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Certain orders for the increase of learning in the unlearned

sort of ministers.-E Libro Instrum. Episc. Lincoln. fol. 50, 51.

NPRIMIS, The order appointed in the preface of the

common book, concerning the dayly readinge of publique prayer, shall be duly observed, to the end they may be the better acquainted with the phrase and histos ries of the scriptures.

Certain orders] These were evidently adopted as a substitute for the exercises called prophecyings, which had been prohibited by the queen. But it does not appear, nor is it probable, that they were adopted

generally. It is clear that in the next year (1586) a less laborious 10 kind of exercise was enjoined in the following order proposed by the

archbishop and agreed upon in convocation ; “ Every minister having cure, and being under the degree of master of arts, and bachelor of civil law, and not liçenced to be a public preacher, shall before the second day of February next provide a Bible and Bullinger's Decads in VOL. II.


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