevailed stances amusing. It was repeated on Mon. there is to much given to spectacle, and too day, but not with much success; and on little to entertaining dialogue and spirited its third night, was finally condemned.--Lit. representation.—Lit. Gaz. Giz.

A very clever and laughablc Farce, al. A new Comedy, entitled “ Wanted a tered from the French, by Mr Morton, and Wifi, "- by Mr Moncrieff

, was produced entitled " A Roland for an Oliver," was here on Monday 31 May. To call it a produced here on the 29th. It was comComedy, however, is a misnomer: it wants pletely and deservedly successful. Laughall the sterling qualities of such a composi- ter, the best applause of a farce, followed tion, in the proper sense of language, and almost every scene, and proclaimed the is, in truth, a farce in five acts. It begins whim and humour of the performance. with an advertising office, kept by M'Shift, The chief characters were adinirably sus(Johnstone.) Arthur Wildfire (Russell) tained by Messrs Fawcett, Jones, Emery, applies there for a wife, and his servant, and Abbott. ---Lit. Gaz. Frank, (Harley,) who had been discharged The Minor theatres open at present in by his master, who could only pay him with London are the English Opera House, supa draft on the pump of Aldgate, resorts there ported by the individual talents of Mafor a place. After many perplexities, Wild. thews; Royal Circus and Surrey Theatre; fire marries Miss Catharine Arragon,) Mrs Sadler's Wells ; Astley's Amphitheatre; West,) a lady whose mind has been bewil and the Cobourg Theatre. dered by reading old romances. She is the The Royal Academy. - The 51st exhibi. ward of Sir Gabriel, (Munden,) an old man tion of this lastitution commenced on who delighted in sights, and who describes Monday 3d May. it consists of not less than all he has seen.--As all the other comic actors 1250 performances, the greatest number, itis belonging to the coinpany are thrown into believed, ever exhibitert. Among these Mr this piece, its trifling equivoque and spright. West is said to have a fine sketch of the ly dialogue enabled it to sustain the strug- Resurrection; and another of Cæsar readgle for a few nights' existence. More it ing the history of Alexander's exploitsdoes not merit, nor will obtain. The de. Mo Turner, a picture entitled Englant'; nouement is abrupt, and from the mani. Richmond Hill on the Prince Regent's festations of dislike in the theatre, it is evi. Birth-Day; and the entrance or the Meuse, deat that this “ Check on my Banker" with a vessel going to pieces- Mr Wilkie, will not be answered, nor this Wife be long the Penny Welding; and in portrait pairitwanted. It is nevertheless a work of talent, ings, sculpture, and architecture, many fine and we anticipate more mature and suc- specimens of art are exhibited. cessful efforts from the author.-- Lit. Gaz. The British Gillery, Pill-Mall, opened

Covent Garden.--A Musical Drama, on Monday the 19th April, with such a founded on the celebrated tale, entitled collection as more than realized all the exThe Heart of Midl-Lothian," was brought pectations previously raised. It contains out here on 17th April. It is the produc. 155 pictures of every description, and of tion of Mr Terry, and bears ample testi. the foremost class in each. The Italian,

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