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COLONIAL PRODUCE.-Sugars. The demand for Muscovades has been languid during the month, and purchases have been made a shade lower ; the demand at present seems suspended, buyers anticipating a further reduction on the next public sale. Refined goods continue with little variation Cotton.-_There has been a considerable demand for cottons since our last, and sales have gone off rather briskly. The accounts of a great revival in the Liverpool market have had a favourable impression on that of London ; the stock at the latter place is trifling, with the exception of East India descriptions. The import into Britain during last month was 60,063 bags. Coffee.—This article -has declined considerably since our last report. On Friday last, a public sale of 132 casks B. P. and 306 bags Brazil went off at fluctuating prices; good Demerara was taken in at 142s. 8d. ; good ordinary sold so low as 12us. 6d. ; fine ordinary Jamaica realized 138s. 6d. Rum. Since our last, Government have contracted for 150,000 gallons of rum at 25 112d. and the consequent advance in the general market may be stated at 1d. per gallon for Leewards, and 2d. per gallon on low Jamaicas. Tobacco.—The demand for this article has again revived ; 300 hhds. were purchased on Tuesday last ; Virginia inferior at 6d. and 7d. Strips, 8d. to 9d. The quantity shipped to the Continent has been inconsiderable ; holders are, therefore, sanguine of a renewed request for export. Oils.— The prices may be quoted lower, and sales heavy at the reduction. Greenland has fallen L.1 to L.2. Southern has also declined considerably ; 95 tons fine pale Cape whale oil sold last week at L. 30, and L. 30, 10s.

EVROPEAN PRODUCE.-Tallow.-By public sale to day, 100 casks Petersburgh white candle tallow sold at 60s. 6d. and 614. ; 85 serons S. American do. 65s. to 675. Hemp is quoted about L.) per ton lower. In Fiar, little business has been done. Brandy.-50 puncheons Cognac, middling quality, sold last week at 4s. 70. to 4s. Id. The demand for Geneva continues languid.

British Trade and Maru factures. The number of vessels arrived at the port of Liverpool (exclusive of coasters) in 1817 was 3100; in 1818, the number was 3817, making an increase of 717, and 233 more than in 1815. The number of vessels from the East Indies was 34, comprising 26,852 tons. In the port of Hull, the increase of last year over the preceding was 601 vessels, 80,960 tons. The increase of receipts at the custom-house there, was L. 129,000. By the returns of duties of customs and excise at Belfast for the last two years, there appears an increase in favour of 1818 of L. 62,618, 10s. 3 d.

We understand, that, owing to the low price of Bengal cotton-wool, and the rapid improvements in machinery, out manufacturers at Manchester and Glasgow are enabled to supply the East India market with the inferior descriptions of cotton cloths at a cheaper rate than the Asiatic natives themselves ; and that immense shipments of the manufactured article will probably be made to that quarter during the present. year.–February 1).

Course of Exchange, London, Feb. 9.-Amsterdam, 11:6. Ditto at sight, 11 : 3. Rotterdam, 11 : 7. Antwerp, 11 : 9. Hamburgh, 33 : 7. Altona, 33:8. Paris, 3 days sight, 23 : 70. Bourdeaux, 24 : 0. Frankfort on the Maine, 140. Madrid, 40%. Cadiz, 404. Gibraltar, 34. Leghorn, 51%. Genoa, 47%. Lisbon, 58. Oporto, 58. Rio Janeiro, 65. Dublin, 10 per cent. Cork, 104 per cent.

Prices of Bullion per oz.-Foreign Gold in bars, L. 4: 3. New dollars, L.0: 5: 9. Silver in bars, Standard, L. 0:5:7.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey 255.-Cork or Dublin 216.—Belfast 25s. 30s.-Hamburgh 30s.- Maleira 20s. 255.-Jamaica 3gs. Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from January 20, to February 10, 1819.

Jan. 20th. Jan. 27th. Feb. 4th. (Feb. 10th.



Bank stock,
3 per cent. reduced,

per cent. consols,
34 per cent. ( new, ) ..........
4 per cent. consols,
5 per cent. navy annuities
India Stock,

Exchequer bills, 24d.
Consols for acct. vooroor 100.rso
French 5 per cents.



86 97 97

951 106 1073


103, 2324 232 2334 63 87pr. 85 87pr.

80pr. 78pr. 19 20 pr. 15 19pr. 11 19pr.

15pr. 13pr.

2. pr. 11 disc. 784 79

764 67fr.95c. 68fr.20c. 1 691r.40c. 171fr.700.

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2 5 2 55 Congou,

3 1 3 4 Souchong,

4 3 48 SUGAR, Musc. cwt. B. P. Dry Brown,


74 78 64 76 75 77 Fine and very fine, 92 96

94 93 95 88 90 Brazil, Brown,

40 47 42 44 White,

48 GO 52 63 Refined, Double Loaves, . 160

13 (lb.) 1 5 Powder ditto, 120 126


119 Single ditto,

116 122 119 124 120 122 110 118 Small Lumps,

112 116 114 116 120 124 Large ditto,

108 111 110 112 108 114 Crushed Lumps,

62 66 66 67 65 68 MOLASSES, British, 38

37 38 37 38 34 6 COFFEE, Jamaica,

Ord. good, and fine ord. 130 141 128 139 130 140 133 140 Fine and very fine,

149 152 152 158 Dutch, Triage & very ord. 120 130

100 132 Ord. godd, & fine ord. 130 143 123 141 (134 142 St Domingo, 140

134 PIMENTO (in Bond), ib. . | 94


9 SPIRITS Jam. Rum 160.P. 3 10 4 0 3 8 3 10 3 8

3 4 Brandy, gal. 5 6 6 0

5 6 Geneva, 3 6 38

3 6 38 Aqua,

7 77 10 Wines, Clar. Ist Gr. hhd. 60

25 005 Portugal Red, pipe, 48 54

30 ( 58 Spanish White, butt. 34 55

30 ( 65 0 Teneriffe, pipe,

30 35 Madeira, 60 70

58 63 Logwood, Jamaica, ton,


7 JO 7 158 8 3 8 8 5 Honduras,

10 10

7 15 8 8 5 8 10 8 0 8 5 Campeachy,


9 0 0 10 9 09 5 Fustic, Jamaica,

10 15 11 0 10 120 Cuba, 13

12 10 13 5 Indigo, Caraccas fine, lb. Is 6d 11 6 8 6 9 6

10 6 10 TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot, 2 3

2 2 6 Ditto Oak, Honduras Mahogany, 1 4 1 8 0 10 ) 8

1 5 TAR, American, brl. .

16 0 16 6 19 6 Archangel, 22

19 6 21 0 23 0 TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Candle, 72 73 75 76 75

65 Home melted, cwt. 74 HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton, 53

50 52

51 Petersburgh Clean. 46 47


44 10 FLAX, Riga Th. & Dr. Ra. 82 84

82 Dutch, 60 140

70 Irish,

64 74
MATS, Archangel,
90 95

BRISTLES, Peters. Firsts, 15 0 16 0
Ashes, Petersburgh Pearl, 48
Montreal ditto, cwt. 58 60 57 58 56


49 50 52 OIL, Whale, tun,

36 37 | 36

37 40 Cod, 87 (p.brl.)- 39 40 38

40 TOBACCO, Virg. fine, lb. . il 12 123 13 0 7 0 9 inferior, 9 10 10 11 0 5 0

6 Cottons, Bowed Georgia,

14 1 1 3 1 5 1 5 1 7 Sea Island, fine,

3 5 3 7 29 3 9 2 3 0 Demerara and Berbice,

1 6 11 1 6 1 10 17 i 10 Pernambucco,

1 104 1 11 18 19 1 9 1 100 Maranham,

18 ] 9 1 6 1 711 7 1 81

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ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTS, announced in January 1819,

extracted from the London Gazette. Atkinson, J. Dalston, Cumberland, cotton manu Jacob, J. London, tobacconist facturer

Jennyns, J. C. London, dealer Atherton, T. Liverpool, tanner

Jones, E. Clerkenwell, Middlesex, coal-merchant Andrews, R. Bristol, baker

Jones, J. Liverpool, merchant Aubert, N. B. London, insurance-broker

Kendrich, J. Chaddesley, Corbet, Worcester, Aullum, R. Chatham, builder

miller Barker, J. Stratford, Essex, brewer

Keats, T. M. London, hat-manufacturer Burgis, J. London, ornamental-paper-manufac Kernot, J. London, druggist turer

Longman, F. G. Norwich, maltster Bradley, J. St John's, Worcester, coal-merchant Lumley, W. London, merchant Baylis, D. Strand, Gloucester, clothier

Lush, E. Sherborne, Dorset, linen-draper Bedlells, W. Knighton, Racinor, woolstapler Lucy, H. Tupsley, Hereford, builder Bryant, W. Greenwich, coachmaster

Lutey, T. London, master-mariner Blomerley, W. Bollon, Lancashire, cotton-manu Lloyd, T., and J. Winter, London, wine-merfacturer

chants Blackburn, J. Witham, Essex, corn-factor

Morgan, W. Bristol, victualler Bradshaw, R. Manchester, check-manufacturer Merchant, J. Shepton Mallet, Somerset, innkeepes Brunner, J. Birmingham, patten-manufacturer Macleod, T. H, London, wine-merchant Brown, J. Leeds, straw-hat-inanufacturer

Noble, M. Lancaster, chemist and drugsist Bell, J. London, bombasine-manufacturer

Oulet, J. Lon!on, jeweller Booth, J. London, grocer

Oxenham, J. T. London, manglemaker Broclebank, S. Liverpool, merchant

Perry, J. sen. Stuckport, Chester, muslin-manuBudrlea, J. Bristol, liquor-merchant

facturer Chanbers, R. Market Rasen, Lincoln, currier Peylon, W. London, wine and brandy merchant Cater, S., and J. Torne, London, warehousemen Perkins, J. Tiverton, Deron, timbei-iaerchant Chapinan, R. Hammersmith, surgeon

Phillips, T. London, merchaut Churchill, J. Lonslun, bruwer

Paterson, M. Halirax, York, dyer Cacis, . Londol, merchant

Power, J., and R, Warwick, London, insurance Collins, F. New fishborn, Sussex, mealman

brokers Cowley, T. Bolton-le-Voors, Lancaster, ware Pidding, J. J. London, stock-broker huseman

Parsons, S. London, coach plater Curver. J., and W. Peet, London, merchants Perkins, C, Westminster, victualler Cole, E. Shrewsbury, hop-merchant

Price, D. Waliund, Herts, lincu-traper Looper, T. London, merchant

Phillips, R. Exeter, druggit Dary, J. Foulslam, Norfolk, ironmonger

Rogers, J, London, inerchant Daniels, W. jun. Bishop Stratford, Hertford, Richmond, T. London, plumber malt-factor

Robinson, J. Holywell, flint, butcher David, s, London, inerchant

Ritchie, T. Piccadilly, Middlesex, merchant Durham, J. London, carcase-butcher

Richards, D. London, cherist Daris, N. London, merchant

Russell, J. Lambeth, timber.merchant. Everett, W. Cambridge, corn-merchant

Richards, H. Beaconsfield, Buckingham, carpenter Flinders, J. Nottinghain, hosier

Nussell, A. Tewkesbury, linen-draper Fnlay, R. jun. Middlesex, barge-master and Rerdall, T. and W. Liverpool, merchants ar-dealer

Sumner, T. Preston, Lancaster, coin-merchant Flint, W. London, printer

Smith, w, London, oorn-dealer Fitzgerald, T. London, ship-owner

Stiff, W. Rotherhithe, Southampton, shopkeeper Force, J. Walcot, Somerset, dealer

Swan, R. Gainsborough, Lincolu, merchant Ferrall, J. Birmingham, printer

Still, J. South Island Place, Brixton, merchant Gibson, R. Bawtry, York, victualler

Salter, C. jun. Portsca, baker Cardner, D. London, hatter

Tierly, F. Bristol, baker Cardu T, N. and H. Gl ucester, bakers

Thomas, W. London, tailor Greensdale, R. Plymouth, builder

Thompson, W. H. Liverpool, merchant Glason, J. London, potatoe-merchant

Taylor, W. jun. Liverpool, merchant Flers, J. E. Loudou, warehouse man

Thompson, E. Rotherhithe, ship-builder Hayward, H. London, paper-langer

Unwin, R. Chapel-cn-le-Frith, Derby, timber: Hardie, A. London, merchant

merchant Hudson, W. London, warehouseman

Venus, J. Middlesex, vintner Hughes, S. Liverpo, liquor-nierchant

Vertue, S. London, corn-inerchant Huline, W. Leek, Stafford, grocer

Wheeler, D. Croydon, maltster Harman, G. Norwich, inanufacturer

Wilson, J. W. jun. London, picture-dealer Hudson, H. and G. Liverpool, merchants

Watson, J. Gravesend, coachinaker Himm, J. Birmingham, ciex-inaker

Williams, H. London, wine-merchant Jav, J. London, victualler

Wadley, J. London, cheesemonger Jenains, T. Whitchurch, Glamorgan, timber. Walker. R. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, grocer merchant

White, W. Chalford, Gloucester, linen-draper Jo usun, R. Plymouth, grocer

Wardle, G, and F. London, merchants Ingram, L. London, hatter

Young, T. London, grocer

ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIes and DivideNDS, announced in

January 1819, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Brown, W. Edinburgh, hardware-merchant; by

the trustee, 25th February Bourne, J. Edinburgh, bookseller and publisher Cublich, W. Greenock, draper ; by D. M'Limont, Hendry, J. and Co. Glasgow, mustin-inanufac merchant in Glasgow, 6th March turers

Fleming, W. Glasgow, merchant; by J. MacinLoudoun, G. and Co. Glasgow, nterchants

tosh, accountant there, 21th February M'Gouns, Watson, and Co. Greenock, and James Gray, D, Kincardine, ship-builder; by J. Turcan, Blain and Co. St Thomas's, merchants

ship-owner there, 16th February M'Grigor, A. carrier and trader between Perth Johnston, P. Port-Glasgow, upholsterer; by Wil. and Aberfeldy

liam Millar, the trustee, 6th February M'Ilquham, J. Glasgow, victuallcr and spirit- Johnston, W. Bankshill, merchant; by the trusdealer

tee, Ist March Saunders and Mellis, Aberdeen, inerchants M.Nicol, D. Inverary, merchant; by C. Russell,

accountant in Edinburgh, 220 February DIVIDENDS.

Paterson, A. and J. Edinburgh, grucers; by H.

Putts, merchant there, 10th February Anderson, R. Wick, merchant; by J, Kirk, mer Scott, A., and Son, Glasgow,-wood-merchants ; chant there, 8th February

by D. Bannatyne, the trustee, 9th February Brown, W. jun. Edinburgh. merchant; by A. Turnbull, D. Carfraemill; by T. Scott, writer in Millar, agent there; 1th February.

Lauder, 1st March,




Jan. 5. 1819. At Edinburgh, Mr Jo. Julij 12. 1818. At Burrisol, in India, seph Chapman, of the Ordnance, to Mary the lady of Dr Gilbert Ogilvie Gardner, Stanley, daughter of the late John Stirling, Hon. East India Company's service, a Esq. merchant, Port Glasgow. daughter.

7. At Leith, Captain James M.Luckie, Dec. 2. At Teneriffe, the lady of Gilbert to Elizabeth, third daughter of the late Stewart. Bruce, Esq. bis Majesty's Con Captain Andrew Scott of Airth. sul-General for the Canary Islands, a son. 11. At the Parish Church, Leeds, Tho.

Jan. 3. 1819. At Wykham Park, Ox mas Kinnear, Esq. eldest son of George fordshire, the lady of Daniel Steuart, Esq. Kinnear, Esq. banker, Edinburgh, to Sua daughter.

sanna, third daughter of Benjamin Gott, 5. At Inveresk, the lady of R. D. Horn Esq. of Armley House. Elphinstone, of Horne and Logie Elphin At St George's Church, London, stone, a son.

the Most Noble George Marquis of Bland. 7. At Ardersier, the lady of Major Mac- ford, to the Right Hon. Lady Jane Stew. pherson, of the 78th regiment, a son. art, eldest daughter of the Earl of Gallo

8. At Maxpoffle, Mrs Scott, younger of way. Raeburn, a daughter.

12. At St Andrew's, Sir David Mon10. At Nottingham, the lady of Lieut.. creiffe of Moncreiffe, Bart. to Miss Helen Col. Chichester Cruickshank, of his Ma Mackay, daughter of the deceased Æneas jesty's 33d regiment, a son.

Mackay, Esq. of Scotston. 12. At Pinkie House, the lady of Sir - At Seaside, George Seton, Esq. CresJohn Hope of Craighall, Baronet, a son. cent, Perth, to Margaret, second daughter 14. At Kilbagie, Mrs Stein, a son. of James Hunter, Esq. of Seaside.

At Culcabock House, Mrs Captain In St Paul's Chapel, Edinburgh, Park, a son.

Lieutenant-Colonel George M.Konochie, At London, Lady Pringle, a daugh. in the service of the Hon. East India Com

pany, on the Bombay establishment, to 16. The lady of James Hunter, Esq. of Miss Isabella Alison, youngest daughter of Thurston, a daughter.

the late James Alison, Esq. of the royal 21. The Right Hon. Lady Janet Bu- navy. chanan, a daughter.

14. At London, Lieut.-Colonel Charles 24. In Edinburgh, the lady of John Tryon, of the 88th regiment, to Miss L. Campbell, Esq. of Achalader, a daugh. Sheridan, daughter of the late J. Sheridan,

Esq. At Walton Park, Mrs Major Camp 16. Richard Paterson, Esq. of Woburn bell, a son.

Place, Russel Square, London, to Caro. 23. At Gorthlick, Mrs Major Jones, a line Frances, youngest daughter of the late

Robert Cattley, Esq. of Wandsworth Come - At Culduthel House, Mrs Fraser of mon and Lime Street. Culduthel, a daughter.

18. At Edinburgh, Dr Charles Stuart 29. At Balthayock, the lady of Adam of Dunearn, to Miss Margaret Parlane, Fergusson, Esq. a son.

youngest daughter of the late Alexander 30. In Heriot Row, Edinburgh, the la. Parlane, Esq. surgeon in Glasgow. dy of Sir James Douglas, K.C.B. a daugh. 26. At St Pancras, London, Sir John

Maclean, Knt. Commander of the Most
Ilonourable and Military Order of the

Bath, to Sarah, only child of Benjamin May 30. 1818. At Penang, John An- l’rice, Esq. of Highgate. derson, Esq. High Sheriff of Prince of Feb. 1. At Linlithgow, Alex. Learmonth, Wales' Island, and second son of Robert Esq. of Crossfiatts, to Anne, youngest Anderson, Esq. of Stroquhan, to Miss Ma. daughter of Thomas Spens, Esq. collector ry Alison Carnegy, second daughter of of excise there. James Carnegy, Esq. merchant in Pe. Lately. At Gurruckpore, in the East In. nang.

dies, Montague Ainslie, eldest daughter of Aug. 29. At Bombay, Lieutenant-Co. Dr Ainslie, Register and Joint Magistrate lonel D. Leighton, Adjutant-General on of Azeemghur, to Sophia, eldest daughter the Bombay Establishinent, to Isabella of the late George Poyntz Ricketts, and Constantia ; and, on the same day, Major cousin to the Earl of Liverpool. W. P. Tucker, Deputy Quarter-MasterGeneral, to her sister, ('larissa, two daugh. ters of Henry Thomas Williams, Esq. of

DEATHS. Keppel Street, London.

Dec. 3. 1817. At Berhampore, East It.





dies, Lieutenant William Armstrong, of 21. At Glencrosh, John Gibson, Esq. the 2d native infantry.

of Glencrosh. 24. At Nagpore, from excessive fatigue, At Killiknow, Sorn, Miss Mary LoMajor C. Addison, of the Hon. East India gan, in the 91st year of her age. Company's 2d regiment, N. I. Madras Mary Harrison, aged 108 years.Presidency

She had lived, as nurse, in Mr Maden's faJuly 18. 1818. At Samarang, in the is- mily, at Bacup, in Lancashire, upwards of land of Java, near Batavia, Mr William 95 years. Robertson, second mate of the ship Com 22. At London, Sir Philip Prancis, after merce of Liverpool, and eldest son of the an illness of upwards of five months. late Mr James Robertson, spirit-dealer, At Bathgate, Mrs Isabella Wardlaw, Chessel's Court, Canongate. He had gone relict of the late Thomas Mair, Esq. of into the sea to bathe on the evening of the Pottieshaw. 18th July, when unfortunately a shark got 23. At Stockbridge, James Syme, Esq. hold of him, and tore all the flesh off his At his house in Sherborne, in the left thigh, in consequence of which he died 46th year of his age, Mr James Crutwell, in a few minutes thereafter.

for many years the proprietor of the Sher. Aug. 12. At the Fort of Callinger, in the borne Journal. Presidency of Bengal, John Wauchope, 2 In very obscure lodgings in Chelsea, Esq. second son of Andrew Wauchope, Captain Wolf, a descendant of the late Esq. of Niddrie, Civil and Political agent Lord Kilwarden, who fell a victim in the to his Excellency the Governor-General of Irish rebellion. The Captain had contracta India.

ed habits of great eccentricity, attributable Dec. 15. At Edinburgh, Alithea Rod- principally to the severe loss he experienced dom Eliza, wife to Capt. Bunworth, 88th in the death of his lady, to whom he had regiment, and sister to the late Commodore been married but six months. A subse. Sir James Lucas Yeo, R. N.

quent disappointment in his profession 18. At the Hotel of the Invalids, at Ley- tended much to increase a disrelish of all den, Jean George Sauer, aged 106. He intercourse with the world, hence he could inlisted on the 7th March 1734, and served not endure the presence of any human be. continually in Holland till 1795. He was ing. He has left extensive property, which, in the campaigns of 1743; on the Meuse it is understood, goes to a nephew, who has and on the Rhine in 1745 ; at the battle for some years belonged to a company of of Fontenoy in 1746 ; at Lawfield in 1747; strolling players. at the siege of Bergen-op. Zoom, where he 24. In London, Mr Graham, some years received many wounds; in 1794, he was ago one of the magistrates of the Bow with the troops which defended Klundest, Street Police Officè, after an illness of upwhich terminated his military career. This wards of five years. respectable veteran enjoyed good health, At Polmont Park, Mrs Spiers, relict and the entire use of his faculties, till the of the deceased Alex. Spiers, Esq. of Ellatest moment of his life.

derslie. At Edinburgh, Lady Hay, widow of 25. At Abden, Mrs Sibbald of Abden. Sir Alexander Hay.

26. At Broughton Place, Mrs Margaret At Auchtermuchty, the Reverend Hughan, spouse of James Spence, Esq. and John Fraser, late minister of the Associate daughter of the late Thomas Hughan of Burgher Congregation in that place, in the Airds, Esq. merchant in London. 74th year of his age, and 51st of his mi. - At Edinburgh, MrCharles Scott, late nistry

tanner, aged 77. 19. At Woodhouse, parish of Manor, At Edinburgh, Bain Whyt, Esq. Mrs Ballantine of Sunnyacres, in her 99th writer to the signet. year. She has left alive G children, 27 At Glasgow, James Alex. Spottisgrand-children, 44 great-grand-children, wood, eldest son of the late James Spottison

' and has buried 1 child, 20 grand-children, wood, Esq. of the Bengal civil service. and 4 great-grand-children. The number 27. At Mound Place, Edinburgh, in the of her remaining descendants is 77, and, 80th year of her age, Mrs Margaret Dun. ncluding those deceased, they amount to can, relict of Mr William Tait, merchant not less than 102.

in Glasgow, and sister to the late Admiral At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Balfour, Lord Viscount Duncan. spouse of the Rev. Dr Brunton.

In London, Daniel Lovell, Esq. proMrs Jane Davie, wife of Andrew prietor and editor of the Statesman newsMorries, Esq. and fourth daughter of the paper. late John Davie, Esq. of Gavieside.

28. At Glasgow, Miss Elizabeth Bu. At Pisa, in Italy, where he had gone chapan, daughter of the deceased George for the benefit of his health, Capt. J. W. Buchanan, jun. Esq. late one of the magisForrest, 59th regiment of foot, son of John trates of that city. Forrest, Esq. of Annan, aged 31.

29. At his country seat, near Paris, in

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