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of circumstantial evidence, and recording

remarkable and singulas instances of voSHORTLY will be published, the Life of luntary human suffering, with various in. William Lord Russell, with some account teresting occurrences. of the times in which he lived, by Lord A translation of Marshal Bassompiere's John Russell.

Ас ount of his Embassy to London, with Tlie Speeches are announced of the Right notes and commentaries, describing the Hon. John Philpot ('urran, late Master of Court ot England in 1626, is printing. the Rolls in Ireland. His speech on the A Lecture on Dropsy will speedily be trial of the Sheareses, and other speeches published, by George Gregory, M. D. Li. never before collected, will appear in the centiate of the Royal College of Physicians volume.

in London, and senior physician to St The translation of Guille, on the Amuse- James's Dispensary. ments and instruction of the Blind, will The second and concluding volume of appear in a few days.

Baynes's Ovid's Epistles are in the press. On the first of May will be published, The first volume of a new edition of the first part of a new work, entitled, Ex Butler's Hudibras, with Dr Grey's Notes, cursions through Ireland ; to be comprised corrected and much enlarged, is about to in eight volumes, and containing four hun. appear. The work will contain portraits dred engravings, with historical and topo. and views, and a series of beautiful engragraphical delineations of each province ; to- vings on wood, by Branstone, Hughes, gether with descriptions of the residences &c. from drawings by Thurston. of the nobility and gentry, remains of an Mr T. S. Peckston, of the chartered tiquity, and every other interesting object Gas-Light and Cock Company's establishof curiosity ; forming a complete and en ment, Peter Street, Westminster, has in tertaining guide for the traveller and tour. the press a Practical Treatise on Gas-Light, ist through Ireland.

illustrated with appropriate plates. Dr Spurzheim is preparing for the press, A new monthly publication is announ. a Treatise on the Education of Youth, ced at Liverpool, entitled, The Imperial founded on the discrimination of individual Magazine, or Compendium of Religious, character by the form of the head.

Moral, and Philosophical knowledge. The Dr Granville is preparing for the press, first number is expected to be ready by the in two volumes, quarto, dedicated by spe 31st March, cial permission to the Prince Regent, Me Mr Westgarth Forster is preparing for moirs of the present State of Science and publication, by subscription, a second, imScientific Institutions in France.

proved, and greatly enlarged edition of his A new satirical novel is forthcoming, en Treatise on a Section of the Strata, comtitled, London, or a Month at Stevens's, by mencing near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and a late resident.

concluiting in the west side of the Moun. Mr Bellamy's New Translation of the tain Cross Fell ; with Remarks on MineBible, from the original Hebrew, includ ral Veins in general; also Tables of the ing the Books of Exodus, Leviticus, and Strata in Yorkshire and Derbyshire. To part of Numbers, will be published in the which is added, a Treatise on the disco. course of this month.

very, the opening, and the working of Mr T. Yeates, late of All Souls' Col. Lead Mines; with the dressing and smeltlege, Oxford, and author of the “ Collation ing of Lead Ores ; illustrated with several of an Indian Copy of the Pentateuch," &c. additional plates. is now printing a Syriac and English Gram Rosalind and Helen, a tale, with other mar, designed for the use of British stu poems, by P. B. Shelly, Esq. dents. The work was originally composed at the request, and under the inspection, of the late Rev. Dr Buchanan.

EDINBURGH. New editions will be published shortly In the press, and speedily will be pubof Mr Campbell's Poetical Works, illus- lished, handsomely printed by Ballantyne, trated with engravings from designs by with a fine portrait from an original picWestall.

ture, An Account of the Life of James Mr John Cecil is printing Sixty Curious Crichton of Cluny, commonly called the and Authentic Narratives and Anecdotes, Admirable Crichton. With Notes, and an respecting extraordinary characters ; illus. Appendix of Original Papers never before trative of the tendency of credulity and published. By Patrick Fraser Tytler, Esq. fanaticism; exemplifying the consequences F. R. S. E.

This work will embrace a critical exa Means of doing Good, proposed and mination of the evidence in support of exemplified in several Letters to a friend. the remarkable adventures of Crichton in By the Rev. John Brown of Whitburn. France and in Italy, with some considera. A Volume of Poems, entitled, Lays of tions on the state of literature in those Affection. By Margaret Brown. Foolcountries and in Scotland during the six- scap. 8vo. teenth century.

The Modern Dunciad, a poem.





of its structure and moral principles : and other Poems. By John Smith. 8:0. Os. 6d.

EDUCATION. A TREATISE on Practical Perspective,

Maternal Conversations ; on beauty, pasexemplined by an illustrative model and plans; being a course of lectures that ex sion, courage, justice, clemency, nioderaInibit the practice and theory of the science tion, perseverance, riches

, love of country, of Perspective, by concise rules for Draw &c.; by Madame Dufrenoy. 4s.

The Recluse, or the Hermit of Winder. ing accurately. Adapted to Schools and the use of Artists not having a knowledge mere, a narrative founded upon facts ; be. of Mathematics. By W. Williams. 8vo. ing an important lesson for Youth. By

W. F. Sullivan, 12mo. 4s. 6d. L. 1, Is. bound Specimens in eccentric Circular Turning, nius of the principal ancient and modern

A Polyglott Grammar, in which the Gewith practical instructions for producing corresponding pieces in that art. By J. H. Languages is explained upon a new prinIbbetson. 8vo. L. 1, ls.

ciple. By the Rev. F. Nolan. The modern Greek will be supplied by M. Calbo.

The Italian Grammar, 12mo. 2s. 6d. The Memoirs of the Life and Character of French Grammar, 12mo. 2s. Od. Mrs Sarah Savage, eldest daughter of the

HISTORY Rev. Philip Henry, A. M. With a Preface

Essays on the Institutions, Government, by the Rev. W. Jay. 12mo. 5s.

and Manners of the States of Ancient Memoirs of Field Marshal His Royal Greece ; by Henry David Hill, D.D. 12mo. Highness Prince Edward, Duke of Kent.

7s. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

The History and Antiquities of the Ca. Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux ; written

thedral Churches of Great Britain. Part by Himself. 2 vols. 12mo. 10s.


Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV. ; A Chronological Table of the Nobility of comprising Biography and Anecdotes of the United Kingdom, shewing at one view the most celebrated Characters of that petheir exact order of precedency; with an

riod, styled the Augustan Era of France. alphabetical Index. 12mo. 58.

3 vols. 8vo. L. I, 16s.

HORTICULTURE. HPNAIANOT 'EIIIMEPISMOI. The Transactions of the Horticultural Herodiani Partitiones. E Codd. Parisinis Society of London. Part 2 of Volume III. adidit Jo. Fr. Boissonade. 8vo. 12s. L.1, 6s, 6d.

The Delphin Classics, with the Variorum Notes; entitled, the Regent's Edi Original Precedents in Conveyancing ; tion, No. 1. January 1819. P. Virgilii with notes critical and explanatory, and Maronis Opera Omnia, ex ed. Chr. G. concise directions for drawing and settling Heyne, cum Variis lectionibus, Interpre- Conveyances ; the whole being the result tatione, Notis Variorum, et Indice locu of actual practice ; by J. H. Prince. 128. pletissimo, accurate recensita. Curante et 6d. Imprimente A. J. Valpy.

Commentaries on the Laws of England, A New Translation of the Nichomachean principally in the order, and comprising Ethics of Aristotle. 8vo. 8s.

the whole substance of the Commentaries

of Sir Williain Blackstone. 8vo. L. I, ls. The Stage, a poem, addressed to Mr

MEDICINE. Farren ; containing strictures on various Essay on Catarrhal Inflammation of the actors ; by J. Brown, Esq. 2s. 6d. Intestines from Cold ; by J. A. Gaitskell,

The House of Atreus and the House of M. D. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Laias; tragedies founded on the Greek Remarks on the Treatment of Wounds Drama ; with a Preface on the peculiarities and Ulcers, with Cases affixed, illustrating




the high importance of Medical Surgery,

NOVELS. designed as an Appendage to “ A few Emily; or, the Wife's First Error: and Carsory and Practical Observations," &c. Beauty and "Ugliness ; or, the Father's by Thomas Bedford. 2s.

Prayer and the Mother's Prophecy : two The Dublin Hospital Reports and Com- Tales, by E. Bennet. 4 vols. 12mo. Lol. munications in Medicine and Surgery. Normanburn; or, the History of a Vol. II. 8vo. 13s.

Yorkshire Family. 4 vols. 12mo. L.1, Is. Observations on the Management of The Countess of Carrick, a love tale ; Children, from their earliest infancy, and and Clandestine Marriage of the thirteenth the Prevention and Treatment of some of century. By Carolan. 12mo. 8s. their most dangerous Disorders ; with a

POETRY. few hints to Grown People ; and some Ob Human Life ; a Poem. By Samuel servations on the use of Emetics. By D. Rogers, Esq. author of the Pleasures of Moore, M. D.

Memory. 4to. 12s. Elements of Medical Logic; illustrated St Bartholomew's Eve; Canto 2. ls. 6d. by Practical Proofs and Examples; by Emigration, à Poem, in imitation of the Sir Gilbert Blane, M. D.

Third Satire of Juvenal. 8vo. Is. 6d. Practical Tlustrations of the Progress of Miscellaneous Poems, chiefly amatory, Medical improvement for the last thirty serious, and devout ; with several trans

years; or, Histories of Cases of acute Dis- lations from ancient and modern authors. eases. By Charles Maclean, M. D. &c. By Sir Edward Sherburne of Stoneyhurst,

Practical Observations on the Treatment, Kent. Reprinted from the edition of 1651. Pathology, and Prevention of Typhous With a biographical account of the author, Fever ; by Edward Percival.

and observations on his works; by J. An Essay on Warm, Cold, and Vapour Fleming, M. A. 10s. 6d. Bathing ; with practical observations on POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. Sea Bathing, Discases of the Skin, Bilious Evans's Parliamentary Reports. Vol. II. Liver Complaints, and Dropsy. By Sir L. 1, lls. 6d. Arthur Clarke, M.D. 12mo. 4s. 6d. Cobbett's Parliamentary History of Eng.

A Treatise on Midwifery, developing land. Vol. XXXIV. Royal 8vo. L.), new principles which tend materially to lls. 6d. lessen the sufferings of the Patient, and A Letter to the Right Hon. Robert shorten the duration of Labour. By John Peel, M. P. for the University of Oxford, Power, 8vo. 58. Cd.

on the Pernicious Effects of a Variable MISCELLANEOUS.

Standard of Value, especially as it regards An Eulogium on Sir Samuel Romily, the condition of the Lower Orders and the by M. Benjamin de Constant. Edited by Poor Laws; by one of his Constituents. Sir T. C. Morgan.

Thoughts on the Funding and Paper A Series of Familiar Letters on Ang- System, and particularly the Bank Restric ling, Shooting, and Coursing; by R. Las- tion, as connected with the national discelles, Esq. Evo. 10s. Od.

tresses; with Remarks on the Observations The Miscellaneous Works, in prose and of Mr Preston and Sir John Sinclair. By verse, of George Hardinge, Esq. M. A. N. J. Denison, Esq. 8vo. 3s. 6d. F. R. S. F. S. A. 3 vols. 8vo. L.2, 2s. A Treatise on the importance of extend

A Defence of Dr Jonathan Swift, Dean ing the British Fisheries. Containing a of St Patrick's; in answer to certain Ob- description of the Iceland Fisheries, and of servations on his Life and Writings, in the Newroundland Fishery and Colony; No. 53 of the Edinburgh Review. 8vo. 3. together with remarks and propositions for

A Narrative of the Operations of the the better supply of the metropolis and inRoyalist krmies in the interior of France terior with cured and fresh fish; elucidat. during the usurpation of Bonaparte, 1815. ing the necessity of encouraging and supBy M. Delandine de St Esprit. Translated porting commerce and the general indusby J. Teissera, Esq. 8vo. Is.

try of the country. By S. Phelps. 8vo. The dipus Romanus, or an attempt 6s. to prove, from the principles of reasoning adopted by the Right Hon. Sir Wm. Remarks on Scepticisin, especially as it Drummond, in his Edipus Judaicus, that is connected with the subjects of Organizathe Twelve Cæsars are the Twelve Signs of tion and Life; being an Answer to Bicbat, the Zodiac. Addressed to the Higher Li- Morgan, and Lawrence. By the Rev. terary Classes of Society. By the Rev. Thomas Rennell, A. M. Christian Advo. George Townsend, A. M.

catc of Cambridge. 8vo. 5s. 6d.

Familiar Dissertations on Theological The Elements of Natural Philosophy, and Moral Subjects. By the Rev. William illustrated throughout by Experiments, Barrow, LL.D. and F. R.S. 8vo. 10s. 6d. which may be performed without regular A New Ver ion of the Gospel according apparatus. By James Mitchell, M. A. to St Matthew, with a literary Commen12mo. 8s.

tary ou all tlie difficult passages; with an



Introduction to Reading the Scriptures. A Memoir on the Formation and Con. Written originally in French by Messieurs nections of the Crural Arch, and other parts De Beausobre et Lenfant. 8vo. Is. concerned in Femoral and Inguinal Hernia.

Historical Memoirs respecting the Eng. By Robert Liston. 4to. 7s. lish, Irish, and Scottish Catholics, from Illustrations of the Power of Compresthe Reformation to the present time. By sion and Percussion in the cure of Rheu. Charles Butler, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. L. l, matism, Gout, and Debility of the Extre

mities, and in promoting Health and LonTOPOGRAPHY

gevity. By William Balfour, M. D. SeOccurrences during six months Resi. cond edition. 8vo. 10s 6d. dence in the province of Calabria Ulteriore, On the Mechanism and Motions of the in the kingdom of Naples, in the years Human Foot and Leg. By John Cross, 1809, 1810; containing a description of M.D. 5s. 6. the country, remarks on the manners and The Pleasures of Hope, with other customs of the inhabitants. By Lieut. P. Poems. By Thomas Campbell. A new ediJ. Elmhirst, R. N. 8vo. 6s.

tion. With new engravings by Heath, from

drawings by Westall. 12mo. 8s. EDINBURGH.

ZHTHMATA AIANOHTIKA, or A Geographical and Statistical Descrip- a View of the Intellectual Powers of Man, tion of Scotland, containing a General Sur. with Observations on their Cultivation, vey of that kingdom, its climate, moun- adapted to the present state of this Countains, lakes, rivers, products, population, try. Read in the Literary and Philosomanufactures, commerce, religion, litera- phical Society of Liverpool, 20th Novemture, government, revenue, history. Aber 1818. 8vo. 3s. description of every county, its extent, soil, A Letter to the Inhabitants of Edinproducts, minerals, antiquities, seats ; with burgh, on the propriety of their resisting an appropriate table to each county; and the formation of the proposed Water Coma statistical account of every parish, ac pany. By Alexander Marjoribanks, Esq. companied by an accurate and elegant map younger of Marjoribanks. is. of Scotland ; to which are added, several An Economical Plan for an Additional tables to illustrate the work.

By James Supply of Water for the City of EdinPlayfair, D.D. F.R.S. and F.A.S. Edin. burgh. Is. burgh ; Principal of the United College of An Answer to a Painphlet, entitled the St Andrew's, and Historiographer to his Medical School of Edinburgh ; containing Royal Highness the Prince Regent. 2 Remarks on the present abominable pracvols 8vo. L. I, 4s. in boards.

tice of Raising the Dead. ls. Notes on a Visit made to some of the The Sadducee, or a Review of some Prisons in Scotland and the North of Eng. Pamphlets lately published on important land, in company with Elizabeth Fry; subjects. By Mr Yorick. Gd. with some genrral Observations on the The Edinburgh Monthly Review. No. subject of Prison Discipline. By Joseph IIT. 25. 6d. John Gurney. Third edition. ls. 6d. A brief Review of the late Decision of

Commentaries on the Law of Scotland the General Assembly of the Church of respecting Crimes. By David Hume, Esq. Scotland, in reference to the conduct of the Advocate. In two volumes 4to. The se Rev. Jolin M'Donald, Urquhart. By John cond edition revised and enlarged. L.4, 4s. Munro, Minister of the Gospel, Knock

Sermons preached in the Tron Church, ando. 4d. Glasgow By Thomas Chalmers, D. D. A First Book of Geography, for the use 8vo. 12s:

of Schools and private Teachers. 3s. halfIllustrations of the Holy Scriptures, in bound. three parts : Ist, From the Geography of The Poetical Remains of the late Dr the East ; 2d, From the Natural History John Leyden, with Memoirs of his Life. of the East ; 3d, From the Customs of By the Kev. James Morton. 8vo. 12s. Ancient and Modern Nations.

The Edinburgh Encyclopædia. Con. Rev. George Paxton, Professor of Theo- ducted by David Brewster, LL. D. Vol. logy under the General Associate Synod, XIII. Part I. L I, ls. Edinburgh. 2 vols. 8vo. L. 1, 6s.

Haslan Gheray, a Narrative. Written The Epistles of the Apostle Paul, trans- by Mr Allan, to illustrate the subject of lated from the Greek, and arranged in the one of his Paintings now exhibiting. With order in which they were probably writ an etching of the picture. 4to. 5s. ten. Part First, consisting of those which Report of the late interesting Debate in were written before his first imprisonment the House of Commons, on Sir James at Rome; with explanatory Notes, &c. Mackintosh's Motion for a Committee to 8vo. 12s.

consider that part of the Penal Law which The New General Atlas. No. I. 10s. subjects Criminals to the punishment of

The New Classical and Historical Atlas. Death. ls. 6d.
No. I. 10s.


By the



proof of their sincerity by the surrender of

their arms. FRÅNCE. A proposition is at present before the French Chamber of Peers, for

AMERICA. altering the election law; and considering UNITED STATES.- The New York pahow deeply the interests of France are in pers of the 23d January contain a report volved in this questions and how intimately from the committee on military affairs, preconnected the affairs of that country now sented to the House of Representatives, in are with those of Europe, the matter cannot which they express the most decided dis. be regarded with indifference, although, ge- approbation of General Jackson's conduct, nerally speaking, the controversies of parties reprobating the execution of Arbuthnot in France are of little interest in this coun. and Ambristie in the strongest terms, and try. At present the law of elections is so pronouncing the assumption of power by modified as to secure and give permanence the Court Martial on this occasion as

to wliat may be called the revolutionary in- wholly unauthorized by law, usage, or terest in France.

by any existing necessity. The commitSPAIN.-The Government of this coun.

tee proposed to the House a resolution distry has published an official declaration, approving of the conduct of General Jack. that all those foreigners who are taken in son. The report was ordered to be refer. South America fighting on the side of the red to a committee of the whole House. insurgents will be put to death as traitors; The American papers also furnish us and it is also announced, that the most ri- with a copy of the treaty between Britain gorous measures will be adopted against and the United States, regarding the norththose who shall supply the insurgents with ern boundaries, and the limits of the fish. arms or ammunition, and shall be found o. eries, concluded in London on the 20th therwise aiding them in their resistance to the October, and ratified on the 30th of Januamother country

ry last. The chief points settled by this

treaty are the right of the Americans to ASIA.

fish on the coasts of North America and EAST INDIES.-The Madras papers of Newfoundland--the line of demarcation bethe 3d of October last bring gratifying ac- tween the British possessions and the tercounts from Ceylon. They confirm a report ritories of the United States—and the exwhich had previously reached this country, tension of the existing commercial conthat the pretender to the throne of Candy, vention for ten years longer. No arrangeand his minister Kappiti pola, have been cap ment has taken place respecting the matured. This, as "might be expected, has ritime questions on which the two powers had the most beneficial effect in allaying are at issue, and they have therefore wisethe rebellious spirit so prevalent arnong a ly separated this, which is now happily a certain class of the natives. In every pro- merfly speculative controversy, from mat. vince, the people of all descriptions were ters of practical importance, which required hastening to submit, and to give the surest a more speedy adjustment.


HOUSE OF LORDS.- In this House nied by a recorded opinion, that it shoud scarcely any business of public interest oc not be considered as implying any approcurred during the last month. On the 25th bation of the conduct of Sir Thomas HisFebruary two Committees were appointed, lop, in having caused the Killedar or comone to inquire into the state of prison disci. mandant of the fort of Talnier to be exepline, and the other into the condition of the cuted, because some of his men offered rechildren employed in cotton manufactories. sistance after the fortress had capitulated, On the 3d instant, the thanks of the House but should merely apply to the great miliwere voted unanimously to the Marquis of tary services of Sir Thomas. On the subHastings, and the officers and troops under sequent 'evening the tharks of the House his direction, employed in the late war in' of Commons were voted with the same te India. The vote of thanks was accompa. servation.

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