A Manual of Sugar Analysis: Including the Applications in General of Analytical Methods to the Sugar Industry. With an Introduction on the Chemistry of Cane-sugar, Dextrose, Levulose, and Milk-sugar

D. Van Nostrand, 1883 - 353 Seiten

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Seite 100 - A body immersed in a fluid is buoyed up with a force equal to the weight of the displaced fluid.
Seite 355 - A Manual of Theoretical Mechanics. Ninth American edition. Translated from the fourth augmented and improved German edition, with an Introduction to the Calculus by Eckley B. Coxe, AM, Mining Engineer.
Seite 294 - ... acid, and the chloride of silver collected upon a filter and washed. Through the filtrate sulphuretted hydrogen was passed, the mixed sulphide of copper, lead, and gold collected upon a filter, treated with nitric acid, the acid solution evaporated to dryness, the residue taken up with water, and the solution filtered ; in the filtrate lead was detected, while the residue contained gold. With regard to this residue of gold, which has also. been alluded to in the text, it should be remarked that...
Seite 164 - The sugar solution to be tested in the optical saccharimeter is commonly more or less dark and requires to be decolorized. For this purpose the most ordinarily used and effective reagent is the solution of the basic lead acetate.

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