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irg able to swim, reached the shore ; but At Duxbury, Mr. Richard Unsworth, 71. Mr. Wood, after clinging a short time to che. At Boughton, Mr. Smith, 77. mast, sunk, and was drowned, just as his At Everton, John Rowe, jun. esq. companions were about to plunge into the At Preston, Mr. Robert Newsham.Mrs, water again, to attempt to save him. He Walchman, relict of Thomas Walchman, was a promising young man, bighly re- esq.Mr. W. Hargreaves, 48... spected.

· Ac Stayley Bridge, Miss Eliz. Mylne. LANCASHIRE.

At Hartshead, Ashton-under-Lyne, Mr. Married.] At Compton Paunceforth, Ed. J. Dysor, 8%. ward Barrow, esq. of Ailithwaite Lodge, At Samlesbury, near Preston, Ellen Cowell, Lancashire, to Miss Palmer, only daughter in her 101st year., of the Rev. J. Palmer, rector of that parish. Ac Blackburn, Mr John Douglass, for

At Lancaster, Mr. George Flower, eldest merly a bookseller there, 53.-The Rev. son of Richard Flower, esq. of Hertford, to John Barnes, vicar of Huyton... Miss Jane Dawson, eldest daughter of the , At Wigan, Mr. Roger Taylor.. Jate John Dawson, esq. of Aldcliffe Hall, At Longton, the Rev. Mr. Loxham, rece Dear Lancaster,

tor of St. Matthew, Bethnal Green, London, At Liverpool, Henry Chad, esq. of Chapel and formerly Fellow of Brazenose College, Hill, Margate, to Miss Christian Fletcher, Oxford, setond daughter of Joseph Fletcher, esq. At Ashton, in the parish of Winwick, in Mr. Thomas Chantier, jun. of Northwich, his 40th year, the Rev. John Woodrow, to Miss Ann Nayler, daughter of Thomas A. M. the Minister of that place, and Chap Nayler, esq.

lain to the Earl of Galway. He was a paÁt Manchester, Mr. C. H. Jones, of Li- tive of Wells, in the county of Norfalk, vas verpool, to Selina, fifth daughter of the late educated at Catharine Hall, Cambridge, wat John Whittenburgh, esq.

for some years Chaplain at Lancaster Castle, At Eccles, Mr. John Harrison, merchant, from which place he removed to Ashton, an of Manchester, to Mrs. Potter, widow of being nominated to the curacy there by the Edward Porcer, esq. of Barfield Lodge, Pen. Rev., Geoffrey Hornby, Rector of Win. dleton.

wick. Died.] At Haybrook, near Rochdale, Benjamin Smith, esg. 59. A man of the strictest Married.) A: Prestbury, Mr. Charles Hats integrity and worth, and of the most unble. field, to Miss Elizabeth Mayson, both af mished character and reputation. He was Macclesfield. P M ! scrupulously just in all his transactions ; open At Frodsham, Mr. George Harbride, to to feel, and scady to relieve, the distresses of Miss Brown, second daugher of Mr. Tho. the unfortunate : humble in overty depart. mas Brown... ment, he discharged, from principle, all the At Chester, Robert Baxter esq. to Miss relative duties of life. His extensive cha. Lowndes.-Mr. Thomas Joncs, to Mis Leo rities, and accive benevolence, have procured Colley. bim the prayers of all the poor in his neigh At Acton, Mr. Joseph Vickers Shephard, bourhood. As he was in life bighly estcem- of Wettenhal, to Miss Noden, at Chalmoned, so he is in death deeply and deservedly deston. regretted. An afflicted widow and sop deem Died.] At Chester, Miss Raraston & this tribute no less due to justice, than to to Roger Barnston, esq Samuel Wright, the memory of departed aftcction and 65.


0 At Hallsal, the Rev. Glover Moore, rec Ac Baekwood Lodge, near Neto, Joka tor of that place, 74.' . , . . Cukit, esq. attorney, 32.

At Lancaster, Mr. Henry Martindale. At Barrow, Misa. H. Williams, third Mr. William Threlfal, 63.-Mrs. Sheep daughter of Mr. Ralph Williams, 20 shanks...12- Me ie olie At Wood Green, Mrs. Oakes,

At Ulverston, Mrs. Harrison. And e re Oakes, attorney,

At Manchester, Mrs Duckworth.Mrs. Waar DERBYSHIRE Woods, 4A--MrSamuel Faulkner, 27. Married.] At Meashan, Jo Mr. W. Cordeux, a

c aq. of Wednesfield, near Wa At Pendleton, Mrs. Pendleton, 67.1 to Maria, second daughter of

At Liverpool, Mr. Moses Barlow.-Mr. Simmonds, caq. of Buta Hount
Sanderson Mr. Henry Winn, 41.- Miss stone Was
Mary Dale. Mrs. Hanly selict of Captain At Derby, Mr. Willian Nur
Hanly, many years commander of a resel worch, to Mise Sarab Wation:
from this port. Mrs. Brown. Mr. W. Brentnall, to Ms Dale
Dobson, 07.–Mr. Charles Newton. Miss A Dronfield, Joseph Ced
Taylor, 94. Thomas Chubbard, 71.-Wil. S.C. Hollips
liam Gregson, esq. ---Mt. Whitehead. Mr. A Chesterfield Mr Ha
Q. Jones, merchant. Mr. W.N. Wright Howitt. M. Milnes of Na
Jumes Shefield, esq. of Madeita. Mm. Miss Crawadaw, of Branpro Mgo
Harrison, 50.--Mr. John Blezard, ship At Edensor, Mr. Cooling of
builder, 48.

to Min Higgs.

At Earl Sterndale, Mr. Richard Finney, Ar Lincoln, Mrs. J. Shuttleworth. of Moneyash, to Miss E. Royers.

At Bourni, Mrs. Banks, 36. Died.) At Smaliey, Mr. Birch, 57.

At Barholm, Mr. Banks, 71.'. ' At Spendon, Mrs. Hallam.

At Nassington, Mrs. Henson, 46. Ac Derby, Mrs. Hopkinson, 70.-Mr. " At Sleaford, Edmund Laycock, M. D. 56. Joseph Thorpe. 87.- Mr. George Palmer, Ac Heckington, Richard Christopher, geni, 44.- Sarah, wite of Mr. Joseph Osborne, 26. 64.

At Ockbrook, Mrs. Martha Freason, 86. Ac Grantham, Mr. Thomas Wilson, 35. At Eckington, Mrs. Broorphead.

Ac Mumby, Mrs. Epton, 77. At Tibshelf, Mr. George Hundley.

At Spalding, Mr. Samuel Lec. At Wheatley House, Mra. Bower, eldest At Market Deeping, Mr. Addyman, 52. daughter of the late Mr. Bower, of Darley At Algarkirks, near Boston, Mrs. Parr, wife Hall.

of Mr. Richard P. and second daughter of Juha At Swanwick, Mr. William Watley, 71. Cunliffe, esq. of Addingliam, Yorkshire.

At Tireswell, Thomas, the second son of At Coningsby, within a few days of each the Rev. T. Brown, 21.

other, Mr. Ely Hall, and Mr. Thomas Hall, Ac Foolow, Mrs. Martha Hodgkinson. brothers. BOTTINGHAMSHIRE,

LEICESTERSHIRE. Married.] At Nottingham, Mr. C. Huish, Married.] Mr. Turner, of Market Harbofourįh son of the late Mark H. Huish, esq: rough, to Miss Hewitt, of Great Bowden. to Miss Youlc.

At Leicester, Thomas Wright, esq. to Mrse Richard Brudley Wainman, esg. of Carr- Watchorn, relict of Thomas Watchorn, head, Yorksbire, to Lady Ingleby Amcuits, gerit. of Amcou's Ilouse, Rettord.

Died.]' At Peatling, Mr. Oldacres. At Fast Bridgford, Mc. Hoge, of Wysall, Aç Leicester, Mrs Greasley.--Mrs Hitchto Miss Taylor.

cock. At Newark, Mr. Watson, to Miss Ausse. At Scraptoft, Mrs. Carter, wife of Joha brooke.

Edward Carter, esq. Ded.] At Nottingham, Mrs. Theakstone, At Evington, Mrs. Coulton, relict of the 34.--Mrs. Wyer.

Rev. Richard Coulton, 69. At Newark, Mrs. Fisher.-Mr. John

STAFFORDSHIRE. Ware, 'of the Woolpack Inn. -Mrs. Farmer, Married.] At Hanbury, Mr. Sherratt, of of Hougham.

Palmer Moor, to Miss Hannah Tabbern, niece At Lenton, Mr. Richard Sharp.

of Thomas Hunt, esq. of Fauld Hall." At Gonalston, Mrs. Darby.

At West Bromwich, the Rev. Jolin Grif. Ac Mansfield, Mr. R. Baguley, 6%. fiths, to Miss Mary Ann Adams. At Busford, Mrs. Pearson.

• At Kingswinford, Durley Grazebrouk, esa. At Wollaton, Mr. Moss, 78.

of Cherrscy, Surry, to Miss Sarah Grazebrook, LINCOLNSHIRE.

daughter of Michael Grazebrook, esq. of AudMarried.) At Spalding, John Newbald, nam, near Stourbridge. €59. of Hull, to Miss Flinders

At Bucknall, David Wilson, esq. of HanAl Sulton-le-Marsh, John Saul Cook, gent. Tey, to Miss Heath. of Scrimby, son of -- Cook, esq. of Burgh, Died.] At Burslem, Mr. Thomas Wedge to Miss Wilson, daughter of T, W. gent. wood, nephew of the late Josiah Wedgwood,

At Gainsborough, Mr. Thomas Besby, of esq. of Etruria.' Wach, near Doncaster, to Miss E. Popplewell, ; At Abbott's Brumley, Mrs. Goodwin, re. daughter of Captain John P. of the brig lict of Colonel G. Blandira, Londoo tradit.

At Tamworth, F. Woodcock, gent: maniy At Barton upon Humber, Isaac Green, esģ. years an alderman of that borough, 93 -Mr. af West Halton, to Mary, second daughter of Thomas Hewitt, youngest son of Mrs. H. Mr. James Bygott.

At Himley, while walking in apparently At Maltby, W. Edman, jun. gent. of Bees. good health in her garden, Mrs. Burn, 42. by, to Miss Lowe.

At Wolverhampton, Mrs. Pitt, and three At Theddlethorpe, St. Helens, the Rev. Mr. days afterwards, her daughter, Mrs. Phrasey. Taylor, to Mrs. Atkinson.

-Miss Wilkes.--Mrs. Dadford. Died. At Louth, Mr. Henry Lenton, At Shelton, Mr. R. Ridgway, eldest son 74.-Mr. William Fish, merchant, 28. of Mr. George Ridgway.

At Gainsborough, Mr. Anthony Whiley, Ac Stafford, Mr. John Robotham, 49.62.-Mr. Timothy Lilley, 63.-Mr. Joha Mr. Thomas Hall.-Mrs. Jennings.-Miss Farley, of the Bridge Inn, 65.-Mrs. Brand, Juliana Hand. late of the White Hart Ina, 58. Mr. Saniucl At Walsall, Mr. Meesom. Gill, 79.

At Handsworth, Mrs. Mary Birch, 81. At Burton upon Humber, Mrs. Stephenson,


Married.] At Alcester, Lieutenant PickIn Grimsby Roads, on board the Thomas ering, of the Local Militia of this county, to of Lynn, Capt. Smith, of that vessel. Miss Langstóri.

At At Warwick, Mr. William Stanley, to At Leigh, Mr. H. B. Bearcroft, to Miss Miss Charlotic Bishop.

Deakin. At Birmingham, Mr. Sadler, of Maccles. At Grear Malvern, the Rev. Mr. Sandia field, to Aliss Wilson.

ford, precentor oi Wells Cathedral, to M155 Died.) At Birmingham, William Penn, Roberts, of Hadley, Middlesex. eso, -- Mr. Benjamin May.--Mrs. Jane Capen- . At Evesham, John Edwin, esq. of Sberitt's hurst, widow of Mr. Copenhurst, of the Rue Lench, to Miss Alcock, of Bengworth. buck l'avern.--Mr. Hoiton, grocer, -Mrs. At Worcester, Jonathan Nickson, esq. of

lones, 81.-Mrs. Southall-Mr Joseph Far- Wem, Salop, to Miss Rogers, diughter of for. 6. As a tradesman he was truly respect. Herbert Rogers, esq. mayor of Worcester. abie for his industry, integrity, and libera. Did.] At Worcester, Mrs. Foid, wise of lies: and as an in babicant of this place. Mr. Ford, of Sidbury. Her death was occaBirthingham is much indebted to him for his sioned by circumstances peculiarly distressing: spirited activity in discharging, through se. she had aken her child to a surgeon, to have veral successive years, the office of church- a swelling on the throat lanced, when the wardon, and for his zealous co-operation in operation was about to be periormed, she Forwarding the late improvements around St. tainted, and immedialely expircd.-Mrs. Ives. Marcin's, which are su justly acknowledged ham. --Mrs Bibb, of the Fsico, 71,--Mr. as ornainental and advantageous to the town, Julin Freame,-Mrs. Ann Reilly, wife of

Mr. Osborne,73.-Mrs. Marina Turst, 52: Mr. Reilly, printer. -Mrs. Ganderton, 64.--Mr. James Durose, At Kempsey, Mrs. Mary Barris, formerly 31.-Mvs. Newsliam, relict of the Rev. Peers of Worcester. Newshani, late rector of Harborough Magna, At Blackstone, near Bewdley, Mrs. Church, and oi Frankton, and viçar di Hungary Har. relict of jeremiah Church, late one of the bury. .

advocates of the supreme court of Calcutta." At Warwick, Mr. James Dyer, 17,--Mr. · At Stourbridge, Mrs. Aston, of the Three Wilijam Land, 56. ,

Crowns, At Willenhall, Mr. William Fox,

HEREFORDSHIRE. At Dudley, Mr. George Gwinnett. Mr, Married.) At Lugwardine, T. W. Wij. John Parkes. -Mr. Shedden.

liams, esq. jun. to Miss M. M. Paterhall, of Ar Coventry, Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell. Hereford. Mr.Clemoens, 79.-Mrs. Lowe, of Coleshill. At Mudley, Mr. W. Smith, of the Bache

At Helley, in Arden, Mrs. White, 87. , to Miss Pritchard, of Chelston.
At Astley, Mrs. Kelsey, 66.

Died.] At Weobiy, Evan Lloyd, esq. At Stoke, Mr. Thomas Lightburne.

At Ingestone, Mr. Leigh Hoskyns, last At Siratiord on Avon, Mrs. Barke, of the surviving son of the late Rev. Joho Hos. White Lion Inn.

kyns, of Pidstow. SHROPSHIRE

At Bage, Mr. Jenkin Williams, 47.. Married.) At Shrewsbury, Mr. Ward, to At Eyton, Mrs. Coates. Miss Cookie.-Mr. John Phillips, to Miss . Ar Leominster, Mrs. Proctor, relict of Dr. Hammonds.

Proctor. At Bridgnorth, 'Mr. John Devereux, of

OXFORDSHIRE. Erouley, to Miss Swain.

The Chancellor's Prizes are this year ad. Ac Edgmond, Mr. W. Rose, to Miss E. judged to the following Gentlemen :-Goodall.-W. Banks, esq. to Miss Ann The English Essay “ On the Love of out Wright, of Colebrook-dale.

Country," to Mr. Ć. P. Burney, B. A, of Af IVbitchurchi, Mr. Charles Pomon, to Merton College. Miss Mary Yardley. .

The Latin Verses « Corinthus," to Mr, Dird.] At Westbury, Mrs. Sambrook , Peter Meyer Latham, of Brase nose College,

At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Parry, 41.-Mrs. The donation for English Verse, " jola Wicksteed, 71.--Mrs. Richards, 70.

the Baptist," to Mr. Charles Henry Johnson, Ar Much Weniock, Mr, Theophilus Mor. of Brasenose College. rail, 66.

Married.) At Kemmerton, Mr. J. Brind, At the Buildings, near Oswestry, Mrs. all, at Burford, to Miss Mary Dobbs, sistet Edmunds.

of S. Dobbo, esq. of Westmancoat, At Ross Hall, Miss Lekaufte, governess in At Oxford, the Rev. W. Oduit, A. M. the family of Cecil Forrester, esq,

Fellow of Magdalen College, 10 Macii, elds Ar the Stocks, near Welshampton, Mr. daughter of Henry Towsey, esg. Nixou

At Drayenn, Mr. Thomas Jackson, of Atcluddley, near Wellington, Mr Bingell. Cuxham, to Miss Deane. At Astley, Mr. Jones.

At Eusham, Licut, Cor, of the 51st regi. At Welshpool, Mrs. Morris, of the Threement of foot, to Miss Bowerman, only Tuns.-Mr. Howell, of che Eagles.

daughter of Mr. Joseph Bowerman. WORCESTERSHIRE.

hi Banbury, Licut, and Assistant Surgeas Married.] Ac Peoplcton, Mr. George Browne, of the Bedford militia, !o Mis Mai Hunt, eldest son of John Hunt, esq. of Naun. rianne Judd. ton Beauchamp, to Miss Heyrics.


Diedl At Oxford, Mrs. Potsons, wife of to be decided at the next Hertford Meeting, John Parsons, esq.-Mr. Henry Mc Kann, in September next. 85,--Mr. William Forty, 61.

Married.) At Broxbourn, Mr Rogers, to At Marston, Mr. John Loder.

Miss Lurie, daughter of Robert Laurie, esq. Ac Henley upon Thames, Miss Rose Died.] Ac Turner's Hill, in the parish of Byles.

Cheshunt, to which he had been removed At Stoke Tilmage, Mrs. Mary Webb. from his father's house at Pancras, for change At Wheatley, Mr. Thomas Walton. of ai, Mr. William Wailays Macpherson,

Ac Banbury, Mrs. Good win, mother of geographer, a youth of most imiable character, Nr. Goodwin, of the Cock Inn.

and of very great professional merir. “At Neithrop, Mrs. Williams, relict of At Rickmansworth, Mr. Thomas Howard, Richard Williams, esq.

banker. 49,- John C. Swanneil, only child At Bampton, Mr. Richard Clarke. of Mr. Swannill, solicitor.


Died.) At Bedford, Mrs. Grudimett, 96 Married. Ac Eton, Charles Grover, esq. John Parker, M. D. an alderman of this of Hammersmith, to Miss Lovegrove. corporation, 79 -Mrs. Hallewell, wife of

At Tottenhoe, Mr. John Eeles, eldest son J. Hallewell, esą. of John Leles, esq of Tharne, Oxfordshire,

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. to Eliza, youngest daughter of Mr. Cox. Died.) At Peterborough, Mr. Cooper.

At Hadjenham, Mr. William Clarridge, Ac Duston, Miss Gibbs, daughter of Mr. of Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, to Miss Thomas Gibbs, of Birmingham. Priscilla Sanders,

At Earl's Barcon, Mr. Samuel Eaton, 51. Died.) At Wooburn, the Rev. Thomas At Northampton, Mrs. Tummy, relict of English:

the Rev. George Tymms, formerly vicar of At Sauthorp, near Aylesbury, Mr. Joseph Dallington, and reitor of Harpole, 79, Monk, 55.

At Kettering, Mr. William Bus well. At Aylesbury, Mrs. Hicks, of the White 'At Fotheringhay, Mrs. Bradshaw. Hart Inn, 38.

The Rev. John Tinden, B. D. vicar of At Fenny Stratford, Mr. Isaiah Constable, Astwick. 30.


Married.) At Glatton, Mr. Woods, of . At the late meeting of the Hertfordshire Post Witham, to Miss E. Daws. Agricultural Society, at Berkhamstead, a Died.) At Huntingdon, Mr. James Wat. large company of the Agriculturalists met soti, of the Register's Office, 47. in a field belonging to the Eurl of Bridge.

- CAMERIDGESHIRE. water, near the town, to decide upon the Married ] At Doddingcon, Mr. John Dune merits of the different ploughs that were ham, oi Benwick, to Miss Fisher, of Wimoffered for the premium ; wben the follow. blington ing premiums were adjudgedi

Died.) At Cambridge, Mr. Cherrington, To the owner of the plough which does one of the proprietors of the Cambridge its work best with the least draught, ten Union Coaches.- Mr. William Beauinont. guineas, to the Earl of Bridgewater, for his At Edith Weston, Walden Orme, esq. a Hampshire plough, made by Mr. W. Plenty, gentleman well known for some sporting ece to whom his Lordship very handsomely gave cenrricities. He was sailing in a small buat the premium.

on a pond, when he accidentally fell overa To the best ploughman, Daniel Lovett, board, and was drownej. three guineas. - To the second best plough. At Linton, Mr. A. B. Perkins, attorney. man, Thomas Bell, two guineas. To the At Downham Market, Mrs. Alacon, wife chird best ploughman,' Thomas Nicholl, of Mr. Hacon, master of the academy.-one guinea.- 1o che owner of the best one. Mr. Martin Piigrun, 06 Mr. lames Child, year old ram, Earl of Bridge water, five guie 58. Mr. John Eastoll. Mr. John Safiery, neas, which his Lordship presented to the youngest son or Edmund safiery, 05. Society. -To the owner of the best ewe of Ac Ely, Mrs. Clare, 72. the Merino breed, 'five guineas, Edward At Barclow, Mrs. Hull, wife of the Rex. George Fordhwn, To the owner of the Joseph Hall, rector of that place, and vicat best ewe do. do. five guineus, Edward George of Dullingham. Furdnum, Three guineas co Joseph Ta. At Grantchester, Mrs Matthewa, wife of bon, the best shearer. -Two guineas to Mr. Criah Matthews. She was found John Pollard, second best ditto. --One gui. drowned in the river. nea to Jos Hawes, third besc do.

NOKTOLK. It was proposed to have but one moeeing A female school, on the Lancastrian plan, in the year in future, after the next Sep. has been established in Norwich, under the tember Meering, which will be held at direction of a female tricod tron Bristol in. Hertford-one vear to be at Berkbamstead, troduced and supported by the females of that and the other year, alternately, Hertford, family or friends who are always alive to the




comfort, morals, and happiness, of the poorer. At Great Henney, Mrs. Andrews, wife of classes in this city. The benevolent lady the Rev. C. Andrews, rector of that place, . above referred to attended some time at Mr. and youngest daughter of che Rev. William Lancaster's school, for the purpose of making Nesfield, of Wickhambrook. herself thoroughly acquainted with his sys. At Rainham, Harriot, eldest daughter of - tem, since which she has assisted in estab- - John Godsalve Crosse, ésq. 9.

lishing schools at Lynn, Cambridge, and At Bocking, Mr. Philip Phillips, 58. Downhám, to promote the intellectual know

KENT. ledge of many of her own sex, who might It is in contemplation to apply to Parliaotherwise have remained in ignorance. The ment for an act to erect a bridge over the school at present consists of between 40 and Swale, at the King's Ferry, in this counts, $0 pupils, and is daily increasing

in order to facilitate a more safe and speedy . At a special General Meeting of the communication with the Isle of Sheppy. A Trustees of the Charity Schou's of the same meeting has been held at Sheerness on the city. it was weanimously resolved to new subject, which is to be farther considered at model the Girls' Schools, upon Dr. Bell's anocher meeting, to be held some time in the and Mr. Lancaster's plan; and a Committee month of July. of Gentlemen were chosen to procure a room, Married.] At Lewisham, F. P. Martin, appoint a proper mişcress, and to take such esq. of London, to Mrs. Thompson, eldest other steps as may best carry the designs of daughter of John St. Barbe, esq. of Blackthe meeting into effect. This plan will ena- heath. ble the trustees to educate double the pum- At Canterbury, Weston Hames, esgi cap ber of children now taught, at a very little tain in the 2d, or Queen's dragoon guads, to additional expense.

Anne, second daughter of the late Thomas Married.] At Yaxnouth, James Hender. Hele Phipps, eso. of Leighton House, Wilts. son, esq. of the Ross-sbire militia, to Eliza, At Chatham, Lieut. Burton, of the Roral eldest daughter of Sir Edniund Lacon. Marines, to Mrs. King of Brompton, widow:

Mr. J. B. Clarke, of Norwich, to Miss of Captain K. of the artillery, and daughter Ames, daughter of V. Ames, esq. of Thorpe. of the late Thomas Pellard, esq., master Died.) At Oxnead Hall, John Repion,esq.58. shipwright, of Deptford Dock-yard. Af Binham Newton, Mrs. H. Blyth, 54 At Dover, Capt. Dick, of the 22d light At Swaff ham, Mr. R. Johnson, 22. dragoons, to Mary, daughter of Capt. Joba At Diss, Mrs. Kiches, 67.

Boyce, of the East India Company's service. At Pulham, Mrs. Page, 55.

Died. At Canterbury, Mrs. Royle, 90. » At Garboldisham, Frances S. L. Molineux, Mr. Wilton.-The Rev. John Pratt, vicar second daughter of the Rey. Mr. Molincux, of Monkton Thanet, 85. tçctor of that place.

At Summer Hill, William Woodgate, 1 The Rev. Mt. Jahnson, vicar of Hors. esq. 64. ford, and perpetual curate of St. Faith's, in At Tunbridge, Mrs. Knox, wife of the this county,

"Rev. Dr. K. At Wootton, Mes. Glasspoole, 62. At Chilham, Mr. Robert Dunlop, surgeon

At Norwich, aged 48, Dr. John Beckwith, in the royal navy. organist of the Cathedral, and St. Peter's At Deal, Mrs. Solomon Walker, 74. Mancroft church. Thomas Watson,csg. 67. At Deptford, Stephen Simson, erg late He was elected an alderman of Fyebridgestorekeeper at the Viccualling there. ward in 1783, served the office of Sheriff in At Rochester, Mr. Alexander, minister of 1789, and succeeded to the mayoralty in the Presbyterian Chapel.-Mrs. Saltaunalle 1790. His conduct in these situations justly relict of W. S. esq. entitled him to the esteem and respect of his At Smarden, Mr. Matthew Ottaway, 26. fellow.citizens.

*. At Maidstone, Mrs. Whiting 77. Ede

ward Russell, esg. Mr. Pine. Married.). At Colchester, Mr. R. Nuning AC Sydenham, Mrs. Elizahesh Barber, surgeon, to Miss Farran. Mr. W. Dowman, At Eastry, Catherine, widow of the Re to Mrs. Summérsum. -Rochfort Bloomfield, Richard Harvey, formerly vicar of that esg of the 20th regiment of foot, to Miss. rish, 84. Mary Apoe Cawne, youngest daughter of thet. At Leigh Green, Tenterden, Robert late Robert Cawne, esg.

of Robert Goodwin, esq. 15 Diddl At Copford Hall, Sarah Elizabeth, At Way Farm, Thanet, Mn. Du eldest daughter of Joho H. Harrison, esg. At Chatham, Scott,

At Payfield Parsonage, in tbe 71at year of rope-yard, in his Majesty'ı dock. his age, the Rev. Thomas Stevens, D. D. A Faversham, Miss Bennett, rector of that parish, and vicer of Helions ter of the late Wo. B. ege Bumstead, both in this county. P A L Broadtrain, Thanet. 1

Ae Mark's Hall, aged 65. Filmer Hony, eldest son of Mr, Hodgen af Can wood, cig. He wam whig of the old At Wingbam, Mr. Dorth me and arst sat in parliament, før Steyo Ar Tenterden, Mas, Playlor

At Nythe, Mr. Robert Dom

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