The History of Banking in Ireland

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman, 1836 - 148 Seiten

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Seite 59 - To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury: The Memorial and Petition of Gustavus Vassa a black Man, late Commissary to the black Poor going to Africa. humbly sheweth, That your Lordships...
Seite 22 - That no dividend shall at any time be made by the said Governor and Company, save only out of the interest, profit, or produce arising by or out of the said capital stock, or fund, or by such dealing as is allowed by Act of Parliament.
Seite 76 - be lawful for any body politic or corporate whatsoever, erected ' or to be erected (other than the said Governor and Company ' of the Bank of England), or for any other persons whatsoever, ' united or to be united in covenants or partnership, exceeding the ' number of six persons, in that part of Great Britain called ' England, to borrow, owe, or take up any sum or sums of money ' on their bills or notes payable at demand, or at any less time ' than six months from the borrowing thereof.
Seite 47 - It was obtained by the directors of the Provincial Bank of Ireland, as the Acts previously granted did not furnish the facilities which the Provincial Bank required for the beneficial exercise of its operations. It confirmed the permission granted by former Acts to establish joint-stock banks at a greater distance than fifty miles from Dublin, and permitted persons resident in Great Britain to become shareholders in such banks. The banks were required to register at the Stamp Office in Dublin an...
Seite 117 - ... the association, shall be equally assessed against all the shareholders in proportion to the number of shares held by them, respectively.
Seite 21 - George the third, and his heirs and successors, and his and their abettors, assistants and adherents, and will serve the said United States in the office which I now hold, with fidelity, according to the best of my skill and understanding. So help me God.
Seite 26 - Bennet, a committee of the House of Commons was appointed to inquire into the state of the police of the metropolis.
Seite 107 - As long as the public are willing to take these notes as gold, they produce, to a certain extent, the same effects. The banker, who first makes advances to the agriculturist, the manufacturer, or the merchant, in his own notes, stimulates as much the productive powers of the country, and provides employment for as many labourers, as if, by means of the philosopher's stone, he had created an amount of gold equal to the amount of notes permanently maintained in circulation. It is this feature of our...
Seite 21 - England, and the liberties and privileges thereof ; and that, in the execution of the said office of governor, I will faithfully and honestly demean myself according to the best of my skill and understanding. So help
Seite 31 - One of the gentlemen thus addressed him : — " ' Good morning to you, Sir ! I presume you are the gentleman of the house.' " ' At your service, ladies and gentlemen,' returned the saddler. " ' It is here, I understand, that the bank is kept ?' continued my friend. "'You are just right. Sir,' replied the mechanic; 'this is the Killarney Bank, for want of a better.

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