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PRICES CURRENT.Marcu 9, 1819.


2 6 2 54 Congou,

3 1 3 4 Sonchong,

4 3 4 8 SUGAR, Musc. cwt. B. P. Dry Brown, 768.


7463 75 73 75 Mid. Good, & Fine Mid. 80 90 75 87 76 92 77 84 Fine and very fine,


96 91 94 93 96 86 88 Brazil, Brown,

40 44 40 47 White,

45 55 50 59 Refined, Double Loaves, 150 160

1 2 (ib.) 14 Powder ditto, 119 126

104 117 Single ditto,

|117 122 116 120 120 122 108 115 Small Lumps,

INT 116 110 112 120 124
Large ditto,

107 111 105 108 108 114 100 102 Crushed Lumps, .

62 66 60 61 60 68 MOLASSES, British, 36

35 36 35

33 COFFEE, Jamaica, Ord. good, and fine ord. 120 132 118 130

122 126 Fine and very fine,

145 150 Dutch, Triage & very ord. 116 120

Ord. good, & fine ord. 122 135 120 133 St Domingo,

140 PIMENTO (in Bond), Ib. 96

9 918]

9 SPIRITS Jam. Rum 160.P. 3 10 40 3 8 3 lo 3 10 4 4 3 4 5 0 Brandy,

5 6 60

4 6 5 6
3 6 38

3 3 36 Aqua,

7 8 8 0 Wines, Clar. Ist Gr. hhd. 60 64

35 0 65 Portugal Red, pipe, 48 54

50 058 Spanish White, butt. 34 55

30 0 65 Teneriffe, pipe,

30 35
60 70


63 LOGWOOD, Jamaica, ton, £10

7 0 7 16 7 15 8 0 8 8 8 5 Honduras,

10 10

7 10 7 16 8 0 8 10 8 0 8 5 Campeachy,


8 10 9 0 8 10 9 0 Pustic, Jamaica, 11

8 10 9 10 11 12 Cuba, 13

11 10 12 0 INDIGO, Caraccas fine, Ib. 9s 6d 11 6 8 6 9 6

10 6 11 TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot, 2 3 2 6

2 6 2 8 Ditto Oak,

4 6 5 0 Honduras Mahogany,

14 1 8 010 ] 8 1 2 16 5 TAR, 'American, brl. .

16 0 16 6 19 6 Archangel,


180 190 20 0 Tallow, Rus. Yel. Candle,

71 68 70 73

63 Home melted, cwt. HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton, 52

50 52

49 Petersburgh Clean, 46

46 47 43 10 FLAX, Riga Th. & Dr. Ra. 78 80

82 Dutch,


70 Irish,

63 68
MATS, Archangel,

BRISTLES, Peters. Firsts, 15 0 16 0
ASHES, Petersburgh Pearl, 46
Moritreal ditto, cwt.

57 58 55 56 56

45 46


50 45 OIL, Whale, tun, 35 36 | 32 33 40

32 Cod,

87 (
- 38 39 38

40 TOBACCO, Virg. fine, Ib. 11 12 11

0 7 0 89

9 10 7 8

0 40 Cottons, Bowed Georgia,

13 15 1 2 1 34 13 15 Sea Island, fine,

30 3 4 2 7 2 9 1 9 2 6 Demerara and Berbice,

19 ) 5 19 1 4 1 8 Pernambucco,

1 9

17 1818 19 Maranham,

17 18 141154I 5 IT

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ALPHABETICAL LIST of ENGLISH BANKRUPTS, announced in February 1819,

extracted from the London Gazette. Atkinson, J. W. Mitcham, Surrey, farmer Levy, L. London, merchant Adams, S., and J. Wattleworth, Stafford, iron- Lloyd, w. Shrewsbury, tailor mongers

Longdon, J. Peak Forest, Derby, victualler Bates, J. Stockport, dealer

Lewis, W, Bçak Street, Middlesex, woollen-dra Blyth, R. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant

per Burroughs, J. St George, Middlesex, spirit-mer- Lomas, J. London, tavern keeper chant

Leigh, S. London, bookseller Brown, W. St John Street, Middlesex, cheese Loft, G. Woodbridge, Suffolk, coal-merchant monger

Morgan, J. M., G. M., and R. London, wholeBurn, W. Exeter, draper

sale stationers Bacon, R. jun. London, miller and baker

Mottram, C. London, merchant Brady, W. Bromsgrove, Worcester, mercer Morgan, W., and W. Matthews, Newport, brewers Bourne, E. Austin Friars, London, merchant Mathews, E. London, merchant Boniface, C. jun. Chichester, mealman

Mather, J. Manchester, joiner and builder Bailey, C. R. H. Swallowfield, Wilts, dealer Medlam, J. Huddersfield, York, grocer Bass, J. Castle Inn, Wardford, Essex, victualler Martin, W. London, cheesemonger Barefoot, J. London, fancy stationer

Mitchell, T. Cowick, York, linen-draper Caumont, P. London, merchant

Nayler, M. and G. Darlington, leather-dressers Campbell, P. London, wine-merchant

Neate, W. London, silversmith Crosse, A. Ellesmere, Salop, grocer

Oliver, J., and N. G. Ingraham, jun. London Cawoods, D. Wakefield, York, merchant

and Plymouth, merchants Cobbett, W. jun. London, common brewer O'Hara, M. Watford, Herts, innkeeper Cooper, E. Blandford Forum, Dorset, linen-dra Paul, J. London, merchant per

Pickman, J. Deptford, maltster
Clarke, J. Stagbatch, Leominster, farmer

Powell, G. London, baker
Cox, J., and J. Morgan, wholesale glovers Potts, R. London, haberdasher
Cushon, T. London, hat-manufacturer

Pitcher, J. London, carpenter
Churcher, J. Bristol, hair-preparer

Penny, G., and R. Thomson, London, brokers Cousins, J. London, cheesemonger

Peers, J. Liverpool, merchant Dodsworth, W. York, ship-carpenter

Phillips, G. E. Plymouth, saddler Dunderdale, W. T. Manchester, merchant Prest, w., and J. Woolner, London, corn-factors Dinelay, J. Peopleton, Worcester, coal-merchant Powell, P. Manchester, bleacher Dares, M. J. Maidstone, dealer

Parker, J. Oxbridge, Somerset, money serivener Foulerton, J. Middlesex, merchant

Peake, S. jun. and J. Ruthwell, Lancaster, calicoFricker, 6. jun, Stoke Newington, merchant printers Fish, T. Bridport, vietualler

Rothwell, J. Halliwell, Lancaster, shopkeeper Fox, R. W., and W. P. Smith, Plymouth, mer Robertson, E. Manchester, cotton-spinner chants

Reed, T., and J. Middlemas, Newcastle-uponFrench, W. Heaton Norris, cotton-manufacturer Tyne, merchants Fairclough, P. Farington, Lancaster, tanner Randall, J. London, auctioneer Gilchrist, G., and J. M. Liverpool, merchants Raffield, J. London, dealer Gellimore, T. Wickwar, Gloucester, maltster Revett, J. jun. Tolleshunt, Darcy, Essex, but. Gale, J. London, wholesale stationer

cher Gamer, W. Poulton-cum-Seacome, Chester, coal. Smyth, E. London, shoemaker dealer

Sayer, E. Bath, tailor Green, J. London, coachmaker

Stansfield, J. Manchester, merchant Gregson, W. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant Starbuck, R. Milton-next-Gravesend, bootmaker Greathead, T., and W. Outhwaite, Lamb Street, Strect, J. F. London, stationer Middlesex

Shotter, F. Steyning, Sussex, auctionecs Gray, G. London, builder

Smith, R. Oxford, linen-draper Hatton, J. Warrington, Lancaster, butcher Stewart, R. Liverpool, merchant Hornby, J. Liverpool, merchant and common Sayer, W. Bristol, corn-factor brewer

Stanley, B. Woolwich, miller Hatterley, M. Bolton-with-Hanowgate, York, Toway, J. jun. Blandford Forum, Dorset, stone

hotel-keeper Healey, R. Rochdale, Lancaster, woollen-manu- Towzey, J. jun. and Sarah Lloyd, Blandford Fe facturer

rum, Dorset, dealers Hopper, C. London, lace-dealer

Thomson, T. Hambleton, Lancaster, chapman Highfield, G. B. and C. Liverpool, merchants Taylor, R. Witney, Oxford, mealinan Hardinan, J. Manchester, warehouseman

Tricker, C, Stoke Newington, merchant Harris, G. Birmingham, and J. Edmond, Aston, Thick, J. London, broker near Birmingham, japanners

Upton, G. London, oil-merchant Hope, T. Blakeley, Manchester, bleacher

Wilbeam, J, H. Surrey, rectifying distiller Horner, J. Broekbottom-within-Claughton, Lan Wilbeam, J. H. London, distiller

caster, W. Horner, Liverpool, and J. Horner, Wilks, R. London, printer Brockbottom, dealers

Whates, R. London, anchor-smith Hall, R. S. London, inerchant

Wilkinson, H. Liverpool, merchant Heaford, T. London, dealer

Watkinson, W. London, boot and shoemaker. Jackson, G. London, sugar-factor

Wright, F. London, merchant Johnson, J. London, merchant

Woods, w. London, coal-incrchant Jones, W. London, earthenware-man, and Staf Woodhouse, J. and M. London, West India bre ford, ropemaker

kers Kent, J. Stowmarket, Suffolk, beer brewer Worsley, J. Liverpool, wine-merchant Kidd, J. Castle Coom, Wilts, butcher

Woods, E. R. Kelveden, Essex, shopkeeper Lloyd, T, Tibberton, Hereford, farmer



February 1819, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Haddow, Scott, and Dale, Glasgow, merchants

Hector, J. Aberdeen, merchant Bald, W. Glasgow, merchant

Kerr, W. Glasgow, tíunder-merchant Blain, J. Greenock, partner of M'Gouns, Watson, Lamond, A. Glasgow, merchant and Co. merchants

Lyell, G. Blackburn, Liulithgowshire, coal-mar Brown, W. senior, and Brown, W. junior, Kilmar chant and lime-burner Dock, dealers in saddlery

M®Grigor, P. and Co. Glasgow, onlico-printers Haditon and Dale, Glasgow, merebants

M'Indoe, B. Glasgow, agent

M'Lachlan, D. and L. Leith, merchants

ander Bryce and Son, Glasgow, merchants; the Paton, A. and Co. Glasgow, manufacturers

81, Brunswick Street, there, 220 March Petrie, J. jun. Aberdeen, merchant

Forbes, W. Peterhead, merchant and ship-buildScott, J. Aberdeen, flour-miller and grain-dealer er ; by W. Gamack, writer there, 27th March Stein, R. and Co. Canongate. Edinburgh, brewers Hardie, P. Dasher, near Kippen, dyer and wool

Taylor, W. Troon, Ayrshire, now in Edinburgh carder ; by J. M'Callum, Glasgow, 17th March Walker and West, Leith, merchants

M'Cormick, the late J. Glasgow, merchant"; by Wallace, R. Gateside, grain-merchant

M'Grigor and Murray, writers there, 12th March Young, J. and Co. Edinburgh, merchants and ge Neilson and Young, Glasgow, plumbers; by P. neral agents

Grierson, jeweller there, 17th March

Scott and Balmanna, Glasgow, and J. Jacque and DIVIDENDS.

Co. West Indies, merchants; by J. M*Gavin,

accountant in Glasgow, 5th March Brodie, J. Dysart, shipowner; by A. Spence, Sempill and M‘Nab, Hutchisontown, Glasgow, merchant, Leith, 11th March

brewers; by J. M.Gavin, aucountant in GlasBryce, and Aitken, Alexander Bryce, and Alex gow, icth March,





15. At Edinburgh, the lady of William Jan. 25. 1819. At Douglas, Isle of Ferguson, Esq. of Kilrie, a daughter. Man, Mrs Forbes of Culloden, a son and 19. At Athlone, the lady of Lieutenantheir.

Colonel Murray, C. B. Assistant Adjutant27. At Tavistock Square, London, the General, a son. lady of Gurney Barclay, Esq. a son and 20. The lady of Sir Robert Keith Dick, heir.

Bart. of Prestonfield, a son. Feb. 2. At Arthurstone, Perthshire, the Mrs Fraser Tytler of Aldourie, * lady of Lieutenant-Colonel R. H. Dick, daughter: 423 Royal Highlanders, a daughter.

In Hamilton Place, London, the At Alderton, the lady of the Hon. Duchess of Bedford, a son. and Rev. A. Turnour, a son.

-21. In George Street, Edinburgh, Mrs 3. At Ashburnham House, Hayhill, the Mackenzie of Strathgarve, a daughter.. Countess of Ashburnham, a son, being her - At Leith Fort, the lady of Lieute. ladyship's twelfth child. Eleven of her nant-Colonel Walker, a daughter. children are living.

LatelyAt Boulogne-sur-Mer, the lady In Prince's Street, Edinburgh, Mrs of Colonel Sir J. Cameron, K.C.B. K.T.S. Murray of Murrayshall, a daughter. of the 9th foot, a son.

At, Montrose, the lady of Charles At Santa Maura, the lady of Colonel Robertson, Esq. younger of Kindcace, a Patrick Ross of the 75th regiment, Resi.

sident and Commandant of that island, a At Cloncaird Castle, Ayrshire, the daughter. lady of Robert Cunynghame, Esq. a daugh

MARRIAGES. 7. At Monreith, the lady of Sir William Maxwell of Monreith, Bart. a son.

July 25. 1818. At Kidderpore, Calcut, In Grosvenor Square, London, the ta, Captain R. R. Young, of the Hon. lady of John Maberiy, Esq. M. P. a son. East India Company's Bengal native in. ode 8 At Birkenbug, the lady of R. Mar- fantry, to Sophia, daughter of the late quis, Esq. a son.

Hickey, Esq. R. N. and niece of 10. The lady of James Kinloch, Esq. General Thomas, of Brockhill, near ExeBrunswick Square, London, a son.

ter, Devon. At No. 4, Nicholson Square, Edin Aug. 24. At Calcutta, Mr J. Campbell, burgh, the lady of John acalister, Esq. of the Bengal civil service, to Margaret jun. of Strathaird, and of the East India Flora, daughter of the late Mr Douglas, Company's civil service, a son.

West Indies, and niece of Major J. L. 12. At Paris, the lady of the Right Stuart, Hon. East India Company's serHon. Edward Thornton, his Majesty's vice. Envoy at the Court of his Most Faithful Feb. 3. 1819. At Portobello, Joseph Diajesty, a daughter,

Pearce, Esq. of Breminster, Dorsetshire, At Langley Farm, Kent, the Hon. Captain Royal Navy, to Forbes, youngest Mrs Colville, a son.

daughter of the deceased G. M-Kay, Esq. 14. At Hollymount House, county of of Bighouse. Mayo, the lady of Thomas Spencer Lind 6. The Rev. William Fortescue, second say, Esq. a daughter.

son of the Hon. Mathew Fortescue, to Isa15. At Kirkmay House, the lady of bella Barclay, second daughter of the late Robert Inglis, Esq. of Kirkmay, a daugh James Christie, Esq. of Durie.

8. At Drumsheugh House, George Foss


bes, Esq. banker in Edinburgh, to Mary, Lately-At the house of the Hon. Miss eldest daughter of Sir John Hay, Bart. Hamilton, Abercromby Place, Charles

& At Cardonald, Moses M'Culloch, Esq. Sotheby, Esq. Captain in the Royal Navy, of Balgray, merchant in Glasgow, to Miss eldest son of William Sotheby, Esq. of Elizabeth Newham, daughter of the late Sewardstone, Essex, to the Hon. Jane Mr Daniel Newham.

Hamilton, third daughter of the late Wil. 10. At Edinburgh, Captain Houston liam Lord Belhaven and Stenton. Stewart, R. N. second son of Sir Michael At Dublin, Captain Francis Dundas, of Shaw Stewart of Greenock and Blackhall, the 81st regiment, to Miss Walker. Bart. to Martha, youngest daughter of Sir. At St George's Church, Limerick, J. William Miller of Glenlee, Bart. one of* Campbell, Esq. Ca in the 12 dh' regi. the Senators of the College of Justice. ment of foot, to' Anne, only daughter of

11. AC St James's Church, London, the late J. Saxton, Esq. of that city. Thomas Viscount Anson, to Louisa Catherine, youngest daughter of the late Na. thaniel Philips, Esq. of Slebeck Hall, Pem July 19. 1818. At Allahabad, Henry brokeshire.

Gibson, Esq. resident surgeon there, eighth 12. At Monktonhill, John Lennox, Esq. son of the late William Gibson, Esq. mer. of Catrine Holnı, to Miss Jane Gardner, chant in Edinburgh. daughter of John Gardner, Esq. of Monk. * 26. At Padang, in the island of Suma. tonhill.

tra, of a violent fever, incurred by fatigue, 14. At Kingston Church, Portsca, Lord Joseph 'Arnold, M. D. F. L. S. aged 37, Greenock, Deputy Quarter-Master-Gene- a native of Beccles, in Suffolk, who, after ral in the South West District, to Miss having circumnavigated the globe, and vi. Mather, daughter of Thomas Mather, Esq. sited its most remote regions in pursuit of His Lordship was recently married at Bóue natural history, fell at last a victim to his logne.

intense ardour for this science, the love of 15. At Perth, Joho Archer, Esq. to Miss which led him to accompany the Hon. Sir Agnes Malcolm, second daughter of Col. Stamford Raffles to that pestilencial island. lector Malcolm.

Aug. 21. At Meerut, in the East Indies, James Young, Esq. of Peelhill, to Lady Donkin, wife of Major-General Sir. Anne Stewart Hamilton, daughter of Dr R. S. Donkin. Gavin Hamilton of Springbank.

Sept. 2. At Calcutta, Andrew Anderson, 16. At Kilgraston, Captain Lindsay, Esq. of the Hon. East India Company's Grenadier Guards, eldest son of the Hon. civil service, third son of the late John An. Robert Lindsay of Balcarras, to Mary derson, Esq. of Inchyra. Anne, daughter of the late Francis Grant, 4. At Mynepoonie, on the Bengal estabEsq. of Kilgraston.

lishment, Alexander Donaldson, Esq. Lieu.' 23. At Overlon, near York, Robert Dow tenant of the 11th regiment of native inKerr, Esq. of Greenock, to Augusta, fántry, eldest son of the late Alexander youngest daughter of the late Rev. Clay, Donaldson, Esq. of Heriot Row, Edin. dius Buchanan, D.D.

burgh. At Mavisbank, Alexander Brodie, Dec. 16. Ai Nairn, Mrs Baillie, relict of Psq. merchant in Leith, to Louisa, third George Baillie, Esq. of Leys. daughter of the late Captain William Mer. 18. At Port Antonio, Jamaica, Mr cer, of the Hon. East India Company's James Brackenridge, son of Mr John service,

Brackenridge, late in Drumbeg. At London, Thomas Broadwood, Jan. 14. 1819. At Jedburgh, in the 69th Esq. of Juniper Hall, Surrey, to Anne year of her age, Mrs Betty Home, wife of Augusta, eldest daughter of Alexander James Murray, Esq. second daughter of Mundell, Esq. of Parliament Street. the Hon. George Hoine, and grand-daugh.

24. At the Manse of Carnock, the Rev. ter of Charles, Earl of Home. Peter Cosens, minister of Lauder, to Ca. * ]5. At Edinburgh, Mr Isaac Salter, late tharine, only daughter of the Rev. Alex. brewer. ander Thomson, minister of Carnock. 16. At Dundee, Mrs Elizabeth Lawson,

27. At St James's Church, London, the wife of the Rev. J. Lawson, minister of the Right Hon. Lord Rodney, to Charlotte gospel there. Georgiana, second daughter of Sir Charles 17. At his house, Bromley, Kent, in the Morgan, Bart. of Tredegar, in the county 74th year of his age, William Walmsley, of Monmouth.

Esq. nearly 20 years clerk of the papers March 1. William Pollock, Esq. of of the House of Lords. Whitehall, to Margaret, eldest daughter of 18. At London, Major-General John John Black, Esq. of Clermont.

Wilson, Colonel of the 4th Ceylon regi. 2. At Alderston, Captain A. G. Jackson, ment. of the royal artillery, to Catharine, eldest At Aberdeen, Mrs Moir of Scots. daughter of the late Walter Cecil, Esq: of town. Moreton Jeffries, Herefordshire.

19. At Kelso, Mrs Sarah Nasmith, wi

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dow of the late Rev. William Paton, mi. 29. At Glasgow, Captain John Maxwell, nister of Eckford, in the 89th year of her of the 14th regiment of foot. age.

Sir Henry Tempest, Bart. of Thorp 19. At Summerfield, Gilbert Grierson, Lee House, near Staines. Esq. merchant, Leith.

At her residence in Hill Street, Berke At the Hague, in her 74th year, af- ley Square, London, the Dowager Coun. ter a few days illness, the Countess Dowa tess of Sefton. Her Ladyship was in the ger of Athlone, relict of Frederick Chris- 71st year of her age; she had been ill atian, Earl of Athlone, who died at Ted- bout three months ; she was aunt to the dington in the year 1808.

Duchess of Leinster, and sister to the 20. At Naples, where he had gone for Duchess Dowager of Newcastle, to the the benefit of his health, John Mutter, Esq. Earl of Harrington, and the Hon. Col. of Richmond, Virginia.

Stanhope. At Rome, after 24 hours illness, hav. 30. At her family seat, Leslie House, in ing only survived his Queen about a fort. the county of Fife, the Right Hon. Henriet. night, Charles IV. the Ex-King of Spain. ta Ann, Countess of Rothes, Baroness Les

At Edinburgh, after a long and lie and Ballenbreich, in the 29th year of her painful illness, Margaret Robson, wife of age. Her Ladyship has left six children, Mr M. Corri, professor of music.

two sons and four daughters, by her husAt Edinburgh, Mr John Megget, band George Leslie of Leslie, Esq. and is merchant, aged 77.

succeeded in her honours and estates by 21. At Dirleton, Mr Thomas Bryce, far- their eldest son, George William Evelyn mer, aged 87..Also his son James, at Leslie, now Earl of Rothes, Lord Leslie Portsmouth, on the 25th December last, and Ballenbreich. aged 47.

At Cahir House, county of Tipper. At his house, St Vincent Place, Glas- ary, the Right Hon. Richard Butler, Earl gow, George Yuille, Esq.

of Glengal, and one of the Representative At Rockvale, (Torryburn,), Walter Peers of Ireland ; the third Representative Turnbull, Esq. late of the island of Jamai. Peer that has died within a very short

time. His title devolves on his eldest son, 23. At Edinburgh, Mary, wife of John the Hon. Richard Butler, Lord Viscount Mitchell, Esq. Great King Street, late his Cahir, M. P. for the county of Tipperary, Majesty's Consul-General in Norway. now Earl of Glengal.

24 At his house in St Vincent Place, 31. At Edinburgh, Mrs Nargaret Cun. Glasgow, David Connell, Esq.

ningham, relict of the late Mr James CunAt Dundee, Colonel J. Crow, fate of ningham, writer, Edinburgh. the Hon. East India Company's service, At Irvine, the Rev. John Duncan, on the Bengal establishment.

minister of Ardrossan, in the 7 1st year of 25. At Dunfermline, aged 59, Captain his age, and 30th of his ministry. John Wardlaw, late of the royal marines, Feb. i. At Hawkhead, Renfrewshire, in which respectable corps he served be- Lady Elizabeth Boyle, second daughter of tween 30 and 10 years.

the Earl of Glasgow. At Hillbank, near Dundee, Thomas 2. At Glasgow, John Riddell, M. D. Wise, Esq. of Hillbank, late of Claremont, a gentleman well known in the literary in the island of Jamaica.

world. 26. At Rosiere, near Lyndhurst, in the At Achnaharaf, Strathspey, Serjeant New Forest, after a few days illness, the James Grant, aged 82 years. Right Hon. the Earl of Errol, one of the 4. At Rotterdam, George Craufurd, sixteen Peers of Scotland, Hereditary Lord Esq. late of the House of Crausurd and High Constable, and Knight Marischal of Co. Scotland ; lord Commissioner to the Ge. At Cheetwood, Lancashire, James neral Assembly of the Church of Scotland; Banks Robinson, late of the royal navy, in leaving three sons and six daughters. The his 7lst year. He was 50 years in his eldest son now living, William, is about Majesty's service, and fought in 12 general nineteen. His elder brother, Lord Hay, engagements, among which were those of was Aide-de-Camp to General Maitland; he the Nile and Trafalgar, when he acted as was killed almost the first shot that was fir. pilot to the fleet. He commenced his ca. ed, on the 17th of June, the day preceding reer with the celebrated Bruce, and was the great battle of Waterloo.

one of the desperate few who carried up At Maxwelltown, Mrs Janet Hallia the bowl of punch, and sacrificed to Bacday, aged 92 years.

chus, on the top of Pompey's Pillar. 27. At London, Dr Primrose Blair, At Bath, Mrs Hamilton, relict of Cophysician to his Majesty's fleet.

lonel F. Hamilton, formerly of the 1st 28. At Kinnaber, Mrs A. Scott Bell, of Royal Scots. Comieston, wife of Captain George Bell, At Applecross, Donald Mackenzie, late of the 34th regiment of foot.

Esg. of Hartfield, son of the late Thomas

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