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The subject of the increase of crimes L. 58,000 allowed as an income to her vas brought before the Commons on the late Majesty had fallen in, and was appli25th, by a petition from the Common cable for other purposes. A grant had been Council of London for a revision of the formerly made to the King of L. 100,000 criminal code, (noticed in our last num. per annum for life ; which, with the allowber,) which was ordered to lie on the table. ance to the Queen of L. 58,000, besides On the subsequent evening Lord Holland L. 10,000 for travelling expences, in her via introduced the subject in the upper House, sits to Windsor, made altogether L. 168,000 when Lord LiveRPOOL admitted that per annum, on which Parliament has now crimes had greatly increased, and that to decide Lord CASTLEREAGI announan investigation into the cause was actually ced the intention of Ministers to be as fol. necessary;" but his Lordship qualified lows: In addition to the L. 58,000 revert. this admission by imputing the cause to the ing to the public by the death of the conclusion of the war, which had thrown Queen, they mean to reduce his Majesty's such a number of men loose upon tủe annuity one-half, making the saving country.

L. 108,000 ; subject, in the mean time, The CHANCELLOR of the ExchEQUER however, to a charge for annuities to her has announced that he does not at present late Majesty's servants of L. 25,000 a-year ; see any thing which renders it likely he so that the present saving to the public should have to resort either to fundings or will be L. 83,000 per annum. The raising a loan, for the service of the present

L. 10,000 allowed for travelling expences year. At the same time he did not think to her Majesty to be continued to the it expedient to pledge himself positively Duke of York. Mr TIERNEY objected upon the subject, because it was obviously to the grant of L. 50,000 for the support of a more proper course, that Ministers should his Majesty, on the ground that such a possees a discretionary power to provide for sum could not possibly be used in providthe public expenditure in whatever way ing for his comforts in his present condi. particular circumstances might point out tion, and must therefore be expended for as the most eligible.

other purposes. He also objected to the The education committees, the commit L. 10,000 for travelling expences. In the tee on the poor laws, and that appointed end, these arrangements were ordered to last year to investigate abuses of public be submitted to a select committee, when charities, are to be renewed ; and the they will be more fully discussed. powers of the latter considerably enlarged. Some inquiries were made in the House

Tue King's ESTABLISHMENT.-The of Commons, on the 5th instant, respecting establishment at Windsor came under con the progress made in the equalization of sideration in the House of Commons weights and measures. It appears that a en Thursday the 4th instant. The sub- committee is sitting upon this subject; but ject was introduced by a message from the nothing satisfactory is known with respect Prince Regent, announcing, that the to the state of its labouis.


Suicides in 1817.


late publication of Mr Kamptz of Berlin, WHILST the Duke of Montrose was at founded on official' returns, provés, that, ip his seat in Scotland, a few months ago, he the towns of Prussia, the suicides are more presided several times at a meeting in numerous than they are in England. For Dumbarton, having for its object the deep- instance ening the bed of the Clyde, five or six feet,

Population. in the neighbourhood of that place, with a view to reduce the level of Lochlomond in Berlin

166,584 57 the same proportion and thereby increase Potsdam (not includthe extent of land on its islands and shores. ing the military) 15,426 77

41 We understand some project of this kind Frankfort on the Oder 12,500 is to be attempted early in the ensuing


63,020 58 spring


10,000 37

3,500 56 9. Suicides. A very general notion is Reichenbach entertained, that more suicides are commit- Magdeburg

27,869 50 ted in England than in other countries, Merseburg

6,000 39 and day after day the newspapers are filled Dusseldorf

15,000 24 with communications in which this is al. We do not believe that in any one town of vays assumed as an undoubted fact. The the British dominions, the capital not ex.



cepted, the suicides amount to one-tenth of ships, that the verdicts which we have the rate of Reichenbach, which is no less given, on the evidence which has been than 1 in 62.

submitted to us, will, when reported to his 12. National Monument.--At the an- Majesty's Privy Council, be considered as niversary meeting of the Highland Society only the decision of fallible men. That we of Scotland, which took place this day, one are convinced that all sanguinary punishof its members stated, that, “ As the pro- ments have not only a tendency to destroy posal for obtaining a national monument those principles of humanity which it is for the metropolis of Scotland, in comme our duty to cultivate, but that their fremoration of the glorious naval and mili. quent occurrence renders the heart callous ; tary achievements of the late war, had ori- one instance of which has been brought ginated in that highly respectable and use- before us, of a youth having picked a gen. ful society, and had received from it every tleman's pocket while the dreadful sentence degree of support consistent with the na. of the law was recently carrying into effect ture of the institution, it might perhaps be on four unfortunate persons. We disdain gratifying to its members to learn, that an all visionary ideas and principles. We live object so much desired and deserved had to improve, or we live in vain.' With these not been abandoned by the country, but feelings and sentiments, we most earnestly was in a fair train of being accomplished. request, that when these cases are reported, That it was proposed that this intended you will urge this divine injunction, 'I memorial (to be, in point of splendour and will have mercy and not sacrifice.'” magnificence, worthy of Scotland and of the The Secession in Scotland, Measures occasion) should consist of a monumental are at present in progress, with every prochurch, of ornamental architecture, so de- spect of being brought to a successful ter. signed as to bespeak its triumphal pur. mination, for effecting a junction between poses, and that it should be commemora- the two great bodies of Seceders from the tive, and serve as an hallowed place of re- national

church, known by the designation cord of the whole naval and military a. of Burghers and Antiburghers. chievements of the late eventful war, in 25.--High Court of Justiciary.- This which the heroes of Scotia so eminently day, James Wilkie, filesher in Lasswade, distinguished themselves in every quarter was sentenced to 14 years transportation, of the globe.”

for stealing sheep, from a field on the estate 19, Public Whipping. Yesterday, of Lord Viscount Melville, the property of Christopher Greig Morris, William Burt, John Plummer and Sons, fleshers in Dal. and James Wilson, were publicly whipped keith. through the streets of Dunfermline, pur The Lord Advocate, afterwards, in te. suant to a sentence of the High Court of ference to the desire expressed by their Justiciary, on the 21st of November last, Lordships to be informed of the result of as noticed in our December Number, p. the inquiry which he had directed to be 576. That Court ordered the sentence to made, concerning the occurrences at the take place on the 18th of December last ; execution of Robert Johnston, on the 30th but an application having becn made to the of December last, represented that a precogPrince Regent to remit the public whip- nition, containing a full detail of the circumping, it did not take place till Monday stances which had then occurred, and of last, the application having been refused. the precautions previously adopted by the Such an unusual spectacle in that part of Magistrates of Edinburgh for duly carry, the country drew together an inimense ing the sentence of the law into effect, had crowd of spectators; but no disturbance been taken before the Sheriff-depute of the took placc.

county of Edinburgh, and laid before him Forgery of Bank Notes. On the 15th that while, in point of fact, the result of a number of individuals were arraigned at the investigation as to discovering the perthe Old Bailey Sessions, at the instance of sons principally concerned in the riot and the Bank of England, for the crimes of ut. attempt to carry off the body of the crimi. tering or having in possession forged notes nal which had then been made, was unof the bank. The trials terminated yester- successful, notwithstanding every exertion day, when three of the criminals were sen- on the part of the Sheriff. depute, he was tenced to death, and several others to himself able, after giving the matter the transportation. Of those capitally convict- most deliberate consideration, to form an ed, one named Thomas Dent or Dennison, opinion that there were no grounds for any

only 15 years of age, was strongly recom- proceeding, at his instance, against the · mended to mercy.

On the conclusion of Magistrates of Edinburgh-that, in other the trials, the foreman of the London jury respects, he was confident ''such"measites * delivered into court the following paper, would be taken as the circumstances of the

signed by all the individuals coniposing the case required, by those on whom that duty jury. " Address of the London Jury. was incumbent-and that he had lodged a We, the London Jury, being on the eye of copy of the whole precognition in the hands terminating our most painful duties, most of the Clerk of the Court, for the informarespectfully wish to represent to your Lord. tion and satisfaction of their Lordships.

The Court were of opinion that they were Privy Council's warrant, when a majority not called upon to avail themselves of the of their Lordships delivered their opinions opportunity offered of looking into the pre- that the proceedings under the warrant had, cognition taken by the Public Prosecutor, with reference to the set of the burgh, been and therefore ordered the Clerk of Court properly carried through, and that no legal to return to the Lord Advocate the said grounds were stated in either of the comprecognition, sealed up as it was when plaints for the voiding the election which lodged with them.-Lord Hermand suggest- took place. Lord Robertson alone was of ed that the morning would be a more pro- opinion that the election, as not having per time for execution than the hour of taken place in terms of the warrant, was three ; upon which the Lord Justice Clerk null and void. An interlocutor, was then observed, that if the Magistrates made any pronounced, dismissing both complaints, application on this head, the Court would and finding the complainers liable in full certainly take the same into consideration. costs of suit, in terms of the statute.

30. Burgh Revenues. The Magistrates 8. High Court of Justiciury. On the of Glasgow and Paisley have recently pub. Ist instant, Frances M*Cay, a genteel lished statements of the receipt and expen- looking young woman, was found guilty diture of their respective corporations, for of having in her possession forged notes of the year ending Deecember 1817, which the Bank of England, knowing them to be appear to have given great satisfaction to so, and sentenced by the Court to 14 years the inhabitants of these burghs ; and this transportation. example, the first of the kind in Scotland, This day James Martin, for various acts will likely be followed by the Magistrates of theft, was, after a severe admonition, of other burghs, who wish to secure the sentenced to transportation for life. This confidence of their fellow citizens. Accord. was a most aggravated case. The pannel at ing to these statements, the revenues of last spring circuit at Jedburyh was to have Glasgow amounted, for that year, to been tried capitally, but having petitioned L 15,111, 18s. 5d.--the expenditure to the Court, he was banished from Scotland ; L. 14,818, 18s. 5d. leaving a surplus but instead of going into banishment, he of income of L. 293. The income of had continued in the border counties, comPaisley was L. 3010, 15s. 7 d. the ex- miiting his usual depredations. He is a penditure L. 2867, 10s. 6d. leaving a sur stout good looking young man, and was plus of L. 143, 5s. 11d. The present po- very well dressed. pulation of the burgh and suburbs of Pais Gas Light.-On Saturday night, the ley is 40,000.

whole of North Bridge Street, Edinbugrh, FEBRUARY.

from the ligh Street to the Register Office, Melancholy Shipwrecks.--Several heavy was brilliantly lighted with gas. The lights gales, which prevailed during last month, used are large batwings, introduced into proved very destructive to shipping, both spacious and elegant lanterns, elevated a on the east and west coasts of Britain. On foot or two above the level of the common the 22d a fine new ship, the Trelawny of lamps. The length of the street is nearly 450 tons burden, from Glasgow for Ja a quarter of a mile ; and ten of these lan. maica, was wrecked on the Ayrshire terns on each side light it far more effectivecoast, near Irvine, and 15 of the crew, be- ly than about 50 oil lamps, which have sides four sailors of Saltcoats, three of them been now removed. The body of light, inshipmasters, who generously ventured deed, emitted from the new lanterns conthrough a heavy sea to their assistance, siderably exceeded expectation, and showwere drowned. On the 25th the Leith and ed evidently the advantages which would Aberdeen smack, Marchioness of Huntly, result from their general adoption. went ashore at Elie, in Fife, and three pas. Crimes.--An Account of the Number of sengers were washed overboard. In the

Prisoners Tried, and the Offences they course of the same week, two other vessels,

were Convicted of, at the Old Bailey belonging to Aberdeen, were lost near that

Sessions, in the year 1818. port, and five of those on board perished. Numerous other cases of shipwreck took Murder place during the month, attended by a very Burglary

25 great loss of valuable lives.

House Breaking

7 6. Aberdeen Election.--This day, the Highway Robbery

25 Second Division of the Court of Session Stealing in a Dwelling-house

68 took into conisderation a complaint at the Stealing privately in a Shop

16 instance of John Elphinston and William Stealing on the River Thames

2 Mortimer; and also a complaint at the Horse Stealing

11 instance of George Gray, burgesses of Sheep Stealing guild of Aberdeen, complaining of irregu. Cattle Stealing Larties alleged to have been committed in Cutting down Trees

1 the course of the proceedings at the elec- Returning from Transportation tion of Magistrates and Councillors, which Forgery took place at Michaelmas last, under the Uttering Forged Bank Notes


Capital Offences.

Having possession of ditto without Removed to Bethlehem Hoslawful excuse


pital Receiving Stolen Goods

10 Removed by Habeas Corpus Manslaughter


to County Jails, for Trial Embezzlement

at the Assizes

23 Fraud

Removed to the House of Cor. Grand Larceny


rection for the City of LonMisdemeanours


don, for imprisonment for Uttering Counterfeit Coin 13

certain periods

Removed to the House of Cor. 1430

rection for the County of
Of these there were

Middlesex for the like pur-

286 Between the age of ten and

Removed to ditto, having refourteen

38 Beween the age of fourteen

ceived his Majesty's pardon, and eighteen


on condition of being impriBetween the age of eighteen

soned therein for certain

10 and twenty-one



Removed to the Ship Maria, Total under twenty-one

at Deptford, destined to years of age


carry out Female Convicts
to New South Wales

36 An Account of the Number of Prisoners Discharged, having had his

in Custody, in his Majesty's Jail of Majesty's free pardon 23
Newgate, in the Year 1818, and how Discharged, being acquitted at
they have been disposed of.

the Old Bailey Sessions 486

Discharged by Proclamation ; In custody on the 1st January

Bills of Indictment not 1818


having been found against Committed from that period to


251 31st Dec. 1818*

2326 Discharged for want of Pro-
2754 secution

53 Of which there have been ex

Discharged, having underecuted


gone their sentence of ImDied


108 Renioved to the Hulks at

Discharged upon Bail, and Sheerness, preparatory to

other causes

46 Transportation 647

2370 Ditto to Portsmouth

50 Ditto to Gosport

100 Remained in custody 1st Ditto to Woolwich

Jan. 1819, Males 277.

384 Removed to the Penitentiary,

Females 107)

33 Removed to the Refuge for

2754 the Destitute


W. R. H. BROWN, Keeper.

BRITISH LEGISLATION. Acts passed in the 58th year of the Reign of Geo. III. or in the Sixth Session of the Fifth

Parliament of the United Kingdom. Cap. LI. An Act to amend certain Acts ful Coin or Money in this Realın.-May passed in the 4th year of King Edward the 30. Fourth, first and tenth years of Queen LII. An Act to continue until the 20th Anne, first and twelfth years of King George day of June 1820, An Act of thc 52d year the First, and thirteenth, twenty-second, of his present Majesty, for the more effectual and twenty.ninth years of King George the preservation of the Peace, by enforcing the Second, and thirteenth and fifty-seventh duties of Watching and Warding.- May 30. years of King George the Third, probibit LIII. An Act for enabling his Majesty ing the payment of the wages of workmen to make further provision for his Royal in certain trades otherwise than in the law- Highness the Duke of Kent, and to settle

an annuity on the Princess of Leiningen, Nearly 2000 of these were Middlesex prison in case she shall survive his said Royal

Highness. May 30.


LIV. An Act to grant certain Rates, Howth, and for the better regulation of the Duties, and Taxes in Ireland, in respect of shipping therein.- June 1. Fire Hearths, Windows, Male Servants, LXII. An Act to continue until the 1st Horses, Carriages, and Dogs, in lieu of day of August 1819, two Acts of his preformer rates, duties, and taxes thereon, and sent Majesty, allowing the bringing of to provide for the payment thereof to the Coals, Culm, and Cinders to London and Collectors of Excise, and for the more ef. Westminster. June 1. tectual accounting for the same.-June 1. LXII. An Act to revive and continue

LV. An Act to continue until the 5th until the 25th day of March 1819, an Act day of July 1819, Two Acts of the 54th made in the 49th year of his present Mayear of his present Majesty, for repealing jesty, to permit the importation of Tob the duties of customs on Maduer imported co from any place whacever.June 3. into Great Britain, and for granting other LXIV. An Act to make farther reguduties in lieu thereof.-June 1.

lations respecting the payment of Navy LVI. An Act to make perpetual an Act Prize Money, and to authorize the Govt.. of the 46th year of his Majesty, for grant nors of Greenwich Hospital to pay over ing an additional bounty on the Exporta- certain shares of Prize Money due to tion of the Silk Manufactures of Great Russian seamen to his Excellency the RusBritain. June 1.

sian Ambassador.- June 3. LVII. An Act to amend an Act of the LXV. An Act for repealing the duties 55th year of his present Majesty, for grant- of Excise on Verjuice and Vinegar, and ing Duties of Excise in Ireland upon cer- granting other duties in lieu thereof, and tain Licences, and for securing the pay- for more effectually securing the duties of ment of such duties, and the regulating the Excise on Vinegar or Acetous Acid.. issuing of such licences. June 1.

June 3. LVIII. An Act to defray the charge of LXVI. An Act to empower any three the Pay, Clothing, and contingent expences or more of the Commissioners for the reof the disembodied Militia of Great Bri. duction of the National Debt to exercise tain, and for granting allowances in certain all the powers and authorities given to the cases to Subaltern Officers, Adjutants, said Commissioners by any Act or Acts of Quarter-Masters, Surgeons, Surgeons' Parliament.-June 3. Mates, and Serjeant-Majors of Militia, un. LXVII. An Act to provide for the til the 25th day of March 1819.-June 1. more deliberate investigation of present.

LIX. An Act for defraying until the ments to be made by Grand Juries for 25th day of June 1819, the charge of the Roads and Public Works in Ireland, and Pay and Clothing of the Militia of Ire- for accounting for money raised by such land, and for making

allowances in certain presentments. - June 3. cases to Subaltern Officers of the said Mi. LXVIII. An Act to repeal so much of licia during peace.—June 1.

an Act passed in Ireland, in the 9th year LX. An Act to continue, until three of the reign of Queen Anne, intituled an months after the ceasing of any restriction Act for taking away the benefit of Clergy imposed on the Bank of England from is- in certain cases, and for taking away the suing cash payments; the several acts for book in all cases, and for repealing part of confirming and continuing the restrictions the statute for transporting Felons, as takes on payments in cash by the Bank of Ire- away the benefit of Clergy from persons land. June 1.

stealing privily from the person of another, LXI. An Act for the better accommoda, and more effectually to prevent the crime tion of his Majesty's packets within the of Larceny from the person. June 3. Harbour on the North side of the hill of

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JEREMIAH SPENCER, of Great Jamesstreet, Bedford-row, Middlesex, for certain de seriptions of fire-grates; by which improvement the combustion of smoke is more easily effected. December 5, 1818.

FREDERICK WILLIAM SEYFERT, of St Joha-street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, watch-make, for an improvement on certain descriptions of Watches and clocks December 5.

MARK ISAMBAUD BRUNEL, of Chelsea, Middlesex. eivil engineer, for a new species of tin foil, capable of being crystallized in large varied and beautiful crystallization. December 5.

JOHN WHITING, of Ipswich, Sutfolk, builder, for a window-shutter. December 5.

HENRY PERSHOUSE,. of Birmingham,

Warwickshire, factor, for a method of stamping pans for seals. December 10.

JAMES BARRON, of Wells-strect, Middlesex, brass-founder, for an improvement in the making orknobs, generally used on drawers, doors, and cabinet-furniture, and known by the name of drawer and mortice furniture knobs, or handles, December 10.

DENNIS JOHNSON, of 75, Long Acre, St Martin-in-the. Fields, Middlesex, watch-maker, for a machine for the purpose of diminishing the labour and fatigue of persons in walking, and enabling them at the saine time to use greater speed; which said machine he intends calling the Pedes. trian Curricle. Communicated to him by a person residing abroad. Deceinbcr 22.

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