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returned with some dililculty to Pres; bourg, by begging tbr alms! Ann-r having there in vain sought for some means of subsistence, findmg that his religion was the ch1et`ub=l:\c1e to all his etibrts, and being ncumily un thc point of dying with lhmine, he yielded ru the voice of despair, changed his faith, and assumed the habit of one of the brethren ot` nhe order of charity. Thistimely step saved him; lbr henceforth he could not only live, but he tbund himself entirely at his ease. As the lhxrernity In which he now belonged, was chietiy eunplnyed in :he care of Lhe sick, he took advantage of this opportuniny m extend his knowledge ut' medicine. lie accnrdingly read, remarked, made observations; and, in the course of a tbw years, acquired 1\ degree of knowledge, that procured him ceiebrily. It was thus, that Brother Firmian, for so he “ss called in the convent, distinguished himself above all his colleagues, and happy was the patient confided to his care. Among other principal estates, it so lmppened, lhaz the Prmce dc Lichteniteiu possessed that of Feldsperg in Muravin, where he passed :wo or three mouths every year. Having heard a great deal about Brother Firmian, he desired he might he sent to him from Presburg; and, being mnch delighted with his knowledge, Ins skill, and his conversation, he called him in, whenever he was amicted with any disease. The eunfidence placed in this physician probably aided the success of the remedies he prescribed ; for he mved his life during Iwo severe indispositionl, for which he was richly rewarded, and thus became enabled rn serve his cnnvem. Bu: ic never once entered, eizher into his mind, or that of' the Prince, that he was the brother of Schroeder; and since his apnsmcy, zx certain degree of shame prevented him from kee ing upany communication with his fanxify. On one hand, he had liule or no intercourse wish zhe court of :he Prince while his Highness resided an Vienna; und on the other, Maior Schrceder, although he saw his pm. ,tecmr dailyin the capital, yet never followed him I0 Feldsperg, his presence being indispensahle at the milimryschoal. But a severe tit of the gout having occurred during nhe winter, the Prince de Lichtenszein, after nying all :he physi

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swear, and to pray, Tay turns, and Huully concluded by sending Ibr Brother Firmian, who anivcd in great haste; and whether it was, than ho employed the mos: ekiicacious means, ol lhalxhe disease had reached its crisis, or dmc Faith in this case procluged its customary miracles, certain ir. is, than he had scarcely entered the palace, when the pains began ro dimimish, andthe gout, by little and litlle, Lo withdraw. In shurt, the prince gut up, was able to walk about his apammentg receive cu|uJ puny, and do bunmeas as usual. Une morning, as Brntber Fi|'KIlL'\l) was wailing in the amti-chrunber to see the prxnce, a|| ullicer of artillery mnde his appearance; and hum the first moment he discovered him Lo possess a most singular and 8L(l'$\!}l'(|i|\3l`_y remblnncé to his elder brother, frnm whom he had been for su nanny years separated. But this uniform, which announced a distinguished rank, still kept him in doubt; nolwithstanding lhis, the more he looked, the more he was struck with the resemblance; and after he heard him address a few words Ln the Prince':\ valet dn Chambre, his conjectures w¢»re fully conGrmed, especially diet having l-aken the latter aside, and learned his name. At leng&h,` becoming bold, he approached him, asked him if his namewni not Schroeder, and if he had not a brother called William? The major on this bocame more attentive and condescending; he demanded, with the uir of Sl man greatly interested in the questio||,whether he was alive, and ifhis intbrumn! could give any tidings of him? ()n being told dnt he could, be approached still nearer, hu! wiQu»az recognizing him; and, at length, on Learning the particulars, he cutlaimcde “ Good Heaven! is it you! and in :his habit? Omy brother! my brother!" Having said this, they rushed into each oLher's arms, uttering cries ofjoy az the same lime. The Prince de Lichten~ stein, who was in his library, heard ihe noise; anél, enquiring of hm domesticl, soon leuned the parxiculars. On this, he summoned the monk and the otlicer before him; commended their fmzcnnd utfection; praised lbqiz respective merits; and concluded the s¢ene, hymnguringthem both of Lhe cuminumrcedf his suppnrz and prmecrion, as he felicilnterf himselfgreally at having two >uch vgluable men attached no his person.

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A BENSBERG, account of the battle of 501
"^ Abraham, on the hospitality of 50

Ab,Tdeen, a.icicnt monument found <^t 554
^''srlution, on tending the ■• 55.5

Academji, lectures at the royal 179

, exhibit on of the 489, 603

Act8of parliament,"abstract of new 388,495
Addison, intended monument to the me-
mory of 399

Affairs, state of public 74, 183, 289, 388,

497, 610
African Institution, proceedings of the 377
Agricultural r-ports, monthly 110,318, 423« .

......-••• societies, proceedings of 912,

303, 4n3, 406, 409, 517, 521, 5«5, 629
Ague, remedy for the .. 1,50

.. .., mode of administering bark in S'*7

Albion East Indiaman, burnt •• 71

Albuquerque, anevd^te or' .. 50

Alburnum, conversion of bark into 58

AKnew, Mr.'accannt of .. 407

Alkalies, on the decomposition of fixed 871,

Alnwick, improvement at ,, 6'i4

- Aloe, Beneficial uses of the , ■ ■ 2U4

America, on the naming of -• 49

, state of commerce with 21j

• , repeal of (he orders in council,

with regard to .... 528

■ proclamation ofthe president of 641

Ames's Typographical Antiquities, «•'_<

the new edition of .. 144,'325

Amsterdam, decayed state of •• 379

Ancaster, memoir of the Duke of 196

Anchors, improved method of getting In 589
Ancients, on the costume of the 649

Andersnn, Dr. J. niemoir of .. 297

Animals, society for the abolition of

cruelcy to 355

* » , Lord Erskinc's speech on cru-
el ty to *» t4~-*f 556
Antiquary, the .,./^*WA 29
Antiquities discovered .. 105,489
Apostles, account of royal vi'^r^ jf)*1
Archangel, state of i he trade of .108
Archbold, Colorel, account of ,. "218
Arches, on the tangents of three ^ju tSD-
Architecture^ origin ol gothic '«■ 671
Argens, memoir of the Marqnia 0" 67-4
Arnaorul hearing?, pa . - .. -V14
Anus o? llie city of London, on the 61
Arsenic, mel hod of detecting .. 600
Arts, monthly retrospect of the fine 61,177,
~ «Jf~ 'vtk 277,384,432,603
..... en the state of the fine ''.. St'i
'...., proceedings of the society of • 393
Aathnia, on the treatment of .. 72

*• --4K?.-•:•--j,.<;

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Astronomical anticipations 111, 220, 3?0,
424, 535, 646
Athanasiuj, anecdote of .... 50

Atmospheric air, on the changes of 476

Austria, political state of 497, 610

Authors, traces of modern theories in an-
cient .. •>
Bahama?, hemp produced in the
Bankruptcies, monthly lilts of 90, 193,287,
386, 508, 60S
Barclay, David, account of V. 6tt
Bark of trees, experiments on .. .58
.... jn ague, on the administration of

the ,/*t5 •*». 327

Barlow, Hugh, account of •• 213

Baronius. remarkable assertion of 161

Barrow, Dr: anecdote of . «^

Bartholomew, C. account of^
Barwick, Rev. S. account <"
Bastille, anecdotes of the 429, 540

Bath and West of England Socieiy, ptsjv-

ceedings or the^_• - .. .. 81S

.... hospital,caution; published by the 437
Baths, discovery of Roman
Becket, absurdity of Thon
i'leddocs, Dr: memoirs of
Bengal, narrative of a tour in
Berkshire canal, state of the ,

Berry, Lieut account of |*_e£ 314

Bibles, incorrectness in printing of
Bible Society, donations to the
Blind, fund for the relief of the
Blondcl's account of the reconquest

Normandy % ^af" I'PJWJ^^
Boat, improvements in the life
Boccacio, observation on '•fjslJV^"
Boconnock, Cornwall, imp
Bolton, account of the Duchess of
Boniface VUI. anecdote of Pope
Books, analysis of curious -•♦

Boothby, R. account of ,-■%»•

Boracic acid, description of the
Boringdon, Lord, improtemeati i

estate of .»" df*.9

botanical reports ^917,4*0,!

Bouhnurs, correction \
Bourbon, account of the

Louis De ..'•

Boustead, T. account of
Brand, Rev. J. account of ■
Branthwayte, A, aKWoaBatoT'
Brazil, vaccination inj^

roads, of
Brest fle«c%trej
Brewers, report v5f|
Brewery, sjecetsat I

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•ridge floorings, ps-tent for improved 17'.'
Brighton, dreadful accidents <it 631

Bristol, improvements at 106, 633

British Critic, animadversions on the 141

• , vindication of the 326

Institution, exhibition of the 63, 180

277, 381
Brown, J. account of .. 31i

, Dr. on the theory of • - 384

Brushes made from whale uone 171

Burton, anecdote of ..... j.yj

Bunting's I'ixi^ranum, account of 585

Buonaparte, character of .. 55-

.on the birth and genealogy of MM

Burgh, Dr. account of .. 99

Bums, on-lhe application of oil in 139

...., remedy for .. 573

Butler, on lines sjid to be written by 43H
Butter, account oi the Swedish turnip 436
Cachcctics, observations on .. 73

Caius, Dr. account of a curious book by 29
Calculi, on the structure uf 476, 592

Caledonian Asylum, plan of the
Cambridge University Intelligence 103, 209.
307, 114, 5*4
Campbell, Dr. vindication of ■• 1'.'

Camphor, process of cleansing 2IU

Cancer, extraordinary cure for 57:1

Canterbury, building of a new hospital at 525
Cards preferred to chess ., 160

Caiew, his observations on criticism 2o8

Carlisle, meteorological journal kept it 9

• , births, marriages, &c. at 97

, Mr. account ol the lectures of 179

Carriages, improvements in the construc-
tion of .. .. 371
Carrot, seed of the wild, a cure for the

gravel .. .. 196

Cartridge paper, patent for improved 63

Cjssini, J. D. account of .. 159

Cavanilles, Abbe, memoir of .. 701
Cattle, shews of prize •• 7,399

patent for slaughtering 275

Chalmers, Mr. G. queues to •• 336

Chalybeate spring discovered .. 135

Champagne, account of the vineyards. Sec.

of .. '•• -. ih.

Chaos, explanation of the word .')

Charles, Arch.'ukc, proclamation of 3&9

Charles V. his correspondence with Fran-
cis J. ., .. 6P.3
Charcoal, experiments on .. 481
Chatlerron, vindication of ., 436
Children, on severity to • • 235

necessity of instructing poor (i

Christ Church, Oxford, tut at 306

Chromstonietry, account o' a lecture on 70
Cbrysostora, strange observation of J60

Clackmannanshire, mineral strata of 599

Clapham, Mr. account of .. 6-25

Cleaver.,, their i Biracy in cancer 573

Cleveland, Mr excellent character of 857
Clifton, elegant building at •• 311

Cloth trade in Yorkshire, state of the 406
Coal-gas, advantages of .. 373

-Coates, S. account of . • 303

Cock, patent cue fur drawing liquor 37u


Cocl.ram, Henry, pedantry of .. 58*

Coft'te, hi'tory of •• 2.1

, excellent substitute for 71

improved method oi preparing 274

, foreign mode ot preparing 316

Columbus, remarkable assertion of ItiJ

Combustion, instances of spontaneous 71

Comet, observations on the late lt>4i

Commercial reports 1ULS, 215, 315,417,528,

Composition, on musical .. 254

on literary .. 351/

Compson, Rev. T. account of •• 201*

Consump'ion, on the prcval-nce of v*6

on the prevention and cure

of - .. .. 2?«

Contagion, observations on •• _ 65J

Copper glance, curious variety of 174

Correspondence between France, Russia,

and Kngl.ind •* .. 86

C-runna, account of the battle of 8a?

Coster, account of the printing forms of

Laurens .... 488

Co'ton imported from Africa .. 175

CoveotGarden Thrutrc, ceremony ut lay-
ing the foundation stone of «• 91
Cow, anecdote ol a .... 1:13
Cowley, Mrs. memoirs of .. 356
Crantz, observation of •. 160
Cretinism, ohst rvarious on •• dO
Crult, Dr. account of .. 621
Cryolite, uccount of a mineral so called 369
Cummins, W. remarkable account of 514
Danulie, account of the battle of the 1-4
Davi , J. atcount of .... ^114
Dave's, Mr. discoveries, account of 176, 271.


, observations on .. 335

Deomeron, observations on the 361

Debtors, released from confinement 570

Derwent Water, account of the floating

island in 23*

Dibdin, Mr. on Ames's Typographical

Antiquities .. .. 44,225

Dickes, Mr. account of .. 309

Uillcttanti Tourist, the 40, 145, 2-17, 459

Diseases, monthly reports of 72, 182, 2H5,

383, 4S<4, 6tl7

popular remedies for 119,573

Dividends announced 90,194,207, 387, 509,

Dogs, accqunt of a curious old treatise

upon .. .. 29

Drawing, on a school for .. 141

Drowned, on resuscitating persons appa-
rently .... . • 461
Drop.,, extraordinary cure of the 149
Drugs, new machinery for pulverizing 275
Drury-lunc Theatre burnt •• i95
Duillev, account of the mineral spring at 378
Duelling, on .. '•• 567
Duncan Rev. Dr. account of •• 214
Dunmore, liar 1 01, account of the 462
Dunmow, on the bacon of .. 268
Dunning, in Perthshire, earthquake at 174
Earthquake in Scotland .. ib.
bast India Callege, exarninatiuo. at the 69

Last India


•. TACI.

iTtrrtri, tEtraet from • • 160
Hertfordshire Agricultural Society,

meeting of the .. ■• 629

Hertfordshire, Ea«t India College at 209

Hetherington's, Mr. charity, state of 377

Hewson, Hugh, account of .. 4OI
Highgate Hill, en the intended archway

under • • - • • •. 328
Hill, Sir R- additional account of 246
Hindoos, character of the .. 259
Hindu Mythology, on the .. 426
History, use of ancient inscriptions to 438
Hodges, Mr. account of ,. ."Ill
Hogarth, anecdote of .. 158
Holcroft, T. memoir of .. 35U
Holtlerneij Agricultural Society, meet-
ing of the .. .. 406
Holland, sketches of .. 229
Holyhead, new light house at .. 313
Home, John, memoir of .. 295
Honymao, Col. account of •• 315
Horni, remarkable fossil .. 601
Hubbcrt, Mr. account of .. 515
Hudibras, on lines In .. 228, -138
Hull, new theatre at .. 302

improvements at .. 518

Humane Society, enquiry relative to the 127

Hunter, Dr. A. account of .. 519

Hutchinson, Col. account of .. 98

Hutton-Bashel Hall, tire at .. ib

Hyperbole, definition of the word 51

Hypochondriasis, observations on 286

Hypothesis, on the material .. 132

Iambics, on Greek .. 267

Immaterial hypothesis, on the 132
India, narration of a tour in 123, 257

Ingram, Rev. R. account of .. 207

Inscriptions, use of ancient ., 438

on ancient stones 553

Insects, on the re-animation of 651

Invisible fence, account of an • • 228
Ireland, Hindu mythology introduced

into •• •■ .iv6

political view of .. 660

Iron, on applying it red bot to the tongue 42
.... recommended tor furniture 578
Island, description of a floating 282
Italian and English music, on the 554
James J. anecdote of .. 160
James's, Dr. powder, analysis of 379
Jeffreys, W. H. account uf .. 312
Jehovah, origin of the word .. 51
Jerusalem, fire at .... 489
Jews, anei dote concerning the .. 50
.... in Holland, itate of the .. 233
.... Society for promoting the Conver-
sion of the 43(1

Johnson, Dr. on the disorder of 183 , John, preservation of .. 517

Jones, R. account of .. .. 304

upiter, appulse of Venus to .. 229

observations on the planet 675

Harass, state of the mission at 380

Rendal Dispensary, report of the £03

, philanthropic institution at 302

Kisn. Lunj, Etnpcroi of China, a poem of 657

King's birth day kept by the Royal Aca-
demy 605

speech 6'JO

King, Kev. Mr. account of .. 208

Kirby, Mr. account of .. 515

Kirkbridge, Rev. Mr. account of 51a

Kniic-ea;cr, an extraordinary 5i£

Knight's, Mr. discoveries ,. 5frt

Knowledge, on the present state of pub-
lic ;■•■ •••• 322

Lamb, description of a remarkable 405

Lamps, improvements in .. 171

Lancaster's pi an of education, observations
on .... .. 40

Land, increase in the value of 5"g

Landshut, account ot the battle of 501

Lawrence. Dr. account of .. 402

Laws, ancient mode or recording 4:ig

...., observations on the poor 549, 4.S9

Lead, improved mode ol drying white 331
••••, new mode of setting blue jag

Lectures, announced 68, 70, 174, 37>

Leeds, bii Is of mortality at .. ya,

, relief of i he poor at .. 519

Leicester Agricultural Society, meet-
ing of the 521

Lemington Piiors, description of 445

Less's Dr. woikon religion .. 452

Lessing's works, critical survey of Ajj

Letters of Lady M. W Montague 1

of the Duke of Yoik ... 191 Moore .. ;;<,.;

Mr Gibbon ,. <..-;>

...... Bonaparte .. 407

Lexicon, account of a Greek ■« 133

Libraries, sales of .. .. ^3

Lite boat, description of an unimmergi.


....... Sir W. Charges's improved 70

Linen, machine for washing .. 173

Liquors, impruved cock for drawing 370

Literary composition, on ,. 359

fund, extension of the .. 487

and philosophical intelligence 67,

Literature, lycaeum of ancient 19, 418

LITERATURE, Halp-yeakly Re-
Trospect or DOMESTIC

Lord Lonsdale's Memoirs of

Jamts H. .. g47

Memoirs of Robert Cary, Earl

of Monmouth > > ib.

DeMotu per BritannitmCivico

Annis 1745 et 6, Liber

l" ulcus -. iv.

History of Miranda's Attempt

tu effect a Revolution in
South America .. ib.

Maurice's Modern History of

Hindoottin *• ib,

Arch a\otolSy.

Hope's Costume of the Ancient* e»8

Dr. Clarke's Greek Marbles 650

.....,., Abort hlip's Funeral ib.


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