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of a pigeon, the bird instantly fell ; but, face, and is three feet in diameter at the as soon as a few drops of the balsam were top. The oil boils up continually like the introduced into the mouth and into the boiling of a large soup kettle, and runs in. wound, the pigeon recovered, and was to the creek in a small stream. It is as fine cured. Similar experiments were made as any sperm oil from the head of a sperm with the same success on fowls, rabbits, whale. The quantity which rises is about &c. A dog, which had been treated in the five barrels a-week.' I followed the creek same manner, was afterwards trepanned ; up and down nearly three miles, and found and, after its brain was pierced with a it completely covered with oil. I found an sharp-pointed instrument, and eleven ounces old ladle lying near, which I dipped into of blood were taken from it, it was cured the oil, and forced it down into the wanext day by the balsam. In several com ter, and found the oil to be three feet parative experiments, the animal always deep. I drew out with the ladle as fine died when the balsam was not applied. salt water as ever I tasted in the ocean These experiments, which are hardly cre I then tried the goodness of the oil, and dible, and require to be confirmed by fre- found it to burn clear and bright. A boy, quent repetition, are to be repeated by the a few weeks since, in order to ascertain Section of Medicine and Surgery, who have whether oil would burn on the water, been appointed commissioners to examine touched a firebrand to that on the creek, the memoir of M. Constancio.

instantly it was in a tremendous flame, Oil Spring in America. On the north which ascended 200 feet in the air nearly a east branch of Duck Creek, several miles mile up and down the stream. I saw to the south-west of Woodsville, in the Nile limbs of trees, which were nearly 100 feet of Ohio, in north latitude 38° 39', a natural high, burnt off as smooth as if the blaze spring of oil has been recently discovered. of a furnace had struck them. The smell The well is about seven feet from the edge of the oil very much resembles that of Briof the creek. It is 42 feet below the sur tish oil.



of mankind, the influence of climate and THE expected translation of Count Vol. intermixture ; also the operation of the ney's Researches on ancient History, Sacred causes that diversify national character. and Profane, will speedily appear in two A Journey to Persia, in the suite of the volumes octavo.

Imperial Russian Embassy in the year A splendid work is preparing for the press, 1817, by Moritz de Kotzebue, is in the in one volume, quarto, entitled, Kenilworth press, Illustrated, or the History of the Castle, Dr Bateman is preparing Reports on the Priory, and Church of Kenilworth ; com Weather and Diseases of London, from prehending Sir William Dugdale's account 1804 to 1816 inclusive ; comprising praca of those edifices, with additions, and a de- tical remarks on their causes and treatment, seription of their present state, from minute and preceded by an historical view of the state investigation.

of health and disease in the metropolis in forA volume of Walks in Ireland, by the mer times ; in which the extraordinary imlate John Bernard Trotter, secretary to Mr provement in point of salubrity which it Fox.

has undergone, the changes in the characDr Trotter, late physician to the grand ters of the seasons in this respect, and the fleet, has in the press, a Practicable Plan causes of these, are traced to the present for Manning the Royal Navy, and preser- time. ving our Maritime Ascendancy, without The translation of Paradise Lost into Impressment, addressed to Admiral Lord Welsh, in the same metre as the original, Exmouth.

by W. Owen Pughe, will be published in Mr J. G. Mansford will shortly publish the course of the ensuing month. Rescarches into the Nature and Cause of Mr Perry, of the Museum, Lcamington Epilepsy, as connected with the physiology Spa, is preparing for publication, Plantæ of animal life, and muscular motion, with Varvicenses Selecta, or a Guide to the Hacases, illustrative of a new and successful bitats of remarkable Plants, natives of the method of treatment.

county of Warwick. Mr O'Reilly, author of a recent publica A Dictionary of Astrology is announced, tion on Greenland and the Arctic seas, is wherein every term belonging to the science engaged in preparing for publication a work will be minutely explainel, and the varidesigned to illustrate colonization from the ous systems of the most approved authors earliest periods of history, the various tribes collected and accurately detined.

A volume of Poems, founded on the E The third volume of Sermons for the Use vents of the War of the Peninsula, written of Families, by the Rev. Mr Butcher, of during its progress and after its conclusion; Sidmouth, will be published in the course by the wife of an officer, (now on half-pay,) of the ensuing month. who served in its campaigns, will soon ap Shortly will be published, an Epitome pear.

of Scripture History, by Joseph Ward. A new work is preparing, entitled, Coun A novel, called the Mystery of the Abty Biography; or, the Lives of Eminent bey, or the Widow's Fire-side, will be puband Remarkable Characters, born or long lished in the ensuing month. resident in the counties of Essex, Suffolk, A new edition will speedily be published, and Norfolk ; embellished with about one corrected throughout, of Grey's Memoria hundred and fifty portraits ; and intended Technica ; to which will be added, Lowe's to accompany the “ Excursions” through Table of Mnemonics. those counties.

Mr R. Taylor, of Norwich, is preparing Number I. of the second volume of Bray- to publish three maps, accompanied by ta. ley and Neale's Westminster Abbey will bles illustrative of the scites of religious appear in a few days.

houses, &c. in that diocese, as they exist. An interesting Romance, on the subjected before the dissolution of monasteries. of Robin Hood, is forthcoming; including a parallel of character between Robin Hood

EDINBURGH. and Rob Roy.

Travels in the North of Germany ; exA Statistical, Historical, and Political hibiting the present with observations on Description of the Colony of New South the first state of the social and political in. Wales, and its dependent Settlements on stitutions, the agriculture, manufactures, Van Diemen's Land, will be speedily pub. commerce, education, arts, and manners, lished ; by W. C. Wentworth, Esq. a native in that country, particularly in the King. of the colony.

dom of Hanover. By Thomas Hodgskin, Mr Dufour, surgeon of the Daranian Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. Dispensary, is about to publish an Account ILLUSTRATIONS of the NOVELS and of the effects of his new method of treating Tales by the Author of Waverley. In Ruptures.

TWELVE PRINTS after original Designs Mr Playfair, who, during his residence by William Allan, and engraved in the in France, wrote an answer to Lady Mor. first style of the art. gan's work, has prepared his manuscript Geometrical Analysis, and the Geometry for the press, and it will shortly appear, un of Curve Lines , including the Conic Setder the title of “ France as it is, Not Lady tions, and the more remarkable Curves of Morgan's France."

the higher orders. By John Leslie, Pro Earl Osric, a romance, from the pen of fessor of Mathematics in the University of Mrs Isaacs, will shortly appear.

Edinburgh. 8vo. Tales of Night, in Rhyme, will speedily Travels in Italy, Greece, and the lonim be published ; comprising Bothwell, Se- Islands, in a series of Letters, descriptive cond Nuptials, the Exile, and the Devil on of manners, scenery, and the fine arts. Shealsden Pike; by the Author of " Night," By H. W. Williams, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. a descriptive Poem.

With engravings.



Hundred English Buildings ; by Thomas ANATOMY.

Rickman. 8vo. 15s. On the Mechanism and Motions of the

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Human Foot and Leg; by John Cross, A Catalogue of a select Collection of Va. M. D. 8vo. 59.

luable Books ; now selling by J. Major, ANTIQUITIES.

18, Skinner Street. 18. 6d. The Antiquities of Sicily, consisting of A Catalogue of a Miscellaneous Collecthe most interesting Views, Plans, &c. tion of Books, new and second-hand ; on with Descriptions ; etched by Pinelli, of sale by John and Arthur Arch, Cornhill. Rome, from Drawings by Jolin Goldi 2s. cutt, architect, member of the Academy of A General Catalogue of Books, with St Luke, at Rome. Part I. Folio. L.1, 5s. some MSS. paintings, prints, portraits, ARCHITECTURE.

and music; selling by T. Albyn, Spalding, Attempt to discriminate the Styles of 2s. English Architecture, from the Conquest Ogle, Duncan, and Co.'s select Catato the Reformation, with Notices of Eight logue of Divinity for 1819. ls




Observations, with the Supplement, in. The Life of William Lord Russell ; with tended to prove that the Judgment of the some account of the times in which he liv- late Master of the Rolls, in the great cause of ed; by Lord John Russell.

the Marquis Cholmondely and the Hon. The Biographical Magazine. No. 14. Mrs Damer, versus Lord Clinton, is un2s.6d.

founded in law, and inconsistent with equiBOTANY.

ty ; by A. G. C. Tucker. 5s. Od. A Complete Course of Lectures on Bo The Doctrine and Practice of Attachtany, as delivered at the Botanical Garden ment in the Mayor's Court, London ; by at Lambeth ; by the late William Curtis, Mr Henry Ashby. 7s. Od. F.L.S. No. 1. 2s.6d.

CITITOGRAPHY. CHEMISTRY. A Manual of Chemistry; containing the from its origin down to the present time;

A Complete History of Lithography, principal facts of the science, arranged in the order in which they are discussed and by the Inventor, Alois Senefelder. 4to.

L. 1, Os. illustrated in the Lectures at the Royal Institution. With a prefatory History of the

Synopsis Zoo-nosologia; or, Conspicuous Science. By W. T. Brande, F. R. S. 8vo.

Views of Medical Science, exhibited in TaCOMMERCE. The Cyclopædia of Commerce. Parts I. logy, Vosology, and Therapeutics, in four

bles and Aphorisms on Anatomy, Physio. and II.

parts ; with an entirely new Classical NoDRAMA. Lectures on the English Comic Writers, 12no. 5s. 6d.

menclature. By Thomas Parkinson, M. D. delivered at 'the Surrey Institution ; by William Hazlitt. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Additional Experiments on the Arteries

of Warm-blooded Animals; by C. II. Parry, Hamlet, and As You Like It.

A spe. M.D. 8vo. 12s. cimen of a new edition of Shakespeare.

Observations on the Prevalence of Fever 8vo. 15s.

in various parts of the United Kingdom, Exercises for Greek Verse ; consisting Recovery, &c. By D. J. 1. Dickson, M.

and on the eminent utility of Houses of of extremely literal translations, from the D. F. R.'s. Ed. and L. S. 2s. Anthologia, Apollonia, Rhodius, Theocri.

Auxiliaries to Medicine ; by Charles tus, the fragments of the comic poets, Aris.

Gower, 11. D. 35. Od.
tophanes, and Euripides ; with short notes.
By the Rev. Edmund Squire. 8vo. 7s.


Select Letters of Ganganelli, Pope Cle-
A Refutation of Prominent Errors in the ment XIV. translated from the French ;
Wernerian System of Geology ; by Joseph by C. J. Metcalfe, Esq. 5s.
Sutcliffe, A. M. Svo. Is. 6d.

A new edition, with considerable addi.

tions, of the Political and Theological The History of the Jews, from the de. Works complete, of the late Thomas struction of Jerusalem to the present pe

Paine. 3 vols. 8vo. riod, interspersed with Anecdotes and use.

Tables, by which are exhibited, at one ful information relative to the countries view, all the Divisions of each Circle on into which this interesting people have the Dividing Plate of the Small Wheel of been dispersed ; by Hannah Adams, Bos. the Lathe ; intended as a Companion to ton, America. 8vo. 12s.

the Drilling Frame. By C. H Rich, Esq. The Thirteenth Part of Astin's Universal

4to. Is. History.

Letters from the Continent during the LAW.

months of October, November, and DeA Systematic Arrangement of Lord cember, 1818; including a Visit to Aix-laCoke's First Institute of the Laws of Eng. Chapelle, and the Left Bank of the Rhine ; land, on the Plan of Sir Matthew Hales's by the Rev. J. W. Ormsby, A. M. 9s. Analysis, with the Annotations of Mr Har The Quarterly Journal of Science, Li.

No. XIII. for grave, Lord Chief Justice Haie, and Lord terature, and the Arts. Chancellor Nottingham ; and a new series April. With plates. 78. 60. of Notes and References to the present

NOVELS. Time ; including Tables of parallel Refe The Esquimaux ; or, Fidelity : a Tale. rence, Analytical Tables of Contents, and By Emily Clark. 3 vols. 12mo. 16s. 6l. a copious Digested Index. By J. H. Tho The Black Robber ; 'a Romance. By mas, Esq. 3 vols. 8vo. L. 4, 4s.

Edward Ball. 3 vole. 12mo. 16$. Od. A Vindication of the Criminal Law, in The Vampyre; a Tale. By Lord By2 Charge delivered to the Grand Jury at To which is added, an Account of Ely Assizes ; by E. Christian, Esq. 2s. 6d. his Residence in the Island of Mitylene.

The attorney's Clerks' Assistant ; con 8vo. 45. 6. taining plain and easy directions for levy The Veteran ; or, Matrimonial Felicities: ing fines, and suffering recoveries. 38. a Novel. 3 vols. 1200.





in 1817; containing an account of Arabia Remains of Henry Kirke White, of Not. Felix, Arabia Deserta, Persia, Mesopotatingham, late of St John's College, Cam- mia, the Garden of Eden, Babylon, Bagbridge; with an Account of his life. 2 vols, dad, Koordistan, Armenia, Asia Minor, 8vo. With a portrait, and two other en &c.&c.; by Lieut. W. Heude. 4to. L. 1,5s. gravings. By Robert Southey, Esq. Poet --Journey to Persia in the Suite of the Im. Laureate. L. I, Is.

perial Russian Embassy in the year 1817;. Bath ; a Satire : by Robert Rake, Esq. by Moritz de Kotzebue, captain on the 2s. Od.

staff of the Russian army, and knight of

the order of St Wladimir, and of the PerThe Speech of the Rt. Hon. George Can- sian order of the Sun and Lion. ning, President of the Board of Control, Travels in various countries of Europe, &c. &c. in the House of Commons on Asia, and America ; by E. D. Clarke, Thursday, March 4, 1819, in proposing LL.D. Part IIl. 4to. L. 4, 14s. 6d. Votes of Thanks to the Marquis of Hastings and the British Army in India. Is. 6d.


The Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, Ą Defence of the Enquiry into Charita- exhibiting a view of the progress of discobic Abuses, with an exposure of the Misre. very in natural philosophy, chemistry, napresentations contained in the Quarterly tural history, practical mechanics, geogra. Review.

phy, statistics, and the fine and useful arts. 'Thoughts on Porerty and the Poor Laws, (To be continued quarterly.) No. 1. Handin a Letter acidressed to a Member of Par- somely printed in octavo. With engrav, liament; by the Rev. R. Walker. 8vo. 26. ings. 7s. Od. sewed. 6d.

The Life of the Right Honourable John Hints towards an Attempt to reduce the Philpot Curran, late Master of the Rolls in Poor Rate ; or, at least, to prevent its fur. Ireland. By his Son, William Henry Curther Increase. Is.

ran, Barrister at Law. In 2 vols. 8vo. THEOLOGY.

L. I, 4s. boards. A Short and Plain Explanation of the Emmeline; with some other pieces. By Belief, Commandments, and Lord's Prayer; Mary Brunton, author of Self Control and by Thomas Ashhurst, LL.D.

Discipline. To which is prefixed, a MeFifty-six Sermons, preached on several moir of her Life, including some Extracts Occasions ; by John Rogers, D.D. L. 1, Is. from her Correspondence. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Lyra Davidis ; or, a New Translation boards. and Exposition of the Psalms; by the Rev. Sermons preached in St John's Chapel, John Fry, B.A. 8vo. 18s.

Edinburgh. By Daniel Sandford, D.D. The Philosophy of Elocution ; elucidated one of the Bishops of the Scoteh Episcopal and exemplified by Readings of the Litur. Church. 8vo. 12s. boards. gy; by James Wright. 8vo. 12s.

A Treatise on the Kaleidoscope. By DaThe Deist, or Moral Philosopher ; being vid Brewster, LL. D. F. R. S. Lond. and an impartial Enquiry after Moral and Theo- Edin. &c. With plates. Os. boards. logical Truths. 8vo.

A Representation to his Catholic Ma On Protestant Nonconformity ; by Jo. jesty Ferdinand VII. Translated from the siah Conder. 2 vols. 14s.

Spanish of Don Alvaro Florez Estrada. 3s. The Theological Lectures of the late Observations on Hemeralopia, or Voc. Rev. Benjamin Wheeler, D.D. regius pro turnal Blindness. With Cases, and Prac, fessor of divinity, Oxford; by Thomas tical Illustrations. By Andrew Simpson, Horne, D.D. 12s.

Surgeon. 8vo. 3s. Od. stitched. Practical Sermons on Various Subjects, Sermons on the Seasons. By Archibald designed to illustrate and enforce the Prin- Alison, LL.D. In foolscap 8vo. 3s. ciple of Christian Responsibility. 8vo. 78, Substance of the Speech of the Right

Honourable Alexander Maconochie, Lord Views of the Seats of Noblemen and Gen. Advocate of Scotland, in the House of tlemen, in England, Wales, Scotland, and Commons, on Thursday 1st April 1819, Ireland; from drawings by J.' P. Neale on the question regarding the burgh of No. XIV. 4s.

Aberdeen. 3s. stitched. Hakewill's Views in Italy, illustrative of The Prayer of Moses ; or, God the Re. Addison, Eustace, Forsyth, &c. No. V. fuge of his people. By J. A. Haldane, 12s. 6d.

8vo. Ls. stitched. VOYAGES AND TRAVELS.

The Edinburgh Gazetteer, or GeograpbiNo. II. of the Journal of New Voyages cal Dictionary; accompanied by an Adas, and Travels; containing an original narra constructed by A. Arrowsmith. Vol. IIL tive of a recent voyage in the Indian ocean; Part II. 98. sewed. by J. Prior, Esq. 3s. Gd. boards, and 3s. The Edinburgh Review, or Critical sewed.

Journal. No. LXII. os. A Voyage up the Persian Gulf, and a The Farmer's Magazine. No. LXXI. Journey over land from India to England, 3s.




sian youth imbibing at that institution the PRANCE.—The recent sittings in the waywardness and insubordination which French Chambers have been in a great have of late more particularly marked the measure engrossed by the project of a law character of the German students. The on the subject of the liberty of the press; Emperor of Russia, actuated by similar which, after various discussions, has been jealousy, has enjoined the youth belonging

carried in the Chamber of Deputies by a to his dominions, who are studying in Ger* majority of 143 to 38. If this law receives many, to quit that country without delay,

the sanction of the Chamber of Peers, it and repair to France, the Netherlands, or will establish in France the most perfect Switzerland, for the completion of their freedom of the press. All previous censor studies. ship will be removed all speeches deliver The public feeling in Germany appears ed in either Chamber may be published by at present, from whatever cause, to be in any journal, with reports of committees, an extraordinary state of excitement, and and all documents emanating from these the insubordinatior of the universities is, assemblies.

as we understand, but the symptom of the The Moniteur of the 10th April contains general disorder. This ferment originates an ordinance of the King, sanctioning, by apparently in political grievances, and in royal authority, the establishnient of a So those feudal distinctions in society by which ciety for the amelioration of Prisons in a few are raised into distinction and conseFrance. The object of this humane insti- quence, while the great mass is depressed. tution is to examine into the administration in the universities, where there is drawn and internal management of prisons; and together a large concourse of young men, to recommend, from time to time, to the wholly disengaged from active pursuits, Minister of the Interior, such improvements this feeling is in a manner collecied into a in the discipline, and general economy of focus, and it burns more fiercely in these these receptacles of crime, as may suggest retreats than when it is diffused over the themselves in the course of inquiry, great mass of society, and is dissipated

GERMANY. The turbulent and disor. amid the various pursuits of active life. derly conduct of the students in the Ger. Kotzebue, it appears, transmitted informa. man universities now occupies the atten. tion of the state of these universities to the tion of the German Diet. These univer- Emperor of Russia, on which information sities are invested with peculiar privileges, the Russian youth have been recalled from and are governed by their own statutes. their studies. For this offence it is that he They are republics, in which the profes- has fallen the victim of assassination ; and pors constitute the senate ; but the latter if his murder has, as it is stated in some now tremble for their existence, for the in- accounts, been the result of a conspiracy, subordination appears to set their autho- and not the insulated act of a maniac, it rity at defiance. The assassination of M. certainly marks, in the strongest manner, Kotzebue, noticed in our last number, is the dreadful excitement to which the young mentioned as one of the effects of this re- men of these universities have worked up volutionary spirit in the youth of Germany; their fiery passions. At the same time, it and several other literary men, professing is clear that no cause was ever yet promothe same political principles of Kotzebue, ted by those horrid expedients, at which are said to have received threatening letters. every feeling of justice and humanity reIn consequence of the strong manifestation volts. Every one must reprobate such of this spirit, the King of Prussia has is- diabolical means, which are only suited to sued an edict, recalling such of his subjects the worst ends, and which, wherever they as were engaged in the prosecution of their are employed, will soon bring down mestudies at the University of Jena, under rited vengeance on the heads of their aupain of forfeiting all right to political ein. thors. ployment by the Prussian government. ITALY.-- The Continental papers have This measure is said to have originated in recently been much occupied with an acconsequence of a notice issued by the Grand count of a plot said to have been discover. Duke of Weimar, disallowing the matricu« ed at Mantua for the assassination of the lation of foreign students at that univer- Emperor of Austria, who has recently sity, without a special recommendation been on a tour through his Italian states. from their own government ; but it seems 'The plot, according to these accounts, was ra ther' to be owing to a fear of the Prus- to have been carried into effect at Rovigo,


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