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COMMERCIAL REPORT. COLONIAL PRODUCE.-Sugars. The business done since our last report has been limited, and prices declining. The stock of British plantation sugar is now 2900 casks more than last year at this time ; the present prices 4s. per cwt. lower per Gazette average. Cotton. This article is acquiring attention as an object of speculation. The accounts from Glasgow notice more extensive business in cotton than had been remembered for a long time.-Stock of cotton, March 31, 1819,-371,400 bags ; same period last year 152,033 bags,-Imports of cotton in March 1819 : From

London. Liverpool. Glasgow. Total of Bags. Portugal and Brazils


10,388 East Indies

14,411 9,519 1,578 25,508 North America

595 30,858 6,562 38,015 Wost India Islands

36 Demerar., Berbice, and Suranam 363


69 1,456 Total

15,405 32,661 8,209 76,275 Coffee. Within the last two weeks, coffee has fallen in price as follows: Demerara and Berbice about 10s. per cwt. Jamaica and St Domingo 15s. East India and Brazil, 20s. per cwt.-Rum continues in some request, particularly for exportation ; prices, however, little varied. Tobacco is chiefly in demand for export ; the request for home consumption is confined to small parcels for immediate supply. Oils.---Tlre market is still heavy; whale oil a shade lower ; in other descriptions little variation.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE.---The prices of Tallow are nominal; little or no business doing. Hemp and Flae remain unvaried. Brandy continues exceedingly heavy, and Geneva without alteration. April 13.

British Manufactures, Exports and Imports.--An account of the total, real, or declared value of the produce and manufactures of the United Kingdom, exported from Great Britain during each of the three years ending 5th January 1819. 1817. 1818.

1819. L. 42,955,256 L. 43,626,233 L. 48,903,760 Total official value of foreign and commercial merchandise exported from Great Britain to all parts of the world. 1817. 1818.

1819. L.14,545,964 L. 11,534,616 L. 12,287,274 An account of the total value of all articles imported into Great Britain during each of the three years ending the 5th January 1819, as calculated at the official rates of valuation.


1819. Foreign and colonial merchandise L. 26,406,634 29,962,913 35,880,983 Produce of Ireland and the Isle of Man 3,698,931 4,002,318 4,276,654 Total value of imports

30,105,565 33,965,231 40,157,631 Conrse of Erchunge, London, April 13.--Amsterdam, Il : 6. Ditto, at sight, 11 : 3. Rotterdam, 11 : 7. Antwerp, 11 : 8. Hamburgh, 33 : 11. Altona, 34 : 0. Paris, 3 days sight, 23 : 80. Bourdeaux, 24 : 10. Frankfort on the Maine, 141. Madrid, 38). Cadiz, 39. Gibraltar, 34. Leghorn, 514. Genoa, 474. Lisbon, 57. Oporto, 577. Rio Janeiro, 601. Dublin, 13. Cork, 13 per cent.

Prices of Bullion per oz.-New Dollars 10:5:6. Silver in bars standard L. 0:5 : 6.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey 20s.--Cork or Dublin 20s.--Belfast 20s.-Hamburgh 20s. to 25s.- Madeira 20s. to 25s.Jamaica 30s.Greenland out and home 312g. Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from March 17, to April 14, 1819.

Mar. 17. Mar. 24. Mar. 3i. April 7. April 14. Bank stock,

2534 235 3 per cent. reduced,

73] 3 per cent. consols, 31 per cent do.

821 825 4 per cent. do.


92 5 per cent. navy annuities

104 105

105) India Stock, Bonds,

27 pr. 18 20 pr. 37 39 pr. 38 40 pr. Exchequer bills, 24d. 3 dis. 5dis. 7 dis. 23

pr. pr. 2 dis. Omnium, Consols for acct.

735 French 5 per cents. orvoor

63fr. 40c.

75fr. 10c. 1671r. 506.

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40 37 pr.

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2 3 2 5 Congou,

3 1 3 4 Souchong,

4. 3 4 6 SUGAR, Musc. cwt. B. P. Dry Brown, 765.

67 71 63 72 | 70 73 Mid. Good, & Fine Mid. 80 90 72 90 74 89 79 Fine and very fine,

92 96 91 94 | 90 94 86 88 Brazil, Brown,

35 40 38 White,

54 48 57 Refined, Double Loaves, 150 160

1 2 (lb.) 1 4 Powder ditto, 118 124

102 118 Single ditto,


122 114 116 118 122 108 115 Small Lumps,

111 116 100 110 118 124 105 112 Large ditto,

106 111 104 106 106 114 96 101 Crushed Lumps,

66 60

62 68 MOLASSES, British,

36 6
33 34

COFFEE, Jamaica,
Ord. good, and fine ord. 120 132 118 130

122 126 Fine and very fine,

150 Dutch, Triage & very ord. 116 120

Ord. good, & fine ord. 122 135 120 133 St Domingo,

140 PIMENTO (in Bond), lb.. | 9



8. SPIRITS Jam. Rum 160.P. 3 10 4 0 39 3 10 39

4 6 Brandy, gal. 5 6 60

5 6 Geneva, 3 6 3 8

36 Aqua,

7 6 79 WINES, Clar. Ist Gr. hhd. 60


35 0 65 Portugal Red, pipe, 48 54

50 0 58 Spanish White, butt. 55

34 0 55 Teneriffe, pipe,

30 35 Madeira, 60 70

50 53 Logwood, Jamaica, ton, . £9

7 7 7 0 7 10 7 15 8 0 Honduras,


7 10 7 15 7 10 7 15 8 0 8 5 Campeachy,


8 10 9 0 8 0 8 10 Fustic, Jamaica, 10 11

8 0

11 0 12 0 Cuba, 12 14

10 0 10 10 INDIGO, Caraccas fine, lb. | 9s 6d II 6 8 6 9 6

10 10.6 TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot, 2 3 2 6

2 6 2 8 Ditto Oak,

50 Honduras Mahogany,

1 8 0 10 ) 8

1 2 1 6 1 5 Tar, American, brl.

12 6 15 0 19 6 Archangel, 22 23

16 0 17 20 0 TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Candle, / 08 70


Home melted, cwt. 70
HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton, 51


49 Petersburgh Clean, 46

48 49 50 46 47 46 FLAX, Riga Th. & Dr. Ra. 74 Dutch,

60 130 Irish,

58 62
MATS, Archangel,

BRISTLES, Peters. Firsts, | 15 0 16 0
Ashes, Petersburgh Pearl, 43
Montreal ditto, cwt. 54 55

54 55 50 57 54
46 43 44 40

43 46 48 OIL, Whale, tun,

36 35
30 36

37 (p.brl.)


40 TOBACCO, Virg. fine, lb. . 11 12 104 11 07 08410 8 inferior,

9 10 7
8 0 440

0 79 COTTONS, Bowed Georgia,

Il! 1 3

1 11 1 34 Sea Island, fine,

2 8 3 0 2 3 2 6 9 2 6 Demerara and Berbice,

1 5 1 8 I 3

4 1 7 Pernambucco,

1 73

18 1 6 1 711 71 9 Maranham,

13 74' 1 15 1 5 1 - 6

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ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTS, announced in March 1819,

extracted from the London Gazette. Anderson, H. W. Middlesex, merchant

Hoffman, J. London, brewer
Bigs. J., and C. Halfield, cominon-brewers Howard, J. Liverpool, flour-dealer
Barnett, A. London, glass-dealer

Hunt, J. Cheltenham, branily-merchant
Barnes, J. Portsca, builder

Helicar, T., and J. Bristol, merchants Bnker, S. Brighton, linen-draper

Harman, T.C. Wisbeach, Cambridge, linen-dit Barter, R. and H. Bishop's Waltham, grocers

per Bruinwell, R. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, hatter Hörnshaw, T. Halifax, grocer Barton, W. London, upholsterer

Jamınieson, J. Globe Sürecy, Middlesex, masterBrooke, N. London, shoe-manufacturer

mariner Buckland, T. Langley, brick-maker

Jones, G. E. Bedford, bookseller Barfoot, J. London, fancy-stationer

Johnston, J. Sheffield, draper Booth, J, Gloucester, earthen-wareman

Kent, A. Deptford, baker Burton, W. Cornhill, auctioneer

knowles, J. Stroud, Gloucester, innholder Bunaston, W. Worcester, hop-merchant

Leslie, A. London, provision-merchant Bennet, J., A. Tabbener, and C. Scudarnore, Man Lawes, T. Amesbury, Wilts, com-dealer chester, woollen-cord-manufacturers

Lamb, J. M. Pilkington, Lancaster, calico-printer Brodic, H. Liverpool, linen-draper

Lea, W. Binninghara, victualler Bell, C. F. Middlesex, victualler

Mial, M. Portsca, merchant Beer, W. Plynouth Dock, ironmonger

Mercer, J. Heath Street, Middlesex, mariner Blake, J. Parsons Green, Fulham, brewer

Masters, J. Dartford, grocer Bamforth, J. juli. Wathe-upon-Dearue, York, Morton, J. Ainsworth, cotton-manufacturer butcher

Mycock, H. Manchester, provision-dealer
Burchall, R. Ashton-within-Mackerficld, Lancas Murray, J. Landon, cordivainer
ter, dealer

Moule, H. St Michael, Bath, baker
Booth, J. Chapel-en-le-F'rith, Derby, brewer Miller, R. London, bookseller
Bush, H. Wick and Abson, Gloucester, dealer Macdonald, R. Frant, Sussex, shopkeeper
Burminster, J. W., and C. L. Vidal, London, Moustjoy, R. Ealing, nurseryman

Moore, T. R. Middlesex, paper-stainer
Cameron, J. Manchester, merchant

Norris, H. Bolton-le-Moors, confectioner Chaster, G. J. and T. York, coal-dealers

Nelson, T., and E. Smith, Bolton, bed-quilt-mat Cocksedge, T. A. Woolpit, Suftolk, merchant nufacturers Cook, W. P. Plymouth, merchant

Newton, H. London, tailor Chamberlain, W. Bristol, corn-factor

Needes, J. London, coal-merchant Canstal, N, London, druggist

Pinkerton, T. Warwick and London, merchant Cricket, D. Hoffam, Kent, timber-merchant Pigot, W. London, grocer Chant, J. Walsall, Stafford, flour-seller

Power, T. F, London, merchant Cross, J. H. Bristol, cor-factor

Price, T. Liverpool, baker Cheppet, E. Walcott, Somerset, cabinet-maker Pearse, W. London, Blackwell Hall factor Campbell, D., B. Harper, and A, Baillie, Lon Peel, J., C. Harding, and W. Willock, Fazely, don, merchants

Tamworth, cotton-spinners Cox, J., and J. Morgan, Gutter-Lanc, London, Parkinson, T. sen. T. Parkinson, jun, and J. Lil. glovers

ley, York, ratl-merchants Carlisle, w., and F. Hodgson, Bolton-le-Moors, Pearson, J. Portsipouth, mercer dealers in'cotton-yam

Pegrom, M. and J. Middlesex, dealers Cole, R. London and Surrey, haberdasher

Ratcliffe, T. and J., Ewood Bridge, and R. and Cotton, G. Manchester, plasterer

J. Ratcliffe, Manchester, calico printers
Cotterell, E. M., and C. G. Middlesex, dealers. Rugg, J. Bristol, victualler
Dobie, A. Liverpool, master-unariner

Relph, W. Lewknor, Oxford, farmer
Dyson, R. Doncaster, corn-dealer

Stein, J, London, rectitier Dunnege, H. Colchester, miller

Starkcy, W. London, bricklayer Dampier, E. London, seed-crusher

Stephens, J, London, merchant Dickinson, W. Scalby, York, coal-merchant Sykes, J. jun., J. Sykes, and W. Redfeam, AlDalgairns, P., and E. Winslow, London, ship monbury, fancy-manufacturers brokers

Stanley, k. Hope, Derby, meal and flour-dealer Evans, W. S. London, bricklayer

Sibley, J. London, drysalter Emanuel, A. Plymouth-Dock, navy agent Stalker, D., and A. D. Welch, London, slopik Ellis, R. London, provision-broker

lers Fourdrinier, J., and C. J., Rickurransworth pa Stubbs, W. Leek, Stafford, innholder per-makers

Simpson, F. Huddersfield, woolstapler Fenner, B. London, flour-factor

Taylr, T. London, master-mariner Fenner, R. London, bookseller

Tuckett, J., and E. H., Bristol, grocers Fisher, G. Liverpool, merchant

Trahair, T. Newlyn, West Cornwall, baker Fleming, T. Limehouse, Middlesex, sugar-refiner Tatum, W., and E. Palmer, London, paper. Gay, T. Liverpool, broker

stainers Gríme, J. Bolton, upholsterer

Turner, W. London, stationer Garland, J. London, merchant

Thistlewood, G. London, flour-factor Grouing, R. London, merchant

Vigers, W. R. London, merchant Goddard, M. Wilmslow, Chester, tanner

Westwood, C, Bristol, merchant Gaunt, J., and T. Leeds, woollen-manufacturers White, J., and W. French, Kennington, dyers Harding, S, T., C. Oakes, and T. Willington, White, S. London, victualler Tamworth, bankers

Whitmarsh, H. H. Wingham, Kent, maltster Harvey, W. jun. Clifton, lodging-house-keeper Williamson, T. Jeigh, Lancaster, provision-dealer Hendry, M. Kingstor:-upon-Hull, merchant Wright, w. Kirkdale, near Liverpool, victualler Herbert, T. London, cotton-merchant

Watson, H, London, merchant Heath, J. Cheltenhain, carrier

Williams, D. Bath, saddler Honc, J. London, livery stable keeper

Wood, S. Bolton, banker Hayhurst, W. Rimmington, cution-manufac Whitebrooke, J. Chester and Stafford, shoemaker turer

Whatton, J. Liverpool, cattle-dealer Houghton, J. E. London, builder and carpenter' Webb, A. London, coach-proprietor

ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCies and DividENDS, announced in

March 1819, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Barrie, Thomas, Edinburgh, merchant

Brodie, George, Leith, merchant Anderson and Mackintosh, Glasgow, merchants Cadell, Thos. and Co. Edinburgh, brevers and manufacturers

Christie, George, Perth, tenner

'Cockburn and Baird, Edinburgh, mill-wrights Randle, William, Leith, merchant Douglas, James, of Burnbrae, partner of George Robertson, John, Leith, merchant Loudoun and Co. Glas zow, merchant

Scott, Thomas, Edinburgh, inerchant Galli, Charles, Leith, jeweller

Sim, G. M. and Co. Glasgow, merchants Gillespie, Richard, Anderston, Glasgow, calico Stevenson, Thomas, Edinburgh, grocer printer

Taylor, John, Edinburgh, merchant Hamilton, T. Stirling, hardware-merchant

Torry, Archibald, Edinburgh, clothier and wineHay, Robert, Nether-place, bleacher

merchant Henderson, T., and W. and Co. Edinburgh, mer Watt, David, Glasgow, wood-merchant and cachants

binet-maker Hogg, William, Edinburgh, cabinet-maker Johnstone and Allan, Crieff, saddlers

DIVIDENDS. Kirk, William, Glasgow, merchant

Clerk and Ross, Edinburgh, late merchants and Knox, Arthur, Edinburgh, builder and glazier insurance-brokers; at No. 21, Elder Street, 6th Lang, Smith, and Co. Parkholm, near Glasgow, April. merchants and calico-printers

Duguid, William, Aberdeen, merchant; by AlexMaclean, Charles, Edinburgh, merchant

ander Webster, advocate there, 20th April Meldrum, Robert, St Andrews, banker

Steven and Fraser, Glasgow, booksellers; by J. Pitcairn David, Leith, merchant

Imray, merchant there, 3d May





March 11. At London, the lady of Prana Oct.21. 1818. At Mullye, in the East In- cis James Adam, Esq. a son. dies, the lady of Major Charles P. Hay, a 12. Mrs Carmichael, East Register Street,

Edinburgh, a daughter.
Feb. 24. 1819. AtСriggie, Mrs Low, a son. 13. At Arnage, Mrs Ross, a son.

25. At Celle, Hanover, the lady of Ma At Portobello, Lady Elibank, a jor-General Hugh Halkett, K.C.B. and daughter. C.B. a daughter

15. At Muirbrow, Hamilton, Mrs James 28. At Glenkindy, the lady of Sir Alex. Roxburgh, a daughter. Leith, a son.

17. Mrs Douglas, 5, North Charlotte March 1. The lady of Thomas Mylne, Street, Edinburgh, a son. Esq. of Mylnefield, a son.

19. At Barjarg, Mrs Hunter, a daugh2. In Cavendish Square, London, the ter. lady of Admiral J. E. Douglas, a daughter. 20. At Trimby, near Bagshot, the lady

At Sandhouse, Shetland, the lady of of the Hon. Alexander Murray, second John Scott, Esq. jun. of Scalloway, a son of the late Earl of Dunmore, a daughdaughter.

4. At the Hague, the lady of John To. 22. At Montague Place, Russel Square, ring Ferrier, Esq. a son.

London, the lady of Capt. Forrest, a son. 5. At Colliepriest, Devonshire, Lady 23. At Aberdeen, the lady of Capt. MacMary Hay, a daughter.

kay, 70th regiment, a daughter. 6. At Edmonstone House, Mrs Wau 24. Mr Wright, Greenside Place, Edinchope of Edmonstone, a daughter.

burgh, a daughter. At Levenside, Mrs Blackburn of At Wauchope, Rosburghshire, Mrs Killearn, a son.

Scott of Wauchope, a son. 7. At Mansfield, the lady of W. Thom Mrs More, 65, George Street, Edinson Honyman, Esq. of Mansfield, a son burgh, a daughter. and heir.

At Queen Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Mrs Mowbray, Howe Street, Edin- Greig of Hallgreig, a daughter. burgh, a son.

25. At Newlands, the lady of Captain The lady of George Bell, Esq. City Scott, R. N. a son. Road, London, a daughter.

At Aberdeen, the lady of John Aber. At Aberdeen, Mrs Ferguson of Kin. crombie, Esq. a daughter. mundy, a son.

At Horton Lodge, the lady of Lieu. At Shottesbrook, the Hon. Mrs Van tenant-Colonel West, a daughter. sittart, a son.

26. At Castle Craig, the Hon. Lady Gib. 8. Mrs Bringloe, Nelson Street, Edin. son Carmichael, a daughter. burgh, a daughter.

28. In Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, the At Abbey Hill, Edinburgh, Lady lady of the Hon. Lord Cringletie, a daughMenzies of Menzies, a son.

9. At New Hallhouse, Mrs Brown, a 29. At 40, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, son; her 14th child.

Mrs Fullerton, a daughter. 10. Mrs Richard · Mackenzie, Aber 30. Mrs Stivens, "l'arriston Crescent, cromby Place, Edinburgh, a daughter. Edinburgh, a son.

At York, Mrs Milner of Nonmonk April 1. At Eskgrove, the lady of North ton, a daughter.

Dalrymple, Esq. a son.



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daughter of the late Arch. Hepburne MitMarch 3. At St George's, Hanover chelson of Middleton, Esq. Square, London, John Ashley Warre, March 22. At Dalwhat, parish of GlenEsq. of Stratford Place, and Cheddon Fitz cairn, C. A. Lennock, Esq. Captain R. N. Paine, Somersetshire, to Susan, eldest to Lillias, fifth daughter of John Corson, daughter of the late John and the Hon. Esq. of Dalwhat. Mrs Cornwall, of Grosvenor Place, and At St George's Church, Hanover niece to the late Vice-Admiral Lord Vis. Square, London, Sir Jacob Astley, to Miss count Gardner, K.C.B.

Dashwood, the youngest daughter of Sir 4. At Dundee, James Knowles, Esq. of Henry Dashwood. Kirkton, to Isabella, youngest daughter of 23. At the cathedral, Bath, William William Pitcairn, Esq. Dundee.

Bowrin, Esq. of the island of Nevis, to 5. In the cathedral of Londonderry, Grace Eliza, second daughter of Capt. John, eldest son of Hugh Montgomery, Gourly, R. N. Esq. of Benvarden, in the county of An 25. At Barnton house, A. Maitland trim, and High Sheriff of that county, to Gibson, Esq. younger of Cliftonhall, Jane, third daughter of the late Sir Andrew advocate, to Susan, eldest daughter of Ferguson, Bart. of the l'arm, near London- the late George Ramsay, Esq. of Barnton. derry, and niece to the Lord Bishop of At London, Thomas Burch Western, Down.

Esq. eldest son of the late Admiral West9. At Paisley, George Robertson, Esq. ern, to Margaret Letitia, fourth daughter of London, to Miss Mary Douglas, young- of William Bushby, Esq. of Kirkmiest daughter of the late Colin Douglas, chael. Esq. of the colony of Demerara.

27. At Dunglass, Henry Harvey, Esq. At Drumderfit, John Gollan, Esq. of the Madras army, to Lady de Lancey, of Gollanfield, to Margaret, youngest daughi- widow of the late Sir illiam de Lancey, ter of the late Thomas Logan, Esq. of K.C.B. and eldest daughter of Sir James Drumderfit.

Hall, Bart. 12. Peter Hewat, Esq. W. S. to Isabella, 29. At Brae House, Capt. Robert Campeldest daughter of Andrew Taylor, Esq. ofbell, of the Hon. East India Company's Westbarns.

service, to Jane Campbell, only child of 15. At Dumfries, John Allan, Esq. of the deceased Me Archd. Campbell, writer Fountainbleau, to Miss Jane Allan, daugh- in Edinburgh. ter of John Allan, Esq. of Kirkhouse, Lan 30. At Balhary, Alexander Whitson, cashire.

Esq. of Parkhill, to Sarah Elizabeth, 16. At Wandsworth, the Hon. James daughter of the deceased John Smyth, Esq. Sinclair, second son of the Earl of Caith- of Balhary. ness, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of -- At Cupar, Mr James Hardie, mer. George Tritton, Esq. of Westhill.

chant, Kirkaldy, to Miss Rachel Coventry, At Hampstead, Andrew Spottis- youngest daughter of David Coventry, Esq. woode, Esq. of Bedford Square, London, of Pitterdreich. to Miss Longman, daughter of Thomas Lately, Major-General Henry Eustace, Longman, Esq. of Mount Grove. brother to the Dowager Lady Trimlestown,

At Arniston, John Borthwick, Esq. to Henrietta, daughter of Count D’Alton, younger of Crookston, advocate, to Miss and grand-daughter to Nicholas, the late Dundas, eldest daughter of the Right Ho- Lord Triinlestown. norable Lord Cict Baron.

17. At Paris, Charles Shakerley, Esq. eldest son of C. Shakerley, Esq. of Shaker Aug. 8. 1818. At sea, on board the Hon. ley, in the county of Lancaster, and of So. East India Company's ship, Duke of York, merford Ilall, in the county of Chester, to on his passage to China, James Dyce, son of Madame Rosalie D'Avary, only daughter Dr Willian Dyce, physician in Aberdeen, of the Duke D'Avary.

at the early age of 17. 18. At Edinburgh, Mr John Morrison, Srp. 19. At Canton, Mr Charles More, writer, to Jane, eldest daughter of James First Officer of the Hon. East India ComHay, Esq. Hanover Street.

pany's ship the Duke of York. 20. At Liverpool, Mr Egerton Smith, Nov. 8. At Petrazavodsky, Russia, Adam printer of the Liverpool Mercury, to Mar. Armstrong, Esq. Director of the St Petersgaret, eldest daughter of Mr James Wood, burgh, Cronstadt, and Olenetz founderies. accountant.

-lle also held the rank of Major-General 22. At Glasgow, Mr John Kinshcl- in the Russian service. wood, cotton broker, to Lillias, only daugh Feb. 1. 1819. Ai Rome, M. Akerblad, ter of the late David Macmillan, Esq. of aged 60.--His death is a severe loss to the Glasgow.

sciences of philology and archæology. At Edinburgh, John Tait, Esq. 12. At Knock of Kincairn, Strathspey, younger of Pirn, W. S. to Harriet, eldest Captain John Stuart, of the 63d regimen:


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