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rapid progression, there does not appear to ties, which has, however, been more than be more than sufficient accommodation for made up by an excess in the excise and in the increasing population.

other articles. The whole year's revenue The Revenue. -- From the account of the presents an increase of L.1,800,000. revenue for the last quarter, ending on the Total revenue for the year 5th April 1819, it appears that its produce ending 5th April 1818, L.47,247,631 for this quarter exceeds that for the corre Total revenue for the year sponding quarter of last year L. 240,000.

ending 5th April 1819, 49,056,563 The following is an account of the amount of the revenue in the April quarter for three

In the accoumt, however, of the previous years back :

year, there are included the arrears of the

property tax, amounting to L.),295,299, In the April quarter 1817, L.9,510,211 while for the present year there is only the

Ditto 1818, 10,249,207 sum of L.227,349 received on this account.
Ditto 1819, 10,481,916 The difference, therefore, amounting to

L.1,007,950, ought to be placed to the creThere has been a deficiency in the pro- dit of the present year, which gives an induce of the customs and several other du crease of revenue amounting to L.2,876,082.



DRURY. LANE. A New Tragic Come. King's THEATRE.-Mozart's Nozze di dy, in three acts, called The Dwarf of Na. Figaro forms the principal attraction to this ples, has been produced at this theatre, eplace of amusement. The change in the vidently written for the purpose of exhibitprincipal characters from last year are Ma. ing Mr Kean :-Malvesi, the dwarf, is a dame Bellochi for Fodor, and Angrisani for little crooked wretch, and as distorted in Naldi. The new Susanna did not seem to mind as in body. Like Richard he detests please so much as the original one, though all the better proportioned part of the creinfinitely superior both as a singer and an ation, but his most implacable hatred is toactress in general. But Mozart's Susanna wards his brother. This brother, Giulio, is a and Zerlina seem composed for Fodor : she general returned in triumph from the wars sings them best-Bellochi acts them best. to enjoy the sweets of peace, and is thereIt is in Rossini's music that her peculiar fore very solicitous to live in kindness with brilliancy of style is appropriately developed. Malvesi, who requites his good intentions If Figaro loses a little of his impudent vi- and overtures of friendship by entertainvacity by the absence of his old representa- ing a fixed resolution to murder him the tive, he gains considerably in his musical first opportunity for his attentions to Archaracter by the voice of his new one,-a manda, with whom Malvesi also is in love. voice which, (of its peculiar class,) for rich- Giulio, finding it more easy to gain the af. ness and depth of tone, we have never heard fection of Armanda than the friendship of equalled. United with this gift, Agrisan- the Dwarf, resolves upon a marriage with ni possesses that of action : (his Masetto is her. Count Orsino and the General bring unrivalled,) and his Figaro will no doubt a casket of jewels, intended as a present to improve on his better acquaintance with it. his bride, into the room where Malvesi is, The Countess was the Countess of last sea who, instigated by jealousy, substitutes a son, Miss Corri, but with this difference, treasonable for a love letter in it. Upon that she sings with more spirit and intelli- this evidence the marriage is set aside, and gence than we have hitherto heard her. In his brother banished. After an interval, the solos she excelled herself; and in the and some adventure, during which Malvesi duets she excelled Madame Bellochi ; that sends a bravo to assassinate his brother, the is, comparing not the artificial but natural King of Naples, having been informed of talent of the parties : and we experienced the falsehood of the accusation made against the gratification of listening to fine English Giulio, sends for him and the Dwarf-retones superior to fine Italian tones. If stores the former to favour, re-establishes this young lady would but properly culti- him in all his honours, and causes the latter vate and exert the distinguished talent to witness him at the altar married to Arwith which she is gifted, we might look manda. The Dwarf maddens at the sight to yet possessing a native singer who, if and dies. not unrivalled, would not easily be excel The Lent Oratorios at this Theatre beled. Lit. Gaz.

gan on Wednesday, the 3d of March, with

an extensive selection from Mozart and ing the little children speak French. Seve. Haydn, a Miscellaneous Act, and the bat- ral Commissioners (Commissionaires) are tle Sinfonia, by Beethoven.

polite to our humorous traveller, and it is Connected with this theatre, a dispute some time before he finds out that persons has occurred between Mr Bucke, who had under this sonorous title are runners of erpresented a tragedy ( The Italians) to the rands. From Calais to Paris his route is by Sub-committee in November 1817, and Boulogne, Montreuil, Nampont, (Sterne's Mr Kean, which has occupied a good deal Nampont, which has received more celebriof the public attention. Mr Bucke's tragedy ty from one deal as than other towns rehad been put in rehearsal, and announced ceive frem hundreds of living ones !) Abfor representation ; but, from influence in beville, and St Denis. At the capital, of the production of pieces at this theatre at. the entrance into which a description, comtributed to Mr Kean, the play was postpo- bining much force and truth with whimsined from time to time, till Mr B. finding a cal remark, is given, our tourist resides in prejudice behind the curtain against his Meurice's Ilotel, which is quite an English tragedy, withdrew it altogether; and pub. Colony. Here he hires an Irish Valet de lished a letter attributing its non-represen- place, and becomes intimate, pro tempore, tation to the preponderating influence of this with his fellow lodgers, Mr Daniel Doxwonderful actor. To Mr Bucke's charge gate, Mrs Loquax, Mr Marmaduke MiniMr Kean replied in a very ill advised and kin, &c. &c. These are his companions to intemperate letter. On Mr Kean's departure, sec the lions, and their various characters, rehowever, on a provincial tour, the play marks, and adventures, fill up the second was brought forward, and was perform and third parts.

Among the Parisian ed, for the first time, to a most crowded scenes are represented a visit to the Cataand tumultuous house, on the 3d April; combs, and a lecture on craniology, by a but has ultimately been laid aside. Professor with a long German name, a day

COVENT-GARDEN.— The Marriage of at Meurice's, a humorous song, with comic Figaro.—The Managers of this Theatre recitations, in Mr M.'s best style : a visit to have produced this excellent Opera, with the theatre, and burlesque imitation of Talthe music of Mozart, nor, indeed, have ma's Hamlet: the Boulevards, and a renthey confined themselves to the music contre with a sad traveller, Mr Mundun. only belonging to the piece, but have gus Trišt. made a judicious selection from the, se In the fourth part Mr Mathews enters veral published works of this great mas the Paris Diligence, in which eight chater. The part of the Countess of Al racters are well supported by this single acmavia was performed by Mrs Dickons, tor. It is considered unexampled as a picce and the songs, and the varied harmony of mimickry. The theatre continues to be and science of the music, was given by crowled in every part.--Lit. G1.. this accomplished singer in a

Surrey Theatre.--At this theatre, The worthy both of the inimitable composer and Heart of Mid-Lothian, dramatised from the of herself. Mrs Dickons has passed nearly last series of Tales by our illustrious coun. three years in Italy, previously to her ap- tryman, has been produced. The play is said pearing on the boards last season; and to be well contrived, and the leading points, was received by the foreign theatres with a of the novel faithfully preserved; the welcome little inferior to the reception of scenery appropriate, and the effect of her talents at home.

Miss Stephens per

the whole sufficiently illusive for all the formed the part of Susan, and most ad- purposes of scenic representation. Though mirably seconded the science of Mrs Dick. the dialect of the principal characters must ons.-Lit. Gaz.

have formed obstarles to the success of the The Lent Oratorios commenced here on piece in the hands of English performers, Friday the 5th.

it is said to have gone off well, and to have English Opera llouse.--MATHEWS AT attracted crowded audiences. HOJE.-This admirable mimic having The Gallery of the British Institution had a trip to Paris, has returned from a closed on Saturday, 27th March. The broad with a new budget of entertainment exhibition has been successful beyond for, wherewith to be At Home.

mer years; and pictures have been sold to The first part consists of a poetical pro- the amount of upwards of L. 3000.

As all the world goes to Paris, Mr Sir John Leicester's Gullery was 0Mathews resolves to go thither also, enters pened on Monday, March 15, and presentthe diligence in Londoni, paints his fellow ed to numerous visitors an admirable distravellers, &c. and after sundry zig-zags play of British talent. The room is much arrives at Dover. The examinations at the improved since last year, and seems worthy Custom House over, and some odd contra the forms of art which people it, and the band articles detected, the “ delights of the living gazers who throng to admire the efpacket" are said and sung. In part second forts of genius, which many of them have the voyagers land at Calais, are astounded only learnt to prize from seeing them $o by the jabber around, and amazed at hear, splendidly displayed.




Galbraith. Mr Benson, though rather an Theatre- Royal.- The entertainments pre. inanimate lover, gave the songs very pleasented at this theatre have been less varied singly; and Mr Chippendale, in his brown than usual, on account of the unprecedente suit, did the house of Osbaldistone honour ed success of a drama founded on the po. by his representation of its senior clerk pular novel of Rob Roy. The only novel. and junior partner. It might have been ty previous to this was the meritorious at. better had Die Vernon been put into tempt to bring forward the play of the hands more able to manage the songs of the Tempest, as originally written by Shake. part ; but, upon the whole, the picce was speare; but its success, in spite of the Ma. well cast, and excellently acted throughout. nager's exertions to get it up respectably, * Rob Roy was succeeded by “ As You was not such as to give much hope of suc Like It," for the Benefit of Mrs H. Siddons, cess in any similar attempt. Rob Roy has who, upon this occasion, came forward with continued, however, to fill the house for the a very feeling address; and Mr Kean has astonishing period of forty-one successive since nightly filled the house by a succession nights, a run of good fortune, we believe, of his most favourite parts. which no other piece represented in Edin The Institution for the Encouragement of burgh ever met with. Much of the success the Fine Arts in Scotland, founded ist which has attended this piece may no doubt February, was opened th March 1819. be attributed to a national partiality to the The Pictures, which are principally by anscenes and the characters represented, and cient masters, are 92 in number, and are to the very excellent manner in which the chiefly from the collections of the Earl of piece has been got up; but we attribute Elgin, the Earl of Wemyss, Sir James Er. its chief attraction to the close attention skine, John Clerk, Esq. Gilbert Laing which has been paid, in adapting it to the Meason, Esq. and Alexander Gordon, Esq. theatre, to the incidents and the dialogue We refer to the leading article of the present of the celebrated work from which it is ta- number for an account of this lastitution, ken. Most of the dialogue, indeed, seems to and its probable effects on the Arts in Scotbe given verbatim from the novel ; and the land. gentleman who has arranged it in a drama. In the course of the winter, Mr Allan tic form has shown much judgment in not and the Messrs Watsons opened rooms attempting to substitute the language and for the publie exhibition of their Pictures. the manners of English peasants, for the The performances at the Pantheon, con, strong and graphic characters, delineated sisting of Horsemanship, Pantomime, &c. with so much nature and truth by the in- have closed for the season, but this place of comparable author of Waverley and Guy amusement is now occupied by Mr Louis's Mannering

exhibition, consisting of Musical Automata, That this piece should not have succeed- and other pieces of mechanism. ed so well in the capital is not to be won. In music, besides the Concerts given by dered at, when it is considered how much the Institution for Sacred Music, Mr Ya. of it must have been unintelligible to a niewicz, who has been a resident in our city London audience, and even though they for several winters, has given Concerts at had understood the expressive dialect in which Mrs Salmon and Mr and Mrs Bian. which the story is carried on, the manners chi Lacy have appeared ; and a series of and the peculiarities of this northern por- eight morning Concerts, conducted by the tion of the island are so alien to every thing same accomplished performer, have been English, that it is not surprising their ad-weekly performed. It is no small prouf of a miration should have ceased as their eyes taste for these elegant amusements being now became familiar with the dress and the more universally diffused than at any former tartan of the clan Gregarach.

period, that performers from the Opera It would be unjust, in a notice of Rob Roy, House pay us visits at this season ; and not to advert to the excellent representatives much of that taste must, no doubt, be at. which the chief characters have found in tributed to the stimulus afforded by the our theatre. Mr Mackay, as Bailie Jarvie, classical performances of Mr Yaniewicz. admirably embodied to the eye and to the The Demoiselles De Lihu and Signior ear all the peculiarities which of right be. Puzzi have appeared in four Concerts; and long to a merchant-a magistratc-and a number of others have been given for the member of the town-council in a Scottish benefit of our resident performers. corporation; and the Creature Dougal seem The other public amusements of Edin. ed nature itself in the hands of Mr Duft. burgh, during the late winter, have been Mr Hamerton, in Rob Roy, was very re- weekly assemblies at the Assembly Rooms, spec:able, and his manly figure did no dis- George Strect, and at Mr Smart's Rooms ; credit to the tartap which he wore. Mrs and the occasional exhibition of Panoramic Renaud was excellent in Helen Campbell; paintings. and Mr Dobbs was quite at home in Major


EDWARD HEARD, of Brighton, Sussex, che construction of pumps, and in the machinery for mist; for certain processes, means, or methods, working the same. March 13. of hardening and improving tallow and other ani. WILLIAM NEALE, of Birmingham, Warmal fats and oils, so as to manufacture there wickshire, whitesmith; for combination of mawith candles of a superior quality to those at pre chinery calculated to increase power, to be workSent made from tallow. Dated Febi uary 12, ed by manual labour, or other suitable means. 1819.1

March 13. THOMAS BROCKSOPP, of Fore-street, Crip ÆNEAS MORRISON, of Glasgow, writer ; plegate, London, grocer and tea-dealer; for the for a combination of certain processes and manuapplication of certain machinery to the purpose factures, whereby animal and vegetable food may of breaking or crushing of sugar. Feb. 23.

be preserved for a great length of time, which will JAMES JEFFRAY, of Glasgow, Scotland, be of great benefit and advantage to our subjects Professor of Anatomy in the University of Glas both at home and abroad. March 23. gow ; for certain combinations of and improve JOHN OUTHETT, of Vauxhall Walk, Surments in machinery, to be moved by wind, steam, rey, civil engineer; for improvements in the conanimal strength, water, or other power, by means struction, arrangement, and combination of the of which boats, barges, ships, or other floating series of apparatus used for the production of gas vessels may be propelled or moved in water; and from pit coal, and other substances, and for puriwhich invention is further applicable to other fying, storing, and delivering, for the purposes useful purposes March 1.

of illumination ; and for the application of certain WILLIAM MILLWARD, of Eaton, Bucks, parts of the said improved apparatus to other use shoemaker,; for an improvement on skaites, and ful purposes. March 23. in fixing the same on the feet. March 4.

THOMAS MORTON, of Leith, Edinburgh, SAMUEL HAYCRAFT, of Birmingham, War Scotland, ship-builder; for a method of dragging wickshire, spoon-manufacturer - for certain im ships out of water on dry land. March 23. provements in manufacturing spoons, forks, and WILLIAM ROBINSON, of Saffron Walden, other articles of iron, silver, or other suitable Essex, surveyor and builder ; for certain new or metal, by the application of certain

machinery, improved apparatus to be attached to all sorts of hitherto unused for that purpose, and improve doors and door jambs, and hanging stiles, for the ments in such machinery, March 1.

purpose of preventing, when shut, the admission of WILLIAM TYROR, of Liverpool, Lancashire, external air into rooms, apartments, or other coach-maker; for certain improvements in the places. March 23.

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16. Borough of Newry.-The Hon. Francis

Jack Needham. March 1.-Sir George Abereromby, Bart, of 19. Borough of Yarmouth.-Sir Peter Pole, Forglen and Birkenbog, to be Lord Rector of the Bart. of Wolverton-l'ark, and John Wilson Marischal College of Aberdeen.

Croker, Esq. of the Admiralty. 5. Sir George Clerk, Bart. to be one of the Lords County of Edinburgh.-Sir George Clerk of of the Admiralty.

Penicuick, Bart. 9. Charles Knatchbull, Esq. to be British Con.

23. County of Inverness.-Right Hon, Charles sul at Nantes.

Grant, younger of Waterneish. 12. The Earl of Fife to be one of the Lords of 30. Town of Carrickfergus.-The Hon. George his Majesty's Bedchamber.

Hamilton Chichester, commonly called Earl of 16. Edmund Alexander M‘Naghten, Esq. to be

Belfast. one of the Lords of the Treasury.

Borough of Tavistock. ---John Peter Grant, Esq. - Joseph Davis, Esq. to be British Consul at of Rothiemurchus. St lago, for the Cape de Verde Islands, 20. William Meyer, Esq. to be British Consul


30. The Earl of Morton to be his Majesty's March 10. The congregation of Original BurCommissioner to the General Assembly of the ghers, Carluke, gave an harmonious call to Mr Church of Scotland.

James Anderson, preacher of the gospel. Thomas Burnett, Esq. of Park, to be Purse 12. The Associate Congregation of Stonehouse bearer to the Earl of Morton, as Commissioner to unanimously called Mr William Fraser, preacher, the General Assembly.

to be their minister.

16. The Reformed Presbyterian congregation

of Airdrie gave an harmonious call to Mr William Members returned to serve in the present Symington, preacher of the gospel. Parliament.

18. The Rev. Archibald M'Conochy having

been presented by the Right Hon. Lord Douglas March_9. Borough of Lisbume.--Horace Sey to the church and parish of Buncle and Preston, mour, Esq. Captain in 1st regiment of Life was this day ordained and admitted to that Guards.

charge. Borough of Wexford.-Captain Henry Evans 2. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has of the royal navy.

been pleased to recommend to the Dean and ChapCounty of Tipperary: --The Right Hon. Wil ter of the Cathedral Church of Peterborough, to liam Bagwell of Marlfield.

elect the Right Reverend Father in God, Herbert, 13. Borough of Clonmell.—John Reilly, Esq. Lord Bishop of Llandaff, Bishop of the said See of

City of Cashell.-Ebenezer John Collet, of Peterborough. Lockerhouse, Hertford.

The Associate Congregation of Original Burgher

Seceders of Falkirk gave an unanimous call to Mr

1st Lieut. W. Munro, to be 2d (Captain William Logan, preacher, to be their minister

25th Jan. 1819. April 5. The Marquis of Bute and Dumfries has

2d Lieut. P. L. Foote, to be Ist Lieut. appointed the Rev. John Fraser, minister of a

23d Oct. chapel at Monk wearmouth, Sunderland, to be as.

2d Lieut, W. E. Richards,

to be Ist Lieut. sistant and successor to the Rev. Dr Thomas Mil

25th Jan. 1819. ler, minister of Old Cumnock.

Gent. Cadet S. J. Longmore, 2d Lieut. Alexander Boswell, Esq. of Auchinleck, has pre

23d Oct. 1818. sented the Rev. Mr Boyd to the church and parish R. Eng. Ist Lieut. J. S. Kitson, to be 2d Capt. of Auehinleck, vacant by the translation of the

17th Jan, 1819. Rev. Mr Lindsay to the parish of Ochiltree.

2d Lieut, F. T. Atwood, to be Ist Lieut, Richard A. Oswald, Esq. of Auchincruive, has

do. issued a presentation in favour of the Rev. Stair

Gar. Gen. Sir David Baird, Bt. to be Governor M.Quhae, to be assistant and successor to his fa

of Kinsale, vice Sir C. Cuyler, dead ther, the Rev. Dr M Quhae, minister of St Qui

11th Mar. VOX,

Staff. H. B. B. Adams, late Maj. 95 F. to be

Paym. of a Rec. District, vice Russell, dead

16th Feb. III.-MILITARY. 7 Dr. Cornet and Adj. T. Jeff, rank of Lieut.

4th March 1819.
R. Smyth, to be Cornet by purch. vice
Williams, prom.

Brevet Major Kelly, from 1 Life Gds, with Capt. 19th Feb.

Martin, H. p. 23 Dr. 8 Cornet H, Ferguson, from 9 Dr. to be

Shum, from 6 Dr. G. rec. diff.
Lieut. by purch. vice Fraser, prom. with Capt. Pipon, h. p. 26 F.
J. A. Lord Loughborough, to be Cornet by Cape. Bridgeman, from 1 F. G. rec. dift. with
purch, vice Ferguson


Morgan, from 2 F. G. rec. diff, with Capt. 14

William Spike to be Cornet by purch, vice Kortright, h. p.
Whittle, ret,

Lieut. H. Lane, to be Capt. by purch.

Moorhouse, from 3 F. G. rec. diff. with Capt.

Forster, h. p. vice Mansfield, ret. 25th Dec. 1818.

F. Colville, from 3 F. G. rec. diff. with Capt. Cornie Buckley, to be Lieut. by purch. Knollys, h, p. vice Lane


Grant, from 3 F. G. rec. diff. with Capt. 3 F. Gds. Ensign —Lord Bingham, from 6 Dr. H. Colville, h. p.

to be Ensign and Lieut. by purch. vice Jaines, i'rotn 3 F. G. rec: ditl. with Capt. Anson, 11 Dr.

24th do,

Murray, h. p. 4 Foot H. J. Loraine to be Ensign, and Lieut.

Dunn, from 14 F. rec. diff, with Capt. Roch. by purch, vice Bellingham, 6 F.

fort, h. p. 18th Feb. 1819.

Master, from 1 F. G. rec. diff. with Capt. 6 Ensign W. Bellingham, from 1 F. to be

Vyner, h. p.
Ensign and Lieut. by purch. vice Lord

Lieut. Phillipson, froin 7 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Lt. do.

Chalmer, h. p. 1 Dr. G. 21 Capt. w. Willshire, from h. p. 97 F. to

Petre, from 6 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. be Capt, vice M'Gregor, cancelled

Lowe, h p. 18 Dr. 25th do.

Visc. Valletort, from 1 F. G. rec. diff, with 35 Capt. C. W. Wall, to be Major, vice Ar

Lieut. Stanhope, h. p. mett, dead


Butler, from 3 F. G. rec. diff. with Lieut,
Lieut. J. M. Philpot, to be Capt. vice Fraser, h. p.


Palmer, from 23 F. rec. diff. with Lieut, Ensign J. Dewson, to be Lieut. vice Phil

Baruett, h. p. 71 F. pot


Garrett, from 49 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. 39 Capt. F, C. Crotty, from 68 F. to be

King. h. p.
Capt. vice Bt. Major Wilson, ret. on h.
p. 3 W. I. R.

18th do.

Winder, from 49 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. 46 Lieut. R. Vincent, from 58 F. to be Lt.

Peel, h. p. 83 F.

Barrett, from 52 F. rec. diff. with Lieut, vice Carne, ret. on h. p. 58 F.

24th Dec. 1818.

Scoones, h. p. 51 Lieut.'J. S. Powell, to be Adj. vice Jones,

Whitney, from 71 F. rec. dift. with Lieut, res. Adj. only

25th Feb. 1819.

Peel, h. p. 90 F.

Jones, from 51 F. rec. dift. ith ieut. 66 Ensign F. Croad, to be Lieut. vice Davy,

Powell, h. p. 60 F. dead

15th Dec. 1818. T. Rainsford, to be Ensign, vice Mac

Monckton, from 1 Life Gds. rec. dift. with dougall, dead

17th Feb. 1819.

Lieut. Manners, h. p. 1 F. G.

Comet Melville, from 9 Dr, rec, diff. with Lieut.
Gent. Cadet P. Ditmas, to be Ensign, vice

Lord G. Bentinck, h. p. 1 F. G.

18th do.

Ball, from 7 Dr. rec. diff, with Cornet Earl 68 Capt. F. W. Kysch, from 3 W. I. R. to be

of Belfast, h. p. Capt. vice Crotty, 39 F.

do. 69 Lt. Gen. W. C. Lord Beresford, G. C. B.

Ensign Lawton, from 8i F. rec. diff. with Eosign from 88 F. to be Colonel, vice Sir C,

Spaine, h. p. 26 F.
Cuyler, dead

11th Mar.

Quarter-Master Askey, from 51 F. with Quarter75 Gent. Cadet S, M, F. Hall, to be Ensign

Master Kenny, h. p. 97 F. by purch. vice Cope, ret. 21st Jan.

Assist. Surg. Gilder, 'from 3 F. G. with Assistant 85 B. H. Wynyard, to be Ensign, vice Kert,

Surg. Juud, h. p. dead

25th Feb, 88 Lt. Gen. Sir G. Drummond, G. C. B. to Resignations and Retirements. be Colonel, vice Lord Beresford

11th Mar. Major Adams, 95 F. 35

Capt. J. D. Tovey, to be Major by purch, Captain Mansfieki, 15 Dr.
vice Adams ret.

24th Jan, Cornet and Ensign Whittle, 14 Dr. Rifle Brig. Lieut.J. Kincaid, to be Adj. vice Smith,

Cope, 75 F. res. Adj. only

18th Feb. J. Coulsten, to be 2d Lieut. vice Peel, 90 F.

4th Mar.

Appointments Cancelled. 1. W. I. R. Gent. Cadet C. Mills, to be Ensign, vice Maclean, dead

25th Feb.

Captain M Gregor, 21 F.
R. Y. Rang. Ensign J. Clarke, to be Licut. více Assist. Surg. Maclean, 53 F.
Campion, dead

21st Dec. 1818.
Ensign J. Murphy, to be Lieut. více

Fothergill, dead

22d do,
R. Art. 1st Lieut. J. Whitty, to be 2d Captain Pratt, Dep. Commis. Gen.

.3d Oct. W. B. Moore, Dep. Assist. Commis. Gen.

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