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* In fine, you may safely give my for me, Behold, sir, a true statement; Tecipe to your friends, and I trust that for I have frequently communicated

your heart is good enough to allow you every thing, and the morad to be den • to bestow it on your enemies, if it should Juced becomes selt evident: it is,' that

so happen that you possess any. Press if peace of mind, temperance, exercise, them to remark, that whosoever leads a and chastity, succeed so well with mild, sober, chaste, and active life and princes, we may and ought to hope for there are still some corners of the earth great things in respect to ourselves; be. where such men exist-the gout, which cause it is far more practicable for us, is the daughter of idleness and the pas- than for them, both to become and resions, is entirely oknown. Among maio masters of our passions, as well as these passions, the chief is intemperance, to live soberly and chastely. Exercise which not only errs as to the quality of alone is ingre easy to them than to us : aliments and liquids, but also exceeds they possess a greater number of horses. in respect to the quantity..

Were it not for some advantage, who "As to the quality, whatsoever is would be a prince? heating, strong, sharp, or salt, is bad "I am charmed, Sir, that the explana. for the gout. All fermented and spin tion required by you has procured one rituous liquors come under the same this opportunity to assure you of my description. In respect to quuntity, the respect, and digestion being always faulty in gouty

«lam, Sir,

i people; the assimilating organs ought to

"Your most obedient, &c. 'be managed with discretion, so that they

s TRONCHIN." may not have too much to do at once. After reading this letter, and perasing Dry and habitual frictions, together with his various works, who is it that will not constant but moderate exercise, ought to form an advantageous opinion of the be promoted: watchfulness and late "beart and understanding of Doctor Tronhoors are both to be avoided ; a sleep chin? One is astonished, and even. of seven hours duration, tranquillity, and scandalized, nay indignant at either the gaiety of mind, these are the auxiliaries error or injustice of his countryman, , which efficaciously aid the digestion of J. J. Rousseau, who has dared to term the stomach, and contribute to the sa- bin a Quack. Had ke been 'so, this : nity of the body.

s ame letter would have nfforded liún a What some frequently attempt to most excellent opportunity." remove by external remedies, is generally . “ Les Foères Schweder, Anecdote vérica aothing inore than either the effect, or table, imitée de l'Alleinand de Meissner." . the critical deposition of the gont,which, The two Brothers of the name of Schroe provided it is not regenerated, terini- der, a true Anecdote, imitated from the nates the malady. On these occasions, German of Meissner. however painful the patient may feelA person employed in one of the hinself, he has ample occasion for con- public oftices in Berlin, on his death left solation. She


h is widow and several of his children in " But to return to the Dúc d'Orleans: a situation approaching to indigence, the honey water, of which he made use Two of his sons, both in the public from time to time, had not, properly schools, and at the university, expespeaking, the gout for its object; this rienced all the privations, joined to many was used merely as a mild aod gentle other of those disagreenble circumpurgative, which sympatbises better with stances which fall to the lot of poor that disease than others of a more drastic students; notwithstanding this, they s. Dature, to which he never recarred s for never perinitted themselves to be stopped

since I had the honour to attend him, he in their career by any obstacles what' has never been purgeda Fonnerly this soever. The elder divided luis applicn

occurred monthly, and sometimes once a tion between jurigprudence, which might fortnigbt: he was also hlednouce every prove serviceable to his fortune and mafour weeks, but since I bechme his body thematics, for which he land always es physicinn, he has never once lost an bibited a decided predilection. ounce of blood.

At the end of their course they oh. By means of the secret, which tained from the various professors the Jon I have that teadily. conded to you, his most honourable attestations of their in.

Boat B o lehoidulated altogether, dustry au abilities; bat no possible to Ind his belih liko completely re-en source presented itself to them in their Shished i n fusther occasion native country, where they fvund it ims


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that he scarcely understood German at question about which you are now de. áll, and the other, that he did not possess bating, it is precisely one of the easiest; the faculty of rendering himself in the and provided you but undertake to grant least intelligible to his scholars.

me your attention, I will engage to make It so happened, that; one afternoon, you comprehend it in two or tbree Schroder having repaired to a little ale- in order either to appease his , “ In two or three hours !" exclaims the thirst, or to'pass away an unhappy hour, eldest of the students; “ it has been a three young artillerists entered it nearly punislament to us for the last ten days ! at the same time. They had just lett If this, sir, be in your power, we shall thcir tutor, the French professor, and not prove ungrateful." A day, hour, and now sat down at a table next to bis. place, were accordingly fixed; the are

“I: is very hard," exclaims one of tillerists were punctual to their appoilta them, “ that mathematics should be so ment, and Schræder coinmenced his tank, very difficult of comprehension! Here explained every ditñcully, and sent thein have we been, for several months, trying away perfect masters of the unlucky all in our power to comprehend them, lesson which had puzzled the whole class! and we are scarcely further advanced at During six weeks the three lags repaired this moment than we were the first day! every day to his little chamber, opposite But, as you all know, we are most puzzled the Scotch bastion; they, on their part, with that accursed problem which the listened with ittentiun; he, on his, took professor has been demonstrating to us pleasure in favouring their progress, and for the last fortnight! We have tried seconding their good attentions, the utinost in our power to understand At lengih arrived the memorable day, him, and yet without effect! What then which bad tormeriy inspired so inuch shall we do at the examination, which is terror, but was now expected by the to take place at the end of six weeks? three scholars with tranquilling. The The prince will not fail to be present, case was far diferent on the part of their and he does not like to bc critled with; companions. Out of forty, thurty-seven for those who cannot answer the questions conducted themselves in a manner to put, will be both excluded for ever from afford great dissatisfaction; but the three advancement, and punished over and disciples of Schræder answered every above."

question demanded, and even surpassed The others complained nearly in the the expectations of the officer appoinied same inanner; and all lamented iheir un- to examine them. fortunate situation in such terms, and The prince arising, called them by with such an unfeigned appearance of their respective names, signified his satissorrow, that it became easy to perceive faction in the presence of all, and prothat a good master was the only thing mised them lis especial protection. Then wanting. Meanwhile, not a single word turning around to the others, he became that passed escaped the attention of furious, overwhelmed them with reSchrader. At first, he only amused proaches, and territied then with menaces. himself with their sorrows, but in a short It was in vain that some attempted to cime he was affected with the embarrass. justify themselves, by observing, that they ment of these unhappy young men; he were unable to comprehend the professor, also began to entertain a presentiment, “ You are hypocrites, as well as that an opportunity' now offered to idiots," exclaims be. “How comes it render himself asetul both to himself about that your three companions hare and to others.

been able to understand hiin! But I He accordingly approached the table shall soon teach you how to be inore atat which they were situing, and addressed tentive and industrious !" His bigliness thie Cadets as follows:

proceeded in this manner during ten or "I crave your pardon, gentlemen, for twelve minutes, for it was dangerous to mingling in the conversation, without contradict him; and vet, notwithstandhaving the honour of being personally ing this, one of the disciples of Schrøder known to you. But I must bey leave to could no longer allow his companions to observe, that you do great injustice to labour under an unmerited disgrace. the mathematics, by condemning that He accordingly advanced, and spoke as science as too abstruse, for there are not follows:-"Nothing can be more Patter. any difficulties, except when it is taught ing to me that the suffrage of your highin an improper manner. As to the ness! but truth obliges me to confess, MONTILY MAG. No, 187,

5 À .. that

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