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sense, and babituate the bead to retain and twice at night: after this, he got the catch-words only of the longest dis- tbem by heart. La Rive, on the concourse. Three operations will engrave trary, acquired his couplet by couplet; on your mind all that you require froin this however fatigued him greatly, and the retentive faculty. The first is to be at length studied the character ten, make yourself perfectly master of the nay, twenty times, without attempting to subject; then to discuss every branch of retain any part of it'; he thus fortified it; finally tu peruse it over and over his memory by comprehending the auagain.

ther. Gerbier was accustomed to como The ancients and moderns have in. plain to me of his memory. On being vented several aids to the memory,* and asked how he was able to speak whole Tesources such as these are not to be dis- hours together, he replied, that he was dained. It is not amiss even to set a accustomed to spend the five or six pregiven time, such as a quarter of an ceding days in conning over his speech. 'hour, an hour, a day, or a week, to make He added, at the same time, that he was one's self perfect in the task; for the indebted for his extraordinary reputamind is naturally lazy, and wben not tion to this very limited knowledge. pressed by some powerful motive, it Nature had done every thing for this ongives way to the first object that takes fortunate man, and he had not dotie any hold of it. I knew a man, not very thing in return for nature. His voice wise in other matters, who nlways took and gestures, both in private company care to have the foul copies of his dis- and at the bar, depicted his ideas. I course printed, in order to be able to have seen hiin place himself before a correct them better ; and I am of bast, and plead a caose in the same opinion, that this mode is not only ser- manger as if he had been addressing: viceable for composing, but also for himself to an audience. getting by heart; for I have no difficulty Boonieres rold me that he laboured in recollecting what I have seen in the two first years like a galley-slave; print. Copy frequently the memory that he walked backwards and forwards recollects best what you yourself have in his chamber doring whole days, rewritten." I have observed that it is won peated the same things twenty times derfully connected with external objects; over, and pleaded the same cause by . if I forget any thing, I by little and little binself again and again, until he at bring iny mind back to the place, and length acquired audacity, and that wonthe place instantly restores to me the idea derful facility in which he excelled.- Jefof what I have seen or heard. I have ferson, one of the deliverers of America,

experienced also, that speaking disposes - told me that he could never retain im. me towards retention, I have spoken in pressions but in the mass.

public a whole hour, and sometimes Become superior to your memory, two, without any preparation whatever ; said La Rive to me. An actor is not this produced a singular aptitude, and it worthy of appearing in tragedy if he then appeared tu me that I should have neglects a single line: A reaped infinite advantage from a previous rending of iny discourse.

Lartifice de la mémoire, c'est l'exercise. There is another manner, recom- I for some time took lessons from mended by Leibnitz: first learn a san- Madernoiselle Clairon. * Have you & * tence, and then repeat it; afterwards griod voice?" said she to me, the first recite the first and second sentences; then time I saw ber. A little surprised at the first, second, and third, and so on with this question, and not wishing to appear the whole. I have invented an artificial vain, I replied, * Mine is like the rest of memory for thyself, by means of the the world's, Mademoiselle."'Ab! if . different lines in the palm of iny hand, that ba the case, you have one to ac I bave practised this mode with success, quire. Here follow some of her prin. and shall endeavour some day to bring ciples: it to greater perfection .

There is an eloquence in sounds. Study. Le Kain, in order to learn his parts, to give a roundness to your voice. Above used to read them twice in the morning, all things, proceed gently, and icguire

spplicus. The variety of intonations V. Consult Marafochs Kircher, Cretro- forms the charm of diction. When a live, and Father Dutior's cher das worth is strong of quelf, a honor, sucred, Sechu

i useless to reinforce it by means of




shall conclude. Before an orator exe The Spade. -Our sister is in the presses any sentiment, he should always right. exhibit the gesture appropriate to it. The Plough. I consent the more wilTwo months after I had discovered the lingly to appeal to her arbitration, be. propriety of this, I happened to repair to cause her judginent will be founded on Bourdeaux, and was proud to find, on facts. perusing the manuscripts of Montesquieu, The Harrow.-When I travel over the that this great pan was also accustomed labours of the plough, I seldom arrive at to do so.

the end of the furrow without depositing • « Varietés, &c."-Varieties.

roots or herbs, which form an obstacle to A Dialogue between the Plough and my operations. If I pass across å space the Spade;" by Citizen Lalauze. dug by the spade, I reach the conclusion

In one of those periods of leisure, of my journey without any embarrasse when the farmer allows the partners of ment. These facts form the basis of the his toils to enjoy rest with himşelf, the judgment, which you yourselves may dePlough, the Spade, and Harrow,conversed cide upon. together in nearly the following manner: The Spade.-I may now conclude,

The Plough, Dawn by painpered without vanity, that my work is preferable steeds that subrnit to my yoke, my labours to that of the plough. assume the appearance of a triumph : The Plough I appear in so many dif. nothing can equal the quickness of my ferent forms, that the determination of operations. I furrow the earth, and our sister may be founded on those that open its bosom, in order to deposit there are the least favourable to my labours. the germ of the riches of nations. My The Hurrow. The variety of your success is demonstrated by those abun- forms has contributed but little to your dant harvests, which spread prosperity utility, for I always experience the same every where around me.

fatigue, when I put the last hand to your The Spade. - I, on my part, am slow, work. Imitate the modesty, and above but sure. You open large furrows all, the good sense of the Spade: it has mine are deep ones. If the power otten been attempted to introduce which puts you in ination could but ex- changes in the manner of its aetion, but ercise its action on me, I should then always with disadvantage. equal you in quickness, and surpass you The Spade. That is very true, and in the perfectiou of my work.

indeed I am now thoroughly convinced The Plough. More than one hero that I am indebted for most of my adhas guided me, and has not left me, but vantages to the force and address of that in order to fly to battle : that over, de vigorous arm which puts me in motion. scending froin the triumphal car, he has He who pretends to give me another decked nie with his laurels. A agent, has perhaps never reflected on,

The Spade --Faithful companion of nor examined my play in the hands of the poor and humble inhabitant of the man. By a line inclined towards the country, I modestly cultivate that portion horizon, I at first form an acute, which of the earth which provides for all his imniediately leads to a right angle, then wants; I am your successful rival in a robust foot, aided by the whole weighe those labours, and the sweat with which of a body that bends over me, forces he bedew's me, is the homage be offers to down my edges to a considerable dismy usefulness.

tance in the earth: on this my handle, The Plough. I possess decidedly the serving as a lever, the same hand, asadvantage of celerity over you: what sisted by the body which leans upon it, can you oppose in point of perfection returning me from a right angle to a state

The Spude.- "The opinion of the very of paralelism, in order to overcome the Jabourer, who employs us in his different resistance of the inass with which I am operations.

charged; this same mass is turned over. The Plough. Indeed! Let us call in in such a manner, that fertility imnie bur sister, the Harrow, then, who has diately ensues. Agitated in all directions, been listening to us all this while, as an I at length serve as a mace, to break an arbitrator.

clods which I have torn up. By mening The Harrow. Well! neither of you of another operation, I either scatter the performs any world that is not fiunlly dung on the surface, or bary it entirely submitted to my cen sure: the lahours of under the soil. Let art imitate, if it can bäsh poes though my teeth, before they this exercise, which in the hands of a sur be deemed perfect. After this, wlio Toan is a mere sport. will depute my blol of decision?

The Hartuz.-You may set the world

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