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Lord, and faves us, for thy and judge between usana bur mercies a fake in Jesus Christ, enemies- Stir up thy ftrength, thy Son our Lord. Amen. O Lord, and come and help

uss for thou giveft not alway Most glorious and gra- the battle to the strong, but

cious Lord God, who canft fave by many or by dwelleft in heaven, but be- fewmoo let hot our finsnow holdest all things below, look éry againft us for vengeance down, we beseech thee, and but hear us thig tpoor servants hear us, calling out of the begging

mercy, and imploring depth of misery, and out of thy help, and that thou the jaws of this death, which

wouldest be


defence unto is now ready to fwallow us up: us against the face of the eneSave, Lord, or else we perith. my: Make it appear that The living, the living

hall thou art our Saviour and praise thee, O fend thy word mighty. Deliveres, through of cornmand to rebuke the Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen. raging Winds, and the roar- Short Prayers for single Persons, ing Sea; that we, being de- that cannot meet to join in livered from this distress,

may Prayer with others by reason live to serve thee, and to glo- 20of the Fight, or, Storm rify thy Name all the days of 2ss nor Generalu Pragerk210,1 our life. Hear, Lord, and fave us, for the infinite merits


ORD, be therciful fo us of our blessed Saviour, thy

finners, and save us for Son our Lord Jefus Chrift

. thy mercies fake. il bos Amen. gniobuni 140 h Thou art the great God, 21 m09011 zo sneid igast who haft made and ruleft al The Prayer to be said before a things: O deliver us for thy

Fight 1 at Sean against any Name's sakeoda I SU Enemy.nagu vyomt&Had Thou art the great God to O

Moft powerful and glo- be feared above all : O fave

orious Lord God, the us, that we may praise thee. Lord of hosts, that rulest

and Special Prayers with respe&t to commandeft all things's thou ysb 10the Enemy. 29 fittest in the throne judging THOU, O Lord, art just righth And therefore we make slet sand powerful?lo deour address to thy Divine fend our cause against the Majesty, insthis our necessity, face of the enemy.on ad bel that thou wouldest take the lio God, thou art'a strong cause into thine own hand, tower of defence to all who fly


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unto thee 0 faxe us from When there.fwall be impninent the violence of the enemyans Hidangen, las many as esano be LO Lord of Hosts, fight for Spered fromnécesary.service us that, we may glorify thee, in the sirip shall be called togeo fuffer us not to Gink un- ther, and maken an phumble der the weight of our fins, or


Confeffion of their bus to God: the violence of the enemy st in which

every one orgbt leO Lord, arise, help us, and

reflect upon those deliver us forthy Name's sakel b particular fins, of which bis

Shore Pflyerse in respect of a Conscience hall accufe

, him sodt tedi Stecran, glodyti žo Jaying as followelho

to digo HOU, 6 °Lord, who O


The Confeßion,

LMIGHTY God, Fa- Ffilleft the raging of the

of the A

ther of our Lord Jelus fea, hear, hear us, and lave us, Christ, Maker of all things, that we perith not. iei Judge of all men; we ac3190 Blessed Saviour, who knowledge and bewail our

waacdidit fave thy disciples ready manifold fins and wickedness, to perich in a storm ; hear us, which we from time to time and faye us, we beseech thee.

most grievously have commitnó Lord, have mercy upon us. ted, by thought, word, and

Chrift, have mercy upon us. deed, against thy Divine Ma-
Lordhave mercy upon us. jesty, provoking most juftly

O Lord, hear us. 10 thy wrath and indignation 101

O Christ, hear us.1 against us. We do earnestly

God the Father, God the repent, and are heartily forry Son, God the Holy Ghost, for these our misdoings, the have mercy upon us, save us, remembrance of them is now and evermore. Amen.i grievous untò us ; the bur

UR Father, who are in then of them is intolerable.

Heaven, Hallowed be Have mercy upon us," have thy Name ;-Thy Kingdom mercy upon us,qmost mercicome; Thy Will be done on ful Father) For thy Son our Earth, as it is in Heaven: Lord Jesus Christ's fake, forGive us this day, our daily give us all that is paftsrand bread, And forgive us our grants that we may ever heretrespasses as we forgive those after serve and please thee in

who trespass against us; And newness

of life, to the honour lead us not into temptations and glory roofilithy Name, But, deliver us from evil. through f Jesus v Chriftour Amen... Ils of someb te two Lord. Amen.



9. Then fall the Minister, if O praise our God, ye peoso there be any in the ship, say: ple; and make the voice of

LMIGHTY God, our his praise to be heard ;
heavenly Father, who,

Who holdeth our foul in of his great mercy, hath pro- life ; and suffereth not our mised forgiveness of fins to all feet to flip. those who with hearty re

For thou, O God, hast pentance and true faith turn proved us: thou also haft unto him; have mercy upon

tried us, like, as silver is

tried. you ; pardon and deliver you from all your fins; confirm

Thou broughtest us into and strengthen you in all the snare ; and laidit trouble goodness, and bring you to upon our loins. everlasting life, through Jesus

1 will go into thy house Christ our Lord. Amen.

with burnt-offerings; and

will pay thee my vows which Thanksgiving after a Storm. I promised with my lips, and Pfalm Ixvi. Jubilate Deo. spake with my mouth when

I was in trouble. Be joyful in God, all ye O come hither and hearklands; fing praises unto en, all


that fear God; and the honour of his Name ; I will tell you what he hath make his praise to be glorious. done for my soul.

Say unto God, O how won- I called unto him with my derful art thou in thy works; mouth; and gave him praises through the greatness of thy with my tongue. power hall thine enemies be If I incline unto wickedfound liars unto thee. ness with mine heart, the

For all the world shall wor- Lord will not hear me. ship thee, sing of thee, and But God hath heard me praise thy Name.

and considered the voice O come hither, and behold my prayer. the works of God; how Praised be God; who hath wonderful he is in his do- not cast out my prayer ; nor ing toward the children of turned his mercy from me. men!

Glory be to the Fathes, He ruleth with his power and to the Son, and to the for ever ; his eyes behold the Holy Ghoft; people ; and such as will not As it was in the beginning, believe, shall not be able to iś now, and ever shall be exalt themfelves.

world without end. Amen.


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Pfalmcvii. Confitemini Domino. that he doeth for the children

of men ! That men would praise That they would exalt him

the Lord for his good- also in the congregation of ness; and declare the wonders the people ; and praise him in that he doeth for the children the Teat of the elders ! of men!

Glory be to the Father, That they would offer unto and to the Son, and to the him the facrifice of thankf- Holy Ghost; giving; and tell out his works As it was in the beginning, with gladness!

is now, and ever shall be, • They that go down to the world without end. Amen. sea in ships; and occupy their business in great waters;

Colleets of Thanksgiving. These men see the works of Most blessed and glorithe Lord, and his wonders in ous Lord God, who the deep.

art of infinite goodness and For at his word, the stormy mercy; we, thy poor creawind ariseth; which lifteth tures, whom thou hast made up the waves thereof. and preserved, holding our

They are carried up to the souls in life, and now rescuing heaven, and down again to us out of the jaws of death, the deep; their soul melteth humbly present ourselves again away because of the trouble. before thy Divine Majesty, to

They reel to and fro, and offer a sacrifice of praise and stagger like a drunken man ; thanksgiving, for that thou and are at their wits end. heardelt us when we called in

So when they cry unto the our trouble, and didst not Lord in their trouble, he de- cast out our prayer, which we livereth them out of their made before thee in our great distress.

distress; even when we gave For he maketh the storm all for loft, our Ship, our to cease, so that the waves Goods, our Lives, then didst thereof are still.

thou mercifully look upon Then are they glad, be- us, and wonderfully comCause they are at relt; and so mand a deliverance; for he bringeth them unto the which we now, being in haven where they would be. safety, do give all praise and

Othat men would therefore glory to thy holy Name, praise the Lord for his good- through Jesus Christ our ness; and declare the wonders Lord. Amen. R



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Or ibis :

, An Hymn of Praise and Thanks

giving after a dangerous TemMost mighty and gra- + peft. cious good God, thy

unto but in special manner bath is gracious; and his mercy been extended towards us, endureth for ever. whom thou hast fo powerfully Great is the Lord, and and wonderfully defended. greatly to be praised : let Thou hast showed us terrible the redeemed of the Lord say things, and wonders in the so, whom he hath delivered deep, that we might see how from the merciless


of powerful and gracious a God the sea. thou art; how able and ready The Lord is gracious, and to help them that trust in full of compassion; how to thee. "Thou hast showed us anger, and of great mercy. how both Winds and Seas He hath not dealt with us obey thy command; that we according to our sins; neither. may learn even from them rewarded us according to our hereafter to obey thy voice, iniquities. and to do thy will. We But as the heaven is high therefore bless and glorify thy above the earth; so great hath Name, for this thy mercy, in been his mercy towards us. saving us when we were ready We found trouble and heato perilh. And we beseech viness; wewere even at death's thee, make us as truly fenfi- door. ble now of thy mercy, as we

The waters of the sea had were then of the danger; and well nigh covered us; the give us hearts always ready to proud waters had well nigh express our thankfulness not gone over our soul. only by words, but also by The sea roared; and the our lives, in being more obe- stormy wind lifted up the dient to thy holy command- waves thereof. ments. Continue, we beseech We were carried up as it thee, this thy goodness to us; were to heaven, and then that we, whom thou hast sav- down again into the deep; ed, may serve thee in holiness our soul melted within us,and righteousness all the days, because of trouble. * of our life, through Jesus Then cried we unto thee, Christ our Lord and Saviour. O Lord; and thou didst deAmen.

liver us out of our difrefs.


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