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ranean sea.

385 of foot. His death was occasioned by a Feb. 28. At Knockbuy, Dear Campbel. lingering indisposition, from the effects of town, Augusta Clavering, daughter of the wounds and contusions he received at Lieut-Colonel John Porter. the storming of Fort Calliger, in the East March 3. At Woodside, Miss Anne Indies, on the 2d February 1812; when Scott, daughter of the late Walter Scott, leading the grenadier company up to the · Esq. of Harden. breach, he was precipitated down the per At Dalry Mills, Andrew Veitch, pendicular rock on which the fort is built. Esq.

Feb. 15. At Killin, Perthshire, Mr Peter 4. At Perth, after a short but painful Campbell, aged 34 years, third son of Mr illness, Marjory, daughter of the late John Duncan Campbell, late of Dalgirdy. Kennedy, Esq. factor to the Earl of Bread.

16. At Aberdeen, Clementina Brander, albane. relict of the late Mr Charles Kilgour, in At London, Mrs Gillespie, wife of the 83d year of her age.

Lieutenant-Colonel Gillespie, of the Hon. 17. At London, Mr James Dobie, sen. East India Company's depot at Chatham surgeon, royal navy.

5. At Lausantie, in the 50th year of his 18. At Rome, in the 22d year of his age, the Hon. J. T. Capel, second brother age, the Hon. Brownlow Charles Colyear, of the Earl of Essex, married to Lady Cason of Viscount Milsintown, and grandson roline Paget, eldest daughter of the late of Brownlow, late Duke of Ancaster.

Earl of Uxbridge. 21. At Stirling, Mrs Elizabeth Bennet, Anne Greenlaw, wife of Robert Sem. spouse of Robert Banks, Esq. of Craig. ple, Esq. Greenhead. head.

Mrs Janet Buchan, spouse of Mr At Leven, Fifeshire, Lieut. Thomas Andrew Brown, bookseller, Edinburgh. Younger, R. N. late Commander of his In Hertford Street, May-fair, Lon. Majesty's ship Theodosia, in the Mediter- don, Lady Ellenborough, spouse of the

present Lord Elenborough. Her Lady24. At his house in New Street, Edin- ship was Catharine Octavia, youngest daugh. burgh, James Syme of Northfield, Esq. ter of the Marquis of Londonderry, sister aged 70.

of Lords Castlereagh and Stewart, and niece 26. Aged 77 years, Mr John Gray, of Marquis Camden. She was born 14th Milne's Square, Edinburgh, a gentleman October 1792, and married to the Hon. of deep erudition, eminently skilled in the Edward Law, now Lord Ellenborough, on learned languages, and no less remarkable the 11th December 1813. for his modesty than for talents and attain. 6. At Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, the

lady of Robert Downie, Esq. of Appin, af27. Mr Robert Robertson, minister ter being delivered of a still-born child. the gospel, Ednam, Roxburghshire.

At Dublin, Major-General Thomas At Glasgow, Mrs Augusta Miller, Trotter, Colonel Commandant of the Royal wife of Mr Adam Tait, of the Excise. Artillery, and commanding the Royal Ar

At Buchany, near Doune, Duncan tillery in Ireland. It has seldom fallen Balfour, glazier, aged 81. He was a man to our lot to perform a more painful task of superior abilities, of a ready country wit, than that of recording the death of this most possessing an astonishing fund of anecdote amiable man and revered veteran, who terconcerning the great families in Scotland ; minated his honourable career, after hav. a firm adherent of the unfortunate Prince ing nearly completed in the service of his Charles Edward, in memory of whom he King and country half a century-his first preserved, with the utmost care, a silver commission in the regiment being dated quegh, out of which the Prince is said to the 10th of January 1770. Major-General have drank on his way through Doune, Trotter went to America in the year 1773, immediately before the battle of Culloden. where he continued to serve throughout He remembered the Highlandman's year, the whole of the American war; after reand boasted of having once seen the Prince. turning to England, he went to America a

At her house in George Street, Edin- second time, and served in Canada three burgh, Mrs Mary Joass, wife of James years. He afterwards served under the Alexander Haldane, Esq.

command of the Duke of York in Flanders, 28. At his house of Broomhill, near Lass. where he had the honour, upon one occawade, Captain Robert Forbes, of the royal sion, of receiving, in public orders, the navy.

thanks of his Royal Highness. Major. At Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire, General Trotter has served in Ireland since Brian Stapleton, Esq. third son of the the year 1801, during which period the belate Miles Stapleton, Esq. of York. nevolence of his disposition, and suavity of

- At Farr, Inverness-shire, Miss Ann his manners, had endeared him to an exMackintosh, eldest daughter of James Mack- tensive circle of acquaintance. intosh, Esq. of Farr, after a long and At Maxwelitown, Paisley, Robert painful illness.

Fulton, Esq. of Hartfield.




March 7. At Craigbank, John M-Caull, March 12. At Campvale, near Glasgow, Esq. merchant, Glasgow.

Dr Robert Watt, in his 45th year. At Edinburgh, Mrs Anna Woodgate, - At Content, near Ayr, Jane, wise of wife of William Francis Woodgate, Esq. Captain Archibald Fullarton, and daughter late of Somerhall, Kent.

of the Rev. Dr Peebles. At Newington, Mrs Agnes Cockburn, 13. At Fairliecrievoch, Mrs Langmuir, relict of John Burn, Esq. of Colnoch. wife of Gabriel Langmuir, Esq. of Fairlie

At Hope Park End, Edinburgh, crievoch. John Yates, Esq. R. N.

At Ladyfield Place, Edinburgh, Alex. At Arbroath, Mrs Jean Kenney, re ander Ferguson, Esq. of Baledmund. lict of Provost Charles Allan, aged 74. 14. Of an apoplectic fit, Sophia Eliza

8. At his house, Broughton, Edinburgh, beth, wife of Colonel John Shedden of Mr James Sommers, Attorney of Exche- Elms, near Lymington, aged 38. quer.

At Dalnavat, Badenoch, Capt. Alex. - At Lanark, Mrs Wilson, relict of Mr. Clark, aged 63. John Wilson, town-clerk.

At Seggicden, Mrs Margaret RichAfter a short illness, Mr Thomas ardson, wife of James Hay, Esq. of Seg. Stewart, pastor of the Assuciate Congrega- gieden. tion, Strathaven, in the Olst year of his At his house, Salisbury Place, Newage, and 27th of his ministry.

ington, George Andrew, Esq. writer in 9. At his house, Merchant Street, Edin Edinburgh. burgh, Mr Adam Frecr, late merchant in 13. At Arbroath, James Bell, Esq. merEdinburgh.

chant. --At Ayr, Mrs Sarah Mair, relict of the 16. At Elgin, Lady Dunbar, wife of Sir Rev. Dr Wright, late minister of May- Arch. Dunbar of Northfield, Bart. bole.

At Annan, Mrs Ellen Ainsworth, At Glasgow, Mr David Reid, watch- aged 82 years, wife of Mr George Ander. maker, aged 35.

son, late Bailie, to whom she had been mar10. At Glasgow, Miss Janet Pettigrew ried for the long period of 60 years. of Green, in the 86ti1 year of her age.

At Clapham, E. Parratt, Esq. aged At his residence, Moyle House, 72, who filled, with great ability, the imcounty of Tyrone, in the 80th year of his portant office of Clerk of the Journals of age, the Rev. Gerald Fitzgerald, D.D. and the House of Lords for 24 years. Rector of Ardstragh.

At Colzium, Margaret, second daugh11. At Hawick, Miss Margaret Lang ter of James Davidson, Esq. W. S. lands, daughter of the late George Lange At Ayr, Mrs Jean Muirhead, aged lands, Esq. of Langlands, in the 89tlı year 90, spouse of Mr Hugh Parrot. of her age. She was the last of the ancient At Stirling, Mr Alexander Maclauand once wealthy family of Langlands of rin, teacher, in his 74th year. that ilk. In her will she left twenty

17. At Greenock, Ann, second daughter pounds to be distributed among the indus- of Patrick Nicolson, Esq. of Ardmore. trious poor of the parishes of Hawick and --- At Rose Terrace, Perth, Miss Agnes Wilton.

Ballingall. Almost immediately on his return to 18. At Glasgow, Mr William Osborne, Paris, Count Regnault St Jean D'Angely. late merchant in Ayr.

At Kilconquhar House, Henry Be 19. At Newton, Bailie James Reid, aged thune, Esq. of Kilconquhar.

Mrs Hamilton, relict of Colonel Otho At Dundee, in the 620 year of his *Hamilton of Olivestob, in the 78th year of age, and 23d of his ministry, the Rev.

Malcolm Colquhoun, minister of the Gaelic 12. At Pilrig Street, William Ogilvy, Chapel there. Esq. merchant in Leith.

At Castle Fogerty, near Thurles, the At his lodgings, in Balliol College, Hop. Montague Matthew, representative in the Right Rev. John Parsons, D.D. Bishop Parliament for the county of Tipperary. of Peterborough, in the 58th year of his At Castle Douglas, Me John Forresage.

ter, Supervisor of Excise. At Upton Grey, Hampshire, the seat 20. At Dumfries, Mary Anne, second of J. H. Beaufoy, Esq. Charlotte, youngest daughter of the late William Carruthers, daughter of the late Stephen Cosser, Esq. Esq. of Dormont. Millbank Street, Westminster.

At Monymusk, the Rer. Alexander - At Ayr, after two days' illness Mr Walker, Episcopal clergyman there. Robert Wilson, writer, in the 28th year of - At Fort Street, Near Leith, George Bar.

clay, Esq. late of the island of Barbadoes.

85 years.

her age.

his age.

George Ramsay and Co. Printers, Edinburgh.






The Scots magazine,

MAY 1819.


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a Balsam found in Spain. -Oil Spring land, and of the Measures taken for

in America, &c. &c. naso

.451 rescuing some English Captives there, (Concluded).

Works preparing for Publication ....... 455 -405

Monthly List of New Publications ... 456 On the English Dramatic Writers who preceded Shakespeare. No. IV.......409

MONTHLY REGISTER. Remarks on the Life and Poetical Re

mains of the late Dr John Leyden..... 414 | Foreign Intelligence...romanaqanamaran 459 Letter from

.422 Parliamentary Intelligence

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-427 Meteorological Table menananagom. 473 Anecdotes of Bonaparte's Campaign of Agricultural Reporteranno 1809...... „429 Commercial

.475 The Kingdom of Ashantee 2...432 Births, Marriages, Deaths.......coran .478



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The Correspondents of the EDINBURGH MAGAZINE AND LITERARY MISCELLANY are respectfully requested to transmit their Communications for the Editor to ARCHIBALD Constable and Company, Edinburgh, or LongMax and COMPANY, London, to whom also orders for the Work should be particularly addressed.

Printed by George Ramsay f. ('o.





MAY 1819.

LETTERS FROM LONDON, BY AN after having been wholly educated in ISLANDER.

Skye. I cannot, like Madam Stael, MR EDITOR,

be always boasting of my parents. The following letters, written some

That is only vanity once removed, and years ago by a young Lady from Skye, do now, dear Flora, come here, and

I know they would not like it. Pray during a year's residence in London, tell these people that my father regiving her first impressions of what to her must have appeared a new

presents an ancient family; that our

domain is inherited from a race of world, have been singled from many chiefs of old renown; that he had a others, as containing the fewest per- classical education, and was a colonel sonal allusions. They may, perhaps, of the Scotch Dutch, that twice learnbe interesting to your readers.

I remain, &c.

ed, and thrice valiant body of soldier

scholars; that my mother, still loved Cavendish Square. for worth and charming manners, was HERE I am, dear Flora, far enough once the star of the court at the Hague, from the diin isle of mist, yet more admired by the very Hollanders for misty than ever, that is, I have not beauty, and by all others for her liveyet had my eyes sufficiently purged ly talents; and that I, by myself I, with euphrasy and rue, to see through was the object of assiduous culture to the intellectual mist that surrounds both these parents, and had the range me. , Novelty, confusion, and the of their well chosen library. All this restlessness of mind they produce, I cannot tell myself, but want you to have in a manner dimmed my facul- tell for me. People here, who live ties. I should have wrote to you on the surface, and catch every floatsooner, but I wished to give you some ing straw, and watch every evanescent idea of merry England, which I can bubble, have little idea how leisure bardly do till I have felt myself mer nurses thought in a mind once openry, at least easy, in it. You and I are ed to intelligence; or how deep those not quite so little qualified to think dive for pearls, who have early learnt and judge about these matters as peo to know their value. You expect a ple here may imagine. They think brilliant account of every fine thing us as great strangers to the world, as and

person I have seen, and here am - the sunbeam of Dunscaich herself I telling you all you know already. would have been in the days when Novelties have not yet taken such Cuchullin went to Innisfail. 0 I hold of my mind, as to exclude rehave so many things to say, that I do collections. The roar of the waterfall not know where to begin. But I have that dashes into the sea from the rocks got over the provocation of being won of Taliskar comes over iny ear, and dered at by these Saxons, for having drowns the music of a full orchestra, coinmon sense and decent manners, when my reveries carry me near the

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