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The KITCHEN EXPENCES provide a table

L. d. for his Majesty; a table for the custos, the Wine

3,566 150 groom of the stole, the Lord of the Coun. Beer

1,450 100 cil, the Equerry in waiting, and M. Gene- Tea, coffee, and sugar 987 10 0 ral Taylor, and the physicians; and tables Bread and biscuits

745 10 0 for his Majesty': pages, the physician's Butter, milk, cream, and attendants, the clerk of the kitchen, and cheese

801 the inferior male and female servants of Coals, wood, and charcoal 4,541 0 0 the establishment. In the foregoing list of Wax and tallow candles 1,951 0 0 officers, servants, &c. there are 75 persons, External and internal lamps 1,620 00 including the five physician's attendants, Confectionary

730 100 and about ten servants belonging to the Oranges and lemons

135 10 0 custos, the groom of the stole, the Lord The supply of upholstery of the Council, &c. to be dieted; these and upholsterer's work 2,150 00 calculated at the daily average of six shil- Table and bed linen

640 00 lings for each person from the highest to the Washing of do.

986 100 lowest, for their luncheon, dinner, and Turnery

168 100 supper, (but exclusive of wine, beer, tea, Braziery

145 100 and coffee,) amount to the sum of Cutlery, glass, and earthenL. 8,212, 10s. In this calculation, no

130 10 0 provision has been made for the occasional Locksmith and bellhanger 170 00 visits of H. R. H. the Prince Regent, or Repairs of silver plate for visitors upon council days, and other Stationary

135 10 0 occasions.


325 00 The following statement will show a very Chimney sweeping

120 00 accurate estimate of the annual expences of The housekeeper's disburseeach separate article of kitchen consump ments for cleaning the tion, which has been calculated upon different apartments, &c. 248 10 8 the several diets it will be necessary to

The clerk of the kitchen's provide for the different tables of the esta disbursements, including blishment :

those of the ewry, the

L. S. d. wine cellar, silver scul. Bacon and lard

120 10 0 lery, the carriage of parBread and flour

62 10 0 cels, &c. fees to gameButter, eggs, milk, and cream 563 10 0 keepers, Christmas boxes, Fish

1,358 10 0

561 10 0 Grocery

130 10 0 The incidents in the office Meat

3,328 10 0 of the groom of the stole Oilery

716 10 0 for postage, office books, Pastry

458 10 0 travelling expences, and Poultry

1,662 10 0 repairs to his Majesty's Wine

20 10 0 carriages and harness 320 0 0 L. 8,421 0 0

Total L. 22,680 15 0 Under the head of HOUSEHOLD EXPEN It is to be observed, that all the numeCES are included the annual consumption rous and extensive range of apartments in for the whole establishment, of

Windsor Castle, including the apartments

of the Regent and the Royal Dukes, those expences of this description must necessa-
reserved for state, as well as those occupied rily occur in the course of every year. It
by his Majesty and his household, with is intended also to provide for any excess
the great lodge and stables, are supplied upon the proposed estimates for the house-
with furniture, fuel, and lights, at the ex hold and kitchen expences, which have
pence of his Majesty's establishment. been calculated at a very low rate, as well

TheSTABLE EXPENCES are calculated to in regard to the prices, as to the quantities
provide forage, farriery, &c. for eight of each article of consumption. This
horses, five belonging to his Majesty's car surplus cannot, therefore, be considered as
riage, and for three belonging to the Equer. an annual saving to be made upon the
ry in waiting.

proposed grant of L. 50,000 for his Majes. The surplus, in aid of unforeseen expen- iy's household at Windsor ; but as a sum ces, is intended to cover ail charges upon available for such purposes and uses of the the establishment for disbursements which establishment, as circumstances may require cannot at present be anticipated ; and many and justify.



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N. B._Of the above numbers, there are about 14,000 non-commissioned officers and privates supernumerary to the peace establishment of the army; viz. about 2000 befonging to regiments at home, now in the course of discharge, and waiting to pass the Board at Chelsea Hospital ; and about 12,000 at present on foreign stations, who are under orders to be discharged.

There are likewise included in this return about 1300 supernumerary horses of cavalry regiments in Great Britain, of which 813 have been sold, or ordered to be sold, since the date to which the return is made up; and the remainder will be disposed of without delay. Adjut. Gen. Office,

HARRY CALVERT, A. G. 12th Feb. 1819.


Acts pissed in the 38th yeur of the Reign of Geo. III. or in the Sixth Session of the Fifth

Parliament of the United Kingdom.

LXIX. An Act for the regulation of LXXVIII. An Act to make further Parish Vestries.- June 3.

provision for the better securing the Col. LXX. An Act for repealing such parts lection of the Duties on Malt, and to amend of several Acts as allow pecuniary and the laws relating to Brewers in Ireland. other rewards on the conviction of persons June 5. for Highway Robbery, and other crimes and LXXIX. An Act to amend an Act of offences, and for facilitating the means of the 54th year of his present Majesty's reign, prosecuting persons accused of Felony and for granting duties on Auctions in Ireland. other offences.-June 3.

-June J. LXXI. An Act for granting to his Ma LXXX. An Act to amend an Act pas. jesty a sum of noney to b: raised by Lot sed in the 57th year of his present Majesty teries.June 3.

for permitting the transfer of Capital from LXXII. An Act for improving and certain public stocks or funds in Great completing the Harbour of Dunmore, in Britain to certain public stocks or funds in the County of Waterford, and rendering it Ireland.—June 5. a fit situation for his Majesty's Packets. LXXXI. An Act for extending to that June 3.

part of the United Kingdom called Ireland, LXXIII. An Act for regulating the certain Provisions of the Parliament of Payment of Regimental Debts, and the Great Britain, in relation to Executors undistribution of the effects of Officers and der the age of twenty-one years, and to Soldiers dying in service, and the receipt matrimonial contracts.-June 5. of sums due to Soldiers.-- June 5.

LXXXII. An Act to prevent Frauds LXXIV. An Act for the further regu. in the Sale of Grain in Ireland.June 5. lation of Payment of Pensions to Soldiers LXXXIII. An Act to amend and reupon the establishments of Chelsea and duce into one Act, the several Laws reKilmainlam.-June 5.

lating to the manner in which the East InLXXV. An Act for the more effectual dia Company are required to hire ships. Prevention of Offences connected with the June 5. unlawful destruction and sale of Game. LXXXIV. An Act to remove doubts as June 3.

to the validity of certain Marriages had LXXVI. An Act to subject Foreigners and solemnized within the British Territo Arrest and Detention for Smuggling tories in India.-June 5. within certain distances of any of the do LXXXV. An Act to carry into execuminions of his Majesty, for regulating re tion a convention made between his Ma. wards to the seizing othicers, according to jesty the King of Portugal, for the prevent. the Tonnage of Vessels or Boats seized ing traffic in Slaves. June 5. and condemned, and for the further pre LXXXVI. An Act for raising the sum vention of the Importation of Tea, without of eleven millions six hundred thousand making due entry thereof with the officers pounds by Exchequer Bills, for the service of Customs and Excise. June 5.

of the year 1818.-June 5. LXXVII, An Act to repeal the Duty LXXXVII, An Act for raising the upon Rock Salt delivered for feeding or sum of eight hundred thousand pounds by mixing with the food of Cattle, and im- Treasury Bills in Ireland, for the service posing another duty, and making other of the year 1818.-June 5. provisions in lieu thereof.June 5.

LXXXVIII. An Act to amend two

Acts made in the last Sessions of Parlia- Fisheries on the Coasts of Ireland.June ment, for authorizing the issue of Exche- 10. quer Bills, and the advance of money for XCV. An Act to regulate the Election carrying on public works and fisheries and of Coroners for Counties. June 10. employment of the Poor, and to extend the XCVI. An Act to continue for the term Powers of the Commissioners appointed for of two years, and until the end of the Sescarrying the said Acts into Execution in sions of Parliament in which that term Ireland. June 5.

shall expire, if Parliament shall be then LXXXIX. An Act to repeal so much Sitting, an Act of the Fifty-sixth year of of an Act passed in the Forty.third year of his present Majesty, for establishing reguhis present Majesty, as requires the attend- lations respecting Aliens arriving in or reance of Magistrates on board vessels carry. sident in this Kingdom in certain Passengers from the United Kingdom June 10. to his Majesty's Plantations, or to Foreign XCVII. An Act to prevent Aliens until Parts.-June 5.

the Twenty-fifth day of March, one thouXC. An Act to alter and amend certain sand eight hundred and nineteen, from beof the Provisions of an Act passed in the coming Naturalized, or being made or beFifty first year of his Majesty's reign, en- coming Denizens, except in certain cases. titled, an Act to Provide for the Adminis- June 10. tration of the Royal Authority, and for the XCVIII. An Act to explain and aCare of his Majesty's Royal Person during mend an Act passed in the Fifty-first year the continuance of his Majesty's illness, of his Majesty's reign, for rendering more and for the resumption of the exercise of effectual an Act made in the Forty-sethe Royal Authority by his Majesty.- verth year of his Majesty's reign, for June 5.

the Abolition of the Slave Trade..June XCI. An Act to appoint Commissioners 10. to inquire concerning Charities in Eng XCIX. An Act for altering and amendland for Education of the Poor.June ing an Act made in the Fifty-lifth year of 10.

his present Majesty, to amend an Act made XCII. An act to consolidate and amend in the Forty-eighth year of his present the Provisions of several Acts, passed in Majesty, to improve the Land Revenue of the Fifty-first and Fifty-second years re the Crown, so far as relates to the Great spectively, in the reign of his present Ma Forest of Brecknock, in the county of jesty, for enabling Wives and Families of Brecknock, and for vesting in his Majesty Soldiers to return to their Homes.—June certain parts of the said Forest, and for in10.

closing the said Forest: June 10. XCIII. An Act to afford relief to the C. An Act for vesting in his Majesty bona fide Holders of Negociable Securi- certain parts of the Hayes of Birkland and ties, without Notice that they were given Bilbag, and of certain commonable Lands for a usurious consideration. June 10. and open uninclosed Grounds in the Town

XCIV. An Act to continue until the ship of Edwinstonc, within the Forest of Twenty-ninth day of September, one thou- Sherwood, in the County of Nottingham.--sand eight hundred and nineteen, and to June 10. amend an Act passed in Ireland in the CI. An Act for applying certain monies, Thirty-sixth year of his present Majesty, therein mentioned, for the Service of the for the improvement and extension of the Year 1818.—June 10.


JOHN RUTHVEN, of Edinburgh, printer, gines, and other purposes, whereby a greater saving for an improved drag for coaches, carriages, or in the consumption of fuel is effected, with a mor other vehicles, which operates by raising a wheel complete destruction or consumption of smoke or wheels off the ground, from the inside or out. by combustion, than has hitherto been produced. side of the coach, carriage, &c. without stopping December 11. the borses. December 23, 1818.

HENRY FAVERYEAR, of Castle-street, LeiALEXANDER ADIE, of Edinburgh, opti. cester-square, Saint Martin in the Fields, Mid, cian; for an improvement on the air barometer; dlesex, gentleman; for a machine for cutting vewhich improved instrument is to be called a Syın neers in wood and other substances. December piesometer. December 23.

24. WILLIAM JOHNSON, of Salford, Manches CHARLES TANNER, of Plymouth, Devonter, in the county palatine of Lancaster, brewer; shire, tanner; for certain improvements in prefor certain improvemeuls in the construction of serving or curing raw hides and skin; by the apfurnaces or fire-places, for the purposes of heating, plication of certain materials hithert, wüused for boiling, or evaporating water and other liquids; that purpose. January 1, 1819. which improvements are applicable to steam-en JOHN PONTIFEX, of Shoe-lanc, London

coppersmith; for improvements in the means of a box, case, or frame forge, which may be readily raising water for giving motion to machinery and transported from place to place, applicable to shipother purposes. January 7.

ping, agriculture, and a variety of other purposes, WILLIAM CARTER, of Shoreditch, Middle when portability and economy are desirable. Jasex, printer; for improved methods of preparing

nuary 20, cork-bark, usually employed in the manufacture URBANUS SARTORIS, of Winchester-street, of corks. January 6.

London, merchant; for improvements in the con JOHN SIMPSÓN, of Birmingham, Warwick struction anii ise of fire-arms. January 23, shire, plater; for a method of constructing and JOSEPH HILL, of Paulton, Sornersetshire, making harness, on an improved principle, for gentiuman; for a machine or top for the cure of horses and other animals used for the purpose of sinoky chimneys. January 25. drawing or conveying carriages, to be called re JAVIES FOX the younger, of Plymouth, De lease harness. January 15.

vonshirs, rectifier; för a method or methods of CHARLES SMITH, of Piccadilly, Middlesex, diminishing the low, in quantity and quality, of superfine colour manufacturer; for iinprovements ardent spirits, and other truids, during the process in the method or form of making up supertino of distillation or rectification. January 25. oil and water colours for drawing, painting, and MATTHEW THOMAS, of (ireenhill's-rents, other purposes. January 15.

Middlesex, engineer ; for a plough, upon which ROBERT SALMON, of Woburn, Bedford he hath invented an improvement, and also a shire, Esq. and WILLIAM WARRELL, of Che propelling power applicable to ploughs in general, nies, Buckinghamshire, engineer; for sundry ap also to various other implements and machines, paratus for cooling, condensing, and ventilating Communicated to him by a foreigner reiting worts, liquors, and all other fluids or solid mat. abroad. January 30, ters. January 15.

HENRY EWBANK, of London, merchant; JOHN GREGORY, of Penny Fields, all for machinery for cleaning or dressing paddy or Saints Poplar, Middlesex, shipwright; for a rough rice, so as to fit it for culin. ry pure, combination of machinery, consisting of a fire

which he conecives will be of great public utility. escape ladder, and the various apparatus necessary Februiry 9. for the safety of persons and property in such JAMES SIMPSON, of the city of Edinburgh, cases; part of which machinery is applicable to Esq.; for a method or methods calculated to con. other useful purposes. January 15.

vey gas used for illumination to the burners, and WILLIAM HAZELDINE, of Shrewsbury, Sa at the same tiine suspend the burners, or the lop, iron-founder; for a method of casting certain laijs, lustres, or other frames or holders, in kinds of cast-iron vessels. January 15.

which the burners are placed. February 9. JOHN ROBERTS, junior, of 'Llanelly, Car ROBERT WILLIS, of Upper Norton-street, marthenshire, merchant; for certain apparatus St Mary-le-bone, Middlesex, gentleman; for an for preventing stage coaches, and other wheeled improvement or improvernents upon the pedal carriages, from overturning. January 15. harp, which he conceives will be of public utility. FREDERICK CLIFFORD CHERRY, of Croy. February 15. don, Surrey, veterinary surgeon in the army; for


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Feb. 23.-The Hon, E. Stewart, and W. T.
Roe, Esg. to be Commissioners of the Customs,
vice W. Roe and F. F. Lutterell, Esqrs. superan-
Members returned to serve in the present

Feb. 13. City of Peterborough.-James Scarlett,

Borough of Guildford.Charles Baring Wall,

16. Borough of Great Yarmouth.-The Hon. George Anson.

Borough of Blechingly.-Sir W. Curtis, Bart.

20. Borough of Ashburton.—John Singleton Copley, Esq.

Borough of Droitwich.- Thomas Foley, Esq.

Borough of New Windsor.-Right Hon. Thomas North, Lord Graves,

27. Borough of Dunwich.--William Alexancier Mackinnon, Esq:

Borough of Downton.-Sir Thomas Brooke Pechell, Bart, and the lion. Bartholomew Bou. verie.

Borough of Portarlington.--David Ricardo, Esq.

Town and Port of New Romney.-Richard Edward brle Drax Grosvenor, Esq.

March 2 Borough of Blechingly.--William Henry Cavendish Bentinck, Esq.

II. ECCLESIASTICAL. Feb. 2. The Rev. William Craig ordained to the pastoral charge of the Presbyterian congregation of Carnmoney, Ireland.

1. Rev. John Maclauchlan, minister of Alva, admitted minister of the church and parish of Wemyss.

James Johnstone, Esq. of Alva, has presented Andrew Bullock, A.M. to the church and parish of Alva.

Brevet Lt.-Col. Sir R. C. llill, R. Forse Grus, to

be Colonel in the Army, Ist Jan. 1513. Capt. W. G. Cameron, 'I F. Gds, to be Major in the Army

it do Capt. John Browne, from 92 F. to be. Ma jor in the Irmy

do. 9 L. G. Lieut, F. Evelyn to be Capt, by purch. vice Vyse, IW. I. R.

6th do Corica G. Greenwood to be Licut. by purch. vice Evelyn

do. Ri Hort to be c'ornet and Sub-Licut. by purch. vice Greenwood

do. 1 D. G. Paym. R. Bloomfield, from 20 F. to be

Paym. vice Goodwin, dead 4th Feb, 7 Ensign J. J. Brett, from 51 F. to be Cor. net

28th Jan. 1 Dr. Cornet E. Clive to be Lieut. by purch.

vice Oumanney, 21 Dr. 21st do. M. C. Knatehbull to be Cornet by purch. vice Cive

de 7 Capt. T. W. Robbins to be Major by purci), vice Verner

Sth do. Lieut. W. Grenfell to be Capt. by purch. vice Robbins

do. ('ornet J. W. Williams to be Lieut. by purch. vice Grenfell

do, 11 Paym, H. Volan, from h. p. 103 F. to

be Payin. vice Lutyens, ret. op h. p. 103 F.

2154 do. 19 Serj.-Major J. M.Lennon to be Quar. Mast. vice Gloag, dead

25th do. 21 Troop Quar. Mast. M. Blair to be Quar.

Mast. vice Fortesquieu, dead 21st do. Lieut. C. Ommanncy, from 1 Dr. to be Capt. by purch, vice Tritton, ret.

21th Dec. 1818. Ensign J. D. Bourke, from 9 F. to be En

sign and Lieut. by purch. vice Lax, 11 Dr.

do, R. C. Rowley to be Ensign and Lieut.

by purch, vice Arbuthnot, 11 Dr. do,

i F.

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